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favourite films: pride and pejudice

He’s been a fool about so many things, about Jane, and others… but then, so have I. You see, he and I are so similar. 

our-lady-lavellan  asked:

also a request if you don't mind! tol bean ghoul bfs (charon, raul, and hancock, if possible) with smol bean courier/wanderer/lone who is always just like "yes pls look at my awesome bf what no he's not scary i love him"

I love ghoul asks tbh 

Charon: He isn’t used to being shown off at all. Whenever Lone starts up, he’ll try to say “no you don’t have to,” but that usually is overshadowed by Lone’s boasting. He looks really stoic but low key he’s a lil’ embarrassed. 

Hancock: Whenever Sole is proudly showing off Hancock to other people, he completely owns it. He loves getting compliments, it really helps boost his ego. Of course he always make sure to compliment them right back!  

Raul: Raul is a relatively humble man, so whenever the Courier’s trying to tell other people about how great he is, he’ll say things to be counterproductive. Needless to say, whoever they’re talking to is very confused.  

Highlights of my first ever D&D session
  • We began the game in a bar. Drink orders included a very specific vodka, a very generic ale, and apple juice
  • We have a wizard named Marsala. Like chicken marsala
  • Played through our first battle without realizing Marsala the wizard didn’t have an alignment
  • My character is named Tanina and nobody can remember that for the life of them
  • HOWEVER she does not get hit with this as hard as this NPC called…Rothgar Winterhide or…Silverpunch or…Irongarter…? I don’t even know
  • Everyone in the party is chaotic something
  • First encounter in the first dungeon was a civil conversation with some goblins that probably would have stabbed us if we’d rolled any lower
  • Played most of the dungeon with zero enemy casualties
  • Fought a bugbear as the boss and accidentally(?) defeated him in three moves by tripping him into his own wolf enclosure
  • Basically assigned ourselves a side quest to find a missing goblin for this dungeon full of goblins who should have stabbed us

In conclusion: this is exactly what I hoping to get out of playing D&D

Butterfly Caravan

Sorry for the long post. There we quite a few things said in one session of combat that lasted a few hours.

Some context - Our party has had a long running game, after many deaths our party currently consists of Ederborn (Wood Elf Ranger), Sulenna (Human Wizard - Prone to being downed a lot), Myllandra (Holy Blooded Cleric), Reinhardt (Human Warlock) and The Boson (Rock Gnome Mystic who changes his name on a daily basis and refuses to answer to anything but his name).

Our party has just been hired by a magical being disguised as a fox to investigate a sealed tomb with promise to ‘great reward’ for our services.

We approach the tomb and discover it to be covered in giant butterflies on the outside with a few mechanical guards stationed by the front door. On approach, we discover the butterflies to be moonlight butterflies (think Dark Souls. The exact same thing, but statted for D&D)

We awaken the mechanical golems and very quickly during the fight realise that we are heavily outmatched. Sulenna has already been downed and then revived by the cleric. Ederborn left part way through the combat so in game his character hid amongst the rocks.

Myllandra - OOC - “I’m gonna cast Polymorph on myself and become a young black dragon, fly 30 ft in the air and use my breath attack”

DM - “Erm, okay, let me just roll initiative… the butterflies are attracted to magic.”

Reinhardt - “Well, we’re dead.”

Sulenna - OOC - “I’m gonna cast fireball on the furthest butterfly to hit them both and hit them for 25 fire damage”

DM - “Okay, it’s now the butterflies turn, one attacks you Myllandra and the other attacks you Sulenna as you both used powerful magic”

Sulenna goes down for the 2nd time this combat and at this point Myllandra comes out of polymorph to heal Sulenna again. 

Reinhardt - OOC “Okay, I’ll take 100 for ‘things I never thought I’d say in D&D’ just take care of the butterflies.

Meanwhile the Boson has been shooting shot after shot at the butterflies hoping to kill one. One eventually dies and the other flies behind a 60ft wall surrounding the tomb.

Boson - “Okay guys, I have an idea…”

Reinhardt - “Don’t do it!”

Boson - “You don’t even know what my idea is yet”

Sulenna readies a magic missile - OOC “I know what he’s planning, let’s do this!”

Boson - OOC “I cast phantom caravan and teleport myself and Sulenna 120 ft above the butterfly”

Cue laughter from everyone but Reinhardt.

Reinhardt - OOC “After this Reinhardt is out, you’re all too crazy!”

DM - “Okay you’re now both 170 ft in the air and begin falling 30ft per round.”

Sulenna shoots her bolt and The Boson takes another shot at the butterfly.

Reinhardt - OOC “Falling through the air… Takes shot. who are you F'ing Widow?!?”

Boson - OOC “No, deadshot”

DM - You notice below you as you start to fall, another butterfly is resting on the outside of the wall. It takes a shot at Sulenna. (Sulenna goes back down)

Reinhardt - “Poor Myllandra, he’s been playing hot potato with heals, there’s gonna be an unofficial love story between the two by the end of it.” - OOC “I cast polymorph on myself and turn in to a young bronze dragon, then fly 80 feet in the air”

DM - “What is it with you all and dragons? A butterfly attacks you after the surge of powerful magic” He then fails the constitution saving throw and turns back to human. “You are now falling as well." 

Reinhardt - OOC "It’s okay, when I have to make a death saving throw I automatically resurrect and don’t have to make the throw. So I land in the superhero pose.”

GM - You don’t make the save until your next turn

Sulenna - OOC “So you land like this!" 

