shot through a glass door

Who shot who?

Cassie Bernall was shot once in the right side of the head - the shot also hit one of her fingers. She was shot with pump shotgun pellets by Eric Harris. The head injury was fatal. She died in the library.

Steven Curnow was shot once through the right shoulder and neck with a pump slug by Eric. He died in the library.

Corey Depooter was shot once in the left shoulder with a 9mm bullet from the TEC-9 by Dylan.
Corey Depooter was shot three times in the neck, back, and arm with 9mm bullets from the Hi-Point by Eric. The wounds Eric inflicted were fatal. He died in the library.

Kelly Fleming was shot once in the lower back with pump shotgun pellets by Eric. She died in the library.

Matt Kechter was shot once in the left shoulder with a double barrel slug that went through his neck, lung, and right arm by Dylan. He died in the library.

Daniel Mauser was grazed behind the ear, and shot in the nose with a 9mm bullet that went through his neck, from the Hi-Point fired by Eric. He died in the library.

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Saccharine (Happy x Reader)

For @xxmooseoncrackxx​. <3 

Word Count: 3,586

Playlist: Pour Some Sugar On Me - Def Leppard

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Happy Lowman. That was a name you’d always known. He was the boy from around the way. The one who’s mom was widowed. The one who was always getting into trouble. The one who every other parent warned their kids from hanging out with. The one that all the parents spoke in hushed tones about. His poor mother. That woman is doing her best. Working those long nights. By the time you entered middle school, all your girlfriends were fawning all over him. Every girl in the school was scared of him, but that didn’t stop them from having him star in their dreams every night. Oh the joy of adolescent hormones. You were always too focused on your school work to really put any stock into the kid from around the corner. He was also two years ahead of you. You weren’t even vaguely interested.

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Untouchable (M+)

Monster AU Masterlist |

Request: can u write something based on monster where like ur human but somehow chanyeol loves u & u love him. u get kidnapped by the ppl trying to catch them to lure chanyeol & they send him a video of u getting beat up, which makes him come. then u can come up w/ the rest :)

Genre: Fluff/Drama/Supernatural

Word Count: 4187

Warnings: Violence, Death

“Everyone’s afraid of me, so I’m untouchable man, but in the end you can’t reject me… Accept me for who I am” [🎵 ]

The party was more crowded than expected. Loud music and bright lights disorientated you as you scanned the sea of unfamiliar faces. You saw no one you recognised and you turned to look elsewhere, not before you walked straight into a solid body that was standing behind you. “Sorry!” you said to the stranger before looking up. You were greeted with the beaming face of a giant with red hair and a huge smile.

“Chanyeol!” you exclaimed, immediately recognising the man.

“Hey! Good to see you!” he replied, yelling over the music. He stepped forward and crouched down to match your height before pulling you into a tight hug. You wrapped your arms around him and hugged him back. You indulged in the feeling of his warm embrace, smiling to yourself as you did.

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I sighed, pacing back and forth across our bedroom floor. Three minuets had never drug on like this before. My mind raced and my stomach twisted as I heard the alarm on my phone go off. I quickly shut it off, sighing as I slowly inched back into the bathroom connected to me and Nate’s room. It had been almost two months since my last period and I had been putting off mentioning it to Nate because I didn’t want to get ahead of myself for no reason, but since everyday this week I had woken up with the worst stomach aches and nausea, I felt it was time that I made sure. 

I took a deep breath, picking up the first plastic stick from the counter, squeezing my eyes shut for a moment. I finally found the courage to look down at it, “+”, read the tiny digital screen. “fuck” I mumbled to myself, “maybe its wrong”, I tried to convince myself picking up the second test. Sure enough, that one read positive as well. I sunk down against the bathroom wall, burying my head in my knees. I had no idea what to think this. Part of me was excited that I was carrying a new life inside of me, part of me was mad - how were we so careless? And lastly part of me, the biggest part, was nervous. How was I supposed to tell Nate? Would he be mad? Would he blame me? Was I ready for this? Were we ready for this? Would he leave me? 

