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First Day of School

Characters: Dean Winchester x little sister!reader

Words: 1500

Tags: @evyiione@fabulouslycassie, @daughters-and-winsisters, @darkestgrungeuniverse, @samanddeanshotsis, @winchesters-favorite-girl

A/N: Decided I wanted to post something more innocent/less angsty after that last fic :)

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You and Dean stood outside of the classroom, your hand in Dean’s much larger one. Other kids and their parents poured into the room which walls were dressed in drawings and colorful posters of the alphabet. It was the start of the school year, and unsurprisingly it was also the first day of a new school for the both of you.

”You ready?” Dean asked as he looked down at you, and his green eyes was met by your round ones.

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Angel With Orders

What if Castiel bringing Dean back from the dead wasn’t the first time he met the Winchester siblings? 

Characters: Castiel x Winchester sister!reader + Sam and Dean (all kids), Lucifer and John (mentioned)

Words: About 1400

A/N: Usually, I’m really picky about things being canon, and I spend like hours researching to make sure, which sometimes actually kills my inspiration. While this time, I didn’t really have the time, and I just wanted to write, so if some things don’t really make sense with the storyline of the show, I’m sorry. 

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Just because Kira from Orphan Black is soooo cute.

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Castiel stands outside of the motel, hidden amongst the trees of the forest surrounding the small town. The wind blows through the crowns of the trees, making the branches slightly bend in its force. It’s in the middle of the night and the only light sources are the moon and the stars above, and the dimmed light of a lamp placed on the windowsill inside one of the motel rooms.

That’s the one. That room.

The angel of the Lord is here on orders. He’s been told that he needs to kill a girl.

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William Nylander - White Orchid

authors note: this is my second ever imagine/one shot. i hope you enjoy it. i’m sorry if there are any misspelling, errors or such, means i’ve simply just missed it. feel free to give me any kind of feedback as i greatly do appreciate it. also, sorry it’s so long ??? i got a bit carried away.

word count: 4723


Closing the door behind me, I took a few steps to sit down on the lid of the toilet. Elbows resting on my knees, head heavy in my hands. Taking a few deep breaths I did the best I could to calm myself down. Knowing now was the worst possible time to even so much as knock on the door of anxiety. The need to slap myself across the face rose. A somewhat desperate attempt to knock myself out of the negativity and get my shit together. I knew it was not going to be easy. Heck. Everyone here knew it.

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Characters: Dean Winchester, sister!reader, OC character(s).

Words: 1060

Tagging: @daughters-and-winsisters, @evyiione, @darkestgrungeuniverse, @fabulouslycassie, @samanddeanshotsis, @delessapeace-blog, @mariairwin666 @1amluke, @saveprettydays

A/N: Hola guys! So, I started watching Riverdale the other day, and I got really inspired by the whole High School setting, so I just wanted to write something regarding that. So, that’s the explanation for this. Also, it starts out in 3rd POV, just because I was trying stuff out :)

If you want to listen to what I listened to while writing this: listen to Daddy Issues - The Neighbourhood. Not that the lyrics fit with the fic, but I liked the feel of the song for this :)

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Jeremy Adams was having a normal day. Everything was like it used to. He woke up the same time as usual, he wore the same type of clothes, he had the same thing for breakfast as he always did. His feet met with the same grounds as he walked to the same building as yesterday, school. Even though there was a comfort in it, Jeremy was looking forward to college; he was ready for something new.

So, naturally, he instantly looked up from his books when something was out of the ordinary happened —  the door to the classroom opened in the middle of the first lesson. Two teenagers entered, a boy and a girl. And he had never seen them before.

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William Nylander - Nothing else matters

request: Could you please do a William Nylander one where you guys had a kid from when you guys were teenagers and the team didn’t know so when you show up for you kid to see Willy their shocked.
authors note: this is really long, but i hope that’s okay! i’m actually really happy with this one. i hope you enjoy it and thank you for your request!
word count: 4293

Making sure Victor had his belt all buckled up, you leaned back in your seat with a grin as you watched your four year old son starting intensely our of the airplane window. It was his first time on a long haul flight and along with sleeping, the one thing keeping him busy had been his amazement of seeing the clouds to up close. You couldn’t shake off the bundle of nerves as your captain announced through the speakers that you were about fifteen minutes from landing at Toronto Pearson International Airport.

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Topangas Daughters

Topanga Matthews was a smart women. ‘The smartest mommy there ever was’ according to her son. So she wanted to hit herself when she didn’t figure it out sooner.

“What kind of idiot gives up a top school for someone else?” She demanded.

“You,” her daughter responded, “you gave up Yale for dad.”

Oh shit.

“Honey,” she said that night in bed to her husband.

“Yeah?” He asked, grabbing her hand under the covers.