External image

Cue more laughter from everyone but Reinhardt.

DM - "So Sulenna has been up and down like a yoyo, Reinhardt is gonna make a nice pancake, Ederborn is hiding in the rocks, Myllandra is running back and forth going mad trying to prevent anyone from dying and the Boson is a human projectile falling rapidly towards a butterfly. Anything else I should add to that list?”

Boson - OOC “I spend 5 Psi points and sprout wings”

Dm - “I’m done! This is some proper dog fighting going on here, this is why DMs don’t use flying!”

Auburn University Gothic
  • Game Day is coming. You can smell it in the air. Someone asks you if you’re ready. You hear terror hidden in their voice. Game Day is Coming.
  • You’ve never once had the slightest interest in football, yet the sight of a bright white letter A on a red background fills you with an inexplicable rage.
  • You receive a a cheerful announcement that construction is ready to begin on the new facility. This is the fourth one this month. Construction is always beginning. Construction is never finishing. 
  • You don’t see Aubie for months at a time, and suddenly he is there, watching you in his mute silence. He is Always there. Always watching. 
  • You hear a rumor that a third-year student has stepped on the auburn seal. The students who were with him refused to speak of what they saw. He is now in his seventh year. 
  • Every single parking lot is mysteriously full. Desperate, you leave your car in a no-parking zone. You apologize, knowing that the hungry tow truck vultures are just around in the corner. 
  • You come to visit your friend during summer break. You joke that it feels like a ghost town when all the students are gone. Your friend looks at you with relief in her eyes. “You can see them too?”
An Introduction to the members of Cosmic Girls/WJSN

Cosmic Girls or WJSN made their debut as a 12 member girl group under Starship Entertainment on February 25th 2016 with their first mini album Would You Like? 

The original 12 members are Seola, Xuan Yi, Bona, Exy, Soobin, Luda, Dawon, Eunseo, Cheng Xiao, Mei Qi, Yeoreum, and Dayoung. Each member represents a star sign. 

After success and popularity on Produce 101 Yoo Yeunjung was officially added to the group on July 11th 2016 and thus Cosmic Girls became a 13 member girl group. 

About the Members:


Real Name: Kim Hyunjung

Birthdate: 1994/12/24

Nationality: Korean

Position: Lead Vocal, Lead Dancer (Wannabe Rapper, she’s going after Exy’s rap position)

Representative Star Sign: Sagittarius

About Seola: She’s the oldest member of the group and has trained the longest of any member (10 years), she’s in love with Soobin although Soobin denies that Seola is her ideal type, even after describing a person that’s basically just like Seola. She’s the self-proclaimed “Dad” of the group and one of her specialities is twerking (I can’t make this stuff up). She promises that in the future she will release a hip hop album with Exy. 

Xuan Yi

Real Name: Wu Xuan Yi

Birthdate: 1995/01/26

Nationality: Chinese

Position: Sub- Vocalist, Lead Dancer

Representative Star Sign: Aquarius

About Xuan Yi: She’s the second oldest of the group but is really hyper and happy all the time. She loooooves kim, it’s about 80% of what she ate during My Cosmic Diary I’m pretty sure. She loves all of the members. She can imitate and look exactly like a gold fish and a rabbit. 


Real Name: Kim Jiyeon

Birthdate: 1995/08/19

Nationality: Korean

Position: Sub-Vocalist, Lead Dancer, Visual

Representative Star Sign: Leo

About Bona: She trained at Cube Entertainment for about 6 years before coming to Starship Entertainment, which is why she is close with BTOB. She’s got one of the tiniest waist I’ve ever seen, I don’t know how it’s possible, probably sorcery. She tends to favor Xuan Yi and Luda, resulting in the ships BoXuan and BonLu, they’re both adorable ships but some people will fight to the death over which one is better. She and Eunseo are close and call themselves the Yeon Sisters, she and Cheng Xiao are adorable together as well.


Real Name: Chu Sojung

Birthdate: 1995/11/06

Nationality: Korean

Position: Leader, Main Rapper

Representative Star Sign: Scorpio

About Exy: Before WJSN’s debut she appeared on Unpretty Rapstar Vol. 2 and her rap had everyone shooooooook. I recommend watching her performances. She became Cosmic Girls resident girl crush rapper after that, but after debut we found out she’s really girly and adorable, but we still love her anyway. She has a song called “Wipeout” and anytime the members try to suck up they’ll all start singing it. She’s cosmic girls leader but in reality she’s just the tired aunt that the youngest bother, never letting her sleep, but she loves them, although she once threatened to throw Dayoung in the fireplace. 


Real Name: Park Soobin

Birthdate: 1996/09/14

Nationality: Korean

Position: Main Vocalist

Representative Star Sign: Virgo

About Soobin: She’s one of the smallest/shortest members in the group she and Luda call themselves the Pocket Girls due to their small size. Despite being so small, she is incredibly loud and once imitated a pterodactyl on weekly idol. Her nickname is the “smiling angel”. She vehemently denies Seola being her ideal type but its obvious that it’s Seola. She’s famous in the fandom for her Sunbae CF’s and her CF laugh, which is slightly terrifying. 


