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Daria 30 Day Challenge » Day 15: Favorite Couple.

I don’t like Tom with either Daria or Jane. Kevin and Brittany constantly cheat on one another and both picture their futures without one another so no other couple makes sense than Jodie and Mack. I think they’re very underrated, they’re very supportive of one another. For example in Is it Fall Yet? when Jodie supported Mack when he got a job that he hates to pay back his dad. Or in Is it College Yet when Jodie wanted to go to Turner so Mack talked to her dad to convince him that’s where she wanted to go. Clearly this show is shot from a cynical point of view, the flaws of anyone conventional are exaggerated such as Kevin and Brittany’s relationship which is clearly dysfunctional but somehow Jodie and Mack still maintain a respectable relationship. 

Who’s your favorite relationship and why? Tell me here.


  • if you’re going to throw your life away, he’d better have a motorcycle !
  • you don’t fall in love with people that make you want to crap your pants.
  • it’s like my life isn’t even real to me unless you’re there and you’re in it and i’m sharing it with you.
  • i’m going to go make out in the coat room. don’t eat my chicken.
  • hey did anyone ever think that maybe sylvia plath wasn’t crazy, she was just cold ?
  • i was kind of a target. i wore a cape to school.
  • was the last time you had an interesting thought when you considered flinging yourself off a building ? ’ 
  • it’s all any of us wants, to find a person to hang out with ‘til we drop dead ! not a lot to ask.
  • coffee please, and a shot of cynicism.
  • i have a bottle of vodka back at my place. a big bottle of vodka. the world’s biggest bottle. ’ 
  • women don’t eat at all. they just look at food then jump on the treadmill.
  • i can be flexible. as long as everything is exactly the way i want it, i’m totally flexible.
  • i’m afraid that when your heart’s involved, it all comes out in moron. ’ 
  • people are particularly stupid today. i can’t talk to any more of them. ’ 
  •  the long island ice tea makes you do things you normally wouldn’t do, like lifting your skirt in public or calling someone you normally wouldn’t call at really weird times. ’   
  • it’s times like these that you realize what’s truly important in your life… i’m so glad i had all that sex. ’   
  • i have no patience for jam hands !
  • romeo and juliet had warring families and they still managed to do a little damage, you know ?
  • make sure you look in somebody’s sock drawers. rich people have hilarious sock drawers ! 
Companions react to them seeing sole in a desk shaking in their seat working with a large pile of empty cups of coffee?

Here ya go :) Personal fave one: X6′s. 

Sole was working on a pile of paperwork. Why the hell did they bother with helping out with the paperwork again. Ugh. Still, this shit had to be ready by the next day so they could just be done with it. That meant caffeïne, loads of it. Sole didn’t even noticed the cups piling up on the desk, nor their own bloodshot eyes. That doesn’t mean that nobody else did…

“ Mum/Sir what is going on?” Sole looked up. “Can’t you see? I’m working.” They sipped from their cup once more. Codsworth started cleaning up some cups. “You do realise this is barely healthy behaviour?” Sole looked up, showing their bloodshot eyes. “You mean this is no good for me?” They asked sarcastically. “ Do you want me to answer that or should I just glare?”

“ What are you doing precisely?” Sole grunted and faceplanted on one of the papers. “Brotherhood paperwork, go away.” Danse grabbed a chair and sat next to them. “Are you trying to tell me you’re suddenly mature and responsible?” Sole nodded against the paper. “Trying to be.” He grabbed a pile of papers Sole grabbed them from the other side. “Nooo.” Danse leaned in. “I’m more experienced in this than you are. Allow me to aid you.” Sole sighed and let go. “Fine… thank you.”

Deacon walked in with a non-caffeinated drink in hand. “Hey! Hard day at the office, dear? Huh?” Sole grunted. “Get out Deacon.” 
“ Oooh, someone stepped out of bed with the wrong foot…” He lifted a cup. “Or not in bed at all looking at these.” Sole gave him an angry glance. Deacon lifted his hands. “Oh-kay. Suit yourself, or… have some better drink and get some sleep?”

“ You know what’s better at keeping people up all night then coffee?” Sole looked up. “ Unfortunately not.” “Me.” 

