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In Moments Unforgettable (1/1)

Summary: Sunday mornings in the Swan-Jones household. Post season 6 (and 7x02, for that matter).

A/N: I wrote this in one go while having my morning coffee and waiting for @wellhellotragic to finish her errands :) 

Pain shot through him as he crumpled to the ground, his good hand barely moving fast enough to stop his head from bashing into the wooden floor. Bloody hell . He lay there, unmoving as he waited for the throbbing pain to subside. Captain Hook had been stabbed, dragged through hell, and spit out the other side, and somehow none of that compared to the pain he was in now.  

All of a sudden he heard a soft voice at his ear as a gentle hand ran through his hair.

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Day 20: Owls

Sorry this is so late, I was super busy! So instead of a drawing, I’ll write another short one shot for the theme today. Happy Fun Kiss Friday! For @drarry-halloween-fest


Harry Potter walked into the dark Owlery, determined to send his special package for his friends. They had gone to the Burrow to celebrate the Christmas holidays, and so Harry was hanging out with Draco, who wanted to stay at the castle rather than go back to the Manor. He was just done wrapping their presents and tying them to Hedwig when a blond diversion by the name of Draco walked in.

They had been friends since first year, and were in the same house, Slytherin. Although they were also friends with Ron and Hermione, who were in Gryffindor, the two were inseparable. The war was over, and all was well. Well maybe except for the fact the Harry had a huge crush on Draco.

“Hey Harry,” Draco said, offering him a small smile. “What are you doing up here?”

“Presents,” he said, smiling, but feeling an odd stirring in his stomach knowing that Draco would never like him back. “You?”

“Sending a letter,” Draco replied and turned to his eagle owl.

They worked in silence, a comfortable one, and after he had sent Hedwig on her way, he turned to see an eagle owl holding out a letter. He smiled, and pulled the letter off of the owl’s foot, and opened it. His heart seemed to stop there as he read the four words.

Can I kiss you?

Harry didn’t know what to do. This could finally happen, all he had to do was say yes. He turned to see a blushing Draco staring at the table, and smiled. Draco was worth it, he decided.

“Yes,” he said, and Draco’s eyes shot up to meet his, the blush darkening further, a blooming pink.

Carefully, Draco walked towards him, slowly, and Harry thought his heart might burst.

“I like you, Harry Potter,” Draco whispered, lips mere inches away from Harry’s own.

“And I like you too, you prat. But are you going to kiss me or not?”

Draco moved, or Harry moved and their lips brushed together, leaving tingles all over Harry’s body. Then Draco pulled back, and leaned in to kiss Harry harder, groaning as he pulled away.

“You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to do that.” Draco said, smiling widely.

“I think I do,” Harry said, smirking and leaned in for another kiss.

Running Late! (final part)

Hey everyone! Here is the (maybe) last part to the Running Late blurbs with Harry. If enough people like this, then I may continue it into a full on story. :) Let me know, okay! :) Much Love! -L

