shot in the dark band


“Lydia Litvak” is a music video by French dark-rock/post-punk band Varsovie. Shot in Kaunas.

Tayvin Oneshot - Rhode Island is for Lovers

The sky was a moody shade of gray. Dark bands of slate and pewter shot across the sky in uneven, violent harmony. Rain had been falling from heavy clouds sporadically throughout the day. The sea was restless, churning and spewing angry white tipped waves with petty, subdued fury. The water of the Atlantic was all steel and midnight, the color reflecting the drabness from above while hiding the brimming, invisible power churning beneath its surface.

The northern seaboard was suffering from a tropical depression that decided to bypass the southern half of the country and make an appearance to celebrate America’s birthday with all of New England. Bands of rain came in phases, crashing down intermittently throughout the day. Though it was the middle of summer, the tropical storm brought the chill, bringing in the cool water from offshore and dumping it on the coast. Wind gusts reached up to 50 miles per hour.

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