gaston26  asked:

I am reading Lady!! manga and that so different from the anime. Thomas is even more pathetic than in my memories lol

I too read it years ago before the group put it on-hold. I remember reading up to volume 3 and then forgot all about it. I too was surprised by how different the manga was from the anime. It was like an alternate reality, but that what made it unpredictable and enjoyable. While reading Candy Candy, Neil kind of reminded me of Thomas XD

I’m surprised that the group finished translating it and already started the sequel. I heard that the sequel was on hiatus for years in Japan and only the first two volumes are available. If you’re interested, and don’t mind spoilers, here are the last two pages of the sequel manga before it went on hiatus:

Also, I don’t know if this was translated, but in volume 3 (bunko version), there’s a one-shot with the twin children of Rin and Edward, Diana and George: 

So yeah, Edward x Rin and Arthur x Sara was confirmed to be canon even before the first manga ended lol.