shots of jim beam

dean/cas fic: nothing else matters (1.2k)

nothing else matters; 1.2k, coda for 13x01, dean is a sad bean


“We lost everything,” Dean snarls. His pulse is thundering underneath his jaw. “And now you’re gonna bring him back. You’re gonna bring back Cas, you’re gonna bring back Mom, you’re gonna bring ‘em all back – all of 'em. Even Crowley.

”'Cause after everything you’ve done… you owe us, you sonofabitch. So you get your ass down here, and you make this right. Right here. Right now.“

Dean sucks in a breath. He pauses for a second, but nothing happens – no thunderbolt, no flash of light, no voice in the distance. Swallowing hard, he glances at the sky, then turns and looks out across the lake. The water is pale blue and rippling softly. Dean sucks in another breath, and another. The stench from the restaurant’s dumpster crowds into his nose - rotting food and grease.

He slams his fist into the smiling pirate cut-out on the wall, again and again and again – until his knuckles split open and the wood splinters and snaps in half. He hurls the pieces over his shoulder and chokes down a thick, desperate noise. He wants – fuck. Fuck.


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The Truth Behind His Blue Eyes

[A TJ Hammond and male reader story.]

Characters & plot: TJ Hammond, Y/n Skylar (reader), ex boyfriends, breakups, sad reader, hopeful TJ, troublesome teen years

Words: 1630+

Warnings: males making out, language, angst, drunkenness

(images are not mine)

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TJ glanced around the club. He was in his element and felt good. It had been two years and two months since his accidental overdose and he had been clean (from drugs) but was now allowed to drink alcohol and was now sipping a beer. He looked up and saw you strut into the club. “Damn.” He couldn’t form any thoughts other than you looked like someone he hoped played for his ‘team’…

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Please, don’t || Gallavich

Ian sat at the bar of Mickey and Svetlana’s wedding - he’d been here since late morning, having helped Mandy set up chairs for the guests who had since arrived and started drinking heavily. He’d simply joined in with the ‘festivities’. Draining the last of his drink and asking for another, slipping off his stool, having to grab a hold of the bar to stay on his feet. 

The redhead took his shot of Jim Beam from the bartender, stumbling off to find Mickey now he’d finally worked up the liquid courage to do so, he needed to stop this. He couldn’t let the man he loved marry the rapist his father paid to fuck him straight, no way in hell was that going to happen.

Finding his way out back, Ian took a deep breath to calm his nerves then made his presence known to the other male, storming over to him with is arms spread wide, “You call me a punk for wanting a boyfriend or whatever, But you’re gonna marry someone who screws guys for a living?” He demanded, jabbing the older male square in the chest when he reached him. They hadn’t seen each other for weeks after the shorter male had suddenly stopped coming to crash at the Gallagher house, aside from their disagreement at the abandoned building when Ian had finally heard the news from Mandy.


I’m a feral girl with razor blades for teeth reeking of stale cotton candy and disease. I tie angels to my bed and clip their wings, suck on their halos til they bleed. Wearing princess crowns while smoking weed, stabbing men with my car keys. Blowing kisses to the garbage man, taking shots of Jim Beam at 10 in the morning.  I’ll be the biggest scar on your wrist, I’m a suicidal bitch. I slit the throats of men and leave them in a ditch. I have gold on my teeth and a hole in my head. I have piss colored bruises and I wish I were dead. 

Season 2 finale summary
  • Harvey: glad you're back jimboroonie what happened anyways
  • Jim 2.0: hOLY FUCK shit hARVey it was balling there hot DAMN
  • Harvey: ... ok jim
  • ...
  • Ed: hello naughty children let's play a game
  • Bruce: ???????
  • Lucius: Nani the fuck???
  • Ed: Incorrect *gases both of them*
  • ...
  • Hugo: ha you're a guilty man
  • Jim: wtf is with this camera focussing am I have a stroke???? oh yeah it was all my fault I suck
  • Hugo: damn straight boi
  • ...
  • Fish: I wanna go
  • Ms. P: no
  • Fish: pls????
  • Ms. P: no just lemme stick this needle in your arm
  • Fish: *touches Ms. P* Nah we cool remember?
  • Ms. P: oh yeah
  • Hugo: oh fuck
  • Owl Lady: um Hugo wtf??
  • ...
  • Frieze: I'm having catsicles tonight
  • Selina: oh shit
  • Firefly: it's ok I got u
  • Hugo: NO I TOLD YOU NOT TO CROSS THE BEAMS- *gets shot x2*
  • ...
  • Jim: Hey Lucius u know how to deactivate a bomb
  • Lucius: no
  • Jim: fuck
  • Ms. P: *wakes up* please im so thirsty,, water please
  • Jim: *deactivates bomb with water*
  • Ms. P: water...?
  • Jim: shut up we're celebrating
  • ...
  • Fish: *crashes bus*
  • Ozzy: hugo~ theo got an umbrella down his throat, but guess where your's is going!
  • Fish: surprise bitch
  • Ozzy: HOLY TITS- *faints*
  • Butch: shit fam we gotta skidaddle
  • ...
  • Harvey: hey jim ur alive yay
  • Jim: love you too dude btw I'm taking your car
  • Harvey: shit I was so wor- WAIT NO. JIM
  • ...
  • Bruce clone: Are you ready for Not Brucey?
Live Fast, Die Young: Harper Lee Found Dead in NY Apartment of a Cocaine Overdose

The acclaimed author of Go Set a Watchman was found dead this morning in her New York apartment of an apparent cocaine overdose. Lee was said to have been out on the town with Pretty Ricky and Andrew Dice Clay earlier in the week, before throwing a bash this past Thursday evening.

An unnamed source reported Lee to be acting reckless at the event, stating she’d taken 13 shots of Jim Beam whiskey off of a pair of stripper’s titties.

Lee was 89 years old.

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