shoujos are just so cute

❝ Even if you go to Tokyo… can I still be your girlfriend ? ❞

anonymous asked:

you watch anime? what's your top 10 best list?

  1. kabaneri of the iron fortress
  2. say i love you
  3. boku dake ga inai machi
  4. inuyasha
  5. attack on titan
  6. tokyo ghoul
  7. naruto
  8. samurai champloo
  9. mob psycho 100
  10. soul eater

some other favorites are: charlotte, ao no exorcist, ao haru ride, one punch man, kuromukuro, fruits basket, mirai nikki, fairy tail, the seven deadly sins, ouran high school host club, aaaand a bunch more than i can’t think of rn lmao

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Have you ever seen deadman wonderland if you have what are your thoughts on it overall

okay so like for future reference, here’s a list of anime that i have seen to completion:

+seiyuu’s life, but that’s super niche. i’m sure i’m forgetting a few since i lost a few bookmarks since the computer switch but yeah.

however, to answer your question on my thoughts on deadman wonderland: i read the wikipedia article and it ALSO sounds very interesting. yes yes. like i have this thing for gore and death and that seems like it’d scratch that particular itch at the moment. probably going to end up like tokyo ghoul and i’ll watch some of it and wander away hahahaaa.

Because of a yuri channel, I watched the first ep of Centaur no Nayami and I’m sliiightlyyy creeped out by the centaur girl, just because it’s simply weird to see centaurs in anime generally and it’s just a weird sight.


Calm down Madoka, you’re gonna destroy her.

 I’m not a fan of shipping, At all. This is the only pairing I like of anything EVER. But god damn, I love it so much!. I started this not being sure I would like it, or even finish it. But it came out looking so much prettier than what I was expecting!

No, but I feel like I know what it is now. I know now how they make the HaruRin decisions.

Producer: List down all the stereotypical shoujo manga cliches you could think of.

Writer: Okay, okay. Cherry blossoms, inappropriate-pushing-into-a-fence scene, rainbows, weird-obsession-with-the-other’s-smile-or-laughter, pining-and-angst, carrying-princess-style…

Producer: Yes, good. Make a checklist. And use everything on Haruka and Rin. EVERYTHING.