Thunder Five

A gigantic snub nose revolver chambered in .45 LC & .410 Shotshell. It is not a copy of the Taurus Judge or Smith & Wesson Governor; it predates both of those revolvers. One of the few revolvers that has an ambidextrous safety lever that disengages the hammer. There was a variant with a .45-70 Govt cylinder which was designed to by pass state laws regarding shotgun shell chambered pistols/revolvers. You can actually still find caliber adapters that will allow you to use .22 LR, .380 ACP and 9x19mm in this revolver, making it a fun multi-caliber plinker. (GRH)


Che Guevara’s Shotgun Mortar

During revolutions and insurgent movements shotguns are often people weapons of guerrilla fighters.  They are cheap, easy to use, and plentiful. During the Cuban Revolution, the Communist revolutionary Che Guevara loved the shotgun, mentioning it often his his book Guerrilla Warfare. One weapon popular during the Cuban Revolution was an improvised mortar called the M-16.  Not to be confused with the American assault rifle called the M-16, it was so named because it used either a double barrel or single barrel 16 gauge shotgun, which were very popular among Cuban sport shooters and hunters. A bipod was typically mounted on the shotgun to aid in aiming. The M-16 was fired a molotov cocktail for a warhead, usually attached to a rod or broomstick which was inserted into the muzzle and fit the barrel snugly. It was then fired using a blank shotgun shell, often a regular shotgun shell with the shot removed.

Apparently the M-16 could fire a molotov cocktail accurately at a 100 yards. They were often used effectively against lightly armored vehicles such as buses and trucks, which the Batista government commonly used to move government troops. 

the sons of eschatology

Summary“This is a really terrible idea,” you said, to distract yourself from the rough hemp rope biting into your wrists. “He doesn’t respond well to threats.”

Genre: Supernatural, Romance, Horror (Supernatural (the TV series) AU)

Rating: Teen and Up (short but graphic violence)

Length: 3.2k

A/N: <3

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“This is a really terrible idea,” you said, to distract yourself from the rough hemp rope biting into your wrists.

The hunter standing guard by the window of the cabin took a second to glare at you before immediately turning his attention back to the dark forest outside. He held a shotgun full of salt shells in his hands, the worn plaid shirt drawn up around his elbows to reveal jagged white scars marring his tan forearms. An anti-possession tattoo has been burned into the inside of both wrists.


You glanced at the other hunter of the pair, the one sitting leisurely by the fireplace with a bible held in hand, an almost sleepy expression on his face. A black pearl rosary hung from his other hand, his fingers idly playing with the white cross poised amongst the beads. The collar of his thin grey shirt dipped below his collarbones, pasty white skin with a smattering of dark chest hair showing through the gap. His anti-possession tattoo made an ugly black scar across the base of his throat. “And what makes you say that, sweetheart?”

Despite bristling inside at the drawled ‘sweetheart,’ your face remained impassive, your voice even. “He doesn’t respond well to threats.”

“Huh,” the man hummed thoughtfully, head tilted to the side as he watched you. One of his eyes looks glassy and opaque, the iris devoid of the same thick brown as the other. “Imagine that. A demon with a temper, who would’ve guessed.”

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Ok tho for real, between Reaper and s76, who do you think is the more embarrassing Overwatch dad? Keep in mind, Reaper:

-Wears owl/skull/plague doctor masks at all times, unironically
-Just dresses Like That in general
-Tells dad jokes like “Dead man walking”, “I’m back in Black” and “I’m dressed to kill” about himself. To no one in particular. Also unironically
-Uses his bullshit zombie magic to obtain infinite guns + then throw them everywhere instead of reloading
-Makes 60 year old basketball references abt the Lakers
-Keeps shotgun shells all over his outfit despite, again, throwing his guns everywhere and never reloading them
-Has pretty mariachi outfits to bring on missions. Also brings his guitar. On missions
-John Freeman Beard


Morrison can and will wear this:

OTs-20 Gnom -  12.5x40mm STs-110

A rather odd gun, the Gnom serves as one of the few revolvers to come out of Russia. Intended originally to replace the older Makarov PM with street police, it was to be a very large caliber 5 shot revolver. 

The Gnom is also interesting in it’s ammo, 12.5x40mm. Derived from the 32 Gauge shotgun shell, this was intended to maximize stopping power as well as allow more different loading than other revolver cartridges. This included a number of less-lethal ammo consisting of rubber baton rounds or tear gas. Even more so, the guns are smoothbore so these custom rounds can work.

Due to this, the guns are fairly inaccurate at anything past close range, and this left them a bit unliked in the hands of Russian police. So far only 200 guns have been made since the program began in 1993, mostly used by the MVD who need a large caliber option.

So my brain imagined that Grif has used the very old trick of placing some sacks under his blanket and make it look like a body, so Simmons will be bitching at the sack (now named Zack, ‘cause it deserves a name) instead of Grif whenever he is hiding somewhere else ‘cause he really needs a nap. And then Simmons will be scolding the sack, bicker with it, and when he receives no reply he ends up stumbling right into a love-confession.

