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Speaking of Arashi, consider the possibility that Yuri Katsuki might be cast as a guest on VS Arashi - or maybe Shiyagare. VS figure skaters team, perhaps. They had some skaters on Shiyagare this year, but all I remember is that 1) skating is expensive- with a price breakdown, 2) they spun the boys around on an office chair to simulate a spin, and 3) it wasn't Yuzuru. Actually, picture Yuri Plisetsky playing shotgun disk. Imagine Yuri KATSUKI on falling pipe.

no, no that would be AMAZING. I feel like the Japanese entertainment industry has real mixed feelings about Victor Nikiforov, though – on the one hand he is very Handsome and Foreign, and also, ever since he’s Katsuki Yuri’s coach he makes him actually do appearances. On the other hand, he just keeps standing there and smiling and holding his hand out until you end up paying Skater Katsuki top money and billing just to have his picture on your variety show.


└ No need to be embarrassed~ not when you’re so adorkable when awkward.

Cr: VS Arashi 25.05.2017 Preview


Sakuraiba ❤️💚 *with* Ohno before the start of Shotgun Disk… and then Sakuraiba *against* Riida after Shotgun. 😂😂😂😂😂

Riida… the wonderful coordination of your dance and choreography don’t match your coordination of throwing centrally!  Don’t think your kawaii laugh can let you get away with everything… then again, it might 😋😍😋😍.