shot at speed

Can I just, talk about this scene here real quick?

yeah this one. Where lance is about to get fucking shot by Sven. 

Like, before either Lance or Sven could even blink properly like, Keith just comes in and slices that gun right the fuck off so fast you can’t even see his blade.

Not only is this a bad ass moment for Keith (we even get the slow-mo and different angles of the hit as well) it also kind of shows us how Keith will cut a bitch if someone is about to hurt his lance friends. 

I mean his sword came out of literally nowhere and cut off a part of the guy’s gun so fast and so cleanly too. Like, that’s not a sloppy cut at all. It was clean and it was fast. He was going in with the intent to Kill with that kind of cut.

 And what does it show us about Keith? Well, it shows us that Keith will not let anyone hurt his friends and that he does care about Lance’s well being. (Which in turn, is great development coming from his new role as the team leader and considering Lance is his right hand man) 

Cause let’s face it, Keith is hotheaded,  he views himself as a loner, not typically a team-working kind of person. So for Keith, this is pretty new. 

This scene is especially interesting because Lance, our dear precious boy Lance, is the sharpshooter of the team. He knows how to fire a gun and he knows how to doge from a shot. 

When he’s on the battlefield, he’s cautious and analytical, so in turn, that makes him very aware of his position (and even more aware of how risky it is). He has to know how to dodge from a shot. 

(Some images of Lance being a cautious boy)

 And Lance is a damn good shot too. He never misses. The only time he does is if his opponent is too fast for him. 

(Cue acxa dodging all of his shots because of her speed and obvious experience in combat) 

And it’s safe to say that the team knows this. So then why did Keith go in for the kill like he did here? (Because let me tell you honey, that was not a warning cut, he was going in fast and hard and he was determined to cut. that. bitch)

Was it because it was just an instinct for Kieth to go and save Lance??

Just like he did here?(Keith looks absolutely fucking pissed)

 Was it because he saw the immediate danger and gauged Lance’s reaction time to be too slow? 

I mean cause look at him. He was barely getting up to face Sven when Keith fucking came over here and cut his fucking gun.


They’ve come so far from the first season, where Keith and Lance could barely even protect each other properly and now they’re saving each other’s asses like it was nothing.

In conclusion, they’ve become a lot more in sync and have become prone to save each other at the drop of a hat,

 in the span of only seven episodes.

Bonus, Lance saving Keith:


Slow motion hunting jaguar from Brazil - this video was shot using a high speed camera and the leap took under 5 seconds.

Buns and Ovens

Pairing: Baker!Bucky x Reader
Summary: You have some news for Baker!Bucky
A/N: Okay so this is based off an ask here . This is part of a series called The Sweetest Thing! 
Word count : 582

Your footsteps echo across the tiled floor of your bathroom, as you pace nervously across the space. Three minutes was starting to feel like a lifetime, your heart is racing and hands shake. 

You should have waited to do it with him, but when you had connected the dots you wanted to be sure before you gave him false hope. Again. You had been trying a while and it felt almost unreal that it could be finally happening. The timer going off on your phone brings you back to the moment, the loud buzzing cutting through your thoughts. Taking a deep breath, you shut off the timer and reach for the hard plastic stick.

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Okay so, full admission, in the previous page I wasn’t entirely sure what it was that was intercepting the arrow in mid-air. Part of me thought it might be Mokona, because how awesome would that be, but this. Is even better.

Kurogane throws a rock.

He just.

He sees some random guy pointing a crossbow at Syaoran. And he picks up a ROCK.






Kurogane is not messing around you guys.


All was well -Tom Holland

A/N: Short little drabble about Tom, you and your two kids, Enjoy! Part 2 Part 3

“Tom can you please help him get his shoes on while I dress Emilia?”,I yelled from the bedroom but got no answer.
“Alright sweetheart. We’re gonna go see what our men are doing.”,I said picking her up and walked towards the entrance just to stop at the bathroom. There they were. Father and son, infront of the mirror, each of their faces covered in shaving cream. While Tom was holding a real razor, little Ben was stroking a ruler across his face and was scraping the shaving cream off his face with it. I couldn’t hold back a chuckle when I saw both of them.

“Dada!”,Emilia yelled and leaned forwards, her arms wide open, trying to get ahold of her dad.
“What can I say? I’m a ladies man.”,he said grinning proudly while taking Emilia and I rolled my eyes.
“Baby what are you doing?”,I asked Ben and he looked at me in the mirror.
“I’m shaving my beard! Like Dad.”,he answered as if it was the most normal thing to do for a five year old.
“Well but you see if you two keep shaving what you don’t have, we’re gonna be late for the Hogwarts express.”,I told him and his eyes went wide.

