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(headcanon) As a person with a shamefully thick southern accent myself, I find it that the later it gets at night, the worse my accent gets. So its fun to think of a situation where the more tired or delirious Jesse gets, the more southern terminology and shit he uses to the point where he hardly makes sense.

Bless his heart.

I already see people making connections between the stranger in the weblum and Lotor however??

I’m struggling to believe they are the same person because of the appearance of the spacecraft. This person, whoever they are, has been stuck inside this weblum for A WHILE judging by the vine-like growths hugging their ship to the creature.

Haggar seemed to call on Lotor like he was?? readily available?? I feel like there would have been talk of a missing prince, you know, EMPEROR ZARKON’S SON, but that’s just my opinion. Maybe it is Lotor and nobody really keeps dibs on him, idk. This is just my reasoning on why I think the Galra in the weblum might be a entirely different character.

so i wrote this in the youtube comments but i also wanted to put it here

so this is just my interpretation, but we first see tyler being driven in the car looking uncomfortable and slightly scared but not actively trying to escape. we later see the hooded figure driving, i think that must be blurryface. the car could represent tyler’s mind or tyler’s life but either way it’s obvious that blurryface is in control. blurryface is wearing his seatbelt, tyler is not. i don’t really know what that represents but perhaps that blurryface is comfortable and wants to remain where he is and tyler doesn’t. however, even though tyler looks scared he doesn’t leave which reminds me of glowing eyes “do i want to say goodbye to all the glowing eyes, i’m holding onto what i know”, people have speculated that ‘glowing eyes’ are tyler interpretation of depression, similar to blurryface’s glowing red eyes. as the music video goes on, the car starts to fall apart, and blurryface disappears, as the car breaks more, tyler stands up, this could be him asserting himself, and he leaves the car to join josh, perhaps symbolising that he’s strong with josh. also, the car explodes which reminded me of “sometimes to stay alive you gotta kill your mind”
however, the video ends with tyler back in the car being driven around again, presumably by blurryface, this could be saying that even when tyler thinks he’s defeated blurryface, he still manages to come back. sorry this is so long and rambly but i hope this opens up discussion |-/

​ edit: (21/3/17) i just realised that the first lyrics to holding onto you apply massively to the music video, ‘i’m taking over my body, no more shotty’, shotty referring to riding shotgun, and not being in control of a car… or a body, or a mind, or a life

Runaway Snakes

Her ankles were sore and she was covered in a thin layer of dust , her skintight jeans were looser than they had been but she figured that was to be expected considering she hadn’t eaten a full meal in about two weeks. The road she was currently on seemed to go on for hours and there wasn’t a car in sight, like the last year of Betty Coopers life the beautiful blonde teenager was completely on her own, just her and the road. But.. she was so tired, so tired of hiding, of late nights sleeping in bus stations, 18 hour shifts at diners just to pay for the shotty motels in the dirty cities she kept company.

She was so tired of running.

Betty Cooper was sixteen years old, ”just a kid”, were the disappointed words uttered in her direction every time the run down, dirty blonde would beg for a waitress job or sign in at a motel, a black backpack holding all of her possessions. She was a fighter, small and stealthy, able to hide in the smallest places, a sense of “fight or flight” earned by years of abuse at the hands of multiple foster families. Her life had been..tough, but she was grateful, she was proud. She had survived, she was here and that had to mean something, it meant everything.

There was a low rumble coming from behind her, growing increasingly louder as she squinted, the sun beating down on her back. It was almost instinct for her thumb to stick out, hitch hiking came with the whole runaway thing, it was dangerous and there had been some.. not quite standup men who had offered her a ride but her body could only take so much more walking. Suddenly she was pushed back, Motorcycles, a gang, raced past her, her long blonde hair flying back as she tried desperately to make one of them stop, just a ride, not too far.

But no one stopped, they just kept riding, at least that what she thought as she watched helplessly, a disappointed huff leaving her lips. “whatever” she whispered, picking her backpack off the ground and hiking it over her shoulder.

“where ya headed?”

tThe low rumble of the unfamiliar voice had her whipping around, eyes widening at the bearded man seated on his Harley, a smile on his face as he stared at Betty expectantly.

“Oh! I’m so sorry I didn’t know you had stopped.” Betty apologized, remembering her manners instantly “ anywhere would be great, I’m just not sure where this road ends and Id love to get to a town before dark.”

The man stood from his bike

“ you do this a lot?” he questioned.

Betty cheeks flamed scarlet at the mans knowing eyes.

“ I…You could say that.” she answered, eyes looking anywhere but his.

“God, you’ve gotta be..what? fifteen?” he came to stand directly across from her, hands buried in his leather jacket, an intimidating snake tail curling over his shoulder, Southside Serpents written on the back.

“ I’m sixteen.” her eyes snapped back to the older mans, an undeniable fire sparking through her deep green eyes, she wasn’t going to let anyone mock her, make her feel small.

The bearded man smirked, enjoying the fire in her eyes

“I’ve got a boy your age. My son.. he reminds me a lot of you actually.”

