shotbyandres asked:

I'm doing very well, thank you. So, what's on your agenda for the day? Plans for the week? I see you're a very passionate person... I love that.

I’m actually a part time hair stylist.. thats a hobby so I do that when I’m not in class. Pre med major, graduating at the end of the year.. so today is a free day, styling a few females hair.. and then I have classes tomorrow.. but the rest of the week off and the beginning of next week, so flying back to home ( Bahamas ) for a short break lol. What about you?

shotbyandres asked:

Thanks for the reblog... Nice blog you have here! If you get a chance, check out the rest of my photos. Have a good day. Following..!

Oh I don’t remember blogging something from you but thanks. Your photographs are dope, Nice Quality, Followed.