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Entanglement: Part 2

Entanglement: Part 2 

Paring: Namjoon x Jin x you

Word Count: 8.6k

genre/warning: smut, dirty talk, double penetration, dom!Jin, dom!Namjoon

Parts: one 

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Because @artsyfalafel and I had a conversation, and this came out of it. 

“-and the daguino was COMPLETELY overcooked!” the old man at the table next to them spat, his saliva literally landing on the alien servers face. “I DEMAND a refund!”

The server nodded hastily, eyes wide, and rushed off to the kitchen area, leaving the man to grumble to his wife about using the restroom.

Lance popped up from his seat with a bright smile on his face, dropping his napkin next to Keith and clapping his hands together. “Be right back, guys. Gotta use the little paladin’s room.”

“Just go to the bathroom, Lance,” Shiro muttered, not even looking up from his menu.

Lance shot the table a set of finger guns and darted out of sight, towards the back of the restaurant that Coran had told the paladins about. “Anyone else think that old guy was being totally unreasonable?” Keith grumbled, glancing at the table next to them and wrinkling his nose.

Pidge grinned and glanced down at her menu, eyes sparkling mischievously. “Oh yeah. Total asshat.”

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never to your girl, pt. 5

i know i already posted today but i had finished pt. 4 a few days ago and finished this earlier today and i’ve had two margaritas and i’m just really excited for the next part after this so here we go. 

part 1 / part 2 / part 3 / part 4

words: 3497

warnings: swearing / angst / other stuff

tags:  @ivarsvalkyrie @ivarthefuckboy @blonde-valkyrie @tinymoonshine@kristabec @readsalot73 @daddysbabyboobear

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On the House*

Genre: Fan Fiction (Vikings)
Pairing: Hvitserk/Reader
Warnings: N/A
Rating: G
Length: Drabble
Disclaimer: a strict work of fiction, I own nothing except the original characters and the plot line. In no way am I affiliated to any of it.  

A/N: Modern!Hvitserk because I was bored this morning, while waiting for coffee to brew. So, you know. Why not? Plus, who wouldn’t want this face lingering at their table? 

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Blood Money BTS | part 4

Pairing: unknown

part 1 | part 2 | part 3 | part 4 (part 5 next Wednesday 9:00 central timezone)

Originally posted by tearsavi

Opening the door to your apartment with the spare key you walked into a kitchen that still had a cup of water on the table. Magazines were on the counter and you saw your flowers still on a shelf with your worn books. Smiling you walked into your room, turning on the string lights that were strung up all around. Your eyes were met with the sparkling lights, Polaroid pictures of you and your friends, of places were immediately illuminated. Your desk still held your computer and you could still see some clothes around the floor. A knocking on your door surprised you, what surprised you more was that it was Irene.

“Where have you been girl?!” she says, walking in, “I came by a couple of days ago and there was no answer! I haven’t seen you since that nightclub shooting I thought you were dead. But the police never reported a dead girl your age. I was so worried y’know!” she scolded.

“I know sorry,” you smiled sheepishly, “I was super busy I had a shift to catch at the hospital then I met up with my brother and spent some time with him for awhile.” you lied, but not completely. You did meet up with your brother, just not in the context she was thinking.

“But you never answered my texts or calls!” she pouted, you just laughed thinking of a quick response.

“Sorry! My phone broke, remember the shooting?” you said, it was amazing how easily you could lie.

“Oh, do you wanna get another one?” she paused, “we can go out today!”

“Sorry! I have another shift to catch in five and a half hours, I just wanna chill at home you can come in though!” you stepped back to let her in. Closing the door behind her you went to make a pot of coffee. Soon the aroma filled the house and you poured yourself and her a cup.

“So, how was it with your brother back in Daegu?” Irene asked, “Did his hot friends show up?”

“Irene!” you scolded lightly slapping her shoulder, she just giggled, “You have a boyfriend mind you!”

“I know but that doesn’t mean I still can’t look at the menu!” she shot back, you just rolled your eyes before setting your coffee down. “I’m gonna take a shower.” you called before entering the bathroom.

“Okay!” she said before setting her cup of coffee down. Sighing you got into the shower wishing the water could wash away your worries. Little did you know that your best friend wasn’t well, such a good friend. “Sorry y/n.” Irene murmured before quickly walking into your room to your laptop. Fingers hitting the key she pulled up your brothers name, looking at him she nodded to herself. Looking around she couldn’t see that brown leather journal you wrote in though, “Damn it y/n.” she muttered, sighing she looked in your closet, all of your clothes were gone except for a couple of garments strewn around your room. “Look’s like you did more than visit your brother.” she murmured before taking pictures on her phone. “It looks like you’ve moved out, I wonder where you’re staying.”

“What are you doing?” you asked opening the door to reveal your friend taking pictures of your room.

“O-oh, sorry I was going to redo my room and was taking some ideas.” she laughed nervously, you narrowed your eyes before shrugging it off.

“Whateve’s, It’s time for you to go anyways.” you said smiling and leading her out of your apartment. “Byeee!” you said before shutting her out.

