shot through the heart! and you're to blame!


“Oh no puppy,” Clint says, rushed out like it’s all one word, and drops to his knees so sudden it’s like he’s been shot. It sends a bolt of cold sharp fear through Bucky’s belly too quick to react to before his brain processes the words, and he lets out a shaky breath before dropping to a crouch.

The dog’s tied up to a railing, and Bucky’s not sure how they found it a collar that small - it’s all eyes and trembles, and Clint’s careful hand dwarfs its tiny head as he gently rubs behind its ear.

“Hey puppy,” he says softly, “hey, look at you.”

Bucky never thought he had that thing, that human thing, that reaction to big eyes and fragility. He doesn’t remember if he ever - if it was burned out of him, or if it was the war, or whether he was just never wired that way - but there’s a definite kick in his stomach that’s all tied up with the tone of Clint’s voice. Like he can picture it, Clint crooning terrible country songs to a tiny someone who won’t sleep, can somehow picture himself part of the scenery there, and it’s a moment of impossibly beautiful terror.

“Hey pretty,” Clint says, and his hand is still stroking but his eyes are on Bucky, amused and gently teasing.

“Fuck I’m in love with you,” Bucky says, rushed out like it’s all one word, and the world sways enough that he drops onto his ass so sudden it’s like he’s been shot.

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Yooooo what's up Clara? I'm heavily procrastinating on the 9537383 things I need to to do but stiiiill. I wanted to see how you're doing. I feel like you don't get asked that often? Idk. I hope you're being more productive and healthy than me lol <3

Well currently I’m crying because this is such a nice message oh my god, who are you-

I’m going 120% right now between cosplay commissions, zine submissions, digital commissions, organizing the nsfw zine with Auri, and updating the cat au whenever I can. 

Being busy is actually good because it keeps my mind occupied! It’s stressful, but I want to give my all this spring, so thank you for everyone’s support!

I hope you manage to find the motivation to get all of your tasks done! I like to reward myself after finishing a task, maybe that would help? Have a great week!

Imagine Kai convincing you to walk around all day wearing remote control vibrating panties.

Imagine being at a family dinner with Kai suddenly you feel his hand traveling down your thighs under the table, and him smirking at you as you glare at him

Imagine Damon walking in on you and Kai having sex.




WARNINGS: smut, public

A/N: it’s not a family dinner it’s friends

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She paced around her room as she spoke to Damon “Look you’re coming, and you’re going to get along with him because he is my friend, and you’re my friend, and Elena’s my friend and I want mt friends to have dinner together.”

Kai sat on her bed with a smirk “So we;re having dinner with your friends that hate me things are getting offaly serious Y/N.” 

. She glared at Kai when he spoke ” Yeah that was Kai, he was just being stupid, um he agreed to help me make dinner, years of having nothing to do made him become a pretty good cook… oh you already know that cause he told Elena when he kidnapped her. Okay you’re coming good I’ll see you at six. No Bonnie can’t come why would she, she hates him more then you hate him, and I don’t want things to get messed up” She hung up the phone, and then looked over at Kai

“Kai we aren’t dating, and you aren’t going infer that we are either because Damon, and Elena are going to be there, and I had a hard enough time convincing them to come to this, and give you a chance when I said that we were friends.”

“With benefits, and actually you getting jealous, and not wanting Bon Bon to come sounds offaly relationshippy.”

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Season 4 spoilers
  • Delphine: *shows up at Felix's place all bloodied up*
  • Cosima: *opens door*
  • Cosima: I don't think you're shot through the heart
  • Delphine: .........
  • Cosima: ...........
  • Delphine: What the baguette

ooooooooooh NOOOOOOOOO