the most important question to answer in the next hiatus:

4 people disembark from the plane.

1 jaguar on the tarmac.

4 available seats in the car.


I await your thoughtful and passionate responses on the subject, meta side of tumblr.



Kel-Tec’s signature bullpup 12 gauge shotgun. It’s been on the market for a while now and has a decent amount of aftermarket support in spite the limitations of the design. The one in the photos has a special muzzle brake from Tactical Advantage Armory. It actually looks pretty good with the KSG’s lines from an aesthetic standpoint but what makes it different is that its made out of titanium. While lightweight it does cost a lot more than other KSG muzzle brakes. MSRP is about $225.00. (GRH)



Remington 870 Wingmaster

Possibly the most common and popular shotgun in the U.S, this particular 870 has the old but collectable Law Enforcement top-folding stock. What makes this shotgun even more interesting is the marking on the receiver to shows it once rode along with Ohio’s State Highway Patrol. LEO marked firearms, whether it be handguns, rifles or shotguns, have some collector’s value that adds to the overall price. (GRH)


Remington 870 Marine Magnum

Classic 12 gauge shotgun platform with an electroless nickel plating to protect it form corrosion around harsh near-water or high humidity environments. Shotguns tend to be common or popular firearms on boats due to the close quarters involved, so a rust resistant finish is a must have when there’s water all around where you keep or use it. (GRH)


Shotgun (J.R. Walker)  //  Marvel Comics

“Shotgun is a highly trained operative and marksman. Shotgun has been equipped with a number of high-tech weaponry including a specialized scoped shotgun that fired explosive, concussive, combustible and disintegrative rounds in a rapid succession. 

Shotgun carried numerous firearms including a pistol hidden in his wrist gauntlet. Shotgun had at least two ammo belts on him and he wore glove/arm sleeves with a row of tiny spikes on them for close quarter combat.”  (X)

1st appearance Daredevil #271 (1989)

He appears in “Punisher War Zone Vol 1”get it here

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