“Bye!” Irene said faking enthusiasm before turning away to swipe at the suspicious pictures she took. “Mark’s not going to be happy about this…” she murmured unaware that you were watching her from the peep hole.

“Who’s Mark?” you whispered before sighing and getting ready to take your shift at the hospital.

“Hey y/n!” Yugyeom said as you entered the hospital,

“Hey Yeomie!” you said cheerfully, “how are you?”

“I’m great it’s you i’m worried about.” he said furrowing his eyebrows.

“Why?” You asked,

“You’ve looked really tired these past few days….” he trailed off

“Well yeah, I intern here and get like no sleep of course i’m gonna look tired Yugyeomie.” you pointed out before the head of your group called you over to get working. “Bye!”

“Hey! Seokjin,” Namjoon called over, “come here I have something!”

“What?” Jin asked walking to where Namjoon stood in the parking lot.

“Look,” Hoseok pointed to a tall man with brown hair wearing an expensive looking business suit. “That’s gonna be our next target.”

“Him?” he asked, they just nodded. “How are we gonna get him?”

“That’s Taehyung’s job with the rookie, apparently our friend here likes fresh meat every couple of nights.” Namjoon muttured,

“You don’t mean….” Jin started, they all just nodded. “No, no we’re not getting my sister to seduce and sleep with him Namjoon what if something goes wrong?”

“It won’t, she won’t even sleep with him all she has to do is lead him away from the bar in a couple of days Taehyung will take it from there.” Hoseok reasoned, “it’s not that bad I promise!” Jin frowned but relented for now.

“Fine, but if she’s not ready then-” he started but Namjoon just held up a hand.

“I know I know. Don’t worry princess.” he said before all three of them crept away.

“Where is he?” you muttered wrapping your coat closer as if you could keep the heat in.

“Hey, you get me today!” Namjoon said but his look was not kind. Rolling your eyes you sighed.

“I’d rather walk.” you hissed before opening the door begrudgingly. “But it’s cold out there so hey, yay?”

Namjoon drove away, but something in the rearview mirror caught his eye. Yugyeom.

“Who’s that?” he asked motioning to him,

“Oh him? That’s another intern at the hospital his name is Yugyeom. Why?” you looked back, but he was gone.

“Nothing never mind.” he said, “So what makes you think you can just come and go as you please from the base huh? Did it ever occur to you that maybe you were a prisoner?” he asked, you just rolled your eyes again,

“I don’t care, really you can keep me there but nothing’s going to stop me from finishing my internship. I advise you too Namjoon to let me because when I’m done it’ll benefit you more than you realize.” you shrugged before closing your eyes and drifting off to sleep.

“Damn she’s not wrong….” he muttered gripping the steering wheel so hard his knuckles turned white.

Blinking you opened your eyes to the soft gray of your room, groaning you rolled off your bed and took a shower before walking down to the kitchen.

“Hey y/n!” Taehyung called before giving you a tray of food, “Go give this to our Jungkookie and check up on him it’s been around a month since he’s been confined to his room, he’s getting antsy. Especially because we have a lot to do soon.”

“Fine, wait what are we doing?” you asked, pausing at the doorway.

“Well more like what are you doing.” Taehyung sang before going back to making pancakes.

“Ugh fine, don’t tell me then.” you pouted walking away to Jungkook’s room. “Ya! Kook I have your breakfast get up!” you shouted before opening the door to find him curled up under a bunch of fluffy blankets. Setting the tray down on his desk you crept up to him and carefully peeled back the blankets to reveal his sleeping face. “Aish, you look so cute sleeping like this.” you whispered leaning in a little more to inspect a small scar on his cheek. Slowly, you reached out a single finger to lightly trace it when he suddenly grabbed your wrist.

“So do you always touch sleeping boys or is it just me?” he asked cracking open and eye and blinking at you. You opened your mouth to say something but nothing came out.

“What?! No!” you finally managed to get out, but Jungkook just smirked.

“So it’s just me huh?” he drawled out lazily, finally yanking your hand out of his grip you grabbed his food tray.

“H-here’s your food.” you muttered before patting his head, “But first I need to inspect your wound, c’mon you know the drill Kooks.” you said sitting down next to him.

“I know I know you want to see me strip.” he waggled his eyebrows playfully as you rolled your eyes. Carefully you undid his bandages to reveal that it was time to take the stitches out.

“Okay, carefully we’re gonna walk down to the kitchen just a minute,” you paused before shouting “JIMIN!”

“Yeas?” he asked popping his head into the room,

“Can you go to my room and on my floor near the bed is a bag with some medical supplies bring it to the kitchen would you?” you asked, he just nodded.

“Wow ever so obedient.” Jungkook remarked before slowly getting up.

“Easy there pony,” you said putting an arm around his waist to steady him, opening the door you led him out and down the stairs to the kitchen where Jimin was patiently waiting. “Okay Jungkook let’s have you sit on the counter.” you instructed as he laid down. “Jimin can you hand me the small surgical scissors?” you asked before feeling Jimin hand them to you. “Okay.” you murmured to yourself before gently easing the blade under the stitches and clipping them.