Sole rolled their eyes. “No, truly.” Sole looked right at him, completely unamused. “Hancock, has that line ever worked on anyone…” Hancock leaned back in a chair opposite them and placed his feet on their desk. Sole got up to shove them off, but he just sat up straight, shoved some papers aside and put his feet back. “ I usually don’t need any ‘lines’.” He needed to find a way to get them some sleep. “I’m taking away the coffee.” “NO don’t you dare.” “Relax cupcake, it was a joke. Carry on.” Before Sole knew, they were all out of coffee fiters. “HANCOCK!”

“ Hey boss, don’t you think now would be a good time to quit doing this?” Sole didn’t even look up. “No. I want to get this done.” MacCready picked up some papers and said “C’mon, these look doable.Just do this last bit tomorrow, get some rest before I have to yank you out of the raider’s vizer cause you were too tired to notice ‘em.” Sole looked up. “You’re not my bodyguard anymore.” 
“ But I’m more than a bodyguard now, so I want to keep you safe for other reasons. Being that I give a damn about you now.” Sole sat back and took another sip of coffee. “Ya know, feel free to help out if you think it’s so easy.” MacCready smiled. “No thanks, I’ll watch.” He walked away and came back with his sniper rifle. He placed it on the other side of the table “I’ll stay here though.” He took it apart and started to clean it. 

Maxson walked in on Sole and leaned against their desk, arms crossed. “You do realise you might need to lead our men into battle tomorrow?” “Yes, Maxson. I do.” He leaned in a little. “I need you awake. Get some rest. And lay off the coffee” 
You told me to get these papers…” “You heard me. Do as you’re told.”

Nick walked in and looked at the piles of coffee. He imagined that’s what i’d be like if he needed any sleep whatsoever. “ Hey kid. Whatcha working on?” “Minutemen paperwork.” He picked up some papers and leafed through them. Settlements who have agreed to join them and new recruits. “You do realise it’s almost midnight?” Sole’d regret this but they had to ask. “What’s at midnight.” “Your bedtime.” Sole shook their head. “Seriously, I’m cutting you off. By the looks of it you’ve got too much caffeine in your system already.” “I need it.” Sole got confronted with the fact that, for a robot, he was damn good at getting emotions across. No discussion.”Fine, but I’m staying awake until this batch has finished working.” 

“ Are you still awake?” Preston had walked in so quitely that Sole shot up straight. They figured that it was partially the coffee making them this jumpy. “Preston, fucking hell you scared me.” He looked at the cups of coffee. “Sole…” They looked at him. “What?” He placed a couple of fingers underneath their chin to have a better look at their eyes. Sole yanked their face away from his general direction. He sat down next to them. “You can’t do this alone, okay. You need me.” Sole grunted. “I’m the general, I have to do this alone.” He grabbed a pile. “Nonsense, we’re in this together as always.Now lay off the coffee. You’re not looking good.” Sole grinned. “Auch.” “Not what I mean…” Sole winked. “I know. Thanks.” 
“ So, what can I do?”

x6 walked in on Sole and realised immediately what was going on. Like son, like mother/father. That probably meant when it came to trying to get them to stop that it wouldn’t work either. But he was assigned to look after Sole’s wellbeing. He sighed and aimed a gun at their arm. Sole looked up. “X6, what the fuck are you doing?” “Goodnight.” He shot them in the arm, a small dart. Sole had just enough time to yank it out and say ‘really?’ before they dozed off. X6 carried them to their bed, saying ‘It’s just a tranq, they’ll be fine.” When he passed young Shaun. Problem solved.

“What are you zhoing? What is zhis?”  “Coffee.” Curie picked up a cup and had a sip. “It tastes terrible!” Sole took the cup from her and drank from it. “It’s pretty strong.” “Why?” “Keeps me awake?”
Curie then got highly interested in the result that all that coffee has on the human body. While Sole tries their best to keep focus, Curie studies their eyes and indicates she wants to run some other tests on Sole who just mutters. “No, I’m busy.” “Based on zhe eyes, zhis is perhaps not so good for you?” 
“ Not sleeping will do that to ya.” “Oh, non.” She got up and yanked Sole’s arm. “You shall go to sleep immediately! You need sleep! You are human!”

