shotgun shuts their cakehole

Driver picks the music, shotgun shuts his cakehole.

I just realized that Jared and Jensen almost always sit or stand in the same configuration.

I was like, “I wonder why that is?”

And then it hit me…

They are perpetually driver/shotgun in real life, too. They naturally fall into that.

help me

I’m rewatching 12x10, specifically the scene where TFW are in the diner with Ishim and there’s a part where Ishim says something along the lines of “When I knew Castiel, he was and angel’s angel” and I can’t help but think of someone saying “He was a man’s man” in relation to a family member who came out as gay.

the road trip ☼ stiles stilinski

request : hii! love your writing! could you write an imagine where Stiles and the reader are dating and they go on a road trip and just fluff. thanks <3

word count : 2.7K

author’s note : this deviates from the original request in the aspect that the reader and stiles are not yet together, but are getting there. thank you for requesting and for reading !! 

  “Stiles? Any reason why you’re half asleep in front of my locker right now?” Y/N peered down at her friend, whom, as stated previously, was slumped in front of her locker with his backpack curled in his arms and his lips parted in a way that told pretty much everyone he was on the verge of passing out. He jerked awake suddenly, a familiar spasm of flailing limbs that Y/N had seen on many occasions previous to this one. 

   He got to his feet, slinging his bag over his shoulder and greeting Y/N with an all encompassing hug that lifted her slightly off her feet because of how tight it was and made her heart do a little nervous flip because of who was doing the hugging. “Sorry, was waiting up for you ‘cause I have a question but then… well, you know the rest,” he gestured to where he had been sleeping just moments before with a little laugh and an awkward rubbing of the back of his neck. Y/N noted that boys do that quite often, from what she’s seen. 

  She touched a hand to the back of her own neck to see if it brought her the same sort of comfort that it seemed to bring every boy she had ever come into contact with, but she just felt odd, so she brought her hand back to her side.  

    “Oh,” Y/N smiled at him, she couldn’t help it, and turned to open her locker as he leaned against the row next to hers. “So, what was the question, buddy?” She prodded, thrusting her bag into Stiles’ hands without warning and instructing him to open it for her. She adjusted her hair in the mirror on the door before chucking it into her bag along with the books she hadn’t bothered to bring home already. She knew for a fact that Stiles had cleaned out his locker ages ago and only insisted on coming back to school every day for two purposes: he had nothing better to do, and he loved the vexed look that would cross Bobby Finstock’s face whenever the man glimpsed the lanky eighteen year old in the hallways. 

    The look on coach’s face was enough to send Stiles running down the hallway with a gleeful look on his face, screaming at the top of his lungs how much he loves Finstock until Lydia’s mother was called out of her office to stop the disturbance he was causing. 

   He had been paying more attention to the side of Y/N’s face than the words coming out of her mouth up until she slammed the locker shut, causing Stiles to flinch and jerk back. “Ouch, Y/N, cool it with the slamming, would ya?” 

   “You were gawking at me like an idiot,” she explained, not letting him justify himself before she continued on, “What was your question, again?” 

    Stiles, struggling to recover from his faux pas but failing due to the new color in his cheeks, placed Y/N’s bag on the ground and made sure it was secure before answering her. “Right, that…” He paused, not sure if he wanted to ask her the question anymore after what had just happened. If he couldn’t manage to keep his cool around her for a mere five minutes, how was he supposed to manage doing so for what was most likely going to be a trip that was a week long, possibly more depending on the amount of stops they made. She waited patiently as ever. Y/N had learned to be patient when it came to Stiles.  

    “Um, well, I was just wondering if you maybe, possibly, wanted to go on a little bit of what sort of is an adventure with me this summer?” Before Y/N could answer, Stiles was talking again. “Well, okay, it’s not really an adventure and it’s more of a thing where I don’t wanna go move into my dorm alone and I was wondering if you wanted to go with me on the drive and help me move in and stuff. It’s a two day drive with no stops but I figure you’ll probably wanna stop and whatnot and that’s fine as long as you’re with me on the trip and then I’ll pay for your plane ticket back I just really want someone to drive with me and also I need you to drive because I lost my license inside that stupid wild hunt train station….” 

