shot on location

Shared by photographer @Andrea_Vecchiato on Instagram. Legendary photo shot in 2008 on location at the Groucho Club in London. A print hangs in the Groucho Club ladies loo ~

The shoot was part of a three-year project, put together by Bernie Katz of Groucho Club and shot by Andrea Vecchiato, to raise awareness and funds for autism. Intimate photographs of models, actors and artists were sold with profits going to benefit The National Autistic Society.

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Things People Have Said in my APUSH Class

- Who put the map on the back of The Declaration of Independence?

- People marrying for money seems to be a recurring theme in this class.

- I bought this Donald Trump shirt as a joke because I’m moving to New Zealand and I can watch the failure from outside the country, but I had to donate money to his campaign and it ended up costing me about $60.

- Is Pocahontas real?

- John Francis Fitzgerald is Edmund Fitzgerald’s grandpa.

- You know it, you love it, you smell it on the way to Chicago, that’s right kids, Gary, Indiana.

- Did Abraham Lincoln get shot because he revealed the location of The Book of Secrets?

- One time I saw Nicholas Cage at a parade and now we’re friends.

- The musket is a terrible weapon, Mel Gibson is a liar, and The Patriot is not a good movie.

- What do you mean New York City is on an Island?

- Someone on Tumblr sent me anon hate because I called Thomas Jefferson bae in the tags. (side note: I sent that person anon hate about Jefferson)

- Maybe Aaron Burr can shoot me instead so I don’t have to take the final.

- Can John D. Rockefeller pay for the textbook I may or may not have lost?

- Teacher: (describing an affair without saying they were fucking) They were getting to know each other in the biblical sense.

Student: What religion were they practicing?

Teacher: Baptist.

- Student: Why isn’t Lincoln on any paper money?

Teacher: He’s traditionally on the five…

- The Americans won the Revolution because they hid in the woods… like squirrels…

- Mrs. Lincoln was a female dog.

- Folks, watching the John Green videos is not enough.

- When you graduate high school you will not remember anything from The Missouri Compromise. What you will remember is “Ma, Ma, Where’s my Pa, Gone to the White House, Ha, Ha, Ha.”

- Here are the three presidents I would fight, in order: Woodrow Wilson, Thomas Jefferson, and James Buchanan.

- And Hamilton was so pleased with himself that his bonds plan was being used yet again, so he rose from the dead, wrote a musical, and won a grammy

- If you’re..uh… sensitive.. leave now. *pulls out a copy of The Jungle*

- Student #1: He’s the richest man in the world! He sleeps on a bed of gold!

Student #2: Carson, are you telling me you don’t sleep on a bed of gold?

- Everyone from the Democratic Party wanted this nomination. Even William Jennings Bryan wanted it, and he’s dead.

- And then part of the tape was (air quotes) “ accidently” erased. *teacher aggresivley shakes his head*

- You will need to acquire, either by theft or by asking, a credit card to pay for the AP exam

- I just read an essay that compared the New Deal to Wilson’s actions during the Civil War. And it was one paragraph. Good luck on the AP everyone.

- Teacher: The AP is in 5 days. It’s time to panic.

Student: I thought it was time to panic 15 days ago.

Teacher: Some people didn’t get the message. Now it’s really time to panic.

- So is there like… a meal included in the $90 exam?

If you're not watching Sense8, why aren't you?

• Several explicitly lesbian, gay, bisexual, and trans characters


• The trans woman is actually played by a trans actress

• POC main characters from all over the world

• Everything is shot on location, with scenes in Kenya, Korea, India and Germany for example

• Great relationships between people from backgrounds as different as they get

• Sweet and steamy romances

• Some of the most badass fight scenes I’ve ever seen

• Acknowledgment of social issues such as sexism, homophobia, and political corruption

• And just an overall great and unique plot about psychics standing against those in power who fear anything different as threatening

have you ever seen more theatrical shot?

their positions.. decorations.. the whole scene of Mary’s death is a stage performance. John is playing the role of grieving husband. Mary’s last words..
(remember Rachel Talalay’s words: «For each scene I ask “What do I want the audience to understand/feel/see” and then I set about creating a series of shots, blocking, locations, design, acting, etc, that attempts to evoke those responses»).

