Shoukin Project RPG update!

Hey there! I have been steadily working on graphics for the RPG Maker Project. I’m not really experienced so the process is a bit slow, it mostly involves making character faceshots for conversations, battle animations, and animated enemies for now. That’s quite a load of work, but I’m getting there!

This is a work in progress, but I decided to do front view battles rather than sideview after all. It’s easier, and feels more confronting in the end.
The color palette of the game will be Game Boy Color style (Not every part has it implemented yet), reminicient of the Zelda Oracle games, Pokemon G/S/C, etc. This is because I think palettes help giving the game a certain feel, and I just really like that palette. 

Finally, here’s some character’s conversation mugshots so far:

‘Til next time!


A little environment and battle prototype showcase of my own RPG Maker project Shoukin I’m creating with a small team. Progress is pretty steady now and all that’s left is mostly graphics, such as conversation portraits. 
The battle system will feature a system which is a bit more strategic oriented than most generic turn-based RPGs and will feature no level-up system, but stat boosts/upgrades. Things like skills will be influenced by the choice of the player. The music of the game will be made by oddoutput. Please listen to his cool stuff!
I hope you’re all looking forward to it, since the demo will be completed soon! Please signal boost if you want~