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Confidence (Redemption One Shot/Blurb)

A/N: Redemption is coming. But until then… here you are. This was inspired by some smutty convos lol. Enjoy!

He loves to watch you when you’re focused on him. Your cheeks flushed as your shaky hand moves down his shaft. You’ve always been so shy when it came to giving him a hand job and he found it endearing. You would avert your eyes from catching his gaze in the fear that you might blush even more. He just shakes his head, tucking your loose hair behind your ear. He would always tell you don’t be shy that he loves watching you but you can’t help yourself. You two have only been seeing each other a few weeks and you weren’t completely comfortable yet. It was mainly just a hookup situation, but you were much older than him and you really felt your body wasn’t as up to par as his. You’re insecure about your cellulite, your stretch marks. But you wanted to try, for him. You decided tonight you would do just that for him. Be confident.

You’re pumping him nice and slow watching how he thrusts to meet with your strokes. Your naked body staying above him, lips brushing against his ear telling him how much of a good boy he is and if he keeps it up you’ll give him something much more rewarding, your mouth.

“So what’ll it be baby? Gonna be good for me?” you shakily ask hoping you don’t sound nervous even though you are. You drag your nails up his thigh as you sit just below his abdomen, grinding on him slow. He nods as his mouth is still agape. He loves it. He can’t believe it’s you that’s speaking to him this way? It’s you taking control. His cheeks are flushed. He’s overwhelmed with the ungodly pleasure your hand is giving him he doesn’t think he’ll last, but he wants to try. To wait. He wants to come but he wants to come inside your mouth so much more.

He raises his hands to your bare chest and holds your breast, kneading it carefully with his calloused fingers. His eyes hooded as he leans back into the pillow as you grip tighter at his cock, making your strokes quicken and his hands gently brushes against your nipples. You whimper placing your free hand over his and show him that he could be a bit rougher with you, encouraging him to play with them. It is then you realize it isn’t enough for you and reached up to pull his head closer, signaling him to take your nipple into his mouth.  Shawn obeys by alternately licking each of the nubs. You throw your head back letting out a soft laugh and moan desperately.

God he’s so good with his mouth. You lean down and take ahold of his chin, causing his eyes to meet yours. You swallow hard before you finally get the nerve to speak. “Gonna be good for me? Fucking—gonna show me how good you can be, baby?”

His eyes turn dark as his iris widens. He nods slowly as he grabs me to pull us closer together. He kisses a wet trail up your jaw as your hand slows to soft pumps around his hard shaft. His mouth making your core burn as he groans against your hot skin before responding and you swear you can see the lust dripping from his pink lips. 

“I, fuck yes will be so good sweetheart. Please, please let me show you. I’ll be so good baby. I need your mouth.”

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How does dark feel after his sort of breakdown?

Dark’s hands are stiff with pain, but he doesn’t hide himself away, as much as he’d like to. He hides his hands however he can and stays quiet to keep from drawing too much attention to his strained voice.

When the days are finally over and he retreats to his room, he doesn’t sleep. He just stares out the window and wonders how it all went wrong. When his hands get better, he takes to playing piano even more than he did before so that he plays through the night and well into the next morning.

It helps him to think things over, all that he’s done, all that has happened, and even what he wants. Somewhere in that funny space between sleep and awake, full of music and moonlight and smoke, Dark realizes something about himself, something he never knew or possibly just forgot.

Dark really likes creating music, likes the way it sings out of him, likes the way it quiets the voices in his head.

He slams his hands down on the keys and stands up, walking over to the windows and surveying the world beneath him, but there’s the faintest reflection in the glass.

He looks like Mark, but he’s not. He looks like Dark, but he doesn’t feel like that anymore either. He’s nowhere between. Maybe he’s somewhere in the past. A green light flashes in the distance.

Dark turns away.