(have i mentioned already how much i adore TST?)


“Paris holds the key to her past…
Yes princess I’ve you at last. 
No more pretend, 
You’ll be gone, that’s the end…”
– Anastasia (1997)

Dimitri | IG
Photography | IG
Character, Anastasia (1997) © 20th Century Fox

franciscaheroncross  asked:

Hei. Just checked out your page and i'm actually aspiring to become a film director. So i'd like to know how to get there and some important things to know along the way to become one (or involved in the film industry) thank you pal.

inlovewithmydreams said:hi I am 15 I have a dream to be a great director do you have any tips?

Hello @franciscaheroncross and @inlovewithmydreams!

I have combined your questions because the are similar and my answer can apply to both.

There is no one way to become a director. Everyone in the industry has taken a different path to get to where they are now so there is no real blueprint to go from aspiring filmmaker to established filmmaker, or in your cases, director. While the lack of a plan may be frustrating to some (it certainly was and is for me!) it is also encouraging because there are endless ways to break into the industry.

In my experience and from the experiences of professionals I know, the best way is to make connections with people in the industry and to go above and beyond in any internship or job you have. Even if your job is only slightly related to directing, proving you are hardworking and  willing to go the extra mile makes you stand out and you can form connections that will lead you to a better job or opportunity closer to your field.

Freelance editing or filming is another good way to get experience if you don’t have an internship or job related to film. You can edit projects, make music videos, design a flyer, take pictures for events, or other such things for friends, family, and acquaintances. I’ve designed flyers for both parents (free), recorded and edited stage plays for my school (sold the dvds for cheap), taken bts pictures and event pictures (also free), etc. Because of that experience, I got paid for other editing gigs. So be willing to take initiative and make your own projects.

Listen to your cast and crew when they have problems or questions. Pay attention to your actors when they are trying to figure out blocking, motivation, or if they just want to know if you liked a take. Even if they seem fine, check in with them (especially if they are doing a grueling/emotional scene!) They are not puppets, they are people. Also, your crew has specific jobs and many times know more than the director about a specific field. That’s why they are there so be considerate of their comments and concerns. No one will want to work with you again if they feel ignored.

When you do get the chance to direct, preproduction is extremely important to a smooth production. Here is some prepro stuff that is crucial:

-Make a shot list! Don’t go into a shoot blindly without a plan as to how your going to shoot the scene. I have just added a shot list template to the resource drive with a quick example of how to fill it out. This website also has a free template for google drive spreadsheets.

-Scout locations and plan shots out. Doing this will prepare you for possible problems such as poor background noise, automatic lights, not enough room for lights and other equipment, etc. Know how you’re going to block scenes within the space.

-Make a budget plan. How much will food cost? (Side note: food is very important, especially if people are working for free.) Include a buffer in your budget to account for mishaps or extra runs. I usually do around $50 for smaller shoots but it depends on the individual project and your personal budget.

-Communication is key. (Side note: email skills are super important!) If you don’t communicate with your cast and crew, it leads to mistakes, wasted time and money, and frustration. I rarely work with people a second time if they don’t communicate.

-Know the script inside and out. Actors and crew will have questions so you have to know the script as well or better than the writer.

Overall, directors can make or break a production so pay attention to your cast and crew, stay organized, and don’t be afraid to admit you’re wrong or that you don’t understand something. You are in charge but realize you aren’t all-knowing.

This became a long answer so I hope it was helpful and not just a ramble!



Andi Mack Fun Facts Part 1

1. Every time the Good Hair Crew is together in the Spoon, Andi has a pink straw, Buffy has an orange straw, and Cyrus had a green straw.

2. There are only 3 things shot in the Andi Mack Studio: the Thrift Store interior, AndiShack, and Andi’s House (interior and exterior). The rest is shot on location.

3. Despite saying that the show shoots in Salt Lake City, we’ve shot in South Salt Lake and Magna, UT as well. Of these three cities, we’re in SLC proper the least!

4. Andi Mack was originally named Andiland (which was the original name for AndiShack) and Andi’s last name was going to be Marcus.

5. Andi was born September 28, 2003, making her 13 and probably in 7th grade.