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People hating because Katie got bumped to series regular... bro Maggie is already listed as a regular. The writers just treat her the way they've treated all good characters this season: like shit. And they are bumping Katie up cuz she does the same thing for their ratings lol. Plus the fans want it. If only they'd listen to us in other areas too...

literally my feelings for maggie aside what theyre doing to sanvers shippers is ugly. They hyped the gay rep at the beginning of s2 to get views but now a couple tha should be one of their main focus along w alex’s arc this season is being put to the side to give that ugly ass more screentime. If anything their hatred should be @ mon-el and karamel, NOT lena lmao its completely misdirected. But work i guess

YouTube shouldn’t be able to put lgbt+ videos in a restricted section. Whole channels have disappeared and you can’t find so much as troye sivan videos just because there’s two gay guys in them. It’s honestly the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen.

There should be no difference between a hetero couple and an lgbt+ couple in a video. It’s not affecting your kids, it’s not making people gay. I understand hiding nsfw videos, but taking whole channels away because the topic is lgbt+ ?? What the fuck youtube.

It’s segregation, and it’s taking away our right to be heard even online where some of us are most confident. This is damaging our community, everyone who found help through these videos. If this isn’t fixed, I’ll work to fucking fix it.

Thanks youtube.

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Headcannons for Gladion, Silver, and Hau with an s/o who breeds for shiny Pokémon and does giveaways? What would their reaction be if their s/o gave them 1 of the shiny Pokémon that they were doing the giveaway on, every time they held a giveaway?


* He thinks it’s really generous of you to breed for these special pokemon just to give them to others. He’s always a bit worried that you’ll overwork yourself sometimes when breeding takes a particularly time.

* When you present him with one of the shinies you bred, he’s a bit shocked. He tries to turn it down at first, incredibly flattered that you would give him one of your shinies but if you insisted, he’ll take the pokemon.


* At first he doesn’t see the appeal for you to put a lot of working into breeding for a shiny, only to just give it away to some trainer. He tells you that you should at least keep a couple for yourself or something.

* When he says that, you tell him that maybe he should keep one then as you offer him one of the shiny pokemon you bred. Surprised, he takes the pokemon as he thanks you, not expecting you to actually give him one.


* He thinks that’s so nice and generous of you to give away shiny pokemon for others, he’ll even offer to help you out once in a while. He’ll sometimes joke about you giving him one but he always means it playfully.

* When you surprise him by actually giving him one of the shinies you recently bred for, for once he doesn’t know what to say. He then starts thanking you over and over again, hugging you and kissing you all over your face.

Asks and Storyboard Update

Sorry I haven’t gotten to much started on asks again! This weeks just been a bit more busy then expected, but luckily I’m gonna be on break soon so in the next couple of weeks I should be able to answer a lot more if not most of them. Thanks for being patient with me, especially those who had questions from months ago! Those are gonna be the first ones I tackle next week.

And, as for the story board stuff, I’m still a little ways away from getting the script done, but I’m kinda re-planning it in my head. Nothing official yet, but if I do 100% change the plan into what I’m thinking of now:

1) The UBs and Tapus would not make an appearance (for time and voice-acting sake) which would be kinda a bummer, but…

2) Two more new characters that haven’t been formerly introduced yet! Well, technically one of them has been in something, but not really talked about at all, and the other…

Well, like I said, still working it out in my head, but I’ll let you know which it’ll be once the script is done!

  • steve: wait when will i see you again
  • bucky climbing into the cryo chamber: the future
  • steve: NO,, last time you said that you died
  • bucky: *fingerguns* almost died
  • steve: f r e e z e h i m