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Enjolras was a chief, Combeferre was a guide. One would have liked to fight under the one and to march behind the other.

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♠ + mahou shoujo outfits

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((The Sticks do have control over the kind of outfits they create, but the contractee’s subconscious also plays a factor into the type of outfit they create for them. Illya likes a lot of pink stuff and watches a lot of mahou shoujo shows, hence Ruby made a pink frilly dress for her, whereas Miyu probably thought of function over form, hence why her outfit is a bit more…risque and less mahou shoujo-like.

((However, that then leaves Illya’s outfit when entering Trance with Sapphire. Likely, it’s Sapphire just defaulting to something like Miyu’s own outfit as she hadn’t contracted with Illya before, thus she wouldn’t have known about Illya’s subconscious thoughts as well as Ruby. However, that subconscious still has its effect as it made Illya’s Sapphire outfit somewhat more befitting a mahou shoujo as compared to Miyu’s.

((Long story short, the contractee’s subconscious has an effect on the outfit he/she will be wearing when in Trance, but the Sticks also exhibit a level of control over the final outfit themselves.

♠Organising Thoughts On PMMM: Rebellion, part zwei♠

let’s do this part 2, electric boogaloo

part ein is right here, discussing characters individually, while this post focuses more on overarching themes in PMMM. in other news, pidge is a giant nerd baby who writes essays on anime movies for fun

I might do an additional post all special for Homulilly, Homura’s witch form, since it’s just plain interesting.


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the spiky-haired super stressed senpai club

If you think logically…the chances of Yuri getting top 3 are very slim

HOWEVER: yoi has run on shoujo logic so far, so it would fit the series to have “power of love” and “trust in oneself” miraculously give Yuri the skill to get a medal