🐜 ‘ANT-MAN’ (2015) sentence starters. 🐜


  • ❛ thanks for picking me up.❜
  • ❛ baskin-robbins always finds out. ❜
  • ❛ it wasn’t a violent crime, it was a cool crime! ❜
  • ❛ you want some waffles? ❜ 
  • ❛ i don’t care. i’m out. ❜ 
  • ❛ i think our first move should be calling the avengers. ❜
  • ❛ i’m trying, okay? i’ve changed. ❜
  • ❛ be the person she already thinks you are. ❜ 
  • ❛ gratitude can be forgiveness. ❜ 
  • ❛ oh man, are we screwed? ❜ 
  • ❛ i didn’t steal anything! i was returning something i stole! ❜ 
  • ❛ you know, you almost had us convinced that you’re gonna change your ways. ❜ 
  • ❛ the moment things get hard, you turn right back to crime. ❜ 
  • ❛ hey– um, whose pajamas are these?! ❜
  • ❛ i believe everybody deserves a shot at redemption. ❜
  • ❛ my days of breaking into places and stealing shit are done. ❜
  • ❛ i need you to break into a place and steal some shit.  ❜
  • ❛ it’s not about saving OUR world. it’s about saving THEIRS. ❜
  • ❛ damn. that was a good speech. ❜
  • ❛ useless. ❜
  • ❛ you gonna show me how to punch? show me how to punch. ❜
  • ❛ alright, princess, let’s get back to work. ❜
  • ❛ aw, you’re cute! ❜
  • ❛ i’m expendable. ❜
  • ❛ it’s not your fault. she made her choice. ❜
  • ❛ i ruined the moment, didn’t i? i’m gonna make some tea. ❜
  • ❛ it’s really important to me that captain never finds out about this. ❜
  • ❛ that was completely irresponsible and dangerous! you jeopardized everything! ❜
  • ❛ wait a minute… did you just compliment me? ❜
  • ❛ what did you see in me? …all those years ago, you picked ME. what did you see? ❜
  • ❛ hey look– this is gonna get weird, alright? it’s pretty freaky, but it’s safe, there’s no reason to be scared. ❜
  • ❛ oh no, daddy don’t get scared. ❜
  • ❛ we’re all doing this for reasons much bigger than any one of us. i’m just glad you have a SLIGHT chance of MAYBE pulling this off. ❜
  • ❛ i actually went from despising you to almost liking you! ❜
  • ❛ wow– wow. i mean, i saw that punch coming from a mile away but i just figured it’d be all pathetic and weak! ❜
  • ❛ hi, little guy!  ❜
  • ❛ you proud of me yet? ❜
  • ❛ you’re sick and i can help you, just put the gun down! ❜
  • ❛ you picked the wrong side, _____ ! ❜
  • ❛ don’t worry, i’m not going to die here. and neither are you. ❜
  • ❛ hey– we’re the good guys, right? feels kinda weird! ❜
  • ❛ you insult me. your very existence is insulting to me! ❜
  • ❛ there’s a… big hole in the roof. ❜
  • ❛ yeah, i don’t know what you’re doing, grabbing and kissing me like that, i was a little surprised myself, i mean, really? ❜
  • ❛ you’re full of shit, ______ ❜
  • ❛ this is awkward. i mean, what do we even talk about after all of this? ❜
  • ❛ look at that chick, she’s like CRAZY STUPID FINE, you know what i’m sayin’? ❜
  • ❛ it’s about damn time. ❜

Gabriel Agreste is not a good person.

But god if he isn’t one of the most interestingly complex characters in this AU.

Let’s get one thing straight: Gabe is a horrible person. He’s cold, merciless, and when imbued with magic nothing short of murderous. He’s a monster. He deserves years of jail time far sooner than he deserves redemption. But. But. Everything he does, he does because he’s human. He’s grieving in all the wrong ways but he at the heart of it does it from good intentions. 

It’s just that the road to Hell is paved with those very same good intentions of his.

(I think the same things can be said of the canon version of him too, but here it’s a bit more opaque I think.)

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Full Summary:  There is a story that is told by travelers.  It is rarely told, only beneath the comforting light of a full moon with a brightly lit fire as an offering to the demon they speak of.  It is said to be a sacred tale that no man wishes to whisper unless it is done freely, beneath a blanket of stars that help to remind the demon of vows long since lost.   A tale in which a demon breaks beneath the weight of redemption.

Author’s Note: It’s finally here, @ravendaydream​!  It’s finally done!  It turned out to not exactly circle around Nalu so much as Natsu himself, but I hope you like it anyways. :)  It’s the longest one-shot/chapter/etc. I’ve ever written.

It’s really…different.  I’ve never written something like this.  I went with an idea like I did with my Cross My Heart, but…more.  It’s written in an almost snapshot sort of way.  Natsu himself jumps around without warning.  But I love it.  

