shou kun

  • Shou: hey hanazaaaawaaaaa-kuuun
  • Teruki: oh my... what is it, suzuki-kun?
  • Shou: my Kageyama is better than yours
  • Teruki: he's... okay, for the last time, he isn't my kageyama, i don't own him--
  • Shou: well, since your kageyama has a stupid bowlcut, Richan is already objectively better.
  • Teruki, rolling up his sleeves: what the fuck did you just say about him?
Okay but imagine

-shou hearing hanazawa call ritsu ‘little brother kun’

-shou then calling shigeo big brother kun but realizing how weird it sounds and getting embarassed half way

-shigeo knows that shou gets a bit lonely, his mother is gone his dad is in jail(?) does he even have friends aside from ritsu (he hears these things )

-shigeo going all big brother mode on shou
’ you can call me big brother kun’

-shou is now thoroughly embarassed no wait thats not what I-nope hes being hugged, officially adopted. This is horrible but its kinda nice so he lets it alide he guesses.

-hanazawa also jumps in you can call me 'honourable elder brother kun’

-shou : “not even with my dying breath”


Now they’re finally on true first name bases! \o/

For those who are unfamiliar with Japanese honorifics, calling someone by their first name without “-san” or any other polite honorifics is usually only done with people who are close friends. Shou here went a step further, and instead of calling Chibi Usa “Usagi”, he’s calling her by the abbreviated version of her given name, which arguably is more personal and intimate though telling her he thinks she’s beautiful probably also gave away his feelings about her. ;) As for why Chibi Usa didn’t decide to call Shou “Shou-chan” or “Shou-kun”, it really came down to what sounded best to my ears, and so I decided to have Chibi Usa call Shou just by his given name without modification.