“Oh y/n! What are you doing here?” Hoseok asked walking in because Taehyung was making some bombass pancakes.

“She’s finally taking out my stitches!” Jungkook said before you told him to stop talking.

“Okay….” you hummed before setting the scissors down and getting tweezers to take out the stitches. “You’ll feel some discomfort but don’t worry I know what I’m doing…..probably.” you laughed to yourself before yanking the black string ever so lightly.

“Here’s a warm rag to wipe away anything.” Jimin offered which you took gratefully and wiped away some of the pus and blood.

“Okay, so it’s not a fatal wound though but it’ll be tender and there’s some bleeding still because it’s not fully healed but you’ll be fine.” you smiled and cleaned up before bandaging it some.

“Thanks! Does that mean I can go out now?” Jungkook asked eagerly.

“Woah there don’t get ahead of yourself Kookie.” you said laughing,

“What did you call me?” he asked raising an eyebrow, you froze realizing your slip up with a cute nickname.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” You responded suddenly very fixated on stirring the batter.

“Oh no you don’t I heard you call me Kookie… that a pet name y/n?” Jungkook said suddenly putting his hands on your waist. “Do you want me to call you something cute too?” he smirked feeling you tense up.

“Ya!” you were about to spin around when you heard a screech of a car pull in and some yelling for help.

“We’re going to talk about this you’re not escaping the embarrassment y/n!” Jungkook called as you ran up the stairs.

“Oh thank god you’re here y/n I didn’t know what we’d do if you were taking a shift at the hospital!” Jin called as you turned into the kitchen.

“What in the world happened to him?” you asked pointing to Namjoon and Yoongi.

“Deal went bad.” Yoongi muttered, he wasn’t as bad as Namjoon who was panting having been shot at. “Help him first.” he pointed at Namjoon when you went to help his cuts. Nodding you led Namjoon over to the kitchen counter.

“Here,” Jimin panted, “I brought you your med stuff along with some sterilizer.”

“Thanks Jiminie.” you said before getting to work grabbing the tweezers. “I have to get the bullet out first.” you told Namjoon, “This is gonna hurt but you’ll feel better I promise.” Then, you leaned forward and used the tweezers to fish around for the bullet in his abdomen.

“What in the hell happened?!” Jungkook yelled Taehyung quickly following as they walked into the kitchen.

“I told y/n, the deal went bad. Exo and their little maknae’s started shooting at us as soon as our guard was down those fuckers.” Yoongi cursed, glaring at a wall.

“Gotcha!” you smiled before pulling a bullet out. Grabbing a warm cloth you wiped away the blood and peered into the hole. Then nodding to yourself you cut open Namjoon’s shirt, you stared at his chest, he had some scarring across it but other than that he was very fit. He just raised an eyebrow,

“Like what you see sweetheart?” he asked smirking.

“If you can crack jokes like that then you should focus on not moving. You’re very lucky that the bullet didn’t hit any organs Namjoon.” you said before cleaning out the wound.

“What would have happened if the bullet did hit an organ?” Jin asked,

“Most likely he’d die.” you said making the room go quiet.

“You wouldn’t be able to help him?” Taehyung asked,

“No, I not only don’t have the resources here nor the expertise for that. Plus infection would probably kill him. Either way he’d have to go to the hospital which would result in prison.” you stated before finishing up. “Take him to a room on this floor, He’s not going to be able to do anything for a while I’ll stay up here and take care of his health. Yoongi c’mere I have to look at you.” then you had Yoongi scoot over and you wiped and cleaned his wounds. “You don’t need stitches but get him some advil he’s going to be in some pain and drink some water for god’s sake you’re dehydrated.” you scolded lightly smacking his shoulder before shooing them away from the kitchen and cleaning up your space. “Oh, Jin!” you called,

“Yes? Did you want anything y/n?” he asked

“If you guys plan on keeping me here then I’m gonna need my own work space. You all have yours, I want mine with supplies and everything.” you said before pouring a glass of water and walking to Namjoon’s room.

“On it ma’am.” he whispered before walking downstairs.

“Drink this in a couple of hours. Not now because we want to let your body heal.” you said before sitting down on the ground.

“Okay,” Namjoon paused, “Are you really okay with, this?”

“Okay with what?” you asked,

“Y’know, having to join our gang, although I guess it’s better since your older brother is also here….”

You paused, “Do I look like i’m okay with this?” you asked,

“To be honest, you seem to not really care.” Namjoon said,

“Well i’m not, maybe it’s the shock but i’m panicking internally.” pausing you looked out the window, “Although I guess i’m okay as long as you let me go to my shifts to get my med degree….”

“Ah, yes you seem to really want that.”