   Y/N gaped at him for a second. She was slightly baffled that so many words had just come out of his mouth, though considering it was Stiles and she had known him since the age of eleven, she probably shouldn’t have been as surprised as she was. “You don’t want Scott to come?” She asked, lifting her bag from the ground and holding it securely in her arms. 

    Stiles, now afraid that she had no desire to accompany him on this road trip and feeling sufficiently embarrassed, said, “Oh, that’d be, you know, cool, but Scott’s staying in California and he still wants to stay for his mom and stuff and you were my first choice to come with me, anyway, but if you don’t want to that’s fine I’ll ask Lydia or something-” 

   “Oh my gosh, Stiles!” Y/N exclaimed with a shake of her head, grabbing his arm before he could run away. “I’ll do the road trip with you! God, calm down sometimes, will you?” 

   He scoffed. “Do you not know me at all, Y/N?” 

     “You can’t complain about the music I listen to.” Y/N told Stiles, stern. He rolled his eyes at her, stacking one box precariously on top of another. She had folded down the backseat of her mother’s car in order to make more room for Stiles’ stuff, since he was moving into his dorm as well. They had fit as much as they could in there for now; he would whatever else he needed when his dad came up before the first day of his classes. 

     “As the passenger of this car, I have a right to complain, Miss Y/N.” 

     “As the person driving your dumbass across the U.S. and then driving myself back, you have absolutely zero right to complain, Mieczyslaw.” Y/N laughed to herself as Stiles let out a loud groan, scowling at her from the passenger seat as she climbed into her car. 

    “Now, you-” he shook his head at her- “you’re terrible. Just terrible. I don’t know why I’m best friends with you. At all. I should be given a large present just for putting up with your bullshit.” 

    “Yeah, yeah, Stiles,” Y/N laughed, patting his knee as she started the car. “Just remember, driver picks the music, shotgun shuts his cakehole.”

     “Stop trying to be Dean Winchester.” 



       He stared at the empty place in front of her as they sat in the diner. Y/N was sipping on her water, confused as to why he was so fixated on the fact that she wasn’t hungry right now. 

       “You’ve gotta be hungry,” he finally said, glancing down at the generous heap of curly fries that were piling on his plate. He had ordered two plates for himself and combined them without realizing that Y/N hadn’t ordered a thing besides the glass of water she had managed to make last throughout the hour. “C’mon, order something.” She shook her head adamantly. 

      “No, no, I’m not hungry, I swear,” she insisted for the third time that hour. It was also because they had about twenty dollars to their name at this point, and they were only halfway to D.C. and needed the credit card to pay for a motel on the nights where they couldn’t bear to sleep in the stuffy car or outside.

      “You’re too stubborn,” he sighed. Stiles took another look at his fries, called the waitress over, and asked for another plate. He shoved more than half of his fries off his plate and onto hers, pushing it toward her. “Eat, okay? For me?” He gave her a tiny smile as he bit into one of his own fries, and Y/N felt her stomach squeeze when that soft grin was sent her way. 

     She was snoring and Stiles couldn’t find it in him to care. He just didn’t. Nothing she did ever bothered him, or could ever bother him. They were in the car, the air conditioner blasting as high as it could go. They were parked somewhere in some state that Stiles couldn’t remember the name of because he was so damn sleep deprived he wasn’t thinking straight. He figured her snoring was what was keeping him up, but waking her up was something he’d rather not do. Mostly because he never seen someone with a look of such serenity on their face whilst they were sleeping; her window was wide open, a pillow was propped on it so she could rest comfortably, and she was doing just that. She looked incredibly peaceful and calm and happy and Stiles loved this look on her. 

    Well, he had grown to love every look on her, but that was a whole different conversation. 

     He reached behind his seat and grabbed a blanket, placing it over her but still careful not to wake her up. Just in case she was cold. Stiles turned away and slumped against his seat, closing his eyes. He was just being a good friend. It didn’t mean anything, right?

