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You’re going to be a dad (Shawn Mendes)

I got inspired by Shawn singing at his friend’s wedding so I wrote an imagine where you tell drunk Mendes that you’re pregnant.

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„See that‘s what happens when I eat every second of the day with you“ I tell Shawn laughing while he‘s trying to zip my dress. But the reason why I‘m too big for this dress is not eating, I‘m pregnant and Shawn doesn‘t know that. No one knows that. „I still love you, even with that little tummy of yours“ Shawn says sweetly while pecking me on the lips. I hope You will still love me.

„They are so beautiful“ I whisper to Shawn while looking at the bride and groom. „I promise you. One day both of us will be standing there“ I squeeze his hand and smile. I hope.

I look at Shawn singing the song he wrote for his friends and smile. I love this boy more than anything.  „Hi honey, I haven‘t seen you eat or drink today“ Karen sits next to me. My gaze shifts from the wedding couple dancing their first dance to Shawn‘s mother. „Oh, I just don‘t feel like eating or drinking today“ Or maybe  just know that I probably will puke after eating. I nervously giggle, while silently praying that she will drop this subject. „Just don‘t starve yourself, you already look so thin“ ha see you after 8 months. I will look like a troll. Petite and fat. Hell even troll will look better than me. I start clapping when the first dance is over and now everyone is pulling their second halfs to the dance floor. I spot Shawn coming to me. „Princess, will you dance with me?“ I gently take Shawn‘s hand and let him lead me to dance floor. „You did amazing, love“ I smile while looking up at him. „I felt more nervous than I do at my concerts“ Shawn laughs.

Soon Shawn is teared away from me and I find my way to people i talked before. „Ladies?“ guy comes to us with champagne glasses, everyone takes except for me. „Sorry“ I sheepishly smile. „So Y/N, how long you and Shawn are together?“ someone I don‘t really remember asks „Almost two years“ I grin while finding in the distance Shawn already looking at me. He soon comes to me and wraps his hands around me from behind. „Exspecting babies or marriage soon?“ not exspecting this question I start coughing. „You okay, princess?“ Shawn asks concerned. „Yeah, yeah..“

„Look Shawn, he‘s so cute“ I laugh while pointing at the cute boy dancing. Shawn joins me laughing. But soon his face changes into frown. „Is everything alright?“ I ask gently touching his face. Shawn nods his head. „Is just that I‘ve been thinking. Especially after Janet asked us about marriage and babies“ I start to play nervously with my bracelets. It‘s something I always do in the moments like these. „I want to marry you, Y/N, have ki…“ „Come here Shawn¡“ Matt interrupts him. Shawn and Matt looks at me questioningly I nod my head and smile „Go“ Shawn still looks at me but quickly kisses me and goes to drink with his friends.

„Shawn, where‘s our room?“ I ask him slighly laughing. „Maybe here“ he points at the random door. „No love, it says Karen and Manny, that‘s not ours. You told me that you know where our room is“ I whine at the sight of drunk Shawn. „Why can‘t we go to a random room?“ he looks at me like I‘m stupid. „Because it‘s 4 in the morning and everyone is sleeping except for you and a few of your friends“ I roll my eyes smiling. „Oh my god Shawn“ I squeal when I hear Shawn bumping his head into wall. He starts to laugh really loud. „Shhh, baby, shh, everyone is sleeping“ I try to calm him while laughing myself. I quickly start to kiss him so he would shut up „Maybe I shoud yell more“ he winks at me.

After forever we finally found our room. Shawn insisted that our room was on the biggest house there, even tho I told him that it was the place where bride and groom will be sleeping but because drunk Shawn is stubborn we took like 30minutes to actually find our room. „Shawn please take off your clothes“ I whine looking at the boy almost sleeping with his suit on. He groans and starts taking it off. I do the same thing with my dress. As I cuddle up to him he whispers „You looked beautiful today, just like always“ his lips leaving wet kisses on my neck. I smile and kiss him on the lips. When his breathing calms and I‘m sure that he‘s asleep I whisper while putting his arms on my tummy „You‘re going to be a dad, Shawn“

I shiver when my feet touches cold ground. Trying not to wake up Shawn I get up from bed and walk to my bags where my other clothes are. I quickly put my clothes on and with a makeup bag I walk to toilet where I wait for my morning sickness. After  I puke, I do my make up and go straight to the lobby where most people are already talking and eating.