“Dad! Why didn’t you tell me!”,he yelled and I stepped in laughing. I took a towel and crouched down to be on his level.
“Come on. Wash your face and put your shoes on.”, I told him after wiping the shaving cream off his face.
He splashed his face with water and dried it as fast as he could before storming out of the bathroom. Meanwhile Emilia was tugging her Dads hair in every direction possible.
“Alright princess. Let’s get you buckled up.”,I said while taking her over and shot him a warning glare.
“Speed up, Spiderling.”

Suddenly he squinted his eyes and grabbed my wrist to pull me towards him and placed a kiss on my lips, smearing the left over shaving cream across my face.

“Doesn’t Mommy look gorgeous Emilia?”,he asked her and she laughed at her fathers facial expressions.

“I hate you.”,I whined while wiping away the shaving cream.

“I know.”,he grinned into the mirror and kept shaving his stupid face.

We were all driving to Kings Cross station because today was September 1st. It has been a family thing of ours to drive there every year on this day to enjoy some Harry Potter magic. After that the grandparents would take the kids and we would have the day off.
I was holding Toms cap and sunglasses in my lap while he drove us all to our adventure.
“Mommy are we going to meet Harry today?”,Ben asked and I chuckled.
“I don’t know. You gotta ask Grannie if she knows him.”,I told him and his eyes filled with excitement. Even though Tom suggested to ask Daniel Radcliff to come over one time to surprise the kids, I told him no. They should be treated as any kid on that station today. Also imagening to meet Harry Potter was a lot more fun than having the actor play the character. The kids imaginations were endless.

Meanwhile Tom took my Hand into his and placed a kiss on top of my hand. He glanced over for a second and smiled at me which made me smile back.
“Moooom Emilia is eating her shirt again!”, Ben said suddenly and I looked over my shoulder to see the front of her shirt wet.
“That’s called drooling Ben. Can you wipe her mouth with this, please?”,I said while giving him a napkin and he nodded. I watched him help his sister out with a smile on my face.
“Gentle. Yep, good job. Thank you, my Prince.”,I said and he bowed his head.

“You’re welcome, my queen.”, he answered and made me laugh wholeheartedly.
“Where’d you get that?”,I asked still chuckling and he smiled proudly.
“From the king!”

“Oh gosh.”,I said and layed my hand on Toms shoulder who was grinning mischievously.

Arriving at Kings Cross it was nearly impossible for us to slow down Ben. He was all over the place talking to people and getting them excited too.
“Please don’t give them too much sweets. They’ll be hyperactive the whole night.”,I asked their grandparents.
“Let that be our concern, sweetheart.”,Nicola said while Dominic just shrugged his shoulders smiling in the back.
“Mum…”,Tom added but she ignored him.
“You two go before you end up in the middle of fans. I’ll be bringing them back tomorrow evening. You’re time starts…now.”,she said while tapping on her watch and I could bet that Tom was rolling his eyes behind his sunglasses.

“Alright Ma. Keep'em safe.”,he said his goodbye and leaned in to give her a kiss on her cheek and I gave her a quick hug.
“Be good to grannie and grandad alright? Ben?”,I said but he wasn’t really listening.
“Take her away Tom. Or we’ll be here all day.”,Nicola said and waved us off while Tom took my hand and pulled me gently to the exit.
“They should be in bed by 8. Don’t forget to give Ben his medicine!”,I said while walking backwards and Tom layed his arm around me.

“They’re not doing this for the first time, remember?”,he chuckled into my ear and I playfully hit his shoulder before I waved at our kids, leaving them behind.
“I love'em.”

“Yeah. I do too.”,he said, placed a kiss on my temple and we walked out of the place where Harry Potter would be dropping his kids off today too.

A/N: Part 2 you and Tom and lone time?

Unexpected (Ahkmenrah x Reader)

A/N: This is the second part of the story “A maid for Ahkmenrah. I hope you like this one and you can read the first part here.

Word count : 1,662

After your passionate night with the young prince, you began to see each other very regularly. In that night you confessed your feelings for each other and since then your love for Ahkmenrah grew every day. During the day, it was also hard for you to act normal because every time you saw him, you wanted to jump right into his arms and be held by him. Ahkmenrah felt the same; all he wanted to do was spend every second with his love.

You often used to meet at his chamber or have a walk at night. But sneaking out of the palace was a big deal because guards were positioned everywhere, watching out for intruders or strangers. Nevertheless, you always found your way to your beloved prince. Also, going to his chamber after your work was difficult. One day, Kiya asked you where you went because you weren’t in your bed and you nearly had a heart attack. What would you tell her?

You tried not to panic; claiming that you needed a walk to clear your mind. But Kiya didn’t seem to believe you. You wondered if she suspected anything. After that unpleasant confrontation you tried to be very careful. Luckily nothing happened anymore.

