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Alright, so I’m sure plenty of people have made their own analysis for the esper kids’ auras but I just dug up some notes I had of my own and I guess this is me putting them together in a structured post. I mainly focus on shape and color theory so…here’s what I’ve got. 


  • Consists of rotating, reflective circles which can symbolize:
    • protection/safety 
    • defense
    • unity/stability
  • Colors are mainly purple, blue, and pink
    • Purple: soothing, mysterious
    • Blue: security, calm, integrity, trustworthiness
    • Pink: sensitive, soft, and sweet  
  • When he’s in ???% the aura features the whole spectrum of colors
    • This could possibly show that a wider range of emotions has unleashed


  • Ritsu’s aura always reminds me of broken glass, crumpled up tin foil or crushed ice 
    • sharp 
    • nervous and intense 
    • on guard/ready to attack
  • Colors are blue-green, indigo, and purple
    • Blue-green: practical, envious
    • Indigo: cold; represents wisdom and self-realization
    • Purple: ambitious, moody, mysterious 


  • Curved lines moving almost like oil or lava 
    • Constantly moving 
    • Changing/adapting 
    • The flowing nature could represent flexibility or gracefulness 
  • Aura is yellow, green, and orange
    • Yellow: energetic, confidence but also cowardice 
    • Green: growth, learning, and independence
    • Orange: willpower, vitality, and emotional 


  • Shou’s aura consists of growing and reforming hexagonal shapes, which remind me of looking at cells under a microscope 
    • Shows strength in connections
    • Growing but also restricting 
    • Going with the flow
  • Colors are oranges, yellow, and pink
    • Orange: friendly, impulsive, brave
    • Yellow: spontaneous, youthful, optimistic 
    • Pink: sincerity, passionate, fun 

Happy Birthday to Mob!! You’ve made a lot of friends this year, here’s to another good one!! :DDD

mob psycho 100/ hp au - STUDENTS

teru: half-blood, naturally gifted in learning spells. before going to hogwarts, he thought he was incontestably the most powerful young wizard. mob proved him wrong. became friends with mob right before the end of their 1st year. on his way to become the head boy of ravenclaw.

mob: son of a squib and a muggle, his magic is very powerful but unstable. reigen, the potion master, helps him gain control of his powers. very good at dealing with magical creatures. has a liking for herbology. he was sorted in hufflepuff and loves every minute spent in his house.

ritsu: before he received his letter to go to hogwarts, everyone thought he was a squib. he’s heard what people say about slytherins and he’s afraid of becoming a bad wizard because of it, so he’s made a point to being the best of his class. this is his first year at hogwarts.

shou: son of rumoured (but not convicted) dark wizard and pureblood supremacist toichiro suzuki, he’s expected to carry on his legacy when the time comes. he was hoping to be sorted in slytherin, just like his father, but he ended up in gryffindor anyway. just like ritsu, this is his first year.