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Am I the only one who noticed that almost whenever Lydia is upset stiles comforts her and is literally her shoudler to cry on (ex. In the tunnels when alli died, when she is in stiles' room and wants to help Jackson, when they hugged bc Meredith 1/2

(Bc Meredith died, etc.) and now in the trailer when she is crying against the wall he isn’t there to comfort her and omfg that makes me sad ugh

Ugh, I know, they established it in s2 and never went back <3 and the best part is that he loves and comforts her so selflessly. He just gives to her and asks nothing in return at all. 

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You probably don't take them anymore but here's my WAG unpopular opinion : I never understood why people raved about Kyla Ross as the classically elegant type gymnast when her arms,shoudlers and body movement were always so rigid (and her beam switch ring was nothing to write sonnets about)

I guess we could define elegance a bunch of different ways, but if by classically elegant you mean her floor exercise choreo is reminiscient of, say, Podkapayeva or a soviet gymnasts with lots of ballet training, then yeah I don’t think Kyla Ross quite fits that bill.  But I don’t really think that was her reputation as an elite.  She’s known for having exceptional form, beautiful lines, great extension in dance elements, and just all around really solid technique - stuff that could probably contribute to a gymnast being ‘elegant’, but not really the same thing.  When I think of someone who people consider elegant, I think of Mustafina, and then maybe Catherine Lyons and Eythora.  

I think maybe where the world classical comes from is the perception that current athletes, compared to those competing decades ago under the 10 system, tend to favor difficulty in building their scores rather than perfecting execution.  I’m not saying I think that’s true, just that it’s a general perception.  Kyla was different as a gymnast because she focused a lot on execution and had very few built in form deductions in her routines. Like barring an uncharacteristic mistake, she always scored really really high in execution.  Take beam, for example.  Not only are her knees and feet locked out and straight in the acro skills, but her extension in the dance elements is amazing.  It took me just seconds to find these beautiful screenshots; I didn’t have to search for a good routine bc they’re all good:

Aren’t those leaps and jumps beautiful? The same is true for acro.  Do you ever see a bhs loso and cringe bc the form is bad? Like, a bhs+loso is pretty simple, and ideally it could be done by an elite gymnast with extended knees and pointed feet.  My point isn’t to be critical of other US gymnasts, but take Skinner and Locklear, for example - both have super obvious knee bends in their back handsprings and it’s just not aesthetically pleasing at all.  It’s less obvious, but Kocian does it too (see below).  Her form isn’t atrocious, but compared to someone like Kyla it definitely isn’t stellar either. 

See that back leg?  My point isn’t to shit on other gymnasts, but rather to illustrate that a gymnast with form as good as Kyla Ross doesn’t come around all that often.  It’s unusual for a gymnast to have a bhs+LOSO this nice:

shitty pics, but you get the idea.  Kyla had really, really good form.  Go watch her DTY again too cause it’s FAB.  

So, I guess I’m not sure how to evaluate whether Kyla Ross was  “classically elegant” cause I feel like that could mean something different for everyone.  If we’re talking strictly her floor and beam choreo, I guess I’d agree it wasn’t elegant in the classical sense, but that was by design - I don’t think she ever aspired to be a ballerina cause it’s just not her style.  But I think it’s fair to say that the precision and attention to detail in her skills made for ‘elegant’ performances, and her devotion to perfecting relatively simple routines rather than incurring form deductions with more complex routines is a “classic” approach/style that maybe isn’t seen so much with the open-ended scoring system? Haha I don’t know, maybe I’m mincing words, but the main point is that I think Kyla had impeccable form and execution and extension and some people might call that elegance and some people might have a more specific idea of what elegance means.