Real Name: Lee Luda

Birthdate: 1997/03/06

Nationality: Korean

Position: Sub-Vocalist

Representative Star Sign: Pisces

About Luda: I’m almost positive she has the shortest training period of the members and was one of the last members chosen to be in the group. She used to get Bona to help her out, which stressed Bona out, but she would send her cute messages thanking her. Luda is the smallest of the small and is the smallest member of the group at only 155 cm (5′1″ ish). But don’t let her size fool you, she’s a savage and is often referred to as “Pocket Satan” its the small ones you have to watch out for…


Real Name: Nam Dawon

Birthdate: 1997/04/16

Nationality: Korean

Position: Main Vocalist

Representative Star Sign: Aries

About Dawon: She is arguably one of the most under-appreciated members in the group (along with MeiQi). One of the nicknames the fans gave her is Dawonce and for obvious reasons, the girl can sing (give her more lines Starship). She appeared on a show for under-rated girl group members called “Girls Spirit” and killed every performance. I highly recommend watching her performances to gain appreciate for her vocals and if you can make it through her Yanghwa Bridge performance without crying you’re not human. She’s one of the sweetest, most caring members of the group, and deserves lots of love. 


Real Name: Son Juyeon

Birthdate: 1998/05/27

Nationality: Korean

Position: Sub-Vocalist, Lead Dancer

Representative Star Sign: Gemini

About Eunseo: She’s the tallest member of the group and the members often call her a giraffe. She along with Soobin is one of the loudest members of the group. She’s the groups vitamin and has soooo much energy. She’s like a puppy, she really is. She and Cheng Xiao arguably form one of the biggest ships in the group, EunXiao, they’re precious honestly. She’s self-concious about her looks especially her nose, so please refrain from making fun of her about it, it’s not very nice and she even cried at a fan meeting over it, so just don’t. Or I’ll find you…

Cheng Xiao

Real Name: Xiao Cheng Xiao

Birthdate: 1998/07/15

Nationality: Chinese

Position: Main Dancer, Sub-Vocalist, Visual, Face of the Group

Representative Star Sign: Cancer

About Cheng Xiao: She’s rarely seen with both feet on the ground, she’s always mid-air doing acrobatics. She’s suuuuuper flexible. She’s also quite the meme in some of her fan photos and has earned the nickname Meme Xiao. She’s still learning Korean, but she’s improved a lot due to being on a lot of variety shows. One of her most iconic moments can be found in their reality show when she says, “Babo Wasseo! (An idiot came!)” when she meant to say the food had come. She’s an angel and we as fans must protect Xiao Xiao from the perverts on here (cough tastymotion [please report them often even if its not cosmic girls their page is disgusting]). 

Mei Qi

Real Name: Meng Mei Qi

Birthdate: 1998/10/15

Nationality: Chinese

Position: Main Dancer, Sub-Vocalist

Representative Star Sign: Libra

About Mei Qi: Although Starship categorized her as a sub-vocalist the members often place her in the vocalist line, where she belongs. The proof of her vocal ability can be found in their pre-debut music video “All I Want for Christmas is You” her parts in that had Mariah Carey shook. Despite being one of the other under-appreciated members in the group she has been in 3 movies and was the lead role for two. Be on the lookout for Step Up 6 to come out sometime this year and support Mei Qi! She’s often called “Baby Mei Qi” and “Mei Qi Oppa” by the members.


Real Name: Lee Jinsook

Birthdate: 1999/01/10

Nationality: Korean

Position: Sub-Vocalist, Lead Rapper

Representative Star Sign: Capricorn

About Yeoreum: Despite being one of the youngest and one of the smaller members, this girl can eat. For most of her screen time in their reality show she was eating something. She’s adorable and although she is the oldest of the maknae (youngest) line, she still refers and introduces herself as the groups youngest member. According to the members the voice she uses and the way she speaks when she is in public or during broadcasts is not the voice she uses or the way she speaks at home. She’s also lovingly nicknamed the “Little Octopus” with Eunseo being the “Big Octopus”. 


Real Name: Im Dayoung

Birthdate: 1999/05/14

Nationality: Korean

Position: Lead Vocalist

Representative Star Sign: Taurus

About Dayoung: She’s a part of the 99 line or the Maknae line. Despite her age she cooks really well and often makes the members their birthday meal, she and the other members prepared Eunseo’s lunch for the College Entrance Exam. She’s incredibly hyper and is likely the cause of Exy’s lack of sleep (let tired aunt Exy sleep). She gained popularity for looking like Shin Donyeop and even took a selfie with him when she appeared on a show with him (and they do look similar). Because she’s hyper she’s always falling down and getting bruises, be more careful space cadet!


Real Name: Yoo Yeonjung

Birthdate: 1999/08/03

Nationality: Korean

Position: Main Vocalist

Representative Star Sign: Ophiuchus

About Yeonjung: According to the members Yeonjung was supposed to be one of the original 12 members of the group, but at the last minute was chosen by the company to appear on MNet’s Produce 101. She proved that she was an amazing vocalist and was the last member chosen to be in the group I.O.I. coming in 11th place. She was officially added to Cosmic Girls in July and became their 13th and youngest member. She and Soobin together have their terrifying CF laugh. She’s a sweet baby and needs to be protected at all cost (please don’t put her on a diet Starship).

*This post can and may be updated. Please let me know if there’s anything else you think I should add. (Examples being units, hometowns, blood type, height, etc.,)*

Looking for opinions/advice

I’m an autistic adult who works as a personal care assistant for an autistic boy. He’s eight years old and I’ve been working with him since January. 

My primary role as his PCA is keeping him and others safe during his meltdowns. He has a hard time managing his anger and can sometimes act violently towards his little siblings. When he’s very upset, he’ll sometimes take off running. His parents get really worried about this because when he’s that upset, he has a hard time remembering to do things like look both ways for cars.

