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Re-Watching Merlin: My Thoughts

While re-watching Once Upon a Time, I realized that I really didn’t like doing the individual episode posts. I was going to do a post at the end of each season for this, but watching on Netflix makes it kinda hard to distinguish between seasons, so I’m just gonna do my thoughts on the whole series.

• I watched this show for the first time in 2014 and I haven’t really watched it since. I didn’t realize how much I missed it.

• I forgot how funny the show is.

• I think the two episodes in season 2 where Uther marries the troll is my favorite.

• I thought the eye thing was so interesting. Like, I’ve never seen that before in any show or movie where characters have/use magic. I thought having magic character’s eyes glow when they used magic was really unique.

• A while back, there was this TV show on Shotine called Camelot. It starred Jamie Campbell Bower as Arthur. That show was my first experience with the Arthurian legend. I didn’t know hardly anything about the legend, but watching that show made me curious. So, that’s why I started watching Merlin. And of course, Once Upon a Time also features Arthur and Camelot in season 5. I love that all 3 shows feature completely different versions of the Arthurian legend. And I think that’s why I love that legend so much. Because no two versions are the same. I mean, it’s all the same characters: Arthur, Guinevere, Merlin, Lancelot, etc, but every version is so different. Although, I do think that this show (Merlin) is my favorite version.


Okay since the series finale is so fresh in my mind, I’ll talk about that.

• I would like to see a spin-off film of just the aftermath of Camelot after Arthur’s death. I don’t want a whole television series, just one movie. It would be about like Guinevere’s first year as Queen. Does magic get legalized? Does Merlin return to Camelot after Arthur’s death?

• I really wish Gwaine’s last words hadn’t been “I failed.”

• I’m glad the writers had Morgana die in the end. I think it was one thing to kill of Arthur, but if Morgana had lived that would’ve just made everything so much worse.

• The Arthurian legend was said to take place around the 6th century (500-599 CE). That was about 1,600 years ago. Even if Merlin did go back to Camelot, he still would’ve had to watch everyone there die overtime. Did Camelot fall after Guinevere’s death or did she have an heir? And that brings up a question that I’d like an answer to, but I also don’t: What if Guinevere was pregnant? What if Arthur got her pregnant some time before the battle?

I think, for me, the saddest part about the show wasn’t that Arthur died. It’s that Merlin had to live on. For 1,600 years he had to live on and watch the world change. I wonder what became of him after Camelot fell. What became of him after the Norman invasion in 1066? What became of him during the Dark Ages, the Renaissance, the Industrial Revolution, the 20th and 21st centuries?

• Kilgarah mentioned that Arthur will return when Britain’s need is most great. I gotta be honest, I immediately thought of Brexit. Does that mean Arthur is going to return now? I wonder what he’d think of the world now? What about the Queen? Would it be like a Game of Thrones-type situation between Arthur and Elizabeth? Or would Elizabeth just be like, “it’s your rightful throne”?

I have unanswered questions.

Honestly, the last stuff about Arthur returning is just kind of a joke. But the stuff about Camelot immediately following Arthur’s death and the stuff about Guin’s reign…that I’m totally serious about. I guess that’s why fan fiction is for.

Are there any good fics like that? A fic about like the first few months of Guin’s reign after Arthur’s death? I’d like to read them.