As I drink my tea I spot Shawn coming. Soon he‘s stopped by his dad. I send Shawn smile and turn around to keep talking with people around me.
„Hi princess“ Shawn greets me while kissing my lips. When he sits next to me I lean into him and wrap my hands around him. „You look green, love“ I laugh at him. He slighly groans „Why didn‘t you tell me to stop drinking?“ he asks looking at him. „Cmon, we‘re going to take walk around“ I say standing up and pulling him with me.

„Y/N?“ Shawn asks with a serious tone. I look up to him. „I don‘t really remember what happenned yesterday, at least not clearly but I do remember what you said before I fell asleep“ I froze. Did he hear me. „Am I really going to be a dad?“ Shawn asks with hope in his eyes. I put his hands on my tummy and nod my head. Soon I see tears rolling down his cheeks. I gently whipe them away with my thumb „We‘re going to be parents, Shawn“ I say grinning. „I love you“ „I love you too“

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1/2 There is the problem of (often straight white) girls fetishizing gay men/mlm.. and I am unsure if I am somehow being part of that group (though i'm definitely not straight). I have to admit that I do prefer e.g. reading about a gay couple/romance. I don't care about smut or anything, though I do find mlm erotic scenes usually a lot more tolerable. But I also think that is mainly because I am hella ace and possibly aro, and feel a lot more comfortable imagining people of another gender

2/2 loving each other. While I had relationships with men in the past I am currently feeling more drawn to women and have a hard time finding men attractive in any way. Stll, reading or watching movies, I feel safer watching mlm than anything that involves someone I could (gender wise) identify with. Am I perpetuating some toxic behaviour against mlm? I’m unsure what I shoud do in this situation.. :/ Hope this ask isn’t offensive or exclusive in any way.. Thanks for your help! 

I think you need to watch yourself, but I don’t think it’s exactly the same either. Personally when I enjoy M/M romance/smut I feel safe. I don’t think tehehe sex. I see two people, completely separate of me, enjoying something. Straight women don’t read m/m things because it makes them feel safe, they read it because it’s taboo. I think it’s important to watch yourself when you enjoy any media that is not for you, but I don’t at least personally think you are adding to the fetishization of gay men. Of course, I’m not a gay man so my say only counts as a general member of the community. But I think you are on the appreciation side on things, and not on the objectification side. But like an ally to anything, this isn’t a check once and done thing. You can enjoy the media but always be self aware enough to admit that you are capable of fault.

TLDR: I think you are fine, continue to be mindful 

  • reyna: hey octavian we need your help come here
  • octavian: i can't i'm buying clothes...
  • reyna: alright well hurry up and get over here!
  • octavian: ...i can't find them
  • reyna: what do you mean you can't FIND them?
  • octavian: there's only soup
  • reyna: what do you MEAN there's only soup???
  • octavian: it means there's only soup!
  • octavian: alright you don't have to shout at me
  • octavian: there's more soup
  • octavian: there's just more soup
  • octavian: THERE'S STILL SOUP
  • octavian: I'M AT SOUP
  • octavian: I'M AT THE SOUP STORE
  • octavian: FUCK YOU!!!!
I’m so sorry

Summary: In which you bump into Bucky at the Avengers Compound and won’t stop apologising and he finds it incredibly cute

Word count: 1178

Warnings: None because this literally a ball of fluff! I think there’s like one swear word but that’s about it.

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You were trying to navigate your way through the insanely large Avengers Compund with two boxes stacked on top of another in your hands. You could barely see where you were going but you were just glad you hadn’t tripped yet or bumped into someone because you would never be able to live that one down. You weren’t exactly a clumsy person but you had your moments and your boss and friend Tony Stark alway made fun of you for it but you didn’t mind too much mostly because you knew how much Tony cared for you, you were like his little sister.