Today I found out that his parents are getting him a new watch. He’s really excited about this because it will let him do things like track his exercise and send prewritten texts to his family members. The reason his parents are getting it for him, though, is that it has a GPS tracker built into it. His mom told me this right in front of him, but he didn’t respond to that, so I have no indication whether he understands what this means.

I’m really unsure how to feel about this and how to react. I think it’s very unethical for parents to track their autistic children. As an autistic person myself, I would feel very violated if my parents tracked me without my knowledge (my parents have done this on occasion, although it was under very different circumstances). However, an eight year old in general probably shouldn’t be running around unsupervised when their parents don’t know where they are and can’t find them. I’m worried that he’ll run away when I’m not there to help keep him safe and that he’ll get in an accident. This watch might help his parents find him before anything bad could happen. I also feel reasonably confident, knowing his parents, that they won’t use this feature except in an emergency. However, it still makes me feel uncomfortable that they’re doing this. 

I wanted to get opinions of other people in the autistic community about how to feel about this. I would be especially interested to hear from anyone who also would run away from their home as a kid or even now, but anyone is welcome to share their viewpoint. I’d also like advice on how to react, whether I should talk to him or to his parents or both or neither. I really want to handle this situation in the best way possible and I appreciate any thoughts that anyone has to share.


alright guys, i’ve managed to find some recent re-leases for the tudors, it seems 2017 may not be their year, however many non-fiction books don’t get huge buzz before they get released so it’s possibly more will pop up as the year goes on

Henry VII New Men: The Making of Tudor England: This one seems to be a pretty academic release as it’s an Oxford Press so it may be hard to find but it seems worthwhile if you manage it

House of Beaufort: The Bastard Line That Captured the Crown: I’m really excited for this one, it comes out in August so awhile yet, but I’ve never read a book on the Beauforts before

Game of Queens: The Women Who Made Sixteenth Century Europe: This one was released in November, but I still haven’t managed to get my hands on it, soon hopefully, it’s by Sarah Gristwood who I really like so I have high hopes for it

Young, Fair and Damned Okay I didn’t really want to put this on here because I’m not huge on Gareth Russell and don’t really want men right about Katherine Howard anymore, but that’s just me, you can decide yourself

The First of the Tudors: A book on Owen Tudor and Catherine of Valois, I don’t think I need to add anything else, should be a good one it came out in the U.K in December and North America in January

Crown of Blood: The Deadly Inheritance of Lady Jane Grey: This is another December release, and early 2017 North American release. I love Jane and anyone paying attention to her story is a good thing

Fandom Podcasts - Week 1

So there was a pretty positive reaction for the Weekly Fandom Podcasts and a couple pretty good suggestions for the first topic. 

@aroyalbluedragon suggested that Week 1 topic could be who you think the best SJM boy is and its a nice broad topic so lets try it. 

So, this Saturday, at any point during the day, everyone is invited to post their own mini podcast talking about who they think the best male character in the TOG and/or ACOTAR books is. 

Go ahead and rant, squeal, or yell your opinions. Feel free to add:

  • Fangirling
  • Evidence from the books
  • Evidence from fanfiction
  • Evidence from fanart 
  • Headcanons
  • What you want to see in future books for the character
  • What you think that Week 2 of Fandom Podcasts should be about
  • And anything else you’d like to add!

I am really excited to listen to these and I hope that tons of people participate! 

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                                    ❝ I am not your DAMN senpai .❞

— Biography

Prodigy students. Many people could think these individuals are jewels impossible to find, but for someone that grew surrounded by intellectuals like Inku, is easy to say otherwise.

A talented emerging artist and a remarkable sports girl, the brunette appeared never to be enough for her parents.— And could she blame them? Absolutely no. They were paying the best private school for their little girl to be the first in everything, acquire scholarships and, how adults always said, ‘Become someone important’ by these improper goals.

What they didn’t consider were the desires of the young one. She was, in fact, proud of what she could do effortlessly, although the path her progenitors were opening for her to follow wasn’t the one she desired to run. The art she desired to explore was way different from her parent’s expectations, and the sports she desired to practice didn’t belong to any discipline that could be rewarded with medals.

Words lacked meaning when dedicated to her family, however. The young woman had to find out how to tell them about her strong desire for a normal school life, one that allowed her to pick what she wanted to be when growing instead of one that forced her to explode the strokes of her brushes.

Low grades, misbehavior, absolutely zero respect. These should be enough signals for mommy and daddy to understand what she wanted to do from now on. She spoke, and they heard ( after being expulsed, for sure ); Were they disappointed? Yes, but she could finally be the first of the class by enjoying the subjects instead of competing with other students during the whole year.

— Trivia

• Last year of school / 19 years old. Young, but not so young.

• She adores art & sports, how expected. Although she’s horrible at any other subject that requires to think in general. Tutorship is an obligation if she doesn’t want to be expulsed, again.

• The only reason for her to be the best at competitions is because she provides the highest numbers for the school records ( and this means they can’t expulse her either, despite her horrible grades she tries to improve ).

• Skipping classes is her hobby. :^)

• Even if her horrible behavior was based off her desire for trying something new, she’s still far from being the exemplary student. She wants to enjoy what couldn’t in early years, even if this means a quota of rebellion.

