shot bloks


March 2015 favorites!

It’s that time of month again…


Sigg water bottle: For my birthday, one of my friends gave me this water bottle from Sigg. I love it because it’s super insulating and keeps my drinks as warm/as cold as they initially were when I filled up the bottle. It also has a tea infuser section so you can put tea leaves inside and they won’t all float up into your mouth.

Sports beans+shot bloks: These two are my favorite things to have before and after I race.  20 minutes before I race, I usually 3-4 shot bloks to give me that extra burst of energy to kick off my race and finish strong.  After my race, I like to have sports beans to replenish my electrolytes that I lost through sweating throughout the day.


Face wash+moisturizer:  Many of you often ask what my secret to having smooth healthy skin is…and I’ve decided to share part of it with you! I’ve been using this combination of St. Ives green tea scrub and aveeno clear complexion moisturizer every night for the past 6 months and it’s been doing wonders to my skin.  At the end of the day, I like to use this exfoliating scrub to get rid of any dead skin or dirt that’s on my face and then moisturize afterwards.  Both the face wash and moisturizer have salicylic acid that helps get rid of and prevent acne as well!

Too Faced mascara: This mascara is the product that false lashes have always feared.  Here’s how it works: you put on a layer of mascara from the golden tube, then you top it with fibers from the white tube, then you coat it again with mascara from the golden tube.  This mascara duo is both volumizing and lengthening so you end up with unreal looking lashes.  It’s kind of a splurge but great for special occasions and everyday use.  Plus, now I never have to deal with the mess that is sticking on fake lashes using lash glue.


Album: Worlds by Porter Robinson has become my go-to album of the month.  Before I had only heard a couple of songs from the album, but I listened to the entire album in order for the first time on my way back from a meet in New Jersey and wow…I think it’s a masterpiece and I’m so glad it exists. Every song flows into the next so beautifully and I’m so in love with all the sounds Porter uses.  You can hear the effort he put into each piece and entire album as a whole.  I’ll put a link up on my blog to  a playlist that I compiled with Worlds + the Worlds commentary before each song.

Headphones: I recently got these on ear headphones from urbanears and I really recommend them if you’re looking for a pair of simple headphones that block sound, and are really portable.  These are easy to carry places because they fold up and fit easily in a backpack or even a purse!

Links to all these will be up on my blog shortly.  Enjoy!

Snack during run (since it was over an hour): 1 serving Clif Shot Bloks (100), 6 oz Gatorade (~35), about 12 oz water.

It’s extremely hot and humid here today so even though I planned 6-8 mi, I bonked really hard at 5.5 and had to stop. Next time I run under these conditions I am going to hydrate more aggressively, try the sports drink earlier, or have the Shot Bloks earlier for the caffeine in them.

I’m a little disappointed but I’m about two weeks behind my training program due to a past flu and twisted ankle, so I won’t beat myself up too badly over it. Any day I get up and run any distance is 1000 times better than all the days in the past when I got up and did nothing!