“The girls are in love,” she whispered. And Cory just laughed.

“Took you this long? I’ve known for years…”

Happy Birthday, Sam!

Characters: Sam, Little sister!reader, Dean, Jess, John [mentioned]

Words: 2600+

A/N: So I started writing this today, without any idea in mind at all, because I completely forgot it was May 2nd today (yes it’s been a lot lately haha. In my head it’s like a month left to May, but apparently not). I just finished writing this and it’s getting kinda late, so I apologize if there’s any errors and stuff. Also, the first two parts are flashbacks, kind of. Hopefully it’ll make sense.

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You love birthdays. Always had, ever since you were a kid. And although it was fun to have your own birthday, you mostly meant other people’s birthdays. You just loved seeing smiles on their faces as you tried your best to make their special day, just that, special. It surely was something magical about that.

”(Y/N)?” Dean whispered, as his hands gently shook your narrow shoulders to awake you.

You tiredly rubbed your eyes with your fists, blinking hard to regain your vision, wanting to return to the dreamland with blue skies, funny-shaped cotton candy-like clouds and all kinds of pretty, colorful animals including unicorns with rainbow mane and tails.

”Come on,” Dean whispered again, helping you sit up in the bed. ”We gotta surprise Sammy!”

You remembered, and instantly you were wide awake and alert. Sammy’s birthday.

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Voltron Powers Headcanon [Part 4]

[Part 1]  [Part 2]  [Part 3]  [You Are Here] [Part 5]  [Finale]

“You and I need to talk,” Keith stated the next day to Lance as he caught him entering the hallway to their rooms.

“Ok, is this about the secret behind my hair care routine? Because the look you’re giving me is frankly kinda scaring me and I’m not sure what goes through your head sometimes…” Lance started to ramble as he fidgeted about nervous; afraid, as if he was more aware of what Keith really wanted to talk about but was too scared to say aloud.

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1997 [2]

Part 1

Characters: Winchester brothers x sister!reader, OC characters, characters from 4x13.

Words: 1060

Tags: @daughters-and-winsisters@evyiione, @samanddeanshotsis, @darkestgrungeuniverse @fabulouslycassie @delessapeace-blog @mariairwin666 @1amluke @saveprettydays @cookee50 

A/N: Soooo, I was asked to do a second part of the 1997 one shot I wrote, so yeah, I’ve been thinking about plot ideas, and now I’m officially trying to turn this into a series.

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You woke up by someone slapping your cheek repeatedly. You groaned in annoyance as you instinctively shielded your face.

”Wake up, sunshine.” Dean’s sarcastic voice broke the silence and you could just tell he was sporting a smirk on his smug face.

You peeled open your eyes, and instantly squinted them again because of the bright sunlight that flowed into the motel room through the small windows, making all the dust in the dust in the air visible. You instantly sat up in the couch you were sleeping in — you had been nice enough to let your brothers sleep in the bed — suddenly fully awake.

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Tree Bros - Superhero AU

Word Count: 3218 (Yeesh)

Warnings: Swearing, mentions of bruises, scars, and death. Also suffocating.

Evan Hansen was your typical college student, who also fought as super hero whenever needed. When he wasn’t protecting his city, he was just a normal boy with anxiety, who had the constant load of homework, and ran on little sleep, and no coffee as it made his nerves worse. When he wasn’t a regular student, he was a superhero, fighting crime with his badass plant powers. Also, he might have a slight crush on the kid in his creative writing class. His name was Connor Murphy and Evan didn’t think anything could change his perfectness. Connor had shoulder length wavy brown hair. His eyes were blue, but if you could get close enough, which was very hard, you can see the small patch of brown in his right eye. He was tall, and lanky. He didn’t talk much, but his teacher always shared his stories, and they were beautifully written. So, in Evan’s mind, nothing could ever change how perfect Connor is, even if he some how was the maniac, Hell Fire, that he fought basically once a week. However, Connor was most definitely not Hell Fire, it’d be impossible. How could Evan even remotely like a villain anyways?

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can you please do some laurens x thomas??? it's a severely underrated ship and there's so many possibilities,, like thomas being SUPER possessive / overprotective of john omg i love that

I haven’t seen too much of this ship…LET’S GET TO IT MY LOVLIES! What’s a good ship name? Jomas? Thohn? Lomas? Thaurens? 


Thomas growled under his breath, eyes narrowing dangerously at the man drunkenly flirting with John. James was sipping his drink, looking between Thomas and John, mixed emotions going over his face. 

“You know,” James spoke up, “You could always just, go over there?”