You were close to the elevator even though you couldn’t exactly see but you could hear the ping and chime of it in the distance and you thanked the heavens for it. You needed to get back to Stark Industries with the bxes in tow, you needed the contents to be in one piece but you knew sooner or later the boxes would be on the floor with the contents spilled out.

It seemed like it was going to be sooner rather than later because you didn’t see someone fastly approaching you. It all went to shit when you (and the boxes) collided with a rather hard body, you internally cursed as the boxes contents fell out. You huffed blowing a strand of hair out of your face and looking up to face the person you bumped into, when you did you were met with a man with long black hair and straight face.

“Oh my god I’m sorry I bumped into you I’m such an idiot. I’d probably lose my head it wasn’t attached to my body. I’m so sorry.” Bucky stared at you wondering why you were apologising so much considering he was the one who bumped into you in the first place.

You offered Bucky a smile as you leant down to pick all the stuff that came out of the boxes up. Bucky found himself staring at you involuntarily you were just so Goddamn beautiful in his eyes, he shook himself ourt of it when he noticed you were picking the boxes up. He felt like a jerk for not helping you sooner so he quickly leaned down to and helped you put everything in the boxes.

“There’s no need to help it was all my fault, I’m so incredibly sorry for bumping into you sir.” You said and Bucky found his permanent frown curving into a geniune smile, he thought the way you were constantly saying sorry for practically nothing was adorable.

“It’s fine I bumped into you anway.” Bucky replied standing up carrying one of the boxes with him. You smiled at him once more making his heart flutter before picking the other box and standing up.

“There’s no need to say it I already feel like such an idiot already. I’m so sorry, so sorry.” You couldn’t stop saying sorry, it was always like this you were too nice not to apologise even if it wasn’t something you did.

“I’m the one who should be saying sorry not you. I’m sorry.” Bucky said and you nodded.

“It’s fine even though I still feel like it was my fault and I really want to say sorry again.” You admitted slightly embarrassed, you could already feel the heat rising to your cheeks.

“Oh I’m Y/N by the way.” You said smiling widely at him, he smiled he thought your name was beautiful and it fit such a beautiful girl.

“I’m Bucky.” He replied with a smile of his own.

“How did I not realise it before I’m such an idiot.” You spoke only just realising who the man infront of you was. Bucky cringed knowing that you figured out he was The Winter Soldier and thinking you were about to run from him like most people in the compound did hence why the corrdior you were in was empty.

“You’re James Steve’s best friend I should of known afterall you are all Steve talks about. It’s nice to finally to meet you James Steve’s told me a lot about you and you’re just as he described. That was not what Bucky was expecting and he was glad for it. The way you called him James made him smile like crazy, the way it rolled off your tongue made him fall in love with the name again.

Bucky was speechless he didn’t know what to say but what he did know was that he had to wonder around the Avengers Compound more so that he could see you again.

“Anyway I shoud get going I don’t want to hold you up you probably have better things to do then talk to me afterall you are a superhero.” You replied and warmth glowed throughout Bucky because he had never been called a hero not by anyone not even Steve. But here you were some random girl calling the ex-assassin a superhero and in that moment he felt like the happiest man alive.

But of course something had to ruin it, that something being someone called Steve. “Hey Bucky I see you’ve met Y/N.” Steve said clapping a hand on Bucky’s shoulder making him tense up but when he saw the smile on your face he soon became relaxed again.

“Hey Steve I’d would love to talk to your guys more but I have to be at Stark Industries and if I’m late Happy’s gonna kill me I lost my badge and you know he’s a stickler for stuff like that. You said and Steve nodded moving his hand from Bucky’s shoulder and movimng beside his best frend.

“Here’s your box.” Bucky handed you the box but felt guilty about making you carry both boxes to your car. “I can carry for you if you’d like.” He suggested and you shook your head a smile still on your face.

