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I just wanted to recommend that Mercy mains should definitely try the hold guardian angel option in their controls. It's a little weird to get used to, but I can't imagine ever going back to toggle, as holding makes it so the instant an ally comes within range and los, even if it's just for a fraction of a second you'll still fly to them. Saved my life many times. And if you want to cancel a flight you can just let go.

Agree with this. It’s hell to switch over at first, but it’s a lot more versatile.

It’s funny how I can write smut no problem…but when I think about drawing it, my tiny prudish Shoulder Angel sneaks up on me… 

‘You can’t do that! Drawing porn and putting it on tumblr, my goodness, what would people think?!?!?’

It holds me up, thinking about whether or not I should do it. But my inner perv is like “Shut up, Shoulder Angel…”

imagine if gerard did a vlog?? like he’d be so bad at it it’d open up with a 5 minute long artsy shot of him pouring his coffee

then he’d like duck down into the shot (his cup would mostly be in the way) and explain in great detail what coffee he was drinking and why

then he’d be like….ok………time to go………draw? 

so then he’d waddle off to his studio talking to us about birds and then realise that he’d forgotten his coffee and instead of cutting it out or anything he’d just vlog himself going back to get it (the camera is most likely angled up his nose at this point)

some things about rookie boy group varsity besides their killer choreography & amazing vocals

  • they have 7 korean & 5 chinese members (anthony is chinese-american & from la)
  • seungbo moved to dubai when he was 10
  • seungbo can speak french, english, korean & arabic
  • maknae manny is muslim
  • leader bullet got his name because he couldn’t think of any other cool pose besides finger guns (c: varsityhbk)
  • eldest member kid got his stage name because he looked like eustass kid from one piece with his red hair (c: varsityhbk)
  • because they have three main languages in the group, members serve as translators for other members
  • jaebin translates chinese
  • seungbo translates things into english for anthony & from korean to english
  • from seungbo: “jaebin who can’t speak korean will translate it into chinese right away if he understands it. if that doesn’t work, I speak to anthony in english and he will translate it in chinese. I can’t feel any inconvenience since we’ve done it like that for a long time” (trans: varsity_sg)