Words: 16,648

Warnings: Violence through death and fighting.

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one of the more baffling things that happens with attempts at critical media/narrative analysis here on tumblr is that lots of people just kind of ignore Genre and Tone as important parts of a media text that actually make its meaning legible and define, to some extent, what is and isn’t narratively appropriate or plausible within that text, and instead we just focus on very broad conceptions of singular tropes or plot devices (e.g. the much beloved, much contested “Redemption Arc”) as if its like this singular distinct object existing by and for itself, that can only be preformed a single ‘correct’ way in any given text and its just. a very bizarre and cumbersome way to read media you guys, it can be easier than thi-

Actually this post is just me talking about a very specific post i encountered at a specific moment in time and wildly extrapolating it to be about everyone here with no evidence, so even though im probably right lets cut to the chase. awhile ago i saw a post that was like

bad example of explaining a villain’s motivations and traumas and offering them a shot at redemption without apologia or romanticization of their actions: (picture of steven universe logo)
good example of explaining a villain’s motivations and traumas and offering them a shot at redemption without apologia or romanticization of their actions: (picture of psychonauts: the rhombus of ruin logo)”

and like thats been passively haunting me ever since. i mean i also have pretty decent taste in video games, mystery OP but like contextually speaking how do you. how does that analysis. Psychonauts?????????? how do you even begin to compare the. You know. We’re talking about one thing, which is Steven Universe, which is its own thing and then we’re just, Fuck ing. Psychonauts?!!!???!!???

I’m interested.

Reblog if you like Blaine as a character while recognizing that he was not a good person by any means. If you’re interested in seeing him try to atone for his past crimes, whether or not he remembers them… because even if he’s a different person now he’s still responsible.

Reblog if you want him to turn his life around and go from a foe to a friend, even though there is so much baggage and bad blood that he’ll need to overcome. Sins he’ll never be able to give sufficient penance for.

If you want to see him be a good person even though it’ll never be enough to redeem him, because nothing can change all the horrors he’s committed. If you want to see him acknowledge that, yet not let it stop him from trying to be a decent person.

Reblog if you think that has the potential to be compelling, even if he doesn’t deserve a shot at redemption. Even though it would be in vain.

Feel free to see it as a riff on Eric from True Blood, whatever.

If you hate him and his face? And want him to go choke and die? Ew no white manpainy angst I have no sympathy for him?

.. that’s cool. That’s your opinion. I respect it. No need to comment on this post, then.

You’re Pretty.

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Fandom: Marvel/Avengers

Pairing: Bucky x Overweight Reader

Series: Part of the Soft Thighs Series of Bucky x Overweight reader inserts :)

Warning: Minor self conscious thoughts, but mostly fluff and mildly nsfw comments

Writer: @imaginesofeveryfandom aka @thequeenofthehobbits

Summary/Request: Bucky is new to the Tower, and you find his staring a bit worrying.

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The Most Visible Chain: Shinigami, Punishment, and Eyeglasses

We understand that all the shinigami are being punished for not cherishing the lives they had. In an odd sense, their realm is almost like a prison - but the door has been left open and they’re free to go into and out of the living world. Exactly what restrictions apply is uncertain, but they do have the capability to travel between the two realms. This sets up an interesting scenario because sticking with their punishment relies on them and their desire to find their own redemption. In fact, Ronald Knox immediately noticed Undertaker wasn’t wearing his glasses and asked if he was one of those ‘deserters.’ The way that he says this, make it look like it’s not an uncommon thing.

It would make sense that you’d have those that desert since it’s like an open prison. Here we have individuals who are being punished for some unspecified amount of time - forced to deal with death constantly and continue an existence when most had wanted things to end. The living world is within their grasp and they see it daily. It must be very tempting to just run off and try to carve out some happiness, so I would think that Undertaker is far from the first or the last to desert. In fact, it leads to the question why so many stick with being shinigami for as long as they do. Is it just the shot of redemption or is it something more? While considering this, I found myself wondering what the true difference between a deserter and a shinigami acting as a rogue. Ronald and Undertaker both point out the similarities between Grell and Undertaker, but Grell was never considered a deserter. The first assumption is this is because she continued working as a shinigami during her time of acting as part of Jack the Ripper and she continued to reside in her realm. Yet, there’s another key difference between Grell and Undertaker.


