shotas cosplay

My favorite picture of my Misato Katsuragi cosplay at this year’s Animazement!

I am the least photogenic person on the planet, so this picture is a blessing from our whiny shota savior Shinji Ikari himself.

I’m not sure if I got his attitude right, but here’s a cosplay trial for the MikaYuu lovechild, Michi! ♡ We weren’t able to go to the convention because my Gyurei, @kuroi-manami, was admitted to the hospital recently. So I did this costrial to make her feel better! ♡ Credits to @califlair for creating such an adorable OC! ♡


Shout out to my eyes for being fucking awesome for these pictures. Seriously, they catch light so well sometimes, though they’re super reflective so they look a little green here since I was in the garden *shrug*

But yeah, today was so nice, like 70 degrees or something and I was in such a light happy mood I wanted to do some Armin make-up ^_^ I did it a little differently than I usually do today, and I like how it came out a lot ^_^ Anywho, happy spring my loves!


Inspired on a challenge, this gave me ideas to draw :3  i’m so lazy and i couldn’t to do the challenge! come on! are too many drawings! i can’t xDD