• Teachers are the only ones that know her real name, but for the rest, she answers to the name of Inku.— Her desired artist name.

this is a result of me weeding thru beauty videos for years and years. these imo are the ones that are worth watching. most of these are recent. SO here is the lame makeup masterpost i’ve been promising :+)


beginners :

- v informative eyeshadow tutorial, eyeshadow blending

- foundation (full-coverage), flawless light foundation

- highlighting/contouring

- eyeliner and the differences b/t pencil, liquid, gel

- drugstore makeup starter kit, and another

- top 10 drugstore items for beginners


eyebrows :

- beautiful brows (brunette) ((these are the exact products and techniques i use)

- fierce brows for idiots (really good if you have dyed red hair and light brows)

- dirty blonde  

- blonde


foundation 101 :

- drugstore foundation routine

- flawless face

- foundation routine for cystic acne, and another

- how to cover blemishes/acne

- top 5 foundations, top 5 concealers

- best foundation all price ranges, best concealers all price ranges


eyeliner :

- winged liner help, and another, and another

- 9 different eyeliner looks

- 12 eyeliner variations

- best black drugstore eyeliners (if you’re looking for colored eyeliner, rimmel has an amazing eyeliner selection called scandaleyes and they’re around $3-$4, last all day, etc.)

- best eyeliners drugstore and high-end


lips :

- fall drugstore lipsticks

- top 10 mac lipsticks and dupes (mac lipsticks are my favorite)

- best pink lipsticks and how to choose the right shade, best red lipsticks and how to choose the right shade

- top 10 fall lipsticks

- best spring lipsticks

- best drugstore lipsticks for $3 and under

- how to apply dark lipstick

- best drugstore vampy lipsticks

- best nude lipsticks

- best natural lipsticks

- top 10 drugstore lip products


neutral/everyday makeup : 

- light high school makeup, heavier high school makeup

- “no makeup” makeup, and another

- everyday light makeup

- makeup for work

- neutral makeup look

- easy neutral men’s makeup

- day to night makeup for hooded eyes, smokey eyes for hooded eyes

- think liner and red lips 

- fall makeup, and another, and another (basically these are all light eyes and dark lips)

- drugstore fall makeup for dark skin

- winter makeup

- summer makeup, and another (drugstore) < this one’s kind of more colorful but natural enough for everyday 


colored and dramatic eyeshadow looks :

(not saying you can’t wear these everyday as well!!! you totally can/should)

- bright & colorful sunset eyes, and another 

- colorful summer makeup 

- black smokey eye w gold liner

- turquoise smokey eye 

- tropical look

- spring/summer blue look

- colorful pin-up makeup

- colorful spring makeup


awesome people to check out for more:

- rachel whitehurst

- essiebutton

- gossmakeupartist

- makeupbytiffanyd

- loeylane

- beautycrush

- lauren curtis

- wyatt smith


hope you enjoy/learn some things bc makeup really is art and i love it and even if you don’t wear makeup these videos are so interesting to watch 

(i might be adding a celebrity inspired makeup section if that sounds like something COOL to add)

My sister starts studying physiotherapy next year so I’m currently compiling a list of advice, do you guys think I should add anything else? 

1.    Go to class. The fact that lectures are optional is so tempting to sleep in a little longer, but this ultimately increases the chance of you coming up with every reason under the sun to not listen to that lecture.

2.    Read everything. Emails, unit outlines, assignment tasks. Everything. Seriously dude, this will help understand what the heck you’re supposed to be doing. Thus, you’ll know what you need for classes.

3.    Hence, prepare for your classes. Need to print lectures? Do it the night before. Need to read textbooks before your class? Do that the night before too.

4.    Snack. You can eat in your lectures. To quote one of the sites I found, “Keep eating some almonds or some shit, but don’t be that bitch with the potato chips. Just don’t.”

5.    Ask questions. Whether it be other students, or lecturers, they are there to help. Or the librarians! They can help with referencing or understanding assignment tasks.

6.    Write to do lists. It feels like you have a hundred things to remember. Especially when each unit has different things you have to do each week and are 87% likely to forget. Write it down.

7.    Plan your week. First write out your class times and then plan around them. Upcoming assessment can be easy to forget about, especially if it’s only little and requires little preparation. But these are often what can change your grade from a 5 to a 6. So write them down. Then put what you have to do to make sure you get a decent grade on that assessment. Whether it be setting aside time to write an upcoming essay or 3 study sessions for an upcoming exam. This is your new bible.

8.    Start assignments early. It may not be due for another 5 weeks, but by the time it’s week 9 you’re going to be dying in a mountain of work and wishing you’d started early when you had plenty of free time to go to GOMA.

9.    Plan an outing once a week. It’s nice to have something to look forward to, without taking too much time away from study. Add this to your schedule, and if you can’t do it just make sure you have some down time.

10. Revise constantly. When the end of semester comes around and you realise you need to study 13 weeks of the semester for 4 units for 4 different exams, you’ll seriously be wishing you did little revision sessions each week.

11. Block out distractions. The app Forest is great. I use it in lectures and when studying so I’m more likely to stay focused and motivated to grow trees, download the app and you’ll see what I mean. You can get in Chrome too, which can block specific websites for the set amount of time.

12. Sleep is the best. It’s a stereotypical suggestion, but seriously 8am classes suck and only 6 hours of sleep sucks even more. Make sure you get a decent amount of sleep.

13. Coffee is expensive. Do not, I repeat, do not become dependent. But it’s a great pick me up when you don’t listen to the advice given above.

14. Eat well and exercise. This advice is just as stereotypical as the last. I follow like half of this and feel great, can only imagine how you must feel.