Spending your time with Ahkmenrah was incredible.  Every time he proved you how much you meant to him. He used to give you little gifts; like flowers or even jewelry. You told him he didn’t need to do that but the young man refused to listen to you. You also spent your nights with sweet love making and talking. Lying beside him, his arms wrapped around your waist securely and only listening to his voice was the thing you loved the most about your meetings. If you went out, Ahkmenrah brought you to his favorite place where the chance that you got caught was very low, and talked to you for the whole night. You never got bored of him.

But one day would come that would change everything.

You woke up with extreme headaches and your stomach hurt badly. You made your way to the bathroom to freshen up and ready yourself for work, but suddenly you ended up puking in the toilet. While emptying your stomach, Kiya stepped into the room and caught you by your actions. She held back your hair, so they wouldn’t get dirty. After you were finished, you rested your back against the wall.

“Are you okay, (Y/N)?” Kiya asked.

You only nodded your head, trying to breathe normally.

“I don’t think so. You look very pale.”

“I’m fine, Kiya,” you insisted.

But Kiya only crossed her arms. “I think you should stay in bed today. I don’t need you while you’re sick.” 

You furrowed your eyebrows. “But I need to work!”

“Do what I’m saying, (Y/N)!” Kiya commanded.

You couldn’t do anything but obey her. She helped you up and you slowly went back to your chamber. “Go and see a healer! And only come back if you feel better!” You heard Kiya shouting behind you.

The next day you felt better and started working again. Resting for a day felt good. As Ahkmenrah asked you why didn’t came that night you told him you were sick. And of course, like the person he was, he overreacted a bit and was instantly worried about you. “But you’re okay now, aren’t you?”

You laughed and placed a soft kiss on his lips. “Yes my love, I’m fine.”

After a few months you experienced the biggest shock of your life. You were cleaning the dishes as one of the servants asked you a very strange question. “Have you gained weight, (Y/N)?”

You turned to her with a confused expression on your face. “Excuse me?”

“I asked if you gained weight. Your stomach looks a bit bigger.”

You looked down to your belly and indeed she was right.

“I-I don’t know,” you stuttered, “probably.” But somehow you didn’t believe yourself. How could you gain weight if you barely ate anything? The girl left luckily, without asking any further question. You laid your hands on your stomach, suspecting it. And then suddenly, it hit you. “No!” you whispered shocked, your eyes wide open and your heart racing in your chest. “It can’t be!” Tears appeared in your eyes. If that was what you thought, then you were done.

You finished your work earlier and explained to Kiya that you needed to see your parents because you missed them. Kiya acted very grumpy but she knew you hadn’t seen them for a long time; that’s why she approved you to pay them a visit. But in reality, you weren’t going to see your parents, you were meeting your best friend who was a medic and especially specialized for pregnancy.

She was very happy to see you and gave you a tight and loving hug. “Long time no see, (Y/N)! How you’ve been?” She inquired.

“I’ve been very well,” you answered.

You chatted about different things before things became more serious. “Monifa, I came for another reason actually,” you said.

She looked at you questioningly. “What’s the matter? Did something happen?” You could see in her eyes that she was very worried.

“I came for a checkup. I-I would like to know if I’m pregnant.”

Her green eyes widened for a second and she stared at you with her mouth open. “Uhmm… Uh…O-of course…” She stuttered. She asked you to take off your clothes except for your undergarments. She lifted up your undershirt and examined your breasts to find out if they become bigger and also had a look on your belly.

Then she measured your pulse and observed your skin color. You couldn’t keep your eyes away from her. The whole time you were afraid that she would confirm your biggest fear. “Put on your clothes, (Y/N).” She told you after she was finished. Besides, she looked again at your belly. “I’m very sure you’re pregnant, (Y/N).” That sentence made your insides shudder. You felt like your whole world crumbled down right in front of your eyes. You? Pregnant? Please no!

“May I ask who the father is?” Monifa questioned.

You stood there completely frozen, not even moving a muscle. Monifa knew instantly that something was wrong with you.

She asked again. “(Y/N), who is the father?”  She laid her hands on your shoulder, looking worriedly at you.

You were able to move your lips and only one name escaped.



Ahkmenrah was studying in the library, but couldn’t really concentrate on his notes. The only thing he could think about was you. You had been ignoring him almost for a week without telling him the reason why. He wondered if he did something wrong. Whenever he tried to talk to you, you were either busy or didn’t want to talk. He felt totally desperate.

After a while his brother Kahmunrah joined him. As Ahkmenrah noticed someone entering the library, he lifted up his head and greeted his older brother politely. “Good afternoon, brother.”  Kahmunrah only stared at him; an evil grin was plastered on his lips. Ahkmenrah’s smile faded. He noticed that Kahmunrah must have come for no good reason.