This is precisely how Ronald first identified Undertaker as a deserter. It’s also interesting if you look at the second musicial. When Alan decides to run off with Eric, they both leave their glasses. It’s a beautiful, symbolic scene, but the practical side of me couldn’t help but think it was foolish. The chances were high that they would run into other shinigami or Sebastian again and ensuring you’d be half blind when you did so doesn’t make a lot of sense. Shouldn’t just running away be enough?

The glasses are their shackles. This is what keeps them bound to their realm and to their punishment, and there’s fear in losing those glasses. Notice Ronald when he lost his glasses. He panicked. This isn’t just because he has trouble seeing, but this was like him losing 'sight’ of his own redemption.

What’s interesting is that the shinigami who do give up their glasses don’t seem to have that much trouble after some time. Undertaker brags, and teases Ronald for being 'green' for relying on his eyes. Perhaps this is because he’s had years of practice, but the same cannot be said for Alan and Eric. They do face Sebastian again, and their eyesight doesn’t seem to hinder them all that much. Eric isn’t just swinging wildly at Sebastian.

The glasses are so much more than just a means to help them see. These are the chains trying them to their punishment as well as their means to escape. William was right. They need to take good care of their glasses.

So I’ve been having Some Deep Thoughts About Elektra™ and thought, what the hey, let’s share it with the class!

To preface, I really love my damaged son Matt Murdock, but one of the things that frustrates me to no end is how eager people are about giving Matt a pass on his behavior because of his traumatic childhood (which at times, I’ll admit, is deserved), but people forget that Elektra was dealt a pretty shitty hand too?

The show hasn’t gotten too deep into the circumstances of her life before the Chaste, but based on the flashbacks we did get, one would assume her life from before just doesn’t exist anymore. It wouldn’t be a stretch in the least to assume she is an orphan (who, like Matt, develops an unhealthy attachment to the only person who seems to care about her during a very unstable part of her life). And while this is just conjecture, she really seems to have no clue whatsoever that she could even be the Black Sky, which tells me pre-Stick and pre-Chaste, her life must have been quite different from the life of training, fighting, and killing she was thrust into afterwards. Maybe it was one that didn’t even have fighting and violence, possibly even a little sheltered from the real world. And whatever did happen to that previous life may have been something very violent, and would be a good explanation for the latent rage and anger she’s developed inside her (hey, does any of this sound familiar???), which is one reason why she takes to life with the Chaste so quickly. 

Now, yes, Stick ultimately sends her out of this life and hides her in plain sight by having her adopted by the very rich and well-connected Natchios family. But just because he’s given her a family (which you know, deep down in her heart, is something she desperately wants) I don’t think he ever lets Elektra forget that this is still just a mission. And so she goes from an environment where she is bred for fighting and killing, into an environment where she is being bred for lying and manipulation. Because let’s be clear, Elektra Natchios did not come out of the womb brandishing sais and using her sexuality as a weapon. No, Elektra was just a confused child who was easily manipulated by a man and an organization who wanted to use her capabilities to further their own agenda. 

“Kid, use your head…watch these people…watch everything about them. Playing someone else…someone fancy…that’s a good skill to have.”

Becoming a Natchios is when Elektra first learns how to lie, how to manipulate, and ultimately, how to bury herself and her true nature behind a very convenient facade, in this case, one of a bored, thrill seeking, spoiled little rich girl. And let’s be honest, I’m sure this process wasn’t a chore at all, in fact, it was probably extremely enjoyable! She’s young and beautiful and learning exactly how to make people give her what she wants. But at the end of the day, no matter how much she may fool herself into thinking that THIS is her life…it’s not. It’s not her life at all. Her life is the Chaste. Her life is losing everything she knew and loved and having to rebuild it all. Her life is the mission. Now someone tell me how that squares with the common refrain that Elektra is just a sociopathic rich girl who’s in it for the thrills? Honestly, it’s a copout in the most superficial of ways and completely misses the point.

