about Citrus anime adaptation

for now, all we’ve got is the cast announced, but even so… I REALLY hope the studio doesn’t ruin this:

  • I want full length episodes (20 minutes), they have enough manga material to work with
  • Let’s hope they don’t add unnecessary fan service
  • They better not add some male characters that would try to create drama between the girls, we already have enough female characters to do that!
  • The part with the teacher, which disturbed me in the manga even though he was barely there, they better not give it more screen time than the manga did or add things just for drama.
  • They better include all the intimate scenes between Mei and Yuzu, all the kisses, all the almost sex scenes, everything, give us the yuri content anime has been lacking.

I’m so excited for this, so excited that it makes me feel so scared of what they’ll do with it.


Asagao to Kase-san

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