“You’re very smart brother.” Kahmunrah said. “Very smart.”

Ahkmenrah furrowed his eyebrows, looking at the man questioningly. “Excuse me?”

Kahmunrah took his notes away, snapped them shut and threw them on the desk. Ahkmenrah gazed at him bewildered. “I mean, I never knew that you were sleeping with a servant.” Kahmunrah continued. “How did you do that without father even realizing it?”

Shock ran through Ahkmenrah’s whole body as he heard what his brother said a moment ago. His heart stopped for a second. “H-how… How do you know that?” He breathed, feeling like someone kicked him right into his stomach.

“So it is true, little brother? You and that (Y/N) girl have a secret relationship? This not a proper behavior of yours, isn’t it?” Kahmunrah said, now going up and down, his eyes never leaving the young man in front of him. Ahkmenrah bit his tongue nervously. He knew he was in big trouble. And Kahmunrah knowing his secret was even worse. He knew exactly how his brother was. Evil.

“What do you want, Kahmunrah?” He asked then.

“Oh I just came to tell you that the future pharaoh is expecting a child.” He laughed villainous.

Ahkmenrah stood up from his chair aggressively. “What are you talking about?!” He almost screamed but managed not to raise his voice.

“You’re little whore is pregnant, brother. That’s what I’m telling you.”

Seeing that malicious grin on his face urged Ahkmenrah to punch his brother right into his face. But he tried to calm down his nerves. He let his hands run down his face before he continued speaking. Inwardly he told himself not to freak out. “Where do you know that?” He questioned.

“I have my sources.” Kahmunrah only replied. “But I’m telling you, Ahk, father will not be pleased when he finds out about the news. Who knows what he’ll do?” He made a gesture like he was thinking. “Oh!” Kahmunrah exclaimed then. “We all know what he’ll do! She will be executed!”

An evil laugh escaped from his throat while Ahkmenrah was at the edge of crying. “Poor little servant… She’s going to lose her life because of your carelessness. Not even that, she’s also going to lose her child.”

After he was finished harassing his younger brother, Kahmunrah left the library with a vicious laugh, leaving the young man completely dumbfounded.

Ahkmenrah stared down on his desk, supporting his shaky arms on it. His heart raced terribly in his chest and he felt like he would collapse right that second. He tried to breathe normally, but it came out suffocated. (Y/N) was pregnant?  What did he do? Tears covered his eyes, then falling down his cheeks. He made a huge mistake and now his love was going to pay for it.

TLJ trailer and Cinematography Continued!

Wow, I didn’t expect for that meta to get as popular as it did. So I thought I would grace you guys with some more examples.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, please go here. I talk about the framing of a shot, the lighting, color, and context of a scene. There were too many examples of this, and my post was already long enough. Down below are just examples of what I was talking about to further drive the point home, just cause I felt like it. 




Close up shots typically contain just the face and shoulders of a subject, with a little headroom above. This prevents ‘floating head syndrome’ as the shoulders suggest to the brain that there is a body below! These shots are the most common of all as they can convey a real sense of emotion and help the audience to connect with the subject.


They are both in a warm fiery glow.

You can judge the quality of light in a film scene through the hardness or softness of its shadows. Hard quality light has dark shadows with sharp edges and often feels more raw than soft quality light. Soft lighting, commonly used in older films, has lighter, diffused shadows and tends to feel more sentimental.


Color temperature is one of the first things to note when studying the lighting in a romantic scene. Is it orange? Bluish? White? Most often, warm colors add to an inviting, romantic atmosphere. For example, the warm light in the sunset scene in Titanic draws the audience in, unlike the cold, blue lighting later in the movie, after things get dire.

I went into context in my previous post. I’m not gonna duplicate that here. 

However what I did not mention is the slowing down of a scene for dramatic effect of a special moment. Kylo has fire behind him that seems to slow slightly. In several romantic action movies, we have the same visual. 

Watch the embers of fire in the back slow down 

Will and Elizabeth are in battle, so the color is bluish. It doesn’t end well either (spoiler). However, my focus is on the destruction around them, but they are the only two people in the world at that moment. Kylo has explosions behind him that seems to slow like he and Rey are the only two people around in their scene (whatever and where ever it is).

Just a good Star Wars image of the lighting warm glow soft shadows– a confession of Love. 

Here we have the glowing lights in the back and the up close shots. 

Finally this one. Where everything slows down again. It’s just the two of them. The frame again is close-up, the color is blue – it is bleak– Steve is going to sacrifice himself -it’s sad– but its slowed down for dramatic effect. As if they are the only two that matter at that moment. Notice when he looks back to the other people in the shot. They are regular speed. 