    Y/N wakes up first that morning, her eyes peeling open and staring almost directly into the soft rays of the just rising sun. She feels the warmth on her face, the sky a pink so lovely when she looks at it, it could rival the way she feels when Stiles Stilinski looks into her eyes as if maybe he’s in love with her, too. She had felt his hand reaching for hers in the middle of the night, when she was somewhere in between awake and asleep, and had grasped it in hers as tightly as she could. It was a moment she had wanted to keep locked away in her mind forever. 

    “Y/N? You up?” Stiles called out, his voice still raspy with sleep. He released her hand from his as soon as he had woken up, reluctantly so. She hummed in response, glancing over at Stiles as he struggled to sit up. He had twisted himself into an odd sort of pretzel shape in the middle of the night in an effort to get comfortable. He groaned as his back cracked. “Jesus, that was the most uncomfortable I’ve ever been, ever.” 

    “Don’t be a baby,” Y/N said teasingly, sending him a smile. He squeezed his eyes shut, then opened them again. It was too early for such a lovely sight, he thought to himself, rubbing his eyes. Stiles playfully punched her arm in response, not knowing what else to do. “No, but seriously, should we get a motel next time we’re too tired to keep driving?” 

    “Yeah, why not? We haven’t used the credit card yet, we should splurge,” he joked, knowing a motel was not a luxury in the slightest. It was still better than their current situation, though. “I’m cheap, though, so we might have to spring for a single bedroom only. Like, you know, with only one bed.” 

    “I know, Stiles,” she replied, seemingly unfazed. 

    “So… you’re cool with that?” 

    Her heart hammering in her chest, she said, “Why wouldn’t I be?” He shrugged in response, secretly just a little giddy. 

    Stiles worriedly peered out the car window, waiting for Y/N to return from the little convenient store next to the gas station. She had told him she needed to grab a few things from the store but they were down to their last five bucks and they had a good two days to go. And Y/N was pretty much always hungry. Suddenly, the door to the shop flew open and Y/N came running out with multiple bags of snacks in her hands and a mischievous grin on her face. Stiles quickly opened the car door and she threw herself inside, shoving the snacks between them and screaming, “GO, GO, GO!” Alarmed, Stiles fumbled with the keys and was screeching out of the parking lot before they knew it. 

    “Did you just fucking steal those?” 

     “We had two bucks left, Stiles!” 

     Laughing hysterically despite the fact that Y/N could have just became a known fugitive across this town, Stiles beamed at her as he drove. He wasn’t technically supposed to be driving, but he wasn’t thinking about that in this moment. All he could think of was- “God, I love you,” he said, louder than necessary and with more force than he ever thought possible. He said it so loud that the words prevailed over the thump of the music pounding through the car speakers, and he knew once the words slipped past his lips he could never take them back. And maybe he didn’t want to. 

   They were in his dorm room now. She was sitting on his roommate’s bed, the roommate that had yet to arrive, and folding Stiles’ jeans neatly because Stiles was hopeless when it came to neatly putting his clothes away. Stiles was putting his books on the small shelf he had been granted that was next to his new desk, where he had set up his computer already. He had a framed picture of him, Scott, and Y/N on his bedside table. It was almost perfect. He looked over at Y/N, putting the last book on the shelf and taking a deep breath. He sat on his own bed, patting the seat next to him. 

    “You okay, Stiles?”  She placed a hand on his shoulder.

     “Yeah, no, I’m totally fine,” he said, his voice squeaking slightly. His hands were clammy and his lips now felt oddly dry and cracked. He licked them nervously. “I just need to tell you something really, really important.” 

      “Go for it.” Her smile was encouraging, and so he did. 

     He sighed again, struggling to find the right words to tell this girl how he felt, how he had always felt, how he’d been feeling this past week and the way he knew he’d feel for the rest of his life. “Love is… love is stumbling through life with your best friend, you know? It’s this beautiful, wonderful thing. And I think that… that when you think that you’ve found love, then you’ve gotta go for it, right? Well, this is me going for it. You’re my best friend, all right? And you’re my person. The person I wanna spend my life with, as messy and shitty and complicated as it may be. I wanna stumble through life with you, okay? So, I’m just hoping that maybe you’ll wanna stumble through life with me, too.” 