“Hey, fatass! Get up before Sarge decides to shoot you again! You know he’s just waiting for an excuse to open the new supply of shotgun shells we just received.
Grif, I know you’re not sleeping – I’m not hearing any snores!
You can’t just count on me to wake you up every time. There’s a reason why I gave that alarm clock. And you can’t keep saying it’s broken because I fucking saw you remove the batteries. That’s not broken – that’s vandalism!
Seriously? You’re really just gonna ignore me like that? Way to prove Wash right, Grif. You are immature.
…No come-back? What, are you pissed or something? The alarm clock was a good gift – it was for your own fault! I don’t know if you just prefer Sarge’s beating or…
Is it because I threw out your snack cakes? You know they’re not good for you! Just because you don’t care if you die from a heart attack doesn’t mean I can’t try to change your disgusting habits. So sulk all you want – this is just tough love! I mean, not love like… You know what I mean! I don’t care about you like that – not that I don’t care, ‘cause if I didn’t care, I’d let you die from your damn heart attack, you slob, and I can’t let you break my heart like that! Uh, my heart as in the transplanted organ not –“

“Why are you talking with Zack?”

“Grif?! Wha- how are you-? Wait, what- Who’s Zack?!”

*Grif walks over and pulls away the blanket, revealing the sack filled with Donut’s and Doc’s organic vegetables* “Gotta find some use for this stuff.”

“You’re so fucking stupid.”

Bonus would be Donut sitting next to the bed, emptying his heart for hours, believing Grif to be a very good listener, and Sarge finally revealing Zack and conclude that Zack is still a better soldier than Grif.

Think about Reaper getting fucked up on a mission, and literally thrown off a cliff into the ocean or some shit. His team thinks he’s dead and gone but he just washes up like some waterlogged cat, to find it’s not Sombra or Widowmaker or one of his shitty Talon grunts pulling him out of the water, but McCree. McCree who he was previously shooting to kill. He finds himself stripped of his wet armor and wrapped up with McCree’s serape in some fairly nice hotel room with Jesse flitting about and ordering him some hot soup. 

At first he thinks about just killing him in his sleep and returning to Talon, but he can’t help but melt at his ex-charge’s warm words and soft looks. The fact that despite everything, McCree still cares, makes him feel something good for once. Instead, he quietly steals away in the night, one of Jesse’s lucky rifle bullets replaced with a shotgun shell. 

Halloween Prompts pt. 2
  1. Which part sounded good to you? The party in the woods? The party in the woods, In the abandoned cabin? Or the anonymous text that was sent to you about the first two? “ 
  2. “’Let’s split up’, bet not be what you were going to say.”
  3. “Our house is the only house who’s lights went out, why is that?”
  4. “Bodies are coming to life, time to go.”
  5. “Why would you go and investigate the strange noise?”
  6. “So I’m the only one that, saw the unicorn run across the yard?”
  7. “We all know, that Bob will be the first to die.”
  8. “I have a shotgun and shell with your name on it.”
  9. “They don’t have shadows.”
  10. “What about, don’t go outside, don’t you understand?”
  11. “You’re worried that it might be hurt.  I’m more worried about the fact it has two heads.”
  12. “Where do monster go, during the day?”
  13. “We’ve all been marked.”
  14. “Well not believing in it,  isn’t going to stop it from coming after you.
  15. “Yup hiding under the bed from this thing, sound like an excellent idea.”
  16. “I really thought kicking a demon in the balls, would stop it.”
  17. “They’re not answering, because they’re dead.
  18. “Everyone is screwed because of you.” 
  19. “Stay in the light.”
  20. “I’ll stay in the car, while you guys party with ghost.”
  21. “The moon is full today.”
  22. “Being part angel, has it’s perks sometimes.”
  23. “Reading from ancient books, never a good idea.”
  24. “Why are you just sitting there, RUN!”
  25. “It’s my nightmare come to life.”
  26. “It isn’t over, yet.”
  27. “Trust no one tonight.”
  28. “There’s only two hours left till daylight, I think we are going to make it.”
  29. “I just want to go home.”
  30. “Why does it keep coming?”
  31. “I really hate this night.”
NBK will be the ultimate revenge, to our shitlists, the pigs, everyone! We’ll fuckin ‘take care of business’ to be sure, So Indigo, as we near the day of fate … AAAA FUCKIT! Just let it come. They will know when gods get pissed of … the little pussies will feel the shotgun shells & the bullets. Just like that little piglet at community service. They need to die sooo bad. Now they will
—  Dylan Klebold (a.k.a VoDkA) 

anonymous asked:

Hello, so, for a story I want to write, I want one of the characters to use a "shotgun gauntlet" where the barrel is placed on the back of the hand, and it's fired by closing the fist. My question is, how plausible/effective would that be?

I’m not sure about shotguns, but a couple hundred .38 caliber, glove-mounted, punch guns were issued by the US Navy in World War II. As far as I know, none of them ever saw use in combat. The design expected you to actually throw a punch, the force of the impact would depress the trigger and fire.

Because of how short the barrel would be, you’d basically be restricted to putting barrel close to, or direct contact with, the victim. To be fair, shotgun shells are (comparatively) low power, so it’s not any less viable than a .38 cartridge.

The big downside with these things was, you couldn’t use them at range and they were single shot (with a cumbersome reloading process).

So, no, these are real, they’re just not very useful. They are an interesting historical curiosity, though.


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My exchangelock gift for hells-bells-shotgun-shells!!

She requested Sherlolly, where Molly unknowingly breaks Sherlock’s heart. This was fun, since it’s a pairing I really haven’t explored at all. I hope this isn’t a super cliché scenario in the Sherlolly fandom? idk So kinda an AU where Molly doesn’t get engaged until a little later in S3, and Sherlock finds out while attempting to ask her out… :(

Anyway, Merry (late) Christmas, and a Super Happy New Year!!