My thoughts were interrupted by the sound of his voice trailing down the hallway as he talked to someone on his phone. I jumped up, locking the bathroom door just as I heard him opening ours. “Babe?” he called out as he walked in. “In here” I said, trying my best to hide the shakyness in my voice. I tossed the test into the box of tampons under the sink, making sure they were covered up, “one sec” I added. I checked myself in the mirror and tried to wipe the worry from my face before walking out to greet him.

“Hi handsome” I beamed as I walked towards him. He spun around, smiling at me “Hey babygirl” he said, leaning down and kissing me gently on the lips. “How was your day?” he asked as he sat on the edge of the bed, taking off his shoes. I shrugged, “It was fine, what about yours? How was the studio today?” I asked, eagerly changing the subject away from myself as I sat down beside him. My mind kept racing as he began to tell me about his day, I did my best to pay attention to him. “I invited the guys over to drink for Cinco De Mayo, could you make the drinks while I grill?” he asked, rising from beside me. I nodded in agreement, “of course” I said cheerily as I got up, following him out of our room and down the hallway. “Just don’t drink them all before serving them, I know how much little mama loves tequila” he winked back at me, chuckling a little. I smiled, laughing a bit, “No worries there” I responded reassuringly. 

About an hour later the backyard was crowded with all of our friends. I made my way around trying to talk to everyone and offer them drinks, acting as if I wasn’t hiding the biggest secret ever. I was doing pretty well at it too, that is until I walked up to Nate and Sammy. Sammy complimented my bar tending skills, to which I thanked him, but when he spoke again my panic set in. “Wheres your drink? Are you poisoning us?” he teased, nudging me a little. I laughed, shaking my head “just not thirsty right now” I shrugged. Nate gave me a look , “Babe, you’re passing up margaritas? On CINCO DE MAYO?” he said, causing everyone to join in, teasing me and telling me to stop being a wimp. Nate smiled, handing me his cup, “Here ma, start with this” I smiled, taking it from him and trying to convincingly make it look like I actually took a drink. Just the smell of it made my stomach knot up. I handed Nate his cup and kissed him softly, “Cheers little mama” he smirked, “Cheers baby” I smiled back. 

As the night went on I turned down drinks and made people believe that Jack and Coke was my drink of choice for the night, when in reality I was still sipping on the same luke warm cup of Diet Coke. I dismissed myself to the bathroom or making more drinks when someone mentioned shots and once the guys decided to light a blunt, I invited the girls in for wine. We sat around and talked until one by one everyone began to leave. It was down to just the Jacks and Madison, I had started to clean up as Madison went to try and convince Jack that it was time to go. Johnson had came in, the most sober of the guys, offering to help me clean up, I declined but he insisted. 

“Where was the shot queen tonight? I didn’t see you out there for a single round” he said, raising an eyebrow at me as he collected trash from the other side of the island in the middle of the kitchen. I shrugged “Just wasn’t feeling it tonight I guess” I said as I poured out the rest of the margarita mix from the blender into the sink, the smell filled the kitchen, causing me to gag. Johnson looked at me funny “are you alright?”, he asked, keeping a close eye on me. I nodded, trying to rinse the smell from the sink and keep my vomit down at the same time. I smiled at him reassuringly once I got my reflexes under control. We cleaned in silence until the kitchen was finished.

“Thanks” I said, finally breaking the silence between us as I sat on one of the stools. He leaned against the counter across the kitchen, “no problem” he nodded. I smiled at him before looking down at my fingers, picking at them nervously. “Ya know, the smell of alcohol made my sister sick too when she was pregnant” he said innocently, not breaking his stare from me. My head shot up “What?” I said, raising my eyebrows at him. “I wont tell Skate, but you really should, and soon” he said, shrugging his shoulders. “How did you know?” I said, confusion flashed on my face. I had thought I fooled everyone. “I didn’t until you almost threw up to the smell of what usually courses through your veins on a night like this” , he laughed a little, the looked at me seriously, “Don’t worry. You were very convincing. I won’t say anything, but I think you should tell daddy to be” he said, motioning to Nate and the others who were about to come through the glass doors. 

