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izandai  asked:

Hey Riki, who do you ship yourself with?

[Riki]: Dont get me wrong ladies. you are all really  beautifull and awesome people. i just dont feel anything near that way towards you all. i am actually suprised that you are all still single ladies.

[[Author: hargh… so many cameos! We have Zion, Caleb,Shou,Nilla,Athyallë,Melody and Olivia as cameo characters]]

Soon working part-time?


The name’s Shou, Mister Daichi! I’d gladly put all my strenght in interviewing and taking pictures~ <3
I’ve spent many times on those Simulators like Shoot the Bullet and Double Spoiler too~ so many cute pantsu-shots x3

[[lawl, note awesome quality, was a bit tired after sketching down lots of inspirations, sowwiez, but I wanted to get it done for once =3c]]

So, just HOW did I meet Riki?

[EDIT: Riki, Y U NO can read my handwriting? D= It’s not that bad, really… I think
Anyways, I'ma add subs]

[I’ll never, EVER try to color comics again… and after some trouble with a certain pretty hard pencil I decided to just leave it as it is =P I guess I’ll only color single pics that are easy to color from now on~ btw, sorry for letting ya wait Ranwe and Sin~ D= Ye deserve hugs]

uhhwell… pretty strange story, one day I heard ‘bout some door up in the skies and wanted to investigate. I found the door and climbed a staircase behind, 'till I saw a strange mansion to my right.
…can only remember the face of some strange blonde woman called Yukari
Riki told me the rest after I woke up =w=

Thanks for the good fight! <3
See you later honey~

How does this work…
No clue
*notes on dirt and redstone torch that’s powered by sap-magic*

[aww, right, totally forgot that the text was cut off >.< Sorry, I’m an airhead]

How the…
Riki, look!

How did she come here? Was that also sapling magic?
She seems to be pretty beaten up… Better let her recover a bit…
True 'dat. Let’s take her to my bed

*later, shou in the bed, still sleeping*
*suddenly opens eyes*
*Activates spellcard, Concealing Sun: 'Eclipsing Binaries’*
[Note: *wikipedia copy* An eclipsing binary star is a binary star in which the orbit plane of the two stars lies so nearly in the line of sight of the observer that the components undergo mutual eclipses.]

Riki and pk returned 'cause he heard some weird noises, but weren’t that upset when he saw me in the caldera for some reason… well, some days later that Yukari person came and asked me if I wanted to return to Gensokyo~
…I rejected though, it was too much fun teasing riki X3

[[Long story I got there… well, took me some time thinking it out, and then there were plenty of other stuffz which kept me from work, sowwiez again =o]]

anonymous asked:

What's your weapon of choice?

External image

Gravel is a really nice weapon, and funny too X3

Oh, and there’s something I still got from my homeworld. Don’t use it too often though X3

[[Was a bit desperate, using memefaces and hakkero from the net, but didn’t want it to take too long =w=

After all I got another Anon question, plus wanted to response to one or two stuffz… including that somebody wants me to know Nilla =w= (It’s not Riki at all, nooo~)
Not that she wouldn’t be cute, or nice or something… well, she actually is, it’d be an honor to let her and shou cuddle (or something else<3) …<3]]

Lesson in sword-mastery

Took me a while to get the material, but I’m ready!

[[I used ‘iron’ as reference to something, as well as a warcry, because I think I’m funny =P
Still wooden swords, dw Rikitan~ <3]]

[[Didn’t add subs, 'cause it seems relatively clear to me this time~]]
[[And don’t count this as comeback yet, I still got a whole lot to do for school =P]]

The End?


Sorry, just wanted to play a prank <3
Playing the bad guy is boring anyways~

…pf… pfpf…..

I heard both of you were showered with love lately, so I wanted to give it a try too <3
Diamond blocks were a bit too heavy though, if they weren’t I’d thrown some after Rikisan…

Uhh, so anyways, here comes my love~

Take as many as you like, I got more than I could eat X3

[Riki]: Funnier to see him figure it out himself.

[Pumpkinman]: Tonigth! we dine at Shou!