shou nen ai



Hello guys! ;;v;; 

Long time no see, and now I open commission. This is my first commission in usd, so I hope my price is suitable for you all. ;; v ;;

The problem is I need at least 50$-or 60$ before 26th September, because I had to buy some stuffs from my friend, but my paypal account only had 5$ in it. ;;

So, I open this commission. ;; I hope all of you wanna participate in helping me by commissioning me :”) 

This commission will be closed if I already get the goal amount of usd that I need!

The payment will be done in paypal only.



- Please fill the form that I provided to you.

- After you fill the form, please send me the form and your character references by e-mail.

- After I received your e-mail and approve your form, please send me the payment first.

- After I received your payment, I will be working on your commission. 

- I will send you the sketch of your commission first. 

- If you approve the sketch, I will proceed to finish your commission. (max. sketch revision is 2 times)

- No refund once I already working on your commission please. :’)

- I will send the finished version of your commission with e-mail back to you.




Type of commission: chibi commission/headshot commission/bust-up commission/sketch commission

Character(s): Single/Couple

Special request: (e.x: please draw my oc with sexy smirk, please draw my oc with innocent face, etc)

Send the form to



  • Human / Half-Human (only mermaid, satyr)
  • Kemonomimi (animal-eared + tailed character)
  • Anthro that most-likely a human
  • Gijinka / Humanized
  • Fanart & OC
  • Hetero, Shou(nen/jou)-Ai, Yaoi/Yuri
  • OC/OC, Canon/OC, Canon/Canon, crossover pairing
  • Simple BG


  • Total Anthro
  • Mecha
  • Armor & Weapon
  • R-18 (I might open R-18 commission in the future, but not now :’) )
  • Old People
  • Detailed BG
  • Feral/Furry
  • Animals/Monsters/MLP/Canine/Feline/Pokemon/Digimon/Beast/Non-humanoid

“Friday summer night…”

Alice: *gets wasted while watching tv*

Ruka baby, smile to the camera. Okay 1, 2, 3–

Ruka: *smiles*


(omg ruka is soo cuuuute ajshdkjahsjdasd <3)

Shou: And then she said– 

Reiner; Yeah, and Im like–

Shou & Reiner: HAHAHAHA!!

I think I’m getting the hang of editing in photoshop and stuffs. god i’m really having fun doing this shoots, they’re just too cute gathered up like this. Ren’s not present in the photo set because she’s the one taking the photos XD. and also– RUKA IS SO ADORBS OMG I KENAT JGSJHAGS MY INNER SHOTACON IS AWAKENING

I have no idea what  Reiner and Shou is talking about XD