“No it’s fine I can manage as long as I don’t bump into anyone else and I’d hate to bother you with this I’ll be fine. It was nice to meet you James.” You said and James smiled. Steve watched as his friend smiled for the first time in years.

“It was nice to meet you too Y/N.” Bucky replied and you left for the elevator not before saying goodbye to Steve.

Once you were gone Bucky turned to Steve, “Does she work here?” Bucky asked wanting to know if he would able to see you again.

“She works here most days but if she’s not here she’s at Stark Industries.” Steve replied raising his eyebrows slightly why did Bucky want to know if you worked there?

Bucky nodded a small smile forming on his face again, “Why did you want to know?” Steve asked as the pair began walking to the living quarters of the compound.

“No reason. Bucky replied but Steve saw the way he looked at you and he knew exactly why Bucky wanted to know.

“Oh you like her.” Steve said teasingly making Bucky groan, was it that obvious?

“No I don’t Steve shut up!” Bucky said walking ahead and away from his friend.

“Bucky likes Y/N!” Steve yelled and Bucky was thankful no one was around otherwise he would of died from embarrassment.

This Game Will Never End

Main Characters: Fíli and Kíli x Reader

Summary: Imagine Fili and Kili stealing your clothes when you go to take a bath in a nearby lake
Based on this image: 

Words: 1266


„My swords! Someone has stolen my swords!“

„And my bow is also gone! I cannot find it anywhere!“

Fíli and Kíli were furiously running around the camp to find their precious weapons. They put the arms down together with their belongings at one place but at that time, only the belongings were there. The rest of the company was having a break, because their things didn’t disappear, except for Ori, Bofur and Glóin, who offered themselves to help. Unfortunately even their dwarven eyes didn’t find Fíli’s and Kíli’s weapons.

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First of all I need to thank all of the fans, for being so patient and forgiving. They’ve found a place where we were about to be shooting and waited there for hours to at least have a word or take a picture. And what did I do? I came late and instead of giving them some of my time I could only say “My schedule is very thight, but I’ll be back later to see you”. And they’ve waited three more hours, but forgave me that. It’s really incredible, but makes me feel guilty. (…) I am aware that I shoud feel grateful for the trust I’m given, for all the support and loyalty. The sympathy of my fans really means a lot to me, and that’s why I’m trying to do the best I can. (x)

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asking again with more questions because i think i shoud(?), will gaster be mysteryman because of the headcannon even being not confirmed by toby? which skin is the hardest to unlock? do papyrus still have his underswap skin or you removed it? how long will be the demo? how long will be the ENTIRE game? (with all the echoes and etc), do you fight papyrus in the game? do you fight sans in this game? which tier is the underswap sans skin? which legendary skins will charge sans's voice?

will gaster be mysteryman because of the headcannon even being not confirmed by toby?

I don’t know what to tell you about said canon. UNDERFELL isn’t even canon, this game obviously doesn’t FOLLOW canon.

which skin is the hardest to unlock?

Skins aren’t even 100% confirmed at this stage, they’re mostly just concepts, but it will most likely be Cross.

do papyrus still have his underswap skin or you removed it?

Papyrus does not have unlockable skins.

how long will be the demo?

The demo will (hopefully) last past Toriel and into meeting both Papyrus and Sans in UNDERFELL, so around 20 minutes to possibly an hour if you take your time.

how long will be the ENTIRE game? (with all the echoes and etc),

The entire BASE game (no Echoes) is expected to be around 4 - 10 hours, with future patches (Echoes) being around 30 minutes to an hour each.

do you fight papyrus in the game?

Yes, you can.

do you fight sans in this game?

And yes, you can.

which tier is the underswap sans skin?

Nothing is confirmed on skin tiers, just talk.

which legendary skins will charge sans’s voice?

Likely skins such as @nextale‘s Sans and @jakei95‘s Cross Sans if the concept is to be implemented.

Regarding U-KISS again...