I had to talk to Harry. I just didn’t know if he was going to listen to me. I sighed as I paced back and forth in Liam’s dressing room. Liam leaned against the wall, just staring at me.
“You know, it probably wouldn’t look so great with me being accused of cheating on Harry and then I walk out of your dressing room.” I told him as I continued wearing a path down in the carpet, nervously fiddling with the rings on my finger.
Liam just rolled his eyes. “Nobody is here yet. The show is over and we still have a couple hours to kill before the after party even starts.” He took my hand and pulled me to the couch, “Which is the perfect time for you to think about what you’re going to say to him.”
I sighed, letting my shoulders slump against the couch. “You know, Liam. I don’t think I can change his mind. Clearly, he doesn’t know me as well as I thought he did. It’s pretty obvious that he thinks I would cheat on him, which I would never do, by the way. I love him, Liam.”
Liam patted my knee and said, “Well, Y/n, if you love him then you’ll have to talk some sense into him. Good luck with that. I’m going to do a twitcam.” He leaned forward to kiss my temple, then he got up while he whispered, “I believe in you, Y/n. You can do anything.”
I chuckled as I watched him set up his laptop for the twitcam. I tweeted at my followers that Liam would be twitcamming soon.
That was when the hate came in. All the hate. People telling me to kill myself because I wasn’t good enough for Harry. Other people tweeting that I was just a gold digger and only wanted Harry for his money. Shaking it out of my head, I slipped my phone into the back pocket of my jeans.
I glanced up and saw that Liam had already started the twitcam. He was telling them that I was in the room with him and he asked me to wave at the camera, like I would do in the old days. I did a small one towards him, seeing the big smile he got on his face when I did, then got up and left.
I paced around the arena, fiddling with my thumbs as I tried to figure out what I would say to Harry if I saw him again.
That’s when I heard his voice, “Y/n.”
I spun around, my coat dancing around me. I was surprised to see Harry walking up towards me. When he approached me, I just stared at him. “What are you doing here? I thought you wouldn’t want to see your ex here…”
He put his hands on my shoulders. His green eyes devouring mine, searching for something. “Forget everything I said earlier. I can’t lose you. I love you. You’re my best friend. I was stupid before. I want to help you balance work and me. Please give me another chance,” he begged as he cupped my face. “I love you so so much.”
Tears were prickling at my eyelashes. “What’s with the sudden change of heart?”
“Oh, I just got some sense literally knocked into me.” He turned to see Louis walking past us in the hallway.
Louis slightly nodded in our direction as he passed. I heard him whisper, “Cheers, mate.”
I blinked a couple times. “What do you mean literally?”
“Oh,” Harry smirked, pulling me a little closer. “Louis smacked me upside the head and said that you’d never cheat and that the article was fake.”
I just stared at him, still not knowing what he was saying. “So, what now? Are we back together?”
“No,” he paused, giving me a mini heart attack. “We’re still together.”
A smile grew on my face as I took one step closer to him, wrapping my arms around his neck so I could play with the curls on the back of his neck. “Oh, yeah?”
He nodded, then leaned forward to kiss me. His upper lip was still a bit sweaty from the concert, but I was used to it. The way his fingers gripped my hips was familiar and made me giggle against his lips. He broke free first, pulling out of my grasp. As I furrowed my eyebrows in confusion, he winked, then got down on one knee. “Y/n, I need to ask you something.”
“Oh, my god.”
“Will you be my girlfriend?” He smirked, clearly messing with me. When I nodded, he wrapped his arms around me again. “I’m not ready to propose to you yet, but I can’t see myself marrying anyone else. Give me some time, okay?”
“Okay, babe. That seems fair,” I smiled, then put an arm around his waist. “Can we tell the guys that we’re all good now?”
He chuckled, “I think they already know, love.” He spun me around and the rest of the guys were standing there, smiling and leaning against each other.
Liam had his phone pointed at us, “Got it on twitcam!”
“Liam, oh my god.” I laughed out loud at him, then walked up to the guys. Harry was behind me. “I just want to say thank you to all you guys. You really showed me how much you care about me. Thanks for getting through to Harry.”
Louis smiled and gave me a big hug. “We’d do anything for you, love.”
Liam winked, “But, if Harry breaks up with you again, I get to take you out, alright?”
“Deal,” I chuckled as I saw Harry give Liam a dirty look from over my shoulder.
Everything was perfect now.

Well, now everything is wonderful, but will it last? Who knows?

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Par for the Course

Just a little Chris x Maggie fluff for @justhedeepsea​‘s request for a fic featuring the prompts fingertips, game, lips, blush, anger, happy. Thank you for your prompt!! 

Taking a deep breath of the late fall air, Maggie lines up her shot and swings her putter. The little yellow ball flies across the artificial grass, bouncing off the walled edge, before rolling through the scarecrow’s legs and falling right into the hole. 

Maggie squeals and jumps up and down excitedly. That makes her third hole in  one puts her well ahead of her boyfriend in their little game. 

“Yeah, boy! That’s how I do!” she laughs and turns on her heel to look at Chris. His handsome features are turned down in an exaggerated pout, a lock of his blonde hair falling across his forehead as he looks down dejectedly. Maggie bites her lip to hide her smile. He looks ridiculously adorable. She walks over, rubs his arm, and mimics his pout back at him, 

“Aww…are you making that face because you’re losing or because you know I can’t resist kissing you when you go full puppy dog?” 

Chris’s only response is to widen his blue eyes and jut out his lower lip even further. Maggie giggles and stretches up on her tiptoes to place a quick kiss on the tip of his nose. 

“Hey, you missed,” Chris sulks playfully, a hint of a smile beginning to pull at the corners of his lips

“Oh, Chris, Chris, Chris. Haven’t you been paying attention?” Maggie gestures to the mini-golf course. “I never miss.” 

She shoots him a cocky grins before she starts to skip away. She only takes a couple steps before Chris catches her arm and spins her back into his arms. His free hand comes up to cup the back of her head, fingers tangling in her hair, and he kisses her warmly. 

“You can’t distract me with your kisses, Chris Powell,” Maggie murmurs softly, as Chris leans back and rests his forehead against hers and smiles. 

“Can’t I?” 

