Yuri yuri everywhere, but none of it is anime.

I got super depressed and weird back in March and started re-watching Maria-sama because apparently that’s what one does. This led me on an insane yuri spiral.

Since March I have watched every single Yuri anime known to otaku.

You name it I’ve seen it. Sasameki koto? Yup. Aoi Hana? Yup. Simoun? YES I SAT THROUGH THAT.

I ended the kick with FINALLY watching Revolutionary Girl Utena. Not as yuri as I would have liked, but it was OK. Also, I’ve seen this show heralded as the pinnacle of yuridom…. how? It sure as hell meets the “I’m as weird as EVA and Mawaru PenguinDrum and as confusing as Lain and Trapeze,” aspects of a “good” show, but…. I dunno.

I’m hanging out for some serious shoujo ai, I read ALL of Girl Friends last night. In one sitting. ALL of it. Why isn’t that an anime? Seriously. It’s a little light, but yeah, totally anime worthy. There are so many great yuri/SA manga out there that could easily become anime. Someone please make one:(

I know there were some good comedies and some SA elements in shows like Moretsu Pirates, but I want something dramatic.

I’m just babbling. I’m reading Chatting at the Amber Teahouse at the moment. Another classy story, totally needs a show…

Anyway time for some coffee and some coil rebuilding. This is my life right now