“I’ve worked for it my whole life.” you pointed out,

“True, we used to listen to Seokjin ramble on about how accomplished his younger sister was. He was so proud of you y/n.” Namjoon said,

“Hey, can I live up in the actual house?” you asked,

“Why? It’s safer down there.” he pointed out,

“I now I just, like the house better…” you sighed,

“Sure I guess.” He said before shaking his head,

“Well I’m gonna go then and let you rest. Bye.” you said before quietly leaving.

Walking down the stairs you found all the boys in the kitchen eating pancakes, Yoongi wrestling with Hoseok laughing.

“YAH!” you shouted immediately when you saw him, Yoongi froze mid headlock staring at you like a deer in the headlights. “What do you think you’re doing?” you asked putting your hands on your hips,

“Um, showing some affection?” he tried, you stared at him dead in the eye. “I’ll go um, sit down and rest.” he whispered before slowly walking to the couch and taking a seat next to Jin. “You’re sisters kinda scary.” he whispered, Jin just laughed,

“I know man I know. She used to scold me all the time for not washing the dishes, but hey she’s watching out for you you’re a wounded man Min Yoongi!” Seokjin paused catching you staring at Yoongi with something that resembled affection in your eyes, “If I didn’t know better I’d think that’s her way of showing affection for you, she might like you!” Jin whispered before laughing at Yoongi’s shocked face, “Or not?” when he noticed Yoongi’s face was flushed red. “Hmmm.” he hummed knowing Yoongi’s secret,

“Namjoon’s out of commission for at least two to three weeks so I suggest very highly that you all lay low for a while.” you said, looking around as they nodded.

“If he’s gonna be that hurt we should go back to the main base then.” Hoseok told everyone,

“Main base?” you asked,

“Yeah, you didn’t actually think that this was where we did our work?” he responded shock on his face, “Oh no this place is much to small and surrounded by people. Our main base is much bigger and surrounded by mountains where we can really function. That’s why this place was so understocked when you got here, we don’t usually use this but with you here we thought it’d be better for awhile.” he explained, you nodding before sighing.

“Plus we’re the only ones who know where the main base is, as you’ve noticed some other guys keep coming and going, they don’t know where the actual headquarters are. Safety purposes.” Taehyung said, you just nodded.

“So when do we leave?” you asked,

“As soon as Namjoon can walk.” Yoongi said eyes closed,

“Then about a couple days or so.” you said to yourself before nodding.

“Oh!” Seokjin said, “Back at headquarters we’ll have a med bay for you to do your work!” he smiled, you just nodded.

“So…” Jungkook said, “Kookie huh?”

“Don’t.” you held a hand up,

“Awww c’mon baby! It was a cute name!” he said smirking,

“Excuse m-baby?!” you almost shrieked,

“Well you called me Kookie so I decided to come up with a name for you too!” he grinned,

“Oh my god.” you whispered before rolling your eyes and grabbing Jimin by the arm, “C’mon let’s wrestle.” you said walking toward the other end of the room where you practice.

“What?!” everyone said, staring at you,

“What?” you asked,

“You never wanna wrestle, ever.” Taehyung said,

“Well here I am so,” you shrugged before you were flattened on your back.

“You said you wanted to wrestle so c’mon stop yapping!” Jimin said playfully. Eye twitching you stood back up before lunging to punch him in the stomach, he laughed and dodged before punching you again, quickly you grabbed Jungkook’s switchblade laying on the counter and opened it with a flick of your wrist.

“No weapons!” Jimin said eyes widening, “Do you even know how to use that thing?”

“Wait I wanna see her fight with a weapon she’s never fought with one before!” Taehyung said, everyone was intrigued now,

“I know stupid I’m the one that was supposed to train her! But all we’ve been working on was hand to hand!” Sighing Jimin shook his head, “Just don’t hurt yourself man.” before he opened his blade. Smirking Yoongi laughed internally because you were a fast learner. He was you watching Jimin whenever he practiced fighting with Jungkook and caught you practicing by yourself late at night alone with a spare blade, sometimes he’d even join you. Jimin swiped his blade but was shocked when  you dodged under and cut him down his arm before jumping away, “What the-?” he asked before grabbing your arm and cutting your cheek,

“She’s a quick one Jimin!” Jungkook yelled, laughing.

“I know!” he snapped grabbing your leg when you tried to kick him. “Ha! Got you now!” he gloated but you just smirked,

“Jimin watch out!” Taehyung yelled when you suddenly jumped up and twisted around with your other leg just barely missing him when he let go and retreated. Tossing the blade to your other hand you swept his legs from under him and jumped on top straddling him with the knife at his throat. Suddenly he hit your knee knocking you off balance and reversed the situation,

“I win again!” he laughed before helping you up, “You’ve gotten much better though your form is just fantastic! Although how’d you learn to fight with a knife?” he asked,

“I watched you fight Jungkook then practiced on my own.” you shrugged before tossing the knife back to Jungkook, “Here Kooks take back the knife.” you said before sipping some water. 

Everyone just shook their head at you while Yoongi his a small smile being the only one who knew how hard you practiced at night with him.

Notes: Who do you want y/n to be paired with? 

