Handmade clothes and body image...

[cw: body image/weight]

Over the last 2 days i designed, draped, and sewed a dress. I really like it. It’s deep red shot cotton and I eked it out of just two yards of 44″ wide fabric, which I’m really proud of. It’s the first dress I’ve made in over two years, and I just feel good about it.

But I had a lot of Thoughts about Bodies and Clothes while making it. 

See, I started seriously garment sewing when I was 19 and deeply, troublingly insecure about my body. I’ll be upfront here: I wear a 30GG. I have a lot of boob, extremely narrow shoulders and ribcage, a short waist and a lot of hip, and just generally a lot going on for 5′3″. I started garment sewing because I wasn’t happy with the fit of off the rack clothes. I didn’t fully realize, then, just how detailed my knowledge of my own shapes would have to be to do this thing right.

So where am I going with this? I drafted a bodice. I draped a bodice. The fit isn’t perfect, because I’m really rusty, but it’s plenty good enough.

(you can see in the above photo that I didn’t get the bust dart placement quite right)

The point is that I started sewing at 19 because I was scared of my body. What I have learned in the intervening years is just how empowering knowing about your own body can be. It’s one thing to know that your shoulders are narrow and your bust is huge; I think most cis women know those sorts of things about their bodies and that’s part of the insecurity. 

But what is empowering is knowing how to make clothes that actually fit those shapes. You know: instead of a dress that is baggy in the shoulders and bursting across the chest, I can have a dress that hits my collarbone right and is a little blousy. I don’t even have WORDS for how much this has meant to me over the last few years. 

I’m mainly a knitter these days, but this applies here too. Choosing a sweater pattern? I can go one size down for the yoke and one size up for the chest. See how the raglan lines on this sweater hit my collarbones but the chest isn’t tight?



Cotton Candy Shots 


Cotton Candy Shots 🍬🍬🍬

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Shot (Sherlock x Reader)

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Cotton filled your head, your ears rung and your vision was blurred. You stumbled backwards until you collided with the wall. Your hand moved to your stomach. Wetness. You pulled your hand away. Red. Frantically, you looked up. John had tackled the person that had the gun, Sherlock was rushing to your side. Wait, when had you sat down?

You looked down again, the red catching your attention again. Your hands were shaking slightly, but you felt no pain. You also heard shouting, but it was muffled to the point where you couldn’t understand anything.

You looked up again. John was on your other side now. They both were pulling and pushing you until you laid flat on your back. You would have liked to curl up into a ball, but they kept holding you down. Now your stomach was burning unpleasantly, tears started to cloud your vision. Why were you crying?

A hand on your face, pushing away the hair from your forehead. It felt sticky. Were you sweating that much? Or was it… blood? The hand cupped your cheek, shaking your head slightly. Sherlock was in front of you, his lips moving but nothing reached your ears.

You were tired. So damn tired. Couldn’t you just sleep? Well, you could, but Sherlock kept shaking your head and squeezing your hand. For some reason, you felt the need to tell him your feelings. “Sherlock”, you croaked. You smiled, at least you thought you were. Sherlock shook his head, turning to John and saying something, then back to you. “I love you”, you wheezed. Sherlock looked shocked. His grip on your hand went lax. Finally you were able to sleep.

Annoying beeping, hushed voices. Something stung your arm. More beeping, even quieter voices. Blinding pain, then nothing. White room, unpleasant smell. What happened? Pressure on your hands, wet spots on your arm. You looked over. John was sleeping there, his face wet, but relaxed. His hand gripped yours tightly. Your gaze wandered over to your other side. Sherlock smiled, eyes worriedly searching your face. You smiled back. His hand that didn hold yours moved to your cheek. “I love you too.”


I finally, finally, FINALLY finished my crazy shot cotton quilt. Over a thousand pieces, 68 different colors, 80" x 86". I initially thought I would list it for sale but I don’t think I’m going to; I’m over $200 just in materials, and the amount of time I spent on it is exorbitant. I can’t think of anyone who wants to take out a loan to buy it so I’ll just keep it on my own bed as a continuous reminder of how awesome I am and also that life is too short to spend many tens of hours piecing tiny blocks together into a quilt that now costs thirty-seven thousand dollars.

Crib-sized affordable version for sale here.

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In regards of your last update of your comic. Was one of those men Cotton? Because he looked a lot like him. Maybe that was a flashback or I could be completely wrong.

Lmao damn it we were trying really hard to make him look less like Cotton. Still does apparently! It’s not Cotton, though, first of all the timeline doesn’t match even if it was a flashback (because Crow was always lower rank than Cotton before Cotton, y’know, shot him, and the Cotton-looking dude in the scene is just a corporal AND our flashbacks are ALWAYS in black and white to make it clear that they are, indeed, flashbacks), and then there are stuff like lighter skin/hair, no graying temples, no scars, not as hairy, not as buff, wrong zone color…

Should’ve given him long hair, lol.

(Soldiers from different main military zones have different highlight colors in their clothing! You’ve seen Crow wear Nyx’s colors: it’s turquoise. His second-in-command Rajni is actually NOT from Nyx as should be evident by her lack of Nyx callsign, but because she serves under Crow, she’s wearing Nyx’s colors. The soldiers in this scene wear red, which is both a joke – they’re red shirts in Star Trek vein, ha ha – and the color of southern frontier zone of Notus. You haven’t seen other colors yet, but they’re as follows: Zeus = gold, Hecate = purple, Boreas = blue, Eurus = green and Zephyr = orange.)

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Hey, sorry to bother you. But first let me say my thank you to you for the Sheith Family AU. Too beautiful and sweet for words. Then, I was wondering... How are the kids handling their first shot? And how Sheith reacts? Thank you <3

I’m so happy you like the Sheith Voltron Family AU!! :D I’m actually quite amazed some of you guys even give me prompts and I’m so happy to write even if they’re just little short ones!  Okay off with this one!

With Shiro being a doctor, he’s the one who’s going to give his own kids their first shots. Shiro has his own clinic at home. So the kids wake up knowing it will happen on a Saturday where Daddy Shiro and Daddy Keith are at home.

Lance, Hunk and Pidge are sitting on the long white couch, while Keith is seated nearest to Shiro. Hunk was up first, because he was the oldest. Keith picks him up and lets him sit on his lap.

Shiro: What are you doing, Keith? 
Keith: *fish mouths* Hunk needs his Daddy Keith. Are you crazy? Look at him, he looks scared. He needs cuddles.
Hunk: *looks pretty relaxed and definitely not scared*
Keith: Right, Hunk?
Hunk: *nods while smiling*
Shiro: *raises an eyebrow* Okaaay, love. Whatever you say.

So Shiro tries testing the injection, and then he rolls up Hunk’s sleeves and pinches his skin by the shoulder.

Keith: It’s okay, Hunk. Daddy’s here. You can do this. *cuddles Hunk*
Shiro: Keith. Don’t move him too much or else–
Keith: Okay, okay. I got it. *stops cuddling*
Shiro: *slowly brings the injection near Hunk’s skin*
Keith: OH MY GOD!
Shiro: What now?
Keith: That thing is so big! You’re going to kill my son! Put that thing away! Why would you do this to your own child?
Shiro: *sighs* Keith, it’s just a normal sized needle. See? *quickly gives Hunk his shot and places cotton with alcohol to help with blood clotting*
Keith: *eye widens* Oh my god. You did it. *turns to Hunk* You okay?
Hunk: *nods* Yeah, I’m okay. :D
Keith: *hugs* My brave boy. *sees Shiro holding another injection* What are you doing?
Shiro: *blinks* This is for measles. 
Keith: Then what was that a while ago?
Shiro: PCV for Pneumococcal disease.
Keith: How many holes are you going to make on my son’s skin?!!
Lance and Pidge: *laughing hysterically*
Shiro: Keith, our kids need four. There’s one for chickenpox and–
Keith: Why can’t there be just one for everything?! You’re going to make him lose his arm! 

Shiro has had enough. HAHAHHA As adorable it is that Keith worries so much, he can’t give their kids their shots if Keith keeps on doing what he’s doing. So he told him to go get ice from the fridge and immediately locks the door. 

Keith: I can’t believe you locked me out! *tries the doorknob*
Shiro: I’m sorry Keith but with you in here, I can’t do my work.
Keith: They’re my kids, Shiro!
Shiro: They’re my kids, too! I got this okay. Just relax there and wait.
Keith: They’re scared! 
All three kids: NO WE’RE NOT, DADDY KEITH!
Keith: Stop lying! You’re too young to lie to me! I did not raise you this way!
Shiro: Your Daddy Keith’s crazy. *giggles*

Shiro unlocks the door after 15 minutes and they all walk out of the clinic, the kids eating their lollipop treats from their Daddy Shiro for being good. Keith glares at his husband while Shiro just gives him a peck on the lips. :D

Ordered from Kimonomachi on Rakuten’s Cyber Monday sale, this bordeaux lattice unlined cotton kimono. I had a significant number of limited time points about to expire and was so glad Kimonomachi came up with some new kimono styles since I last shopped there several months ago. I am pleased to see something in a burgundy color, it’s not a color I have a lot of in my kimono wardrobe though I can see it has a lot of potential to be versatile.

Fabric detail shot:

External image

Zane Headcanon (Mentions: Alcohol)

(This is a rather adult-y topic but hey Zane is around 27 years old he is an adult and he is of legal drinking age. IDC if this series is aimed for kids Zane is a grown man he is allowed to do big boy things)

He is REALLY GOOD at making fancy AF drinks. Especially dessert flavored ones. Double Chocolate Smores Martini, Sugar Cookie Shooters, Spiked Strawberry Shortcake Sundae, legit anything that involves a sweet taste.

And also Candy flavored shots. Cotton Candy Shots, JollyRancher Jello Shots, Skittles Vodka. Hell, even RAINBOW SHOTS. He can make it.

He gets drunk too easily however so yall better make sure he doesnt have too much of those Starburst Candy Shots.

Why did I think of this? I was watching some TipsyBartender videos because i was bored and MAN those drinks look really aesthetically pleasing. Also Zane is an adult (Zane is the same age as Aph, so he should be around 27) and he fucking loves sugar and desserts and the fact that there is such thing as CUPCAKE FLAVORED VODKA I am //PRETTY SURE// Zane would make SOMETHING from that or drink that straight from the bottle