Cait downed a cup in one go only to get a bitter look on her face. “Coffee, huh?” She put down the cup. “Yep.”  “Whatcha tryin’ to stay awake for?” 
“ Paperwork.” She leafed through some papers, thinking of how terribly boring that had to be. No wonder Sole resorted to coffee. “Good luck with that.” She was about to leave when Sole yelled “Feel free to help!”. She just yelled back “Oh, I wish I could but I don’t want to!’

Scribe Haylen:
“What the hell? What are you still doing now?” She took a sip of one of the cups. “Okay, that’s really strong.” Sole just kept working while saying “supposed to keep me up.” “Can I help?” Sole sighed. “I don’t know.” Haylen sat across Sole and said “Okay, just tell me what to do.”

“ Sole, what exactly are you still doing up?” Sole looked up, bloodshot eyes. “Working on those reports. We’ve gotta track down those synths somehow.” Desdemona started clearing some cups while saying “Well, maybe you should take it easy.”  Sole shook their head. “I wanna be done with this.” “Sole, I’ll help you tomorrow. Get some sleep before you do this wrong. You know this is something you need your head for. And it seems too clogged up with coffee now.” 

“ Not like I haven’t done it myself before Blue, but this much coffee is a bad idea. When’s the last time you’ve slept?” Sole looked up. “I’m fine.” 
“ Well, you could’ve fooled me.”  Sole sighed. “I’m still working, aren’t I?” 
“ Sure you are. You’re all ‘Coffee please, and a shot of cynicism’, super healthy way of living.” Sole added “Well I learnt it front the best.” Before they looked up, eyes wide. “I’m sorry, I’m a bit punchy.” “No offense taken.” Piper sighed. “Guess I’ll just write then. Keep ya company.”

Once Upon A Different Time Episode 301 - “Return to Neverland”

Once Upon A Different Time

A re-work of Once Upon A Time from the beginning of season 3.

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Episode One - “Return To Neverland”


Neverland – Present

The Jolly Roger broke the calm surface of the inky sea surrounding the Neverland island with an almighty splash and continued to soar.

“Well, I think we can safely say that we’ve lost the element of surprise,” Gold remarked dryly, and Emma, the only one within earshot of this remark, had to give a snort of laughter in spite of the rather dire circumstances. “And would someone care to explain why the ship is currently airborne?” he added, yelling to Hook over the roar of the wind and the rushing water that was pouring off the keel as the vessel continued to climb.

“It’s the pixie dust,” Hook replied through gritted teeth, desperately trying to regain control of the flying ship and bring it onto a level. “It must not have burned out completely from the last flight.”

“Pixie dust. Oh, brilliant. Pixie dust? You put pixie dust on a boat?” Gold shouted in disbelief.

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Notes on a Scandal (1/1)

AN:  Commissioned fic for kacymyth!  1,000 words, Belle is a high school student that gets pregnant–and everyone wants to know who the father is.  Thank you, Kacy!

The rumors about Belle French’s pregnancy had begun to swarm throughout the halls of Storybrooke High.  It was perhaps the hottest piece of gossip the students had heard lately—that the shy, bookish, librarian’s assistant had somehow gotten herself knocked up.  Had her belly not begun to swell, had the school nurse (who was known for bearing a striking resemblance to Nurse Ratchet) not squealed her news to the Principal Mills after Belle had shown her a prescription for prenatal vitamins—no one would’ve believed it.

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Alternative rock band Grizfolk have treated fans to a new video that encapsulates their time on tour opening for Bastille. The musical quintet consisting of members Adam Roth (vocals), Fredrik Eriksson (guitar), Sebastian Fritze (synths), Brendan Willing James (bass) and Billy Delia (drums) gift viewers with an intimate experience of what life’s been like on the road. The video, shot & directed by Crooked Cynics, intercuts footage of the band performing the excellent track “Bounty On My Head,” with snippets of behind the scenes action and stops at tourist locales. 

Although the track used is a live version, one could not guess due to the band’s mastery over the song. It sounds just as incredible as the recorded version and captures the energy and enthusiasm the band has for both their music and their fans.

Grizfolk is definitely becoming a rising act to follow and already have several high-profile festival gigs lined up such as Boston Calling and Hangout Music Festival. Catch them at a show and you won’t be disappointed. 

Check out our interview with them here.