I’m sorry, but I feel like I have to speak and relieve all I’m feeling right now. Maybe this will be a confusing post because I’m really tired and sleepy now, but oh well.

I’ve been reading many comments (few here at tumblr, more at other websites, especially the ones from my country) about how people hated U-KISS’ latest PV, Action, just because it’s a cute concept. Some people have been criticizing them for reasons that it makes me think how fucked up this world turned to be. And I’m saying this not for only U-KISS, but other artists too. People are never satisfied. Fucking NEVER. If you don’t like something, just shut the fuck up. Do you like when others only talk shit about a work you love so much to do? If an American singer or a Korean singer shakes her butt, she will be called a slut. If an artist changes his style because he feels more comfortable working in a different way, he is criticized for changing. 

You know… They aren’t obligated to please anyone. Fans are important? Of course. But just because the musical industry sees them as their money maker. So they control their artists to only do what will bring more profit to their agencies. But the artist itself… Usually they just want to sing. If it’s something they love to do, something they have dreamed all their lives to do, they will only want that. 

Now, about U-KISS… I don’t think that they are just throwing anything at our faces. They are working. They are working until exhaustion to continue doing what they like. If not, they wouldn’t apologize every fucking time thinking they aren’t enough. If they keep changing their concepts, perhaps it’s because they are still looking for one which will help them more? You say they need to do something like Neverland again. But hey, they didn’t win with Neverland. They even tried different things like hiphop (She’s Mine), R&B (Stop Girl), a sexy concept (Quit Playing) and now a cute one (Action). The concepts changed, the number of victories… not. All of them are good music, and still… You know, sometimes I feel like they’ve become mature enough to don’t care anymore about awards, but seeing how desperate some KissMes are, they shoud feel like they still need to get one. 

If you like them, if you’re a true fan, don’t turn your back just because they did something different that you don’t like it. They are… singing. As they love to do. If you don’t like… Well, maybe the members like and makes them happy. Can’t you be happy, then? People who talk shit only hurt the artists they like and the fans who like what they do no matter what. 

If you want to unfollow me, go ahead. I just wanted to write something since I’m so tired of all those hateful comments out there…

On Kol's Death

I just can’t understand why Julie and the writers would spend this time reviving Kol, redeeming him, giving him a beautiful love story, only to kill him off in 14 episodes. In my opinion, Kol is one of the most interesting characters, if not the most interesting character in The Originals. In all honesty, I feel almost like I’ve wasted my time. I got so invested in him and loved him dearly and now he’s just supposed to be gone? I can’t remember the last time that I legitimately cried actually tears for a character’s death.

However, I do have the smallest inkling of hope. I know that Rebekah and Kol made promises to each other and they didn’t go through with them, but Rebekah’s vow during his death scene gives me hope. Obviously a vow is much bigger than a promise. It could just be me trying to hang onto shreds of hope for Kol but I really feel like Rebekah will try to come through with bringing him back (hopefully with the help of Davina).

 Regarding Davina and Kol’s relationship, I don’t get what Julie was trying to do. Was she trying to get Davina to open up again only to crush her spirit once more? Is this how Julie plans on making Davina stronger? With the death of another boy she cared for? If so, then I’m calling bs. That is definitely not a good enough reason to destroy Davina and Kol. 

In the end, Daniel Sharman’s portrayal of Kol was absolutely great. I will definitely miss seeing him as Kol/Kaleb. But if the writers do bring Kol back (which they totally shoud) in another body, I don’t think I will mind too much (as long as the actor plays him to the same level as Daniel and Nate). As much as we love Daniel and Nate, we all miss the character Kol, and I’m sure we would be happy to get him back in another body if that means he can live. 

Having Kol back could mean a beginning to a new era of the Mikaelson siblings, one with Elijah, Klaus, Rebekah, AND Kol. Not to mention I would love to see Kol come back and be the one to defeat Finn, but I won’t get my hopes up. 

Thanks for reading my ridiculously long rant because I am definitely not ready to say goodbye to Kol