      She didn’t need to think twice before reaching for his face and kissing him, her Stiles, the idiot she loved so much it made her brain hurt sometimes. He was hers, too. And if there was one person she was going to live a messy and wild and unpredictable and great life with, it was going to be him. Stiles pulled away first, bumping his nose against hers playfully. 

    “I don’t want you to leave now,” he frowned, his face still in close proximity to hers as he brushed her hair out of her face. “Wanna transfer schools?” His eyes lit up when he had this idea, but in his heart he knew that going to NYU had been a dream of hers for awhile and he would never ask her to seriously give such a thing up.

    “I’m a three hour drive from you, Stiles, I’ll come to see you all the time. Or you can come to me and I’ll show you around the city,” Y/N kissed him again. “I’m not letting you go now that I’ve got you.” 

     “Likewise, pretty girl,” he said with a stupidly dreamy smile on his face and a blush on his cheeks that wouldn’t leave so long as he had her, and it only took a ridiculously long overdue road trip to bring them together. 

A Winchester fairy tale

Who’s in the mood for some fluffy Dean? You’ve come to the right place then. Written for @katymacsupernatural and her challenge for having 2k followers (and I highly recommend giving this girl a follow there is something for everyone). I picked the Disney quote “love is putting someone else’s needs before yours”

Characters: Dean x Reader

Word count: 643

Warnings: Dean being a cutie, maybe slightly angsty at the start

“You love me.”

Silence is the reply you get to your words. And it’s not the comfortable silence that you usually have with Dean. It’s been a while since your friendship with him turned into something more, and your room at the bunker became nothing more then your walk-in wardrobe.
He’s stood dead still, looking like a rabbit caught in headlights.
“Look, forget I said anything, OK?”

The next couple of days are awkward. We’re out on a hunt and could only get one motel room, so there’s no way of avoiding one another. By the time we finally gank the dick and head home, all of us, including Sam, are ready for a break.
The next evening, I’m headed to the kitchen when I realise it’s quiet – too quiet.
“Dean? Sam?”
Walking round the corner of the kitchen stairs, I stop in my tracks. There’s a small table set up, complete with candles everywhere, and next to it stands an adorably awkward Dean.
“Hey Y/N. Um…you weren’t meant to come in here just yet.”
“Dean..” You can’t believe that he’s gone to all this effort.
“Can we talk? About the other day. But after we’ve eaten? I made your favourite.”

You spend the next hour or so enjoying dinner. Dean’s an amazing cook and the kitchen is one of his favourite places in the bunker, and you have no doubt it’s because of his nature to look after everyone.
The slight tremor in Dean’s voice has you leaning over to grab his hand.
“The other night…when you said that I loved you…”
“Dean, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to pressure you or anything.  I know that I’ve said I love you but I don’t want you to think I need you to say it to me.”
“I do, though. It’s just hard for me to say the words.”
“Well if you never do, that’s OK. I know you love me Dean.”
“Do you?”
The look on Dean’s face has your heart breaking. This strong, brave man has the biggest heart and he doesn’t even realise it. Letting go of his hand, you walk round the table and plant yourself in his lap.
“You show me that you love me. Every single day. Whether it’s cooking my favourite food like you did tonight or going to get me chocolate when I’m PMS-ing. The way you let me choose the music in Baby even though you always say driver picks the music, shotgun shuts their cakehole. When we’re on a hunt and you always make sure I’m OK, but you never make me feel like I’m some damsel in distress you need to protect.”

