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I’m sorry guyz, the only thing that I came out of the trailer thinking of was this.

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HI! I was wondering I you could make you travel vid like the LA one longer. I felt like half of the vid was just shots from a plane, which I personally don't find that interesting. It reveals nothing about the personality of the creator. Additionally I feel like it doesn't give any insight to the place that you travel or your unique individual trip. I don't mean for this to be mean in any way, I really do love your content, I just wanted to share my opinions and offer some constructive criticism

A lot of the things that you get to see behind the scenes is not “cool stuff”. We literally drove around most of the days and the plane took 10 hours. It’s actually a really realistic depiction of what we where doing there but granted not very interesting. Thank you nonetheless for the feedback! I should have focused more on the show itself but I wanted to watch it too and not through a lens. It’s hard balancing when it’s okay to pop out a camera and record people and sometimes you simply just forget. The feedback is much appreciated though and I will definitely keep it in mind for next time! :)


FROM THE ARCHIVES: in anticipation of Monday’s eclipse, the Museum is releasing this rarely seen footage of a 1937 Museum expedition to the Peruvian Andes to capture some of the first color video of a total solar eclipse. The trip included shots taken from a plane at 25,000 feet at the moment of totality–images which would improve scientists’ understanding of the Sun’s corona.

Watch an excerpt from “The Peruvian Eclipse Expedition,” below, filmed during the Hayden Planetarium-Grace Peruvian Eclipse Expedition of 1937. And learn more about the crew and their instruments on the blog: