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oldandboringbron  asked:

Hey sup, I was trying to find some fic pls? dnp were writing tabinof in separate rooms skyping and all and then phil blurts out that he wants to marry Dan and Dan get shocked and just waits for Phil to come down and I think to tell him that he had the ring since 2011 and that he finally got one better than the first one and yeah proposal while writing tabinof ???

You Can’t Say That Over Skype (ao3) - It’s late on a Saturday night and rather than relaxing with a bottle of wine and anime like we want to be doing, I’m sitting in from of my iMac in my room on skype with Phil, who is sequestered away in the office, working on our book on a shared google doc.“So I definitely think we should have a PINOF page. We can talk about how it’s our origin and kind of our legacy and everything and—oh hang on.” I disappear from the shot of the webcam and rummage through my bottom desk drawer. Finally, I lean back up into view and proudly hold up a wrinkled sheet of paper.Phil leans closer to his webcam. “What’s that?”I press the paper closer to the webcam to give Phil a better view. “It’s the list of questions we wrote for the original PINOF.”

- Eliza

I use my webcam pretty much exclusively for drawing reference shots.  Without that context, my December photo album is basically the documentation of a crazy man.