Putting my hands on the sides of his face, I look him straight in those green eyes, watering as much as you know yours are.
“But do you know how I know for sure? Because, love is putting someone else’s needs before yours. That’s what you do Dean, and not just for me either. You do it for Sam, Cas, Jody and the girls, Donna….the list is endless.”
“Whatever you say, Olaf.”
“Yeah, you definitely love me.”
“What makes you so sure?”
Wrapping my arms around his waist and leaning against the broad muscles of his chest, I listen to the steady sound of his heart.
“Because how else would you know that I’d just quoted Frozen at you?”
“Good point” chuckles Dean, planting a kiss on the top of my head, “But just so you know, I will deny it if anyone asks.”
“God forbid anyone finds out you’re a sucker for a Disney movie.”
“Fine! But just so you know, you’re definitely my prince charming.”
“Well you can be my princess any day.”
“I love you, Dean.”
“I love you too, Y/N.”
The smile on my face takes a while to disappear.

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Female Winchesters

Characters: Dean x Reader, Amanda (Reader’s sister), Sam

Word Count: 3,022

Warnings: just fluff here with a side of implied smut at the end for all you Dean girls

Request: Can I request one where the reader is a badass chick and she hunts with her little sister and they’re basics like the female Winchesters and a pairing of Sam, Dean or Cas? If you don’t mind. :) 

Author’s Note:  If you want to be tagged, leave an ask or message and I’ll add you! Same goes for my Series Rewrite! If you want to request a fic, please send them in! I love writing what you guys want!

Feedback is always appreciated

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Originally posted by mishaisgodaf

“Amanda! Would you hurry up? The spirit is going to end up killing more people! Who cares if your hair is perfect or not.” You said, rolling your eyes. Your younger sister was a pain in the ass sometimes. You were the more chill one, being ready in .2 seconds.

“I’m coming! God, you’re worse than mom, you know that?” She said, coming out in her FED suit. She was the tallest person ever, coming up to 6’. You were barely 5’7 and even though both of your parents were short, she still managed to be a tall ass motherfucker.

“Don’t compare me to mom. It was bad enough she brought us into this life.” You said, pulling on your jacket.

“I know. But hey, we had each other. That’s all that mattered.” She said with a smile.

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Supernatural — Dean quotes  {Sentence Starters}

  • “I think I’m adorable.”
  • “You gonna kiss me?”
  • “I didn’t know, I’m sorry.”
  • “All right, all right, quit bragging.”
  • “It’s okay, I’m not gonna hurt you.”
  • “You don’t care. You have to care.”
  • “I wish I couldn’t feel a damn thing!”
  • “What exactly are you accusing me of?”
  • “I’ve been asking you for DAYS, you dick!”
  • “I read ‘pie’. The rest is just blah, blah, blah.”
  • “Or he’s possessed. Seriously. Think about it.”
  • “You’re not gonna let me die in peace, are you?”
  • “If you fudging touch me again, I’ll fudging kill you!”
  • “Oh. These locks look like they’re gonna be a bitch.”
  • “I’m ok. I killed so many people on the way over here.”
  • “Driver picks the music. Shotgun shuts his/her cakehole.”
  • “What kind of douchebag names a character after himself?”
  • “I know it’s not easy, but I’m gonna die and you can’t stop it.”
  • “As long as I’m around, nothing bad is gonna happen to you.”
  • “But it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t fight. We do have choices.”
  • “Well, I hate to be a downer, but we’ve got a problem right now.”
  • “Hey, you leave my baby alone! She’s got nothing to do with this!”
  • “All I’m saying is, you vanish like that again, I’m not looking for you.”
  • “You need more laughter in your life, you know. You’re way too tense.” 
  • “Look, you wanted me back in the game, I’m back in the damn game.”
  • “Just because you’re blood doesn’t mean you’re family. You have to earn it.”
Supernatural Sentence Starters

