shotgun beer

Plain and simple, whether you believe that Ian can be happy with Caleb or not, Caleb will never ever live up to Mickey. Caleb will never shotgun beers with Ian in a dugout. Caleb will never try to steal a grandfather clock because Ian asked him to. Caleb will never try to avenge Ian by drugging someone who crossed him. Caleb will never punch a mirror because the physical pain is easier to deal with than the emotional pain of missing Ian when he’s gone. Caleb will never bend over and ask a woman to pound his ass because he’s too scared to hook up with another guy. Caleb will never hump a cop car while screaming about how good Ian’s dick is. Caleb will never make fans feel the same way that Mickey did.

where i used to live golf was like maybe ten bucks to tee off on a pretty dang nice public golf course (cheaper for students!), so everyone had a set of shitty beater clubs purchased at garage sales and we played at least once a month with an esky of beer riding shotgun on the cart in true queensland style

now i live in a place where it’s $59 for a round on a public course and lmao no, this is no longer a social booze-laced pseudo-sport i can participate in