it was a few weeks after the third villain attack.

most of the kids were still settling into their dorms, some having more belongings than others, or having procrastinated putting things away.

shouji was one of the few who had already finished settling in, being someone who didn’t own very much, and was relaxing on his futon, one hand behind his head while the rest settled on various parts of his body. his eyes were fixated on the ceiling, his injured limb twitching every so often, even though what had been cut off was a duplicate.

he wasn’t sure if he was trying to fall asleep or trying to stay awake.

a knock at the door startled him out of his daze, and he sat up, pulling his mask over the bottom part of his face.

“come in.” he called, and his door opened to reveal–

“midoriya?” shouji asked, a bit confused.

“hello, shouji.” he said, a tad awkwardly, walking into the room. “i just.. i wanted to talk to you about something?”

shouji, though confused, was still curious about what on earth midoriya could want to talk about, and nodded.

“i-i…” midoriya started, stumbling over his words, clearly nervous, “i wanted to thank you for saving me during the attack… from both tokoyami and from injuring myself further while we were still in the woods. i haven’t gotten the chance to, what with everything going on, so i thought now was a good idea.”

“it was no problem, midoriya.” shouji rumbled, cutting off the rambling boy as he stood up, walking towards the smaller boy. “i just didn’t want you to get more injured than you already were. are your arms doing okay?”

“th-they’re better now! i just can’t use them much.” midoriya said sheepishly, holding them out for shouji to see.

shouji bent down and nodded as he inspected midoriya’s arm, squinting slightly at the new scars running up his right. he nodded after a few moments.

a soft press against his mask made him jump a little, and he flushed slightly when he realised that midoriya had kissed him… sort of.

“ahokayihavetogonowgoodbyethanksagain!!” midoriya squeaked, words tumbling out of his mouth as he rushed out of the room, closing the door behind himself.

shouji stood stock still, a flush creeping up over his mask and warm his whole body.

well. that was some thank you.


if you try to google “creati wardrobe malfunction” in their world, that’s all you’ll ever see lmao

based from @littleroundpumpkin‘s post !!! 

also tag youself: are you part of [a] team cover momo [b] team destroy camera or [c] team costume modification


deku: [something inconvenient happens]

todoroki, nowhere near the inconvenient situation:


Happy New Year everyone!

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