Are you #teamyoongi or #teamjungkook?? 

anonymous asked:

Hey could you do a fluff with bts yoongi on an awkward first date?

Thank you for your request Anon! Congrats, you’re the first one since I opened the requests. Just thinking of your suggestion makes me smile because it sounds so cute. I hope you enjoy your short story! ~ Gaishō

Reader x Yoongi Awkward First Date - “Sudden Love”

Originally posted by jimiyoong

You two are walking down the street to your destination. It’s quiet and he’s just looking forward, it’s almost like he doesn’t even notice you. It didn’t help your nerves that Yoongi hasn’t expressed any excitement during the process of setting up the date. “It’s right here,” he says. Yoongi walks a bit faster to get in front of you, what is he doing? You see that he was grabbing the door for you to walk in first. “Ladies first,” he says while his beautiful eyes engages yours. You start to smile, but he quickly looks away. Hm, almost made him blush? 

You both get to the table and receive the menus from the waitress. Yoongi doesn’t even open up the menu and just has elbows propped on the table with his mouth hidden behind his linked hands. You ask, “you’re not going to look at the menu?” He just plainly says, “no.” You weren’t sure what to say back, but you ask, “i-is something wrong? Did I do something?” He sighs. “Ah, I mean… I just… This is my favorite place. I don’t just take anyone here. But, I wanted you to choose what we eat tonight.” You blush a little bit. “Okay! Hmmm… How about the bulgogi?” Without hesitation he says, “the bulgogi is my favorite aside from you.” Suddenly your heart stopped and you dropped the menu. 

You shot up from your chair and blurted, “I’m going to the bathroom!” and you bolted away. You splash a little water over your face and look in the mirror. ‘Did he really just say that… To me? Oh gosh. I need to go back before he thinks I’m being weird.’ You return to the table and notice Yoongi was biting his nails and looking out the window. Your heart starts to sink. ‘Oh man, I’m totally blowing this.’ The waitress comes with a heaping plate of meat and sets it between you two. Yoongi says his thanks to the lady and starts to prepare everything. He set up yours and his plate and started to place the meat onto the grill. You watch him in awe as he delicately placed each piece of meat. Though there was silence between you two, you smiled. 

The bulgogi was done and he places a few pieces onto his plate and not on yours. “Hey, what about me?” you say as you tilt your head. He doesn’t answer you, but then picks up a piece from his plate and motions you to open your mouth. You say, “ahhh” and he carefully places the meat in your mouth. You see that his eyes light up and he made a small side smile. “Told you it’s good.” He starts to feed you more and more and you just were filled with delight. After the dinner was done he had paid and you both left for him to walk you home.

It was quiet again while the two of you were walking. You slowly look at him and start to say, “um Yoongi, I -” before you know it he quickly shoves you aside. “What the hell!?” Suddenly Yoongi was all wet from a sprinkler. “You should pay more attention where you’re going.” He runs his fingers through his wet hair and starts to walk onward. ‘Agh! I feel so stupid… He was just trying to be nice.’ You both arrived pretty fast to your house and the two of you stood in front. “Please, let me get a towel to dry you off.” You run inside to grab a small face towel and come back. “I-I’m sorry. I didn’t know you were trying to push me away from the sprinkler.” You wipe his ivory-white face and suddenly he grabs your wrist. “Y/N, I really like you too.” He kisses you softly and smiles the biggest smile. You giggle, “you’re my sweet Suga bear.” 

Zodiac Shots!

Aries: ½ oz Whiskey, ½ oz Peach Schnapps, a dash of Tabasco sauce

Taurus: 2/3 oz Jager, 1/3 oz Amaretto

Gemini: (Pickleback Shot) 1 oz Dark Rum or Whiskey, 1 oz Pickle Juice (take rum or whiskey shot and immediately chase w/ pickle juice)

Cancer: Rim glass with Honey and Old Bay, 1 oz Honey Whiskey

Leo: ½ oz Gold Tequila, ½ oz Peach Schnapps, splash of OJ

Virgo: ½ oz Vanilla Vodka, ½ oz Blackberry Liqueur 

Libra: ½ oz Vodka, ½ oz Melon Liqueur, splash of Lime Juice

Scorpio: 1 oz Dark Rum, a few Drops of Grenadine, a couple Jalapeño Slices

Sagittarius: Rim glass with Cinnamon + Sugar, ½ oz Fireball, ½ oz Bourbon

Capricorn: ½ oz Vodka, ½ oz Triple Sec, splash of Lemon Juice

Aquarius: 1 oz White Rum, a few drops of ginger syrup, some fresh mint

Pisces: ½ oz Moonshine, ½ oz Blackberry Liqueur, a few drops of Blue Curacao

The 3am Adventures of Captain Insomnia and the Barefoot Wonder

Hi, people!

I don’t remember the last time I posted a fic on here, BUT I was going through my drafts and finally mustered up the wherewithal to finish something! SO, without further ado, here is the 4th (ridiculous) chapter of my Soul Eater College!AU. This one’s way less emotional and way more snarky and funny than the last one, so if that chapter wasn’t your cup of tea, maybe this one will be better.