In movies, you see a slowing down effect when tragedy is about to strike. Think Cliff Hanger where you watch the woman fall to her death or a car crash in say Fast and Furious. You see it also when two lovers kiss amid chaos, or someone saves someone else just in time. It adds drama. 

Kylo Ren is not moving to hurt someone or to save someone. He is not falling or diving out of the way of some explosion. 

This signifies to me that at this moment he and whoever is in front of him are having a moment where they are the only two people in the world chaos and explosions be damned. 

anonymous asked:

Potential S/O for Talon since they desperately need a healer

I’m gonna write this one kind of like one big poly family since it’s Talon, but if that wasn’t what you meant I could go back and do them each individually, and yes those poor babies do need a healer. XD 

“Y/N! We’re past the entrance facing the enemy, move in and get to work,” Reaper’s rough voice came through your earpiece. 

“Yes sir,” You chirped back.

Picking up your modified pistol you ducked and ran in to the building. The rest of the group told you stay back until they made it inside and had picked off the first line of defense. They said a healer would be the first to get picked off if they were to follow in during the initial break in. 

The one needing the most healing at the moment was Reaper. He was leading the charge while the others were doing their thing. Widowmaker was heading forward to take out the target while Sombra was disabling the alarms and security system. Doomfist stayed back to prevent any back up from sneaking around them, and preventing your escape. 

Setting your pistol to healing you quickly shot pulses at Reaper’s back while he gunned down the soldiers who were rushing in. Your pistol was modified to have three modes; healing, boosting, and damage. Despite it doing little damage you found that it was good when you were in a pinch. 

There was a loud bang and you heard Sombra cry out in pain. You checked on Reaper’s health before turning and running to her. She had been hit by one of the soldiers she killed while disabling the security system. 

“I’ve got you,” You told her turning you pistol and firing healing pulses at the bullet wound. 

“Behind you,” She said before shooting a soldier who had followed you over. 

You had been so focused on healing her that you weren’t even watching yourself. Breathlessly you gave her your thanks. 

“No problem cutie, now get back out there and heal the others,” She laughed. 

She gave you a quick boop on the nose before running out to start hacking the soldiers’ weaponry. You on the other hand set out to check on Reaper and Widowmaker. 

When Reaper saw you come out he turned and made sure he made a path for you. He shot all the soldiers in your way to make it easier for you to get to him and, if need be, Widowmaker. With yourself covered you pressed your finger against your earpiece to check on Doomfist. 

“Hey Doomfist, everything alright?” 

“I’m fine y/n, but do you need any help?” 

“I’m good. Reaper’s got me,” You replied. 

Once you made it behind Reaper he turned his attention back to the assault. Seeing as his health was fine you set your gun to boost and started sending him boost pulses. With his shot speed faster and damage higher he was now able to push through the soldiers a lot easier spread the effort out a lot more. The ones he wasn’t able to kill Sombra picked off with her machine pistol. 

“Target eliminated,” Widowmaker’s voice came through your earpiece. 

The rest of you knew what to do and immediately started heading out. Reaper cut a path for you and Sombra hacked open any doors that made the process slower then hacked them shut so the soldiers couldn’t follow. 

Widowmaker and Doomfist caught up with the three of you outside and together you all rushed toward the armored truck that had come to pick you up. Doomfist had warned that some members of Overwatch were on their way, so you needed to hurry. 

Doomfist picked you up and tossed you in first, making sure that you were safe before getting in himself. Reaper stayed outside while Sombra and Widow got in to keep and eye on things. With him in the truck took off back toward the base. 

“You did wonderful y/n,” Widowmaker gushed. 

You had begun to assess everyone’s health while you had some free time. For the most part all you had to go was give everyone a little something to top their health off except for Doomfist who was missing almost a quarter of his health. You had to scold him for that. 

“Yeah you did so good y/n,” Sombra agreed. 

“Yes quite impressive,” Reaper chimed in. 

“Hm, thank you y/n,” Doomfist added.

“You guys,” You replied with a deep blush on your face. 

When you were recruited to talon you thought you were only going to be dead weight compared to them. They were all so talented you figured they didn’t need a healer, but boy were you wrong. The four of them appreciated you more than you could ever know. You took some of the stress off of them and allowed them to slip up a little, for which they were so grateful. Little did you know they all had started to find you a little cute. 

“How about we get something to eat? My treat,” You offered. 

They all disagreed and insisted on paying. To them you had done too much work and did not need to be buying them a meal. Instead everyone was going to pitch in and get pizza back at the base. 

(If this isn’t really what you wanted feel free to ask for something different)


Characters: Y/N(reader), Dean, Sam, Mason(OMC), Unnamed OFC

Pairings: Dean x Reader, Reader x Mason(OMC), Dean x Unnamed OFC

A/N: This is my entry for the amazing @queen-of-deans-booty​’s Trope Challenge. My prompt was “Making the guy you know likes you, jealous, so you two can get together”.

Word Count: 3209

Warnings: public/unprotected sex, fingering, jealousy(duh), explicit language


Originally posted by deangifsdaily

You watched from across the room as Dean slipped the loosened tie over his head in one swift motion and threw it on his bed. He then proceeded to unbutton the top two buttons of his dress shirt. Your mouth instantly started to fill up with drool as you watched him while he paced back and forth around the small motel room.

“I can’t believe a human would do some shit like that!” - he exclaimed, running a hand down his face - “I mean, seriously? What the hell?”

“I know, humans are pretty crazy.” - you said, earning yourself a deep sigh from Dean.

You should have known; this case had seemed too bizzare. Even for you.

“Anyway, I need a shower and after that - I need a drink.” - Dean said, unbuttoning the rest of his buttons, revealing a white wife beater underneath. He stepped into the bathroom and slammed the door behind him.

Sam waited untill he could hear the water coming from the shower, before he spoke - “So, when are you going to tell him?” - he asked, looking at you from where he was sitting at the table. You gave him a questioning look - “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Seriously? I thought we were passed the whole denial phase.” - he got up and sat just a few inches away from you on Dean’s bed - “Listen, Y/N, you’ve gotta tell him how you feel already.” - you let out an over exaggerated sigh and fell backwards on the bed - “I don’t ‘gotta’ do anything Samuel.”

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The First Time (Star Lord Reader Insert)

CHRIST it’s been 5ever since I posted a fic but we back son with a story that’s fre$h as the dickens so enjoy kiddos

Anon Request: Busty!dom!reader x starlord. Starlord and reader are a new couple and have yet to have sex, quill ends up resorting to masturbating but gets caught by reader and is punished. If you could make this into a story I would be sooooo happy. (Ps your fanfictions are awesome! I read all of them in one night. Too good

Warnings: read the goddam summary above you wet sock


Stepping out onto the ship’s cool floor, you wrapped yourself in a warm towel as you listened to the sound of water droplets colliding with the hard metal floor. You crossed the small bathroom area to the mirror, wiping away the fogginess to be met with your own distinct face. Even with the poor lighting, you seemed to be somewhat glowing.

And how could you not be? You were happily dating Peter Quill.

He’d asked you out a little more than a week or so ago. It was kind of insane. Even though you had a thing for him for the longest time, you’d never expect him to be in a committed relationship. He told you he barely believed that he was doing it himself, but that he had “not just sexy” feelings for you and wanted you to be his. And while romance wasn’t really in Quill’s vocabulary, it didn’t fail to make your heart leap.

So here you were, about a week into your relationship, with a dumb smile constantly plastered on your face. You were completely lost in that honeymoon phase. He made you happy in every way possible: his stupid jokes, the way he’d wrap you up in his arms whenever he got the chance, and his brash, but sincere, compliments.

But there was an aspect of your relationship that hadn’t been touched upon yet: sex.

It’s not like you didn’t want it because, dear Lord, who wouldn’t want it? The problem was that there wasn’t ever any time. Missions, fatigue from missions, and the four other people living in this cramped vessel were the things standing in your way. And, to be honest, you could tell Peter was getting more and more impatient each day.

It was almost funny, the way he was starting to get cranky and hormonal like a teenage boy. You’d catch him in a heated staring contest with your breasts more than few times and he wasn’t embarrassed about it either. And when things did get hot and heavy only to be cut short, he wasn’t quiet about his discontent.

You smiled a little to yourself as you reminisced about your new love, you walked out onto the ship in a fresh t-shirt and shorts. It was strangely quiet for once, so you spent a good 10 minutes searching for any sign of life until you found a note on the main table:

“Back soon -Rocket… and Groot (he made me add him in).”

Shrugging, you put the note back on the table and ran your fingers through your damp hair. In a way, you were sort of thankful for your time alone.

A moment or so later, your ears picked up a funny noise, something like a low rumbling. You brushed it off as one of the ship's’ weird little rackets, but there it was again. Only this time, you could make out the words.

Baby…” Seems as though you weren’t as alone as you thought.

You were genuinely confused and you decided to explore. The sounds continued on and off, getting louder each time and subsequently leading you down to yours and Peter’s shared bunk. The door was shut, but you could still make out what was going on in there. You bit your lip, trying to hold back a smile as you cheeks heated up from what you like to call “secondhand mortification”.

Judging from the now-obvious moaning, he was currently… taking care of business. It made you feel a little dirty and you didn’t want to just waltz on in there, so you thought you’d just let him finish and act like this never happened.

(Y/N)…” he groaned sensually. That changed your mind, for he was practically begging for you.

