shot in the dark band

Mess o’ Mine

Harry X Reader: Angst, smut

In which Harry’s stolen from you and needs to fix it.

Request? No

Part 2: Mouth o’ Mine // Part 3: Mind o’ Mine

The apartment is dark, lights dimmed so you can set the mood for what you expect to be an emotional performance. Your laptop is plugged into the television and the screen is flickering, splashing colors across your face from a product commercial. Harry is across the world, about to premiere a song from his upcoming album on a popular talk show. Despite how excited you are to hear the music, you’re still nervous for him, as you always are. There’s no doubt in your mind that he’ll smash whatever he performs, but he always seems to get in his own way.

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saint-j92000  asked:

Continuing on from last night, I’m just gonna take a shot in the dark and list some bands that Teen Shark Matt is almost absolutely a fan of; Green Day, Blink 182, Bowling for Soup, Jimmy Eat World maybe, Rage Against the Machine, Funeral for a Friend, probably a passing interest in like The Prodigy and Hollywood Undead, Enter Shikari (gotta sneak some hometown rep in there), and idk Weezer probably. None of that is really “pure” punk but most of it’s about as Teencore™ as it gets so Y’KNOW


blessed ask thank u so much


Request:  since you’ve written some dark stuff can you maybe write an imagine where Brendon’s girlfriend gets kidnapped because he was late to a date and she was waiting outside and a few months later he finds her being raped by her kidnapper and he saves her?

A/n: I hope you don’t mind that I didn’t follow the request precisely. I had to make it seem a little more plausible.I also was kinda vague, I didn’t want to upset anyone. (Disclaimer!) These types of stories aren’t for everyone, so please don’t read it if these themes makes you uncomfortable. I write what I want to, so don’t try to tell me to do otherwise. This is my warming. 

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ah dun got tagged by @didney-worl-no-uta (งᐛ )ว ♥ so here we gooooo

general info:
♡ gender?: gurlll
♡ sexuality: ace
♡ height: 5′ 5.5″ or some BS like that lmaoo
♡ hair colour: brown
♡ relationship status: I’m dating the entirety of major league baseball

favourite things:
♡ favourite colour: blue
♡ favourite song: it’s so hard for me to pick just one ;; but let’s go shot in the dark by ozzy
♡ favourite band / artist: ozzy osbourne, pagan’s mind, and anubis gate I absolutely CANNOT pick just one there lol (FYI IF YOU LOVE REALLY GOOD PROG METAL YOU ABSOLUTELY NEED TO CHECK OUT ANUBIS GATE’S LATEST ALBUM IT IS ASTOUNDING)
♡ favourite youtubers: I don’t regularly keep up with youtubers much but I always enjoy SBFP a lot
♡ favourite food: chickennnn
♡ favourite family member: my parents who are both gr8
♡ favourite bird: toucans <:
♡ favourite animal: armadillos
♡ favourite celebrity: UHHHHHHHHHHH ʘ\\ʘ;;;
♡ favourite time of day: evening
♡ favourite holiday(s): halloween and christmas
♡ favourite season: fall
♡ favourite fruit: raspberries
♡ favourite flower: daffodils
♡ favourite emoji(s): ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ and ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
♡ favourite app: I guess tumblr because i can’t fUCKING QUIT lol
♡ favourite hobby: sitting on my ass watching beisbol
♡ favourite country: out of the few I’ve visited so far, france has been my fave ;;
♡ favourite weather: thunderstorms/rain
♡ favourite element: I flip between air, water, and fire a lot ;;
♡ favourite language: … I… don’t know if I have one…… eNGLISH I GUESS BECAUSE IT’S THE ONLY ONE I CAN CONSISTENTLY UNDERSTAND……

name of:
♡ name of your crush: MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM
♡ name of your pet(s): roxie
♡ name(s) of your best friend(s): y’all know who u are eOe

this or that?
♡ introvert or extrovert: introvert
♡ nerdy or sassy: nerdy
♡ tall or short: I THINK I’M INBETWEEN…. eOe
♡ looks or personality: personality….?? ????? ??? god idk eUe
♡ homesick or traveler: both
♡ musician or artist: artist
♡ woods or city: city
♡ tv or youtube: youtube
♡ phone or computer: computer
♡ family or money: family
♡ books or movies: movies
♡ food or sleep: sleep probably lol

and I tagggg @sleeping-mara, @yuutfa, @fexiled, @anraheth-art, and ANYONE ELSE WHO WANTS TO DO THIS TBHH YOU HAVE MY PERMISSION

Tayvin Oneshot - Rhode Island is for Lovers

The sky was a moody shade of gray. Dark bands of slate and pewter shot across the sky in uneven, violent harmony. Rain had been falling from heavy clouds sporadically throughout the day. The sea was restless, churning and spewing angry white tipped waves with petty, subdued fury. The water of the Atlantic was all steel and midnight, the color reflecting the drabness from above while hiding the brimming, invisible power churning beneath its surface.

The northern seaboard was suffering from a tropical depression that decided to bypass the southern half of the country and make an appearance to celebrate America’s birthday with all of New England. Bands of rain came in phases, crashing down intermittently throughout the day. Though it was the middle of summer, the tropical storm brought the chill, bringing in the cool water from offshore and dumping it on the coast. Wind gusts reached up to 50 miles per hour.

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I’m Miranda, a trans woman from Georgia (US).

When I first came out about a year ago, this tumblr was something that gave me a lot of confidence, that made me feel normal and even powerful, and I wanted to submit my own picture to it now that I’ve come so far.

[a top down upper body shot of a girl with straight dark hair held back by a hair band. She’s wearing dark clothing. The picture is in black and white]