shot in film


Maybe they’ll save it. All the pieces. Store it in the town hall attic and rebuild it in a hundred years. Wonder who the hell we were. 

Riverdale, “Chapter Four: The Last Picture Show”


Jeremy Meeks hangs with Nicki Minaj at AmFAR Gala.

”Hot Convict” Jeremy Meeks is making the rounds at the Cannes Film Festival.

The model, who was discovered after the Stockton police department posted his mugshot to Facebook, was released from prison in March 2016 and has had a skyrocketing modeling career ever since.


Opening Shot | Whiplash Duration: 54 seconds

‘The way movies begin, it’s so crucial to me. It’s that moment where you really have the audience totally spellbound… It’s the most critical moment…. I wanted this shot here to be lit and timed in such a way that we immediately sense a certain undercurrent of dread.’ - Damien Chazelle