You felt a warmth rush through you and your heart rate picked up, for you were slowly filling with excitement.

Without thinking, you hit the button and opened the door. You winced at the loud, metal slam of the door. However, Peter was unfazed because, lucky for you, he had his walkman blasting in his ears.

He was lying down on the bed, one hand behind his head as he stroked himself with the other. His pants and underwear were bunched around his ankles, exposing his muscular calves and robust thighs. And, unsurprisingly, he was well endowed. His shirt was riding up his torso, showing off his abs as well. It wasn’t his package on or his lovely body that turned you on, per se, but rather the look on his face and his throaty moans.

Quill’s face was wonderfully twisted, his eyebrows knit together and lips slightly parted. The way his teeth came down on his bottom lip when saying the ‘f’ in fuck sent something wonderful through you.

Then some self awareness hit you and realized you had been standing in the doorway like a total creep, so you decided to take some initiative. Peter’s eyes were still closed and you were a little surprised he hadn’t noticed you yet. Probably too caught up in himself as his hand picked up a little bit of speed.

You crept towards the side of the bed, leaning in close towards his head. Stealthily pulling away one headphone, you lips barely brushed against his ear.

“Having fun?” you whispered. Peter’s eyes shot open at an alarming speed and he sat up rapidly, taking his walkman off and tossing it aside. He began pulling up his pants as he let out a breath.

“I thought you were out with the others. What are you doing here?” he asked a little nervously, his face a bit pink. Was he embarrassed? This was certainly new.

“I could ask you the same thing,” you said suavely, crawling on the bed towards him. When Peter met your eyes, he saw something in them that he’d never seen before. Something one could only describe as control.

You swiftly pushed him back against the bed and straddled his waist. Rolling your hips against him, you felt his hard-on through his pants. Quill sucked in a breath and moved his hands to touch you only to have you quickly grab his wrists and slam them above his head. Now, he was strong enough to get out of the lock you had him in, but he had lost any ounce of fight left in him. He was yours now, under your control.

“This is gonna be a lot more fun for me than it will be for you,” you whispered against the shell of his ear. You delighted in the feeling of him shiver underneath you.

“Really now?” he muttered.

“Really,” you answered, nibbling on his ear lobe. “You see, you’re in trouble. Only bad boys touch themselves, and then they’re punished.” You reached down and palmed him through his pants. His hips bucked upwards slightly in response, wanting more, but you removed your hand completely.

Letting go of his arms, you sat up and removed your shirt. Lust flickered heavily in his eyes when he saw you weren’t wearing a bra and you smirked in his direction.

“So what’s first? Spanking?” he joked with that cocky smile he always wore. Oh man, you were going to enjoy wiping that clean off his face.

“First, you only speak when I tell you to,” you reprimanded. “Otherwise, we won’t get to your treat at all.” That shut him up real quick.

You leaned down to press your lips to his, kissing him fervently. You bit down on his bottom lip, earning a rumbling groan. Moving past his lips, you dragged your lips across his facial scruff to his jaw, then down to his neck. His hand grasped your upper thigh tightly as you bit into his skin, then ran your tongue across the bite mark. Still mounted on him, you ground yourself against him once more.

“Son of a bitch,” he whined breathlessly.

“Who’s in charge?”

This wasn’t natural for Peter, not being the one who calls all the shots. Listening to others wasn’t something he did often, that’s why he was so hesitant to answer. But something awakened inside him, a sense of submission. So when you demanded an answer, Peter gave over his last bit of control to you.

“You are.”

“Say it again.”

“You’re in charge.” You grinned into the crook of his neck before tugging his shirt over his head. His chest was firm against your own as you marked him with dark hickeys. Peter’s hands seemed to be everywhere at once; holding your thighs, grabbing your ass, tangled in your hair as if he were determined to get a full feel for you. Removing his hands from your body, you pinned them on either side of him.

“Keep your hands to yourself. Got it?” Instead of a verbal answer, he only nodded. “What a good boy you are, learning so quickly.”

Inching down his body, you let your mouth trail down his toned body. He was good at not saying any words, but he wasn’t completely silent. His breathing was audible, chest heaving as you got closer to his desired area. Quill groaned loudly as you released him from his restraining garments.

You licked all the way up his length, keeping your eyes focused on his lovely expression. The way his face changed, utterly desperate with need made heat pool between your legs.

“I heard you say my name earlier,” you cooed, dominance heavy in your tone. “Tell me what you were thinking about.” You took him into your warm mouth, but only a little bit. Teasing him by only sucking on the tip.

“I-I was thinking about you,” he breathed, hands traveling to tangle in your hair. “The shape of your ass and your breasts. Fuck, you’re so damn sexy.” You scaled his body again to, this time, ravage his collar with kisses and bites whilst still pumping his cock agonizingly slowly in your hand. He looked as though he were about to burst.

