shots lmfao


“OW!” I yelled at Carbonated Beverage. We have the same looks, I guess. I have his beautiful, majestic shiny sun-kissed natural-highlighted sandy — not like Sandy, I hate her because she’s so horrible — blonde brown-ish long hair. “Did you really have to splash water on me? I was gettin’ up, anyways!”

“I’m sorry,” Carbonated Beverage sang in response. “I love you so much you’re such a good sister you should come to the dx today I miss you hahaha you’re so cool and the gang loves to be aaround you1!1”

“hahaha totally!” I pulled on my cowboy boots. They matched my skinny jeans and tank top perfectly. And my leather jacket — duh, I’m a greaser — looked oh-so prefect with it1!

I don’t put on much for makeup because I don’t need any I’m so pretty. I’m not like the other greaser girls who wear all that makeup. But somehow everyone in my brother’s gang loves me!

“Ivory Diamond Ponygirl Sparkle Curtis!” Darry, my older brother called. “Come on and laugh and enjoy this breakfast I made or else I’ll hit you too because I’m so mean but when I’m not working 2,3493 hour shifts I find it in my heart to care about you!”

In the kitchen, I find Two-Bit, Johnny, and iwefisfsbbsuhf DALLAS. He’s this sexual magnet of a teenager that attracts me because he;s so aofdangerous and I’m soosdfj not! “H-Hi Dally.”

“Hey sweetheart dollface,” he said and I proceeded to blush so much. I’m really ugly in my opinion but everyone calls me pretty I hope Dally likes me.

Johnny is like my brother. He’s so little and fragile and I totally love friend-zoning him as my best friend!

But none of this matters, because my boyfriend is going to pick me up soon. And no — I didn’t change the tense of this story eight times!

“Bye friends and family! Two-Bit, you’re so funny! Steve, wash your face the cake I bake especially for you is all over youu!”

~O~o~“` time skip ” o~O~~

“What’s that, Ivory Diamond Ponygirl Sparkle Dakota Elaine Pearl Sierra Lavendar Curtis?!” I knew it was bad because he used my middle names and my last name.

“What is it, Darry?” I said innocently and tried to cover my makeup-covered bruise. I knew it didn’t cover well!1!! He removed my hand and gasped so loud that Coca-Cola woke up!!.

“It was your horrible hood boyfriend I’ve never, ever met, right?” Darry was so angry I tried to calm him down but it wouldn’t work ! “THat little loser —”

“I’m motherfucking dfucking dicksucking-ass here!! I am ready to fucck shit up because I am DaLLAs Winston, the *ugly in books yikes but then again pony was unreliable narrator thank you fandom* unresistable bad boi that’s always  motherfucking there for your fucking motherfucking ass, dollface babycheeks!”;al

SUDDENLY DALLAS APPEARED. Where did he come from? I thought he was banging Sylvia that cheating slut who sleeps with everyone! Woah! They must be broken up again.

“OH DALLAS!” I, skinny beautiful long haired Ivory Diamond Ponygirl Sparkle Dakota Elaine Pearl Sierra Lavendar — shit, I forgot Ros(i)e – Curtis, cried and leaped into his arms.

“Hey, baby –” he suddenly changed his personality for me — “I’m gonna beat the shit out of that guy! I knew he didn’t deserve you! nOT Like I do! let’s clean you up and possibly makeout, okay??”

Suddenly I so loved. More than I’ve ever felt in my lifetime!11!

A/N: hey guys so sorry I didn’t update for six and a half months but here it is! I hope you guys like it! Guess what happens next chapter? I’m gonna give a super big hint, okay? And if I don’t get 5464 reads or follows I won’t write anymore!! How do you feel about Ivory Diamond Ponygirl Sparkle Dakota Pear Sierra Rosie Lavendar being assaulted — physically and/or sexually — and/or getting pregnant at sixteen?? dally would make a good father!! socs love jumping girls!! they’re so mean like Cherry!