Chris dips his head and gives her a long, passionate kiss. His arm slides around her waist and Chris pulls her body tightly to his. His lips move her hers in a deep and intense kiss that leaves Maggie feeling flushed and dizzy. When he leans back again, Maggie stumbles a little, her body instinctively following his even with her eyes still pressed closed. When she slowly opens her eyes, Maggie blinks owlishly at him for a moment and Chris grins down at her like a cheshire cat.

“Still not distracted?” he asks as he tucks a strand of hair behind her ear. 

“Nope, not at all,” Maggie replies, mentally cursing the breathless, panting in her voice.  

“Oh, well, it was worth a shot,” Chris shrugs, still smirking at her. 

Maggie shakes her head to clear her thoughts as they move on to the next hole. She watches Chris set up his golf ball and line up his shot. His brow is furrowed in concentration as he swings his club back and forth a few times before hitting the ball. He looks really cute tonight. Dressed in faded jeans, a dark t-shirt, and the brown leather jacket she loves on him, he looks good enough to eat. Down, girl, Maggie commands herself, keep your head in the game! 

A few minutes later, Chris manages to come in two under par. 

“Not bad, Captain Powell, not bad. Let me show you how the pros do it,” Maggie brags as she walks up to the tee. 

“The pros?” Chris laughs and Maggie relishes the warm feeling the sounds infuses in her. 

God, she loves hearing him happy. All the stress of captaining the football team is still hanging over his head, especially heading off to Nationals soon, but for now she’s happy they’ve managed to push it aside for tonight. Hopefully, their date night will help relieve some his stress and let Chris head off to the championships feeling more relaxed and excited than stressed and worried. 

Maggie sets her ball on the tee and leans over it, glancing back and forth between the ball and the hole a few times. Just as she’s about to swing, Chris speaks up. 

“You know, maybe I need to study your technique up close.”  

Maggie feels the long line of Chris’s warm body line up against her back as he steps up behind her. He rests his hands on her forearms for a moment before slowly sliding them down her arms. His fingertips just barely brush against her skin and leave a line of goosebumps in their wake. When his hands reach hers, Chris intertwines their fingers so he’s grasping her golf club along with her. Maggie swallows hard and takes a quick deep breath as she tries to keep her cool despite Chris’s distractions. She wonders absently if he can feel the way her heart is thundering in her chest at the feeling of him pressed up against her. 

“You gonna swing that club anytime soon?” Chris’s murmurs low and deep in her ear and Maggie shivers as she feels his voice rumble in his chest against her back.

A faint, warm blush creeps over her cheeks and Maggie glances around the busy mini-golf course at the Hartfeld Fall Festival. The course is filled with families and other couples, all laughing and enjoying the uncharacteristically warm fall night. Thankfully, there’s no one playing immediately after them and it doesn’t look like anyone has noticed the intimate embrace Chris has her in. 

“I would take my shot,” Maggie replies, voice trembling just slightly, “but my boyfriend is trying to distract me and get us in trouble for public indecency.”

Chris chuckles, his breath warm against her neck. 

“Nothing indecent here. Just a couple of young lovebirds teaching each other how golf,” he pauses for a moment. “Now, if I were to do something like this….” Chris tilts his head and places line of gentle love bites on the soft skin of her neck. He rolls his tongue over the spots before kissing her neck tenderly. Maggie gasps as her knees weaken. She grips the golf club tightly, leaning it against the ground to prop herself up. 


“Take your shot, Maggie.” 

Maggie takes a another breath, trying to ignore the way even that small movement presses her even more closely to Chris’s chest, and swings her club. She and Chris watch with bated breath as the ball flies across the green, bounces around a corner and flies right into the jack-o-lantern’s mouth and into the hole.

“YES!!!” Maggie shouts happily and turns in Chris’s arms. She beams up at him as he looks down at her in wonderment. 

“Wow, Maggie,” Chris smiles down at her. “You are a golf goddess.”

“Hell yeah I am,” Maggie says proudly. She drops her club and wraps her arms around Chris’s neck. His hands settle on her waist, squeezing gently. “It doesn’t make you angry, does it? Losing to a girl?”

“Nope, not one little bit,” Chris smiles at her tenderly. “Especially if that girl is you. Seeing you win only makes me happy…and a little jealous…but mostly happy.”

Maggie laughs and kisses him again. She’s going to miss him so much over winter break, but she’s pretty sure memories like this will help keep her warm even on the coldest nights. 


Dirk: Stop moving damn it i’m trying to get this thing out of your chest-


Dirk: Can you not do this while I’m trying to fix you?