This one’s not as connected and linear as the others, but it was fun to write. 

It’s literally been years, so if anyone actually reads this, bless you. Hope you enjoy! (It’s literally so ridiculous, and I’m so sorry.) 

Chapter 1     Chapter 2     Chapter 3

Maka had half a mind to hurl her shrieking cell phone across her room when it disturbed a much needed and (to that point) full night of sleep. She grumbled choice words between gritted teeth as she thrashed around, untangling herself from her warm cocoon of blankets and sliding open the device just before it went to voicemail.


“What are you so crabby about?” An all-too familiar gravelly tone snarked.

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The Cast of “Hamilton” goes in to Starbucks

Hamilton: orders six shots of espresso over ice, but is usually so flustered/tired that he wouldn’t notice if you gave him something else. Always excitedly talks to baristas about his latest project, even if he holds up the line behind him. Acts like he’s stuck his fork in an electrical socket. Tips sporadically.

Eliza: orders a grande peach green tea lemonade, which is sweet and refreshing, like herself. Seems like she takes care of the man who looks like he’s stuck a fork in the electrical socket. Knows all the baristas by name and always asks about themselves. Sometimes stays in the café to do some work. The baristas all love her.

Washington: orders a grande dark roast coffee, black. He likes the bold, rich qualities of the dark roast coffees, and appreciates that the roast changes from week to week; it’s a humble way of treating himself. He’s always polite, yet to the point. Baristas are intimidated by him.

Burr: doesn’t have a usual order. He’s ordered everything on the menu, from shots of espresso to frappucinos, but hasn’t found a drink that screams him. Usually asks baristas for recommendations. The baristas are frustrated because they never know what he wants, even though he frequently orders “the usual.”

King George: comes in weekly to order a venti vanilla bean frappucino, but asks for it to be split between three tall cups. Also complains weekly and threatens to call corporate when the barista tells him that it’s not Starbucks policy to do that, and that he’ll never be back. Always comes back. Doesn’t tip at all.

Jefferson: orders coffee off the Clover, because he likes to think that he’s a coffee connoisseur (and also likes showing off that he can spend a lot of money on one cup of coffee) but in reality, he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Doesn’t tip well.

Lafayette: likes to drink caffe mistos, but always orders them as café au lait, because he forgets that Starbucks doesn’t use the French name for the drink. Very apologetic when he realizes he’s ordered “incorrectly.” Flirts with the baristas and tips well.

Laurens: orders a grande mocha, always with whipped cream. He flirts with the baristas and adores trying the seasonal espresso drinks. Always shouting about politics and the last protest he went to.

Mulligan: pounds down espresso shots like there’s no tomorrow, because he has shit to do. The baristas are always curious what he does, but they’re a little scared to know the answer.

Angelica: grande latte. Her husband always pays, but she always tips. Seems to have good chemistry with the man who gets iced espresso shots and acts like he’s stuck a fork in an electrical socket.

Madison: non-fat latte, “on account of his health.” Probably talks shit about the poor baristas once he’s left the store. Known to put a dollar in the tip jar and take out fifty cents.

Phillip: iced caramel macchiato, extra caramel drizzle. Always comes in with a hoard of young men, who order similarly basic things. Pretends that he’s flaunting his own money, but all the baristas know it’s daddy’s credit card. Will threaten to fight anyone.


Castiel once told them that Archangels were heaven’s most terrifying weapon. Gabriel is no exception. 


  Even with the apocalypse looming, and a new and unexpected ally, life goes on. Dean’s out getting food, and had Cas tagged along with him, only sparing a long glance at the last two occupants of the motel room before he left.

  Sam knows that Gabriel is technically on their side now, but that doesn’t mean he trusts him. He’s got one eye on Gabriel where he’s sat in the corner of the room, the other on his research.

  Gabriel’s sitting remarkably still, almost unnaturally so, sprawled in an armchair. Cas once told them that archangels were heaven’s most terrifying weapons. With that in mind, most other people would look at Gabriel and say, there’s no way that he’s an archangel. He’s too soft. Too human. It’s a very convincing lie, and looking at the other archangels they’ve met, Sam might almost believe it.

  If he had to describe them, Michael would be a wolf. Loyal, relentless, the strength of a pack behind him. Lucifer might be a great white bear, scarred and battered, unpredictable and deadly. Raphael is an eagle, all raw power and majesty.

  Sam’s been stalling on a metaphor to use for Gabriel for a while now. Nothing quite fit. But he’s finally figured it out. Gabriel’s not a cute dog, or a platypus. Nowhere near.

  Gabriel is an anglerfish.

  He doesn’t seem like a vicious predator of the deep at first. That’s the point. He’s humorous and light, carefully relaxed in their presence. But the affection of humanity, the trickster trappings, the sweets and mocking laughter, it’s all a neat disguise. A lure to draw you closer, bright and dancing and almost irresistible. Even Sam finds himself drawn towards Gabriel, falling under the spell. There’s something about the way he moves, the way he talks. Something that invitingly promises more, better, if you’ll step just a little closer.