Honestly I laugh SO HARD everytime damn I watch this! MMMMMMMMMM WATCHA SAAAAAAAY

the signs as things i’ve done after taking my anti anxiety meds

hello my name is cole and sometimes my anti anxiety meds are a big strong

also i know nothing about astrology

aries: once proclaimed i wanted to fight the entire staff of three separate kroger pharmacy locations
taurus: got into a staring contest with my blind dog
gemini: reenacted this video 
cancer: laid face down on the floor and sang livin on a prayer into the carpet
leo: sang “spots spots spots spotsspotsspots” to the tune of “shots” by lmfao while my mom was searching for a parking spot in a crowded mall lot
virgo: made this post
libra: questioned no less than three different strangers about whether or not “caldo de camaron” was soup
scorpio: forgot how old i am
sagittarius: obliterated a cockroach with my sister’s doc martin while buckass naked after i got out of the shower
capricorn: made a post about paul ryan’s ayn rand-centric masturbation fantasy
aquarius: nearly fought someone about demolishing the astrodome
pisces: almost told my dentist i had a gay crush on her but covered it up “i really like you…rrrrr freckles”


A rad storm began to slowly roll in as I searched for MacCready. He wasn’t in the house we’d been staying in nor any of the houses nearby. I stood still and scanned the area wondering where on Earth he could have gone. A rad storm wasn’t a good time to be playing games.

It hit me as my eyes came upon an abnormally tall patch of grass and weeds. Mac loved to lay in the grass whenever we found a nice bit of it. I headed to the patch and began to slowly wade through it, relishing the gentle swishing sounds it made against my legs.

I chuckled when I came upon him. He was lying on his back and quietly snoring with the brim of his hat shading his eyes. Somehow the thunder accompanying the storm hadn’t woke him. I peered down at him completely unable to stifle the smile on my lips. He looked so peaceful lying in the grass. For a moment I could almost imagine the old world. The thought was so nice, yet I could feel my smile fade the clearer those times came into view.

I shook the images from my head and crouched down at Mac’s feet. I watched his chest as it gently moved up and down and slowly crept over him. I strained as I did my best not to wake him. When I finally got my head close enough I softly pressed my lips to his and let my body weight go. He awoke with a jaunt, but quickly realized what was going on and kissed me back.

He spoke into my lips, barely audible, “hey there cowboy.”

papabay  asked:

your comments about the storyboarding remind me of the time the anime team stretched out that Nejiten catch during the Kisame fight, as well as slowed down the music~ HUEHUE


OMG N E V E R FORGET. now you got my mind reeling so here we go, get ready for the lamest thing ever. 

amazes me that the tiny little panel: 

got turned into this whole scene: 

(FRACTION EYE WIDEN THAT DIDNT NEED TO GET ANIMATED WHICH COSTS EXTRA MONEY BTW even tho it’s probably not that much lmao but still)

the music gets all slowed down and everything, neji practically exhaling “are you alright, tenten?” tenten slowly getting up and saying, “thank you…neji.” 

^ Like lmfao they could’ve done all the action in that last shot right there and finished with that, b/c it’s. two lines.  

but naw, let’s get in like HELLLAAA CLOSE, like not even some med-shot shit but like FRAME DAT SHIT AT THE FOREHEAD AND DRIFT PAN 2 THE LEFT AS TENTEN SLOWLY GETS UP also they’re both drippin’ wet and white clothes??? :3c 

so. y’know, they could’ve easily saved like 20 seconds or something of animation, but naw, bet they were like ‘let’s have some fun with this’ ‘also these characters are cool’ also sometimes shows are like hm we’re short on content let’s add in some stuff but it’s not like….this episode was short on content lmfao we got Gai vs. Kisame and some dope fighting scenes and all. 

TLDR; urs truly ghostbananas kind of loves this meta shit and the OTPs so when the opportunity arises to text dump with both then i’ll rise from my ghost-ass grave for this 

(Gun)Shots - What’re you drinking, Erron?

Cyrax: Jägerbombs?
Erron Black: No.
Cassie Cage: Lemon Drops?
Erron Black: No.
Mileena: Buttery Nipples?
Erron Black: Nope.
Johnny Cage: Jello Shots?
Erron Black: Keep ‘em.
Scorpion: Kamikaze?
Erron Black: Rather not.
Ermac: Three Wise Men?
Erron Black: F**** all that s**** - GIVE ME SOME JIN.
Kung Jin: Wait, what?