should be a real tweet

5$ says that Bitty’s added presence doesn’t stop Shitty from crawling into Jack’s bed when given the chance


Jesus Christ this fandom…“2015 LA Pride 1.0 Edition”…Part 120/? 🌈🌈🎉🎤

C*ockles/Destiheller morons: So disappointed in Jared. Didn’t even congratulate Jensen on the twins. Aaaw Misha is such a good and supportive real friend, look at him tweeting like real friends do .. Jared should learn something from him. He didn’t tweet a congratulations, seriously.

Misha’s birthday

C*ockles/Destiheller morons: I sweat to god If Jensen and Jared don’t tweet happy birthday to Misha, When I wake up tomorrow there should be a birthday tweet .. seriously Misha is an angel, how can J2 not tweet? Where IS THE TWEET .. I DREAMED ABOUT A POST ON FB .. OR A TWEET .. WHERE IS IT.

Misha’s Birthday is close to being over

C*ockles/Destiheller morons:   Uh, seriously .. whatever .. whatever. Like .. it doesn’t even matter .. like I am sure they called or something in private .. tweeting is just to share it with fans, for us .. to share happiness with us.

J2 didn’t wish him on twitter

J2 were having a ‘We’ time in CA that day

C*ockles/Destiheller morons: Ahahahha so what .. you all are stupid and delusional to think tweeting and posting stuff on SNS is real .. its just for PR .. Jensen is Misha’s real friend and he called and messaged, he loves him, its real. THEY DON’T NEED TO TWEET. YOU KNOW WHO TWEETS? PR FRIENDS LIKE J2 …. JENSEN’S TWEET TO JARED WAS PR.. DO YOU UNDERSTAND, PR.

I just checked out his mentions. Jesus fuck all the transphobic comments. 
Cecil has way more patience than me; I would tear everyone a new one. I know his way is better though.