Betty ran her fingers through her blonde curls, any talk of family always made her uncomfortable.

“ oh, I umm.. anyway about that ride? it doesn’t have to be far, maybe just a couple miles, I can rest my feet. my name is Betty by the way” she offered

“Fp Jones.” he pulled a helmet  out of the bag on the side of his bike. “ you can come home with me..” he started

Betty stepped back, her eyes searching frantically, fingers coming to grip the hunting knife in the side pocket of her backpack.

Fp noticed the fear racing through Bettys body, he quickly shook his head.

“ No!.. god no! I didn’t mean it like that, I’m sorry, I just meant.. listen one of our trailers is open, we had one of our own run off with a Ghoulie, she’s not welcomed back and we’ve been looking for someone to fill the trailer. you can stay there for a bit.” 

Bettys eyes widened again

“ I could never, how would I pay you? I don’t have work papers, I .. I have my license but.. its..” Betty scrambled, fingers clutching the shiny black helmet in her fingers.

Fp shook his head, getting  on the Harley and patting the space behind him

“We’ll figure it out later, now hop on If I let those guys get too ahead of me lord knows the trouble they’d get in.”

Without a second of hesitation Betty was wrapping her arms around the grown man with the heart of gold. The ride was short, not even thirty minutes when they pulled up to the trailer park “Sunnyside”.

Betty stepped off of the bike, her eyes falling to Fp who seemed to be waiting for her reaction

“Sunnyside? how… appropriate?” she smiled, dimples peeking through the dust and dirt coating her cheeks.

Fp chuckled, a deep belly laugh as the two scanned the dark and dingy trailer park.

“She aint much” he replied

Betty placed a hand to his forearm

“Its perfect.” she whispered, eyes burning into the older mans.

“A good place to hide” He smiled softly, his voice filled with understanding.

“Yeah, a good place to hide.” she answered back, voice far away.

Fp took her to her trailer and apologized for the mess, apparently the woman before had been a pig, it was nothing Betty couldn’t handle and the clothes that she had left seemed to be Bettys size if not a little big.”

“you oughta come down to the Whyte Worm once you’re all settled, meet some people, get a decent meal in ya, you’re too damn small girl, I mean you..” his words were cut off when a pair of slender arms wrapped around his waist, dirty blonde hair pressing against his chest

“thank you Fp.” she whispered.

The gang member smiled softly. patting the girls head affectionately.

“anytime kid.” and then he was gone, leaving Betty alone in the brand new trailer. a space of her own, a place she could sleep without fear of someone banging on her door to let them in , “they just wanted a taste of the pretty blonde”, No foster fathers using her as a punching bag, and no police to lie to, just a bed and four walls. it was perfect.

After an hour long shower, Betty found herself in front of a vanity mirror, her hair clean and loose fell around her shoulders as the soft blue tank top and army green skirt felt like melted cotton her skin. Betty wasn’t really one for makeup but the brand new Ruby Red Lipstick sitting on the corner of the desk called for her, if this was going to be her new life , at least for now, why couldn’t she be someone different, someone new?


“Where were you?! everyone else got back at least twenty minutes before you, God dad, with the Ghoulies out for blood you cant just be disappearing like that.” Jughead Jones stared angrily at his father, Combat boot tapping impatiently on the floor of the bar, arms crossed making his leather jacket stretch the material tight against the  sixteen year olds biceps. “Well? I’m waiting where were you?” he questioned again.

Fp couldn’t keep the smile off of his face as he watched his son scold him like a mother, he rested a heavy hand on the young serpents shoulder

“ I had to pick something up.” He grinned, wiggling his eyebrows teasingly, watching his son get riled up was his favorite past time.

“what?! pick up what? Dad!” Jughead called after the man who was currently sliding behind the bar.

Jughead Jones was essentially Serpent Royalty, the younger Serpents looked up to him , he was their faithful leader, a deep set mystery to the boy that had everyone trying to figure him out. He was fearless and angry but smart and fierce, traits he had gained from his father. The sadness he carried on his shoulders spoke of loss and pain, insecurity and darkness. He was handsome, dangerously so and yet  he was always on his own, the girls followed him around but he showed no interest, he was focused on the Serpents on carrying his fathers legacy. plus.. he was too damaged, too much baggage.

“Turn around, you’ll see what I picked up.” his father winked, shouting over the ruckus of the bar.

It was almost like slow motion as Jughead turned around, he saw her instantly, the dim light of the bar like a halo above her. She was beautiful, a vision of honey blonde hair and long tan legs, her lips painted Cherry red and her eyes the deepest shade of meadow green. she was beautiful, the way she walked through the bar  dodging and gliding past the rowdy drunks and angry females glaring her way, he had never seen someone like her, never seen the fierce determination in someone’s eyes, never seen the matching sorrow buried deep behind a nervous smile. It was like looking in a mirror, his heart stirred, a heavy sharp throbbing,  one he’d never felt before.


she was heading right towards him.

“oh shit” he mumbled

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