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Big Brother - Zach Werenski (#24)

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Ugh I love Zach so shoutout to all the requests I’m getting that are for him!!!  Big big fan!! Hope you guys enjoy, let me know what you think!! Much love! <3

Word count: 761

Warnings: like one swear word

Requests: “Could u do another zach werenski where you play hockey too and meet his brother brad? :)” - @brooke5bb


“You’re coming to my game tonight right babe?” you asked your boyfriend as you got dressed to go to the rink.

“Of course! Wouldn’t miss it for the world!” he smiled from his spot on the bed.

You walked over, pressing a gentle kiss to his lips then made your way out of the bedroom.  Just as you had passed through the door way Zach called out, “also my brother Brad’s coming to the game tonight, he’s in town for the next couple days!”

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2016-17 Bruins Rookie/Prospect Edition

on request, updated version of this post focusing on the kids!

brandon carlo
also known as: “monte carlo”
always gives 110%. great shot blocker/occasional goalie. zdeno chara’s adopted son. loves dogs. great hugger. 10/10 would cuddle

frank vatrano
also known as: “frankie,” “frank the tank”
cutie pie. besties with noel acciari. favorite nhl player is torey krug. destroying the whole ahl (37 goals in his last 37 reg-season games). intense and yells a lot on the ice but soft and giggly off-ice.

austin czarnik
also known as: “czar”
SO SMALL he’s like 5′9″ and 160 protect him! v precious smile. has the cutest voice?? somehow 24 despite looking and sounding like a high-schooler.

noel acciari
also known as: idk if he has any nicknames
my underappreciated fave i love him so much?? so cute and smiley. besties with frankie and goes everywhere with him. pretty but hits people like a freight train. 

anton blidh
also known as: i call him “blidh the swede” but that’s just me
sweet swedish child. great cellies. was really nervous for his nhl debut but he did so well and im so proud of him. he’s really shy and must be protected

matt grzelcyk
also known as: “grizz”
hometown boy. really chill. likes shoes and dogs and shayne gostisbehere? trying his best

zane mcintyre
also known as: “zmac,” “zano”
loves his grandma. baby goalie who deserves better. he literally changed his last name to honor his grandma when she died he’s so good?? once he ate breakfast by himself on a road trip because nobody told him there was a team breakfast. “boom baby”


THROWBACK!! Vintage Dikembe Mutombo!!! **BLOCK** “NO NO NO, NOT IN MY HOUSE!!” One Of The Best Shot Blockers To Play The Game!!! Also Makes Somes Hilarious Commercial! And Don’t Act Like You Never Blocked Someones Shot Before And Never Quoted Dikembe LMAO

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