I have good news! My visual novels will be on sale on Steam during this week, including:

Strawberry Vinegar, my cute yuri VN about cute girls, cute clothes, and cooking, feat. lots of silly anime jokes for some reason
Empty Horizons, my otome-ish VN about younger girls liking older guys and having awful taste
The Way We All Go, my yandere BxG VN with vague horror elements and multiple bad endings
Asphyxia, my gloomy yuri VN about Romantic poets (Wordsworth, Coleridge, etc) being turned into cute girls… and being decidedly un-cute to each other!

You can also buy all my VNs at a discount (including my newest otome VN, This World Unknown) in a bundle here, and save 63%! This is about $12 for 5 VNs, with a total combined word count of 775k… so I think it’s a pretty good deal!

If you consider checking them out, I hope you enjoy them!!! ❤


鈴木ジュリエッタ (Suzuki Julietta): A sketch I drew before. It could be a scene where they went to a land of dreams.

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