  But behind that bright façade, there’s something lurking in the darkness. Something bigger and much more dangerous, bulging opalescent eyes all-seeing, rows and rows of jagged teeth ready to impale anything that gets too close. It’s too easy to forget that what they’re looking at is a vessel. The real Gabriel is not there. No, Gabriel is looming behind, just out of sight. Sometimes, if Sam concentrates hard, he can feel it; a prickle on the back of his neck. A presence in the corner of the room. He even captures glimpses sometimes. The split second before a crowd of demons are reduced to a grease smear on an abandoned warehouse floor. When he wakes in the middle of the night to find Gabriel’s vessel watching them through the darkness, still as a predator, eyes gleaming in the night.

  Because that’s what Gabriel really is. A patient predator, playing the long game. Hidden in depths so dark and deep that only prey will ever find him. And then? Well, Gabriel’s prey never live to tell the tale. Sam’s not easily frightened, has never been one to run from danger, but with Gabriel… He’s fascinated, but he knows better than to get too close.

  Gabriel’s staring at him from across the room, head tilted curiously. Like he finds Sam’s wariness amusing.

  “Something up, Sam?” He asks, eyes too-bright and shining with illusions. He smiles, and Sam wonders whether he’s the only one who can see the rows upon rows of jagged needle teeth behind it.

  “No, I’m good. Thanks.”

  He’s glad that they have an archangel on their side, on humanity’s side. But with Gabriel, all Sam can hope for is that they stay off the menu.

100 Followers Gift Fic #2!!

Here is the prompt I received…last…November…

K2 “firsts” and shenanigans… like first date and first kiss and being like nervous/ over thinking it, Kenny trying to be smooth but he’s a lil nervous too…

Bless your patient heart, buttercup. Hope that you enjoy!

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minghao x reader, 79? thanks! ♡

79. Watching porn together

What had been supposed to be a sweet movie night turned out to be something completely different when Minghao pressed play on the DVD-player’s remote and you were presented with the back view of two women in skimpy clothes instead of the main menu of the movie you had wanted to see for a while.

Cuddled up to Minghao, you frowned, at the back of your mind hoping that the view would soon go from what was now a pantie shot to the main menu of the movie, but there was no such luck. Instead, the camera moved up and showed the faces of the women, looking playfully at the camera with the very tips of their thumbs flirtatiously between their teeth.

You could feel Minghao tense up and heard him hiss. “Dammit, Junhui.”

“Oh,” you muttered as it hit you; the DVD was borrowed from Minghao’s best friend, and from the way it seemed, you could conclude that he had put the wrong DVD in the case, either on purpose or by a mistake. With him, either option was possible.

You remained cuddled up to Minghao, though, even when the porn on the TV proceeded to the two women kissing and letting their hands roam each other’s bodies. Neither of you dared to say anything, much less turn the TV off - it was as though you had frozen in place, unable to move your eyes away. A bit of it might have been because neither of you really wanted to stop the movie, but that was something you kept inside.

Minghao got aroused fast, with his eyes intent on the way one of the women squeezed the other one’s breast and made her moan into their deep kiss, and his ears felt hot. He’d rather not even think about how you viewed him now, but little did he know that your eyes were just as equally focused on the TV screen, and it was affecting you equally much, your panties slowly getting wet while a tent began forming in his sweatpants.

Having you that close to him made his heart beat even faster than it otherwise would have. You were right next to him, your head resting on his shoulder and your hand placed on his thigh; just a small movement towards his crotch and he’d be gone. From the way he shifted awkwardly, you easily caught on to the situation, and a small grin spread to your lips. You knew how he was when he was turned on and you loved how he could never hide the smallest things he’d do, which included his breathing getting all odd, fiddling with his fingers in a certain way and bouncing his leg.

Ever-so-slowly, you slid your hand up his thigh until your palm was resting over his bulge, already prominent, which made Minghao whimper a little. You bit your lip, doing your best to control yourself as you kept your eyes on the TV, where one of the women was eating the other one out, and leaned closer to Minghao’s ear.

“Let me take care of you,” you whispered to him, pressing your hand better against his bulge. He nodded almost desperately; he was putty in your hands.

You easily slid your hand into his sweatpants and underwear, taking a good hold of his semi-hard cock before you started stroking him lazily, occasionally moving your eyes from the porn to Minghao’s face. He was breathing heavily, his eyebrows a bit furrowed as he watched the scene progress. When the camera focused on the woman who had been eating the other one out slowly easing a finger into her core, you could hear Minghao moan quietly, his hips bucking up into your hand.

Smirking, you slid your thumb over the sensitive tip of his length. “So that’s what gets you the most?”

He shivered a little at your whispered words and shook his head. “N-not just that, it’s…”

You chuckled and moved your attention fully to him, kissing his neck gently. “It’s all of it, is that it?”