“I wish i couldn’t feel a damn thing.”
“Driver picks the music, shotgun shuts his cakehole.”
“I think i’m adorable”
“I lost my shoe”
“I’m sorry i haven’t hung up the “Hang in there” kitty poster yet, ____”
“Please accept this sandwich as a gesture of solidarity”
“Kids ain’t supposed to be grateful! They’re suppose to eat your food, break your heart!”
“And you’re… well, i’m sure you have a wonderful personality, dear.”
“Dude, you fugly.”
“I found a liquor store, and i drank it.”
“You fudgin’ touch me again i’ll fudgin’ kill you!”
“I’m not going to die in a hospital where the nurses aren’t even hot.”
“You better take care of that car or i swear i’ll haunt your ass!”
“No one in the history of torture’s been tortured with the torture like the torture you’ll be tortured with.”
“Not you, or me. ____ of course is an abomination. We’ll just have to find someone else.”
“Dude. You’re not gonna poke her with a stick!”
“___, we’ve talked about this. Personal space?”
“We’re all going to hell. Might as well enjoy the ride.”
“I’m the oldest which means i’m always right.”
“You don’t have to be ruled by fate. You can choose freedom. And i still believe that’s something worth fighting for.”
“Hey, assbutt!”
“I swear the next person who ask’s me if i’m okay, i’m going to start throwing punches.”
“Well boohoo, I’m sorry your feelings are hurt, Princess.”
“__, you’re my brother, and i love you, but you’re a great big bag of dicks.”
“Let me tell you, whoever said ___ was the dysfunctional one has never seen you with a sharp object in your hands.”
“I hope your apple pie is freakin’ worth it!”

so since its never confirmed whether they have a “driver picks the music shotgun shuts her cakehole” rule or a “i drive you play your music” rule, i really want a scene in the new book with skul and val just viciously fighting over the music in the bentley

like skul wants his old man music on the radio and val wants to plug her phone in and play imagine dragons and they keep turning each others music off and snarking about it and omen is just sat in the back in silence like (’O.O)

The Dean Winchester Starters Pack;

Mix of angst, humor and various other emotions.

❝ It’s a treasure. ❞
❝ Next time someone asks me if I’m okay, I’m gonna start throwing punches! ❞
❝ I know what you’re thinking. Why’d it have to be clowns? ❞
❝ Why do you think I drive everywhere? ❞
❝ Dude, you fugly. ❞
❝ It’s like I finally see a light at the end of this ugly ass tunnel. ❞
❝ I wish I couldn’t feel a damn thing. ❞
❝ You know I love the guy, but I swear he writes like freaking Yoda. ❞ 
❝ You stink like sex. ❞
❝ I owe you the biggest “I told you so” ever. ❞
❝ Yeah, MySpace, what the hell is that? ❞
❝ Everybody keeps asking me that, but… no. ❞
❝ I think I’m adorable. ❞
❝ I’m not gonna die in a hospital where the nurses aren’t even hot. ❞
❝ Dude, he/she wants me to meet his/her parents. I don’t do parents. ❞
❝ This weight on my shoulders. Man, I’m tired of it. ❞
❝ You mean “protection against a demon” salt or “oops, I spilled the popcorn” salt? ❞
❝ We know a little about a lot of things. Just enough to make us dangerous. ❞
❝ Driver picks the music, shotgun shuts his cakehole. ❞
❝ First I’m gonna find that handsome devil and kick the holy crap outta him. ❞
❝ Say you’ll take care of yourself. ❞
❝ You can take your peace and shove it up your lily-white ass. ❞
❝ You are not gonna die a virgin. Not on my watch. ❞
❝ You’re serious? You’re gonna walk in there and tell him the truth? ❞
❝ We’ve talked about this. Personal space? ❞
❝ Hey, look! A monster broke my leg. ❞
❝ Pardon me, do you have any Grey Poupon? ❞
❝ Dude, could you be more gay? ❞
❝ You fudging touch me again, I’ll fudging kill you! ❞
❝ Gimme the baby, or I’ll stab you in your throat. ❞
❝ I bet it’s not even sharp. ❞
❝ You don’t stop being a soldier because you got wounded in battle. ❞
❝ Don’t make me lose you, too. ❞
❝ Dude, stow the touchy-feely-self-help yoga crap! ❞
❝ No chick flick moments. ❞
❝ What, are you allergic to straight answers, you son of a bitch?! ❞
❝ Pretend he has boobs. ❞
❝ If you walk out that door, don’t ever come back. ❞
❝ I like to think it’s because of my perky nipples. ❞
❝ Don’t ever change. ❞
❝ I’m proud of us.  ❞
❝ Not for nothing, last time someone looked at me like that… I got laid. ❞