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Hi! I was wondering if you can make a scenario where aizawa has a crush on the reader but when the reader confronts him about it. You can choose if it ends them together or not. Thank you!

-Hiya, this sounds really cute! ^3^ Thanks for the ask! Let Me Know by BTS and Fake You Out by TOP helped me with setting the mood, so I recommend listening to it while reading ✨-

You could hear clinks and clangs as the workers in the cafe made cups of steaming hot coffee. A book and an empty plate covered in bread crumbs sat on the table in front of you. Aizawa, meanwhile, stared off into the void, his cup of black coffee (no sugar and cream, as he always liked) had lost all of its warmth, but he sipped on it anyways. You looked at him with a concerned look. It’s been ten minutes and he hasn’t said a word or looked at you other than the “hello” earlier.

“..Uh, Aizawa?” you asked tentatively, afraid that you’ll say the wrong words. “You haven’t said anything even though we’re hanging out. Did I do something wrong?”

Aizawa jumped to attention and turned around to look at you with bloodshot eyes. They’ve become a lot more red now. You should remind him to put in eye drops.

“I didn’t intend on ignoring you.” He let out a sigh and set down his cup. Rubbing at his eyes (which seemed pretty painful, but he must be used to it), he turned away to grab his bag for his bottle of eye drops. “I just happened to forget that I was with you for a moment, that’s all.”

You felt imprisoned by your thoughts. Anxious thoughts piled one by one and you wiped your sweaty hands on your jeans. It felt like it was years ago when the two of you had an actual conversation in person.

“I don’t understand at all,” you said. Your brows furrowed in pent-up anger. “Maybe you don’t intend on doing so, but you couldn’t even spare a second to talk to me? Even though I was the one to invite you here for the sole purpose of talking?” Your hands curled into shaking fists.

Aizawa didn’t say anything and stared down at the ground. Tears began forming in the corners of your eyes in frustration.

“I don’t know why you’re doing this, but you’re not the type of person who would willingly ignore someone with no reason. If you are, then I don’t know you. It’s like you’re just a fragment of your old self. I can’t stand to see this anymore. I’m leaving.” You picked up your bag and your book and prepared to leave. Aizawa stood up and reached out to grasp your arm, but you shifted away from him.

“Y/N.. Listen to me,” he said, his face still the stone-cold expression he always wore. “I didn’t intend on ignoring you. That’s the truth. I.. Found myself drifting away from you in fear of something that I can’t say.”

You glared into his red eyes. “And why can’t you say it? Are you that cowardly?”

“I swore that I wouldn’t say it because it wouldn’t be good for us.”

“And doing this right now isn’t good for us either!” you said, slamming your fists on the table. A few customers took a curious glance at you before attempting to ignore the disaster brewing within the cafe. “Tell me, how long has it been since we had a conversation without you cutting it off or making an excuse? If you don’t realize what’s happening, then maybe it’s best for me to leave.” Aizawa’ eyes widened at your statement, then closed.

“I love you.”



“I said,” Aizawa said indignantly. “I love you. That’s the reason why, okay? We’re both teachers at UA and we’re both pro heroes. It wouldn’t work, and there’s a large chance that you’ll reject me anyways. That’s the reason why I’m drifting away, okay?”

Your downturned lips rose up, millimeter by millimeter. You parted your lips to say something, but nothing came out.


Someone clapped, and others joined in. Your face flushed with pink in embarrassment.

“So,” Aizawa continued, “Do you feel the same?”

“I… I do.”

“You’re not bad for a frat boy.”

for erengayer’s Cruise Control.

holy shit, this is such a sad excuse for a fanart, //sobs. this is from the third installment of the In the Midst of Youth series, which was actually among the first ereri fics i ever read (//yeah, i’m slow, stfu). and i enjoyed it so much that i screamed and convulsed for a bit, left a lengthy incoherent comment (smth bout cafe mocha, ya dig), followed stalked gayer on tumblr, and then made some random claims about future fanart. which i have finally accomplished.
be proud of me.

just ignore the shit goin’ on in back, because wow yeah this is why i don’t do backgrounds.

Fangirl Challenge ⇨ [1/10] Favorite Pairings
↳ Kazehaya Shōta & Kuronuma Sawako

❝ Let me take it. It’s a perk of having a boyfriend…It’s my privilege to help you out. ❞  - Kazehaya Shōta


関ジャニ∞クロニクル SP 16.01.01
murakami & yokoyama: *talk* *talk* *talk*
meanwhile the kids: *do random things*
(p.s. subaru was busy smelling his nails behind the camera)

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again, they knowingly hired her, knowing she does that stuff, and it IS a threat to children; like moe garbage it can be used to groom them. and honestly i do agree with you that more energy should be put toward the people who are actual threats, but that doesn't mean it's okay to just slack on people who are perceived as a lesser threat. we shouldn't live in a world where people who act like this get off with no repercussions just because they apologized or whatever.

look pal im just gonna give it to ya straight. there is a difference between teenage girl who used to be “lol shotas” and have learned that’s Bad, and a multi million dollar industry catering to unapologetic adults to the point that people have accepted as a fact of life and will just go “lol there goes that mangaka drawing underage panties again, love that guy”

if you’re REALLY concerned about such matters, how about going to a forum for discussing whatever new moe harem anime of the season and tell them to rethink their life choices? And this isn’t dismissive cuz I’m being as sincere as I can dude… I got a face of a preteen girl and past experiences have told me the world is scary. go take one for the team. prove that you’re not only pretending to care.