Vanessa and I went down to the local Cable Airport and set up another double exposure shot. We’re really starting to like these. Unfortunately, I pressed the shutter release down too hard in a panic trying to catch the airplane in frame…and we have camera movement between shots. Stay tuned for more of these.



Heading home from a visit at the Cibola county prison with my friend and her mum, we decided to stop off the I-40 and do some much needed retail therapy . After a night in Flagstaff we continued our journey home, stopping in Williams, AZ for a bite to eat. It was already a much different scene than we had witnessed last September, a fresh blanket of snow covered this touristy town. I must admit I was beyond thrilled! Sitting in my booth at the Pine Country Restaurant, I watched the snow gather on the once freshly shoveled sidewalks…and fell in love all over again with Arizona.