15. Remember why you’re studying. That’s the ultimate goal, muscle stretcher!  


Hi I’m ice I’ll do commissions for $10, hmu in my messages, I have PayPal. Please pay me before I draw it (there’s an option that I’ll send u a rough version and u give me the go ahead then pay)

Will not draw:
• mecha
• complicated objects (i.e. If you want a gun I’m going to use a gun image from google like in the first one on the right)
• furries
• nsfw (will draw nudity minus the Bits ™)
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Helena Rose for @tealmoonsims​ De Witt Bachelor Challenge.

A perfectionist to her core, Helena Rose craves order and structure in her life like a bee craves honey. She needs to prepare, plot, and organize, to make plans and stick to them, or she simply cannot function. However, as her thirtieth birthday looms ever closer, she has come to realize that despite her best efforts the one thing she wants most out of life- a family- is the one thing that lies so frustratingly far out of reach. So she decided to take matters into her own hands and join Luke’s bachelor challenge in the hope that maybe this man will be the one to make her dreams of marriage and motherhood come true.

Charismatic | Family-Oriented | Light Sleeper | Neat | Perfectionist

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Honestly.. Steven’s Dream pisses me off.. greatly. It’s mainly because of the logic they try to avoid, so they can make the episode play out. By that I mean.. the conflicts in the episode had a very simple solution, the people who wrote that episode just decided to avoid them.

  1. This episode just shouldn’t of existed. Not because I hate it but.. the timing for it was wrong and it came out of no where. The writing was very messy too.
  2. Garnet could’ve simply told Steven that Blue Diamond was there currently, and Steven would’ve been scared off.
  3. OR Steven could’ve just took her word, if he saw her and Pearl freaking out over it.
  4. If Garnet was that desperate for Steven to stay and that desperate for him not to know, she should’ve done something and put her foot down.

What really pisses me off is that Steven likes to invalidate other peoples’ feelings, because he thinks he is ‘right’ about something. It really pisses me off and I’ve noticed he done it a lot in Season 3-5. He’s done it with Lapis, Connie, Garnet, etc.

Anyways.. if they wanted to do this episode they could’ve done it without fucking it up badly. How is that even possible though? Anyone else want to add onto this?

And anything else I should add on to my list of how we could avoid/solve the conflicts in this episode?

I’ll keep on editing this on it gets more notes and ideas.

The Voices Inside My Head  Chapter 2

Read the first chapter here:
Yes, I know that’s like the old fashion way to do it. I don’t know how to get the fancy links on here to work, I’ve tried for the past week to figure it out and nothing so. That is also my main blog for fanfiction so that’s all I post on there, including my prompt list. 

A/N: I wasn’t planning on adding anymore to this, but people highly requested it on Ao3 so I figured why not. Unfortunately this chapter took a sadder turn than I meant it to so there will be a third. I was just going to hold off posting this because I thought I was going to have it completely done by now, but I got really sick today and the doctors aren’t sure what’s wrong so I didn’t get a lot of writing done today. 

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Warnings: Mild Violence, Depression.

@utterlyinsane1995 yay new chapter!, @nochillrogers I will have smut in the next one, this ones just…sad “smut”. Just sad breeding with sad. 

Bucky stared up at his ceiling, his metal arm resting beneath his head as he smiled dreamily at nothing. The incident in the kitchen had happened less than three hours ago, he had been reluctant to get up, but he knew that Rogers and the others would be up soon and that wasn’t something he felt like explaining.

He heard the door to his room open and Steve’s loud voice calling out to him.

“Hey, Buck? Are you back to you?” He peaked around the bedroom door, the blond mop of hair shining against the light.

Bucky nodded with a smile. “Yeah, I’m back.” Steve walked in and sat on the end of the bed, putting his hand on Bucky’s shin.

Bucky held back the urge to move his leg away.

“You seem to be in a good mood…” Steve said slowly, his eyebrows raising and moving the gauze on his forehead slightly. Bucky nodded and looked back up at the ceiling.

“Did something happen while I wasn’t here? I noticed the kitchen was clean, did you do that? You know you didn’t have to do that.”

Bucky sighed, looking over at him with a frown. He could hear the unsaid question did Tony make you do that? And he licked his lips.

“I know I didn’t have to, Tony told me I could come up and rest and he’d take care of it, but I wanted to.” He didn’t mention that they had spent over an hour on the floor since Tony had fallen asleep against him and he hadn’t been able to bring himself to wake up the sleeping genius.

“Tony? Since when are you on first name basis with him?” Steve looked genuinely worried about it and he tried to not feel annoyed.

He shrugged, looking off the to side.

“Well,” Steve said after a minute, slapping his hands against his thighs as he stood up. “I was thinking we get out for a while, maybe go get some coffee. I don’t think you need to be in here all alone.”

Again with “I don’t think”, can this guy get anymore agrravating?

Bucky ignored the Soldier and he frowned.

“I don’t really want to go out right now, I mean…The Soldier came out less than 6 hours ago and I don’t want to risk it happening again.”

Steve shook his head as he opened the closet. “That was just because of the stress of being around the people here,”

“You mean Tony.”

Steve halted in his search for less than a second before he continued looking through the closet. He picked out a black t-shirt and jeans, a frown covering his face as he looking for frantically through it.

“Where’s your leather jacket?”

Bucky froze, remembering clearly carrying Tony up to his room and tucking him in, asking FRIDAY to make sure that he slept good, and deciding he looked to cute curled up on the bed in his jacket.

“I um…I lost it…In the park…Yesterday while I was…Taking a walk…” He cringed at himself the more he spoke.