This time Minghao nodded, and you increased the pace at which you were stroking him, but only a little. He whined quietly and was so unnoticeable at his actions that when you felt his fingers at the waistband of your sleep shorts, you yelped.

He had turned his face to you, and while his fingers slid through your wetness and brushed by your swollen clit, making you jolt with a moan, you were met with intense eyes as he licked his lips. Minghao gave you a hungry kiss just as one of the women in the porn climaxed with a cry, and after pulling away he continued teasing your wet folds until you were whimpering against his shoulder and begging for him to give you more, your hand moving on his length as steadily as you could move it with your hips bucking into his hand rhythmically.

- Kay

Dinner - Erik Durm

“Y/N, come take a selfie with us,” one of the girls shouted as Erik and I walked into the restaurant. I laughed and happily agreed, dragging Erik to come take a seat beside one of his teammates’ girlfriends. I smiled widely and then made some silly face for the camera. Erik watched me closely, keeping his hand on top of mine in my lap.

“You’ve been looking at me like that all day, what’s with you?” I laughed, taking a sip of my cocktail.

“I’m mad at you,” he answered.

“For what?” I questioned, knowing he was going to give me a silly reason. Erik leaned over and brought his mouth to me ear.

“For wearing this tight dress that barely covers that perfect ass of yours when you know how crazy it drives me,” he whispered coolly in my ear. I felt my cheeks burn pink and looked around to ensure no one heard him.

“Erik,” I hissed, “this is not the time or place.” He shrugged his broad shoulder and laughed.

“We’ll see,” he said casually as his hand crept over and rested in-between my touching thighs. He brought his lips to the spot on my neck that he knew could make me scream and began nibbling softly. I gave in for half a second before remembering where we were and shifting uncomfortably. A few of his teammates noticed and looked at him with wide eyes.

“Erik, man if you’re hungry, order something, you don’t have to eat Y/N,” one of them joked.

“Oh, but I will,” he answered under his breath while he pretended to look through the menu. I shot him a warning glance, but it proved to be ineffective as I felt his large hand create a space between my legs and inch toward my center, just resting there. I inhaled sharply and took another big sip of my glass. “Huh, all this resistance and you’re still wet for me,” he said nonchalantly.

“Erik, I’m begging you—“

He interrupted me by somehow managing to get a finger underneath my panties and begin gliding it across my clit. I grabbed his wrist, but he looked at me narrowly and I realize I had better not. I gulped loudly and clenched my jaw. “Y/N, didn’t you say something about a project at work? Tell us about that,” he instructed, malicious smile on his face. Most of the table turned to face me and waited for me to speak.

“Uhm, it’s nothing really,” I gasped.

“Don’t be modest,” Erik insisted. “Tell everyone all about it,” he demanded with a wink. I swallowed a groan as his finger began to move faster. I couldn’t believe he was doing this to me. With a fake smile, I began to try and explain about the new happenings at work without letting on to what was happening in my chair. I felt his eyes glued to me as I wriggled about and kept clearing my throat and looked anywhere but at him. He was enjoying watching me get closer to cumming, but knowing I couldn’t cum. Once I had rambled and embarrassed myself enough, I looked at him with pleading eyes to get the attention off of me.

“So what’s everyone ordering?” He asked, resulting in everyone chatting over the food.

“E-Erik,” I mumbled, resting my head on his shoulder, “can we go home please?”

“Whats wrong, baby? You don’t feel good?” he asked patronizingly. “Let me make it better.” And with that, he slid one of his long fingers inside me as deeply as he could manage from his angle.

“Oh my god,” I moaned, too loudly to go unheard.

“Are you alright, y/n? You look a little flushed,” one of the girls noted.

“Uhm, I think I might be coming down with something,” I lied, figuring if everyone thought I was sick, Erik would have to take me home. He looked down at me intently, unamused by my cleverness.

“You probably just need something to eat, what do you want to order baby?” he asked arrogantly. I picked up the large menu and held it in the air so that Erik and I’s faces were covered.

“Erik, I swear if you take me home right now, I will do anything you want all night long. Just please, please, I need to cum and you know I can’t here,” I admitted.

“Anything I want?” he double-checked. I nodded fervently, hopeful he would finally release me. “Fine, but I can’t wait until we get home.” He tore his hand away from my body, dropped the menu and announced to everyone that he was taking me home on account of a headache.

“Feel better y/n,” everyone consoled.

“She will, don’t worry,” Erik promised.


(Make sure you select subtitles under the Closed Caption tab for non-JP viewers.)

With stage 2 of the T-Shirt DLC competition ongoing, we’ve got a new developer diary, this time going through even more of the Spring 2000 TGS build for Biohazard 0 on the Nintendo 64, including more exploration and even shots of the internal menu systems, and even story details. 

For example, originally either Rebecca or Billy could die in the scenario (kinda like the old split path bad-endings of BH1!), and there were even a few more jumpscares that just didn’t make the cut of the final. 

It’s nice to see such clear footage of something that was lost to time and very crappy recordings ages ago.