As they came in I shot Johnson a look, he nodded and we acted like nothing had happened. Nate walked everyone including Johnson out and I headed upstairs, getting ready to get into the shower. I undressed and looked at myself in the mirror , turning to the side. It was probably all in my head but I felt like I was already showing. I hopped in the shower and washed up. When I came out I found an already passed out Nate. I got dressed and crawled into bed next to him. I ran my fingers through his hair as he slept, my thoughts crowding through my head again. I took a deep breath, placing my hand on my stomach as I tried to fall asleep. 

Part 2 

Be My Baby Pt.7 *Psycho!Ashton*

the show im watching rn is rlly funny

You eventually gave up on trying to scream and kick about an hour ago. Seeing as Ashton was ignoring it by only turning the radio up louder and it was getting you no results. The restraints were tight against your flesh and you just knew you wouldn’t be able to talk properly from all the screaming. He looked back at you through the mirror on the window. You saw something in his eyes that you couldn’t quite decipher, you wanted it to be sympathy, but it was most likely amusement. “Im sorry, baby.” He turned the radio down and pulled into a small road side gas station. He exited the car and walked around, presumably re filling the tank. While he was distracted you took the chance and leaned forward over the median. Ashton must’ve taken everything out of his car because there was nothing sharp at all. Nothing that could cut the ties, nor even loosen them. He payed and you saw him jog out of the building, eyes boring into your body which sat back as fast as it could. He opened the back door and stuck his head in, “What were you doing?” His accent thicker as it was laced with anger and frustration. You began shaking as he leaned closer, looking for anything out of place. “I swear if you are trying anything I will fucking kill you.” His face was close enough to yours where you could smell the shampoo from his recently washed hair. “Sir? Is everything all right?” An older mans voice came from behind Ashtons frame. He slowly left the car and stood in front of the opened door, blocking any view of you to the mystery person out there.

“Everythings good.” Ashton answered shortly. “Is there anything I can help you with?” He folded his arms over his broad chest and stood a little taller. You scooted back to the opposite side as you watched the interaction. Before you two left earlier, Ashton re adjusted the ties on your wrists to go behind your back. Making any movement much more difficult than it already was. “What are you doing to that girl there?” The person asked, voice sounding like an elderly man. “Mister, with all due respect, this is none of your business.” You attempted to get your hands wrapped around the lock, and slowly pulled it up. Making as little noise as possible you opened the door and slipped out. You dropped to the concrete with a thud and felt your knee pop. You let out a soft groan in pain and under the car you saw Ashtons feet remain where they stood. Oddly enough there was a piece of a broken beer bottle on the ground, about three feet in front of you. You reached with your feet and picked it up between your toes. Somehow, by the grace if god, you were able to cut through the restraints, cutting yourself in the process. There was more blood than there should’ve been as you felt the tears welling up again. As soon as all the ties were off you crawled to the front of the car. “You can’t treat a learn like that, young man. You don’t yell at her like that.” You peeked up and saw that it was in fact an old man. Waving his cane, he was scolding Ashton on his small screaming match. If only he knew.

Ashton was getting frustrated as he ran his hand through the messy, curly mop on top his head. “Mind your fucking business, sir.” Ashton turned back around, leaning into the car. He noticed you were not there and slammed the door. You ducked down, trying to avoid being seen. The old man grumbled and walked into the small station, credit card in hand ready to pay. “Y/N!” He yelled, making it very clear he was beyond pissed this time around. You chanced it and stood up, running into the station. Leaving a trail of blood in your wake. You burst through the door, wild eyes and blood dripping from your arm. You nearly gave the people working a heart attack. “Call the police, please. That boy has kidnapped me and killed two police officers. You have to help me.” You begged, running behind the counter, shielding yourself from Ashtons awaiting fury. A shot rang out through the air and the glass door shattered. A woman in the back, who you hadn’t noticed screamed and dipped behind a display case. She had a child with her. “Alright, I tried to make this easy. You leave me without a choice anymore.” He pointed the gun at you this time, fear now coursing through every fiber of your being. He shook his head, and if your mind wasn’t running all over the place, you could’ve sworn there was a tear running down his cheek. He closed his eyes and another shot rang out, this time hitting you. You fell back to the floor, and closed your eyes.