“When did you leave yesterday? I was with you the whole day.”

Yeah, unfortunately. We could have been stalking Tony and watching his fine ass work, but no, you had to ruin it.

That’s creepy!

“It um…It was at night…”

Steve continued looking worried.

“FRIDAY, what time did Bucky leave last night?”

Bucky winced, silently planning his funeral.

“Mr. Barnes went out at exactly 11:48PM and returned at 2:23, Rogers.” FRIDAY responded, her disdain for Steve was obvious since they returned.

He made a mental note to thank her later.

Steve stared up at the ceiling, a habit he hadn’t broken despite the countless times Tony had told him she wasn’t up there, staring at the ceiling wasn’t doing anything.

“Well then we should go buy you a new one.”

“No! I don’t want one, let’s just go get…Food…I want mexican food. Let’s go. “ He got up quickly, grabbing a random hoodie off a chair and grabbed Steve’s arm.



They got back to the tower two hours later. Steve talking excitedly and Bucky staring at the floor, his eyes were drifting open and close as they got into the elevator.

“It’s been so long since we went out, I’m glad we did.” Steve reached over and draped an arm around Bucky’s shoulder. Bucky nodded, looking up as the doors open.

“I’m gonna go put this in the fridge.” He said quietly, quickly walking towards the kitchen.

“I’ll come with you,”

“No, it’s okay. I’ll see you tomorrow, Steve.” He put his hands out slightly, staring at him until Steve seemed to get the message.

He nodded. “O-okay, goodnight.”

Bucky didn’t move until Steve was completely gone, letting his shoulders sag and he leaned against the wall, resting his forehead against the cold metal. The Soldier had been begging to be let out all through dinner after one of the waitresses asked a question about Tony, apparently she had met him a few years back and wanted to know how he was doing. Steve made offhand comments throughout the rest of the night about how rude Tony was for ignoring her, or losing her number, or how much of a man slut he was. The last one was muttered very quietly, but the Soldier almost broke the metal fork he had been holding and Bucky spent the rest of dinner having an internal battle to keep him in.

He walked into the kitchen after a few minutes, the pounding in his head had lessened and he just wanted to go to sleep. He wasn’t looking up as he walked, just trying to focus on holding the bag with the food in it, and so he didn’t notice the person right in front of him until he collided with them. He dropped the bag onto the floor and grabbed onto the person in front of him before they hit the ground, unfortunately he was off balance already so they both fell. He caught himself on his forearm and held the other person off the ground by less than an inch.

“Well, hello there, soldier.”  Tony grinned up at him, one of his arms wrapped around Bucky’s neck. Bucky flushed, muttering an apology, but didn’t let him go.

“We just gonna hover here in a weird, plank position? I mean, I’m comfortable, you’re doing all the work here, which by the way,” He looked over at Bucky’s arms. “Is extremely hot, but we are in the middle of the walkway, amor.”

“Uh…” Tony blushed nervously. “It’s Brazillian,” He said, but didn’t add anything else.

“I should probably get us up,” Bucky whispered, not taking his eyes off Tony.

Tony smirked up at him.

“No.” Bucky said, unable to hold back an amused smile. He pushed himself up on his metal arm, taking Tony up with him, and stood up. “

“I think your food’s ruined,” Tony gestured over to the forgotten bag. Bucky winced, reaching down and picking it up.

“I’m gonna hafta’ explain to Steve why the food’s gone…” He frowned as he threw it away.

“You went out with Steve?”

He nodded, turning back around. Tony was leaning against the table, a smile on his face that didn’t quite reach his eyes.

“H-How’s he doing?”

Bucky couldn’t bring himself to tell him the truth, but somehow he knew they both already knew.

“He’s adjusting…Slowly.”

“He doesn’t seem to like it here very much.” Tony said softly.

“He does, it’s just,”

“Me. It’s me.” Tony looked up at him with a forced smile and a small nod.

“It wasn’t your fault.”

“Which part?”

“Any of it.” Bucky stepped closer to him, grabbing his hand gently.

“He’s still mad that I attacked you and I mean, I understand, he has very right to be mad.”

“No, no he really doesn’t. If any of us has the right to be mad that you attacked me, it’s me.” Bucky moved so he was completely in front of him, grabbing his chin with his metal hand and making him look up. Tony allowed it, looking slightly taken aback at the emotionless gaze staring back at him.

“ Neither of us are mad at you for what happened. Rogers doesn’t have any right to be.”

“You’re always so flattering, Winter.” Tony teased.

Winter smirked down at him, putting one of his hands on the side of the table and pushing Tony father onto it.

“I like seeing you my clothes,” Winter hummed, running a metal finger down Tony’s throat and onto the leather jacket the smaller man still hadn’t taken off.

Tony smiled, the dimples under his eyes crinkling up. “Really?” He asked quietly, flatting the jacket out.

Winter leaned up against him, ghosting his lips across his ear as he gripped Tony’s waist. He mouthed over his neck, humming to himself.

Tony let out a breathy laugh, one of his arms wrapped around the metal arm.


“Fuck.” Winter growled out as he turned around, blocking Tony almost completely from Steve’s vision. “What, Rogers?”

Steve straightened up as he realized it wasn’t Bucky he was talking to.

“Tony, what the hell did you do?!”

“I didn’t do anything!”

“He was fine a few minutes ago when I left him,” Steve stepped up, his fists clenched.

“"Отвали, Роджерс.“ Winter stepped forward, narrowing his eyes at Steve.