Thomas downed the rest of his beer, making James jump at the rough slam. “No no, John’s a big boy. He doesn’t like when I get too possessive,” James rolled his eyes, “Besides it’s not like - “

The man’s hand had clamped down on the upper of John’s thigh, and the freckled man was clearly uncomfortable. He was all but trapped back into the bar stool, uncomfortable grimace set on his face. 

The man leaned in, John leaned back, but he still got close to his face, whispering something in his ear.

“Oh hell no!” James caught the beer bottle before it fell, watching as Thomas all but stormed over to his boyfriend.

“Hey baby boy,” His southern accent drawled out stronger, arms wrapping around John’s slender shoulders.

John turned quicker than ever, and Thomas leaned down, lips soft but firm as he deeped the kiss. He pulled back, smug looking smirk at John’s flushed face.

“Hi there, I’m Thomas Jefferson, one of the top lawyers in all of America and on top ten for some in Europe, also used to be on the football team in High School and College. Perhaps you’ve heard of me?”

The man was wearing a UVA jersey, the college Thomas went to (and his family helped found) and the guy looked almost star struck.

“Dude holy shit! You’re a legend at our school! Thomas Jefferson number forty three!”

Thomas grinned, “Oh so you a fan?”

“Dude hell yeah! Man - you’re like, an inspiration! Every big game with nationals coach still plays one of your speeches!”

“Oh cool,” What the hell? “So I assume you also know how strong I am yeah?”

“Dude even if you hadn’t played football - shit man you’re ripped!”

John raised an eyebrow, confusion as to where this was going. Thomas let out a fake laugh. “Oh thanks, so here’s a thing.” He clapped his hands together sarcastically.

He reached a hand out, gripping the man’s shirt in his fists, pulling the shorter man close to his face. “Listen here, you arrogant prick. The guy you were flirting with - quite clearly is mine. You know about me good. You know I can knock a grown man three times my height and weight out without breaking a sweat imagine what I could do to a piece of shit your size. Lay another hand on me, and you’ll end up in the hospital, being sued for every damn thing you own.”

He let go of his shirt, patting the wrinkled out. He sent one of his dazzling smiles. “So we good?”

The man was shaking, hands gripping at his shirt as he backed up. “Y-Yeah man! I-I’m sorry bro! I-I’ll go I - I.” He ran off, and Thomas smirked. If he were a dog the damn thing would have run off with his tail between his legs and piss dripping down them.

John tried to hide his amusement with a pout. “You didn’t have to do that, I had it under control.”

Thomas kissed his cheek, leaning on John’s back. “I know baby boy, but he was touching what was mine and I do not share well.”

John rolled his eyes, “You talk of me as if I’m a possession of yours.”

“You are, a prize I hadn’t had to fight for, and prize better than any damn thing I’ve received in my life and I’ll be damned if anyone take you from me.”

John gulped, seeing the fire in Thomas’ eyes as he spoke, and he found himself speechless. Whenever Thomas got like this…

Tonight was going to be a fun night for sure…

Alex Nylander - Unknown Blues

request: Are you able to do a Alexander Nylander one where you guys have a pregnancy scared and you both are worried since you both are young.
authors note: i hope you enjoy this and thank you for your request!
word count: 2729

Staring blankly at the glass of water in front of you- your eyes focused on the half cut lemon slice floating around with the ice, as you were for a moment, completely oblivious to the noise surrounding you. The Stockholm sun shined on you as you sat next to your mother and mother-in-law at the open air restaurant. Going over the dates and days in your head once again, you even counted on your fingers. One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six. Six days. Those six days, were six days too many. And just like you had already known- the panic started to creep up on you again.

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No Brothers Here

Request: could you do a sisfic where the reader is a teenage girl (like between 14 and 17) and the boys do something that embarrasses her in front of her friends and she gets really upset and they get really confused because they don’t know what they did wrong? Thanks and I really like your writing. - Anonymous.

Characters: Sam + Dean x sister!reader, OC friends.

Words: 1500

A/N: Might have twisted the request a bit, hehe.

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It’s the begging of the school year, your last year in high school. Since you and your brothers moved into the bunker, you’re able to go to the same high school instead of moving around, which was both a blessing and a curse. Yes, it was nice since it got you a bit of normalcy and a real shot at actually making friends. But on the other hand, it also took away the excuse to why you never made any friends. It was a bit stressful, and it made you very cautious of your friends. Who could blame you though?

There were things that your handful of new friends could never know about. One of them was hunting, that was, of course, a big no-no. And while there were a lot of things they couldn’t know about, there was a lot they actually just didn’t know about. Like your brothers for instance. You never talked about them, because that would you lead to a chain reaction of questions and a whole lot of lying to explain it all. You didn’t want that. But then again, you didn’t exactly know how you were going to pull it off, you sort of felt like it was inevitable that they would find out. You were going to try your best, even though it was stressing you out.

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