“What else?” His hips were rising off the bed, so you stopped completely. “Stay still,” you warned. “Tell me what else you were thinking about, Peter.”

“How badly I wanna fuck you.” Humming against his hot skin, you got off the bed completely. He watched quietly and intently as you took off your shorts and panties, kicking them aside. While Quill raked your body with his eyes, you smirked at him.

Crawling back towards him on the bed, confusion filled those blue eyes as you climbed up to sit on his stomach.

“I know you can use that pretty little mouth for other uses than talking,” you explained nonchalantly. “So now, you’re gonna eat me out.”

He wordlessly obliged, scooting himself down to meet the level of your heated core. Lowering yourself down, you were met with the new feeling of his warm, wet tongue. He slid it all the way from your entrance to your clit and making obscene noise as he got his first taste of you. Grabbing fistfuls of his hair, you moaned cried at the wonderful sensation. He was good with his tongue, relentlessly making patterns in a desperate effort to make you cum.

“Fuck, Peter, oh my God…” You forgot about the “no touching” rule as he grabbed your hips and tugged, encouraging you to ride his face. He sucked on your clit, adding to the building pressure. Within moments, you were calling his name to the heavens as he lapped up everything you gave him.

You straddled his waist again and kissed his swollen lips, getting a taste of yourself on them. Then you sat up, looking down at his flushed skin and messy hair. You reveled in the sight of your handy work; the few love bites littered around his neck and collarbone.


“You taste so good, (Y/N), but, fuck, I need you so badly right now.” Even Quill himself was a little surprised at the words that had fallen off his tongue. The great Star Lord, legendary outlaw, was currently begging. This couldn’t get any better.

Yet, his punishment had gone on long enough and you’d be lying if you said you didn’t need him as well. So you scooted down to his waist and hovered right above for a split second before slowly sliding down on him. The moan that escaped his lips was almost song-like and you could listen to it on repeat. Peter threw his head back against the pillow as you slid down further. You knew he wanted to say something, some dirty comment about how wet you were but he held himself back by clenching his jaw tightly. You whimpered yourself, his thickness filling you to the brim. Just as his calloused landed on your hips, you grabbed his wrists and pinned them down above his head for the third time.

“What was the rule?”

“Please,” he whined, “I gotta touch you.” Leaning down to kiss him, you let go of his hands as a notion that he may touch you. He immediately started feeling all around you as if it were the last time he ever would. It was a lovely feeling, his rough hand in contrast to your smooth skin.

Rolling your hips against his, you started up a rhythm and started bouncing on him slightly. His own hips bucked upwards to meet yours and his fingers dug so deeply into your waist you knew there’d be marks.

“Ah shit, I’m close,” he grunted between heavy pants. You let out a breathy laugh and stopped your movements all together. His eyes unscrewed and he looked up at you in wide-eyed confusion. You grabbed his strong jaw in order to make sure he was paying attention to your words.

“No way, baby, you don’t get to cum until I say so,” you directed, the inner domineer in you coming out once more. He opened his mouth to object but you shot him a look that let him know you meant business. No matter how much he didn’t agree with this, God, he needed to get off.

You placed your hands on his strong chest to steady yourself and started up a rhythm again. A low growl erupted from deep within his throat and he moved more, fast and hard, determined to make you climax.

You did, in no time. Crying out his name, your tightening around him wasn’t helping Quill at all with his own orgasm. He quickly spat out a plea to release, to which you breathlessly accepted. Pressing your chest to his, he lifted his head to bite into your shoulder as he unloaded within you.

Returning from the edge, you lied next to him. Peter wrapped his arms around you, his skin sweaty but gleaming.

“That was…” he began followed by some incoherent sound to define how good the sex just was. You giggled, leaning more into him. “But don’t think you’re gonna get away with that. Because next time, sweetheart, you’re in trouble,” he growled into your neck, smacking your ass playfully.

Title: Better Off Beautiful
Fandom: X-Men
Characters: Peter Maximoff x Reader
Warnings: Self-hatred
Word Count: 1,090
Notes: Request from anon for “Helloooooooooo! I love your blog! I was wondering if you could write a Peter Maximoff fic based off ‘Better Off Dead’ by Sleeping With Sirens where the reader seriously (COMPLETELY) hates herslef and one day Peter just finds a notebook in her room where she has a long-ass list of things to hate about herself? Its a bit weird but could you maybe write this? Tysm!!😙😙” // Always remember that you should work towards loving yourself entirely on your own, rather than wishing for someone to come along and make it so. Everyone is beautiful and perfect in their own way, regardless of the opinions of others. I really hope this fic made you feel a bit better, but please remember that you must love yourself first and foremost. ♥

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