“You need to let Bucky back out, you don’t belong in his body.”

“That sucks for you, doesn’t it?” Winter smirked darkly at him. Steve glared at him.

“I don’t want to fight you.”

“Then get out. Turn around and leave.”

“Steve, you should real-”

“Shut it, Stark. This is entirely your fault,” Steve pointed an accusing finger at Tony without taking his eyes off Winter. “And our conversation isn’t over.”

Winter growled, feeling the smaller man flinch back behind him, before taking two large steps towards the blond man and backhanding him hard across the face with his metal arm. Steve flung to the side, knocking his head against the fridge.

“I’ve been wanting to do that all night long.” Winter sneered, the metal on his arm flexing in an imitating way.

Steve clutched his nose, blood dripping from his nose and down his chin. He glared heavily at Winter, forcing himself to his feet.

“Buck, I know you’re in there. It’s me, I know you don’t want to do this.”

“Quit. Quit fucking saying that you know things, you don’t know anything about him anymore.” Winter snapped.

“Winter, stop.” Tony stepped up behind him, grabbing his arm gently. The metal was cold behind his hand and he could feel it moving underneath his fingertips. Steve glared at him darkly.

Winter glanced behind him slightly, the anger in his eyes fading when he looked at Tony.

“It’s not worth it.”

“Stark, back off.”

Winter looked back at Steve, stepping forward, but Tony held his arm tightly.

“Winter, please.”

“Leave, Rogers.” Winter growled out, ignoring the hurt look Steve sent him.


“Get out!”

Steve looked conflicted, but the glare Winter was sending him was enough to kill anymore and he hated seeing it focused on him. He slowly walked out, looking like a kicked puppy the whole time.

Winter stepped back, looking over at Tony, who was still holding onto his arm.

“I’m sorry…” Bucky whispered, the emotion and remorse filling his eyes as he gently yanked his arm back.


He shook his head, taking frantic steps away from Tony until he reached the elevator, which opened.

“I’m sorry.” He whispered to the floor as the doors closed and he fell to his knees, tears splashing against the metal.


Bucky didn’t leave his room much for the next few days, he didn’t want to face Steve and his questions and Tony and the inevitable outcome of what happened. Both of them had requested to come in at some point, but he’d asked FRIDAY to not let them. He didn’t want to see them. He didn’t want to see anyone.


“Fry, please ask him again…Just…Just once more…” Tony was sitting outside his door, his knees pulled to his chest.

“I…I’m sorry, Sir,”

Tony put his hand up to silence her briefly before letting it fall limply to his side. He knew better than to get that close to Winter, it was a mistake and now Bucky’s mad at him for it. He’d given himself at least a week before he fucked it up, but he hadn’t even managed a day.

He got up on shaking knees, sending one last, heartbroken look at the door before taking the stairs down to his lab. His heart and lungs didn’t like it, but his mind was playing tricks on him and the workout would be good…

Tony walked into the lab, his breathing irregular and uneven, DUM-E beeped worriedly at him.  He could feel tears brimming his eyes as the doors slid close behind him.

“We need to talk.”

Tony flinched back, wondering why the hell FRIDAY didn’t warn him that Steve fucking Rogers was in his lab and what the hell he was suppose to do about it.

“No, I really don’t think we do. I’ve actually got a lot of work to do, been falling behi-”

“Because you’ve been busy brainwashing my best friend into…Whatever the hell thing you’ve got going on?”

Tony glared at him.

“I haven’t been brainwashing him, you’re so desperate to blame everyone for Bucky being distant from you, but yourself. Maybe the reason he doesn’t want to be around you is because you’re controlling!” Tony shouted, motioning DUM-E back with his fingers.

“And how do you know that? Has he been telling you things, or do you talk to the Winter Soldier more? Because you seem to be pretty damned comfortable with him.” Steve stormed up to him, his fists clenched at his sides.

“Winter and Bucky are the only people in this damned place that are actually nice to me, so yeah, I’m pretty comfortable around them.”

Steve’s glare deepened. “I don’t know why either of them would be nice to you, all you’ve done is try to hurt him.”

Tony rolled his eyes, letting out a sigh.

“I’m not arguing with you over this, just get out.” Tony said, trying to bypass him, but Steve grabbed onto his arm tightly, yanking him back. Tony stumbled at the force, trying to control the way his heart sped up anxiously.

“I said we weren’t done with this conversation, you don’t get to walk away from this. Stay away from Bucky.”

“Well that’s going to be super easy since terminator hasn’t left his room since the four nights ago.” Tony tried to yank his arm back, but it wouldn’t budge. “Let me go, Rogers.” He could feel a small tingle on his watch that he had programed in so he would know if FRIDAY was activating the suit.

The suit latched onto his arm and he shoved his arm into Steve’s chest.

“Get out.” Tony pointed the repulsor at him, glaring at him.


“I will shoot you in the goddamn face, Rogers. Get out.” Tony snapped, the rest of the suit melding onto his body.

Steve froze, letting go of Tony’s arm and stepping back.

Tony didn’t move until the larger man was gone completely, stumbling backwards and letting the suit go back to it’s spot in the corner of his lab.

He tripped over a spare piece of metal and he fell, knocking his head against the side of his desk. DUM-E  beeped at him, rolling out of his charging station and over to him.

“‘M fine,”  Tony muttered, waving a dismissive hand at him, but his hand fell limply at his side. “Fuck…” He curled up, thinking to himself that he was just gonna take a little nap. “Night,” He whispered, resting his bleeding head against the cold floor.