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It Was the Chicken

Requested by @a-deliciouslyfadingcollection:  Can I request another Winn Schott Jr. x reader? Where the reader got up at like three in the morning throwing up and it turns out she has food poisoning? I would really appreciate it.

Pairing(s): Winn Schott Jr. x Reader

Author’s Note:  You have the best requests!  Ugh!  I’ve had so much fun writing everything you’ve requested so far!  And now I have all of the Winn feels!!!  I hope you enjoy this!

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    You wake up with a terrible feeling in your gut and a groan.  You turn your head to the nightstand to see what time it is: 3:00 AM.  You groan again, and silently get up and run to the bathroom as the awful feeling resurfaces.  You make it to the toilet just in time to empty your stomach of everything you had eaten earlier in the day.  You’re about to vomit again when you feel someone - Winn - beginning to pull your hair back.

    “Are you alright?”  Winn asks.

    You look behind you to see him with a very concerned look on his face.  You shake your head pitifully as you fall back into him with a frown.  “I feel like shit.”

    Winn places a kiss to the top of your head before resting his chin in the place his lips had been momentarily.  “I’m sorry,” he says sympathetically before you wrench forward and vomit into the toilet again.

    “Was it something I ate?”  You ask, racking your brain for what you hat eaten that could have upset your stomach.

    “Maybe,” Winn replies.  “Did you eat anything today that I didn’t?”  And that’s when it came to you; the chicken.  You groan and Winn gives you a questioning slash concerned look.

    “I went out with Kara and Alex today, remember?  I had chicken that had some kind of weird sauce on it; I thought it tasted weird!”

    Winn chuckles, “Well, there was definitely something weird about it.  You good now?”

    You nod, “Yeah, I think so, but I still don’t feel good?”

    “Is there anything I can do to help?”

    “Get me puke-bowl and cuddle with me in bed?”

    “I can do that,” Winn says, pressing a soft kiss to the top of your head.

    “I love you.”

    “I love you, too.”

Arrow/supergirl cross-over
  • Please tell me, I'm not the only one who wants a crossover between these shows?? I want to see Kara & Oliver bonding,actually becoming good friends, understanding each other's different pov.
  • I would love to see Winn,Felicity and Curtis geeking out.
  • Dinah training with Kara and beating her with her canary cry.
  • Mon el just being his awesome self and loving everything about other earth and trying to learn everything about this earth's customs.
  • Diggle, Alex bonding over being the older siblings looking after their younger superhero siblings and worrying about them
  • Diggle & J'onn also interacting about always being the sound of reason/the rock of the team, then diggle surprised to learn that J'onn is a Martian then he transforms and diggle is like 😳.
  • Kara learning things from Oliver and vise-versa.
  • Oliver, Kara and their teams teaming up on a mission.
  • Thea & Kara boding over having overprotective older siblings
  • Rene being feed-up with all the Aline's but then starts to like them
  • Kara vs. Oliver who would win!!!(of course kryptonaite is there to make an equal fight)
  • cute karamel moments.

It’s Austria’s birthday!! And that means shenanigans in our RP ring. 

Prussia and Spain have prepared a little surprise for their mutual boyfriend. They might not have thought it all the way through, but he loves them very much so he’s probably gonna appreciate it anyway. Probably. 

[ Austria: @donausoblau, Prussia: @berlinkoenig, Spain: @comoelcaudaldelebro (me) || Scriptorium ring ]

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Uzun FF verir misin?

Vereyim taam ama bu son
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Hep kısa ff veriyosun üşenmeden uzuuuncaa bir ff lütfen

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al sana erteleyip durduğum uzun ve mükemmel ff bir daha asla böyle uzun vermem haberiniz olsun fmblşdfmaöhlşfghdh

FIC REC’S OF 2017 part 4 (march-april)

Perfect Storm by cherrystreet (80k) CHAPTERED 

What do you do when your best friend asks you and your (now) ex to be the best men at his destination wedding? You can either tell him the truth, tell him you’re not together anymore, and deal with the consequences, or you can pretend you’re still together and roll with it, just pray you don’t spiral. Fake it ‘til you make it. You know, for the sake of the wedding.

Harry and Louis choose the latter.   FAKE/PRETEND RELATIONSHIP WITH A TWIST

You Always Seem To Bring Me Light by sinisterist (18k) CHAPTERED

He jumps when he feels a hand stroking his hair lightly. “I love it like this,” Louis murmurs, reaching to tug a wayward curl.

“Love what like this?”

“Your hair.” Louis’ touch is hesitant, almost reverent, all trace of humour gone now. “When it’s still kind of damp but the ends are dry and curl up like corkscrews. It’s supposed to look gross but it doesn’t.” He pauses before continuing quietly. “Your curls are so lovely.”

Harry swallows. Louis is a hurricane, and amidst his whirlwind of emotions, he slowly says; deliberately says, “So are you.”

In a world where YouTuber baker Harry pines for the (inconveniently taken) Louis. In other words, another YouTuber AU.

Emperor’s New Clothes by sunsetmog (92k) CHAPTERED

The fact that Louis’s most precious belonging was a cat with a face like thunder and an uncanny ability to cover every single inch of Louis’s clothing with cat hair was something that Louis chose not to think about too much.

or: Harry’s a pop star and Louis isn’t, and there’s a non-disclosure agreement where there used to be a relationship. SECRET RELATIONSHIP

Keep reading

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Her biri teker teker güzel bloglar seveceksin, emin ol 💕

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Uzun bi ff rica etsem ?

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Just watched the new Supergirl episode. Cried a lot. Jack and Lena deserved better. I mean. I was shipping it! I want Kara and “Mike” to make her watch movies and grieve properly. Lena IS a Luthor. I still have hope for good!Lena to be endgame but I don’t think it’s gonna last.
Anyway all the people who says that what Lyra did was the same as Mon-el, take a sit and let me explain how Winn and Kara didn’t react the same way and how they perceived differently a fight with their partner.
Winn was AFRAID in that moment. And I’m not accusing Lyra. She is not human and all this shit helped James become a better friend. He is lacking in that department so I was glad he actually admitted it and worked on it. Hope it lasts.

I need more SuperCorp friendship in my life and I know it’s not going to happen but I want Lena to be friend with Mon-el. He cares about all the people Kara cares about e he was worried about Lena leaving a message about her going out with her ex.

He was ADORABLE when he planned the creepy journalism stage 2 part of the plan on the spot.

Snapper and Kara made me cry. Again. I cried a lot. Told you. And Kara, darling, let Mon-el do the cooking.

Hands up for my baby Mon-el reading Harry Potter. ♡