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So I just found a new theory, and I figured I'd share. The basis is that Yuuri plays piano and was actually the one to compose Yuri on Ice. He didn't want to say anything about it, though, since it had gotten shot down. This was backed by the fact we never saw the woman that composed/played the piece. Taft was rebutted by the fact the Yuuri was shown talking to Phichit about contacting her. I know it can't work, but I still like it

Wowwwww that’s still a really interesting idea though?!?! I wouldn’t have thought of that haha that could’ve been a good plot twist

Water Balloon Fight - luke alvez x reader

Request: Prompts 94 and 126 with Luke Alvez

94. “Did they hurt you?”

126. “You nap, I’ll stay awake.”

Currently the whole team was at Rossi’s house. You had initiated a water balloon fight in the backyard that got out of hand, causing Rossi to watch from inside as the rest of you all pelted them at each other.

You paired up with Luke, and you were both taking cover behind a table turned on it’s side. When you stood up to throw a balloon at Reid, JJ hit you square in the chest with a pink one.

You groaned as if you’d been shot and immediately leaned back down. Luke took your face in his hands, “You okay, babe? Did they hurt you?”

You laughed, “Luke, you’re taking this a little bit too seriously.”

“I’m determined.” he defended himself, quickly throwing a balloon at Emily as another one narrowly missed his head.

He kneeled back down next to you. You whined, “I’m so tired now, I don’t feel like playing this anymore.”

He smirked. “You nap, I’ll stay awake.”

You began to chuckle, “What is this, a spy mission?”

“Yes.” Luke said matter-of-factly, then leaned in to kiss your cheek.

After you all ran out of water balloons, your shirt was soaked. It clung to your skin uncomfortably, and you were starting to get irritable.

“I have some extra clothes in my car, I’ll grab you a t shirt.” Luke said as you all sat around Rossi’s living room. After he left, JJ smiled, “He’s so crazy about you.”


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Had a choice between upgrading one of several weapons (because materials) and I went with the dragoon’s lance

Because Caim’s murderous ass got us into this whole situation and the weapon story is obviously about him and Angelus. Also I love lances and it was the best option there.

god the fact that we have a sequel to the game that spawned off the Drakengard ending of ‘a guys and his dragon accidentally breach into ‘our’ universe fighting a giant abomination via rhythm game, gets shot down by fighter planes, bad shit happens as a result’ is bizarre and I’m glad we have it

like, shit seems like a joke ending and HERE WE ARE

Thankyou @tarinya-quinn for the tag!

1. morning rituals: Lay in bed staring at my phone until I decide to get up three hours later, make waffles, leave for the day

2. biggest fear: Being hated or not liked, Large bodies of water, fucking spiders

3. cloudy or sunny: Uhh just depends if im doing stuff for the day

4. a band you didn’t like at first but grew on you: Bathory a long time ago but they grew on me.

5. song stuck in your head: Manowar’s Carry On like fuck that song is so catchy

6. unrealistic dream: Having my music collection as big as I really want it to be, honestly Ill spend my whole life collecting muic but it will never be THAT big.

7. dream superpower: Flying because it would make traveling so much easier and exciting but in todays day in age I think Id have to worry about being shot down…

8. any regrets?: Oh yeah I do, but I dont let them bother me and I learn from them.

9. superstitious?: Indeed I am

10. something that makes you feel alive: Being front row for a band you love or have been waiting forever to see and finally seeing them right there in your face playing those songs that you used to air drum and air guitar your heart out to(hell still do).

11. favourite genre of film: Horror

12. favourite movie: Possibly Scareface or Goodfellas kind of a tie

13. favourite season: Summer

14. favourite colour: Black, red, and purple

15. favourite foods: Pizza, Chicken Wings and anything else I can put hot sauce on.

16. worst habit: Worrying and hanging onto everything

17. how many countries have you been to?: None like ive said before my travel life sucks but i hope to improve it.

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You know what? I called my boyfriend tonight to discuss my conspiracy theories and he totally shot them down. So now I’m looking up more conspiracy theories to blindside him with. Because I love him.

you know i keep seeing young jack morrison portrayed one of two ways in the fandom and it’s either “uwu innocent bb who doesn’t do anything wrong” or “grade A insufferable asshole” but i prefer to think of him more as the equivalent of “stressed out college student the week before finals who’s running low on sleep and cranked up on caffeine and is one step away from a breakdown because this is too much responsibility he clearly wasn’t ready for and now he’s just winging it i guess”

Bruce Wayne is a total Batman fanboy. He has a made to life replica of his favorite Batmobile in his garage and a room set off to the side with all the Batman memorabilia he’s collected over the years. He’s known for spending crazy amounts of money at auctions for Batman stuff and orders his own versions of everything.

No one even bats an eye when he puts in a huge order for batarangs. And he’s so happy about it because when he’d first started out as Batman getting supplies had been the worst part of the job. He’d had a million hoops he had to go through to keep his secret identity a secret. 

He’d thought he’d hated it when people became Batman obsessed, but after he got caught with a Batarang in his pocket at a charity event he decided to go with the fanboy persona. And it worked. 

His children think it’s hilarious and buy him all kinds of weird Batman merchandise. Like the crappily painted Batman figures shipped from China, Batman soap, the plastic masks every store sells, and their personal favorite the pajamas that say “My Batcave is my happy place”

  • Me: Okay, so we are /not/ going to helplessly cling to any of the announced Andromeda squad-mates because it would be extremely depressing if they are announced as a non-compatible LI.
  • Me: *Sees Vetra*
  • Me:
  • Me: So this is my new wife--

RWBY + first and last shots all together in each season

                                                                      [  Ruby  |  Weiss  |  Blake  |  Yang  ]