I visited Maui for a week and I was inspired by how beautiful the beaches, the clouds, and the sunsets are. It reminded me of Destiny Islands, so I made Kingdom Hearts cut out art and took photos <3 I made these by drawing in my sketchbook, cutting them out, and waiting for the wind to be friendly enough for me to take a proper photo with my phone. I got hella sunburnt, but it was worth to get these shots <3


the war : the power of music tracklist  °☆ :*


My shot for @tazanimated !!!! I don’t animate very often at all lately so I’m especially glad I got this extra motivation to get something done and cleaned up. So excited to see the finished project all together!

Good Girls Don’t

There are a lot of things good girls don’t. They don’t laugh too loud, they don’t dress too short, they don’t swear and they don’t put themselves out there. They wait, and they do it while sitting properly in their pristine white dresses, with their hands crossed over their laps and their back sitting up straight.

There’s a lot of things good girls don’t and getting their panties wet every time they see a guy is definitely one of them.

You rubbed your thighs together as your fingers pressed tightly to the table you were sitting on, trying to hold on to a reality that was slipping away as you looked at him. You imagined the taste of his skin, and how it must have felt against yours when he was lying on top of you, and you thought about the fire of his kiss, and how it probably tasted like peppermint and just a tiny hint of sin. You thought about heaven and having him lie next to you at night.

The fire that had settled in your lower tummy was going to consume you all at any moment, and you shifted in your seat, trying to release some of the pressure that had built between your legs. You were definitely wet.

But as much as you tried, you couldn’t stop thinking about him, imagining yourself on your knees while your eyes obediently locked in with his. You imagined your lips wrapping around the two fingers he was offering to you, and the light bob you would do to take them all the way in, while your tongue pressed to them to suck them lightly, looking at him as his eyes, usually green and sweet, turned dark, the burning lust covering them as he gazed down at you. You even imagined the light gag of your throat as he pushed his fingers all the way in, and the moan that bubbled up from your very core when he slid them out, the strings of spit that fell down making you blush as you looked down.

“Look at me, yeah?” He would say, with his voice a little raspier than usual as he kneeled in front of you. “C’mon, kitten, look at me.” He would repeat his command slowly, a smirk curling up the corner of his lips as your eyes fluttered open to obey him. “Look at me while I fuck ya with my fingers, yeah? Use all that spit you left. Were you imagining my cock?” He would ask, his smirk growing bigger as you nodded, still unable to speak your own words, as your heart was knotting on your throat and beating rapidly at the sight of him. “You’re such a fucking good girl.”

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Coffee Shops and Scars

Request: “hello there! your works are absolutely amazing and I enjoy reading them so much~ keep doing what you do!!! I would love to request a soulmate au where both newt and reader can feel and witness each other’s pain and even fresh wounds on their own body!! (eg. if newt gets a paper cut, so does the reader at the same time) welcome to the angst train _(:3/”

Word Count: 3,434

Pairing: Newt x Reader

Warning: Mentions of blood

Requested by @ah-excuse-me but also tagging @caseoffics and @red-roses-and-stories

Your friend holds a bowl of popcorn out to you when it happens.

You curse and grab your arm, curling up and grimacing.

“Again?” Is all Maria says, placing the bowl back in her lap and taking a handful of popcorn.

You groan. “I’m going to kill this idiot when I meet him.”

She laughs. “You’re going to kill your soulmate?”

“Yes.” You grumble.

“Well, how bad is it this time?” She crunches the popcorn in her mouth as the two of you ignore the record droning on in the background.

You remove your hand from your bicep. A red patch of skin grows under where your hand was clutched, bubbling up in the center. You hiss at the sight.

“Oh, that’s disgusting. Do you have your medkit?”

You nod, squeezing your eyes shut. “How the hell did he get a burn there?” You mumble, reaching to your hip and unlatching the medkit you carry with you. It holds everything from tiny bandages to a tourniquet. The tourniquet was a joke gift from another friend when they’d noticed all the scars covering your body, but you’re not so sure you won’t need it someday.

“Leaned against an open oven?”

“With their upper arm?”

She shrugs, tossing more popcorn into her mouth. “Possible.”

“Whatever.” You dig around in the bag and find the bottle of burn cream. You’d bought it six months before and used half of it already.

Maria looks back to the record player, watching the disk spin. “You’re missing the best part of the song.”

“I’m sorry, I’m a little busy.” You spit. You’d been having a perfectly good night before your soulmate had to go and do something stupid.

You finish applying the burn cream when a deep cut suddenly rips opens on your left forearm. A trail of blood rushes out of it, dripping onto your blanket before you can grab anything.

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