Fast forward to adult Elektra, who is deadly intelligent, highly calculating, and has perfected a level of sneering disregard that, I believe, is part of a very specific act she puts on for show. And the way you know it’s an act is how you see her drop her mask every so briefly in moments, and only with Stick or Matt. With Matt, her flippancy is a convenient mask to hide her true intentions, but there are so many moments when she decides she doesn’t have to keep up the act and you start to see glimpses of the real Elektra…one who is vulnerable, still deeply unsure about her place in the world, who struggles in her self confidence, who chafes against what people expect her to be and what she wants to be. You see it when she talks to Matt about why she left. You see it when Matt confronts her about her “mission” and how she admits she was wrong about him. You see it when she realizes how she might have just fucked up her one shot at redemption with Matt, after she kills the Hand ninja. You see it when she realizes that Stick was willing to not just betray her, but kill her – the only family she had ever known, turned against her. You see it in those moments where she is wavering toward going with the Hand because at least they don’t care about the blood on her hands. You see it when she can’t bear to make the killing blow on the man she loves. You see it when she ultimately decides to sacrifice herself for the greater good…for Matt. 

tl;dr version: Next time you give Matt Murdock a pass for some of his godawful behavior because he had a shitty childhood and clearly hasn’t learned how to properly cope with some of his Issues, but feel tempted to write Elektra off as a toxic, heartless killer who gives no shits about anything, don’t forget she has a pretty tragic story too. 

queenmorganlafay  asked:

Hey, I'm sorry, I have another question for you. I was wondering, what's your take on Ross having so much control over the Avengers in cacw? Someone said that it was because they were all American except Wanda, but I don't fully buy that. After all, most of the events were taking place on foreign soil, shouldn't the reps of those countries also have had a say in how they operated, and on the consequences of them breaking the law?

Hi @queenmorganlafay

Don’t apologize. I love questions! I hope you don’t mind a long answer because I have a lot of thoughts on Thaddeus Ross.

My answer is going to be two-fold, the first being what we know as seen in the MCU thus far and what the real-life position of Secretary of State entails, and the second part what I predict they’re trying to set up with Ross given his comics history.

Firstly the position of Secretary of State should have never gone to Ross. And any sympathy I had for Marvel President Ellis left over from Iron Man 3 is now gone entirely because the position of SoS is appointed by the president and you have to wonder, given Ross’ history, what exactly Ellis was thinking in appointing Ross to that position of all people. 

What we know from Incredible Hulk about Thaddeus Ross:

He was running a human experimentation program trying to replicate Erskine’s super soldier serum. 

This project was government funded and military supported. 

Moreover we know that the accident that resulted in Bruce Banner becoming the Hulk was not the first mishap under Ross’ purview. How do we know this? From this bit of dialogue from Incredible Hulk, right here:

General Greller: Are you telling me ANOTHER one of you super soldier experiments has gone haywire?! Is there ANYTHING that came out of that program that didn’t turn into a mess?!

We also know that Ross’ idea of capturing Banner (whom had lost all humanity to Ross - Ross saw Banner as an object. More dialogue from Incredible Hulk… “No, that’s not a ‘good thing’ Major. But I don’t want Banner anyway. GODDAMNIT I WANT WHAT’S INSIDE OF HIM.”) was to create another Hulk-like being, Abomination, who was worse and who proceeded to take out half of Harlem.

So what we have established here: Ross is super invested in creating an army of super powered beings, and when I say super invested, I mean invested to the point of mania. His human experimentation program has had many mishaps, but yet the military and the US government is still somehow funding it. In the movie Incredible Hulk it was Ross’ mania to capture Bruce Banner and further his experimentation that resulted in a Brazilian town being leveled, as well as half of Harlem. Moral of the story, Ross’ has no leg to stand on to lecture anyone on collateral damage.

Since Ellis appointed Ross to Secretary of State, then I’m led to believe that Ellis, too, has some nefarious intentions. Especially as, and this is an important note that not many people discuss, the Raft was fully built and functional by the time the Accords were rolled out. 

I work in a tall office building in La Jolla, San Diego. It took a construction crew almost a year just to redo the lobby of this building. Can you imagine how long it would take to design, then build, a structure like the Raft? One that is submersible and surrounded entirely by ocean?! A project like that would take YEARS. But there it sat, fully operational, ready to imprison super powered beings. Also, were you aware that anything beyond 12 nautical miles from a country’s coast is considered international waters (…in real life anyway. Naturally in the Marvel world the oceans are under the jurisdiction of Namor, a fact of which he likes to remind everybody. Constantly.). Just things that make you go hmmmm.

Anyway, here are the powers that Ross has (that he should have never been given and the fact that he does have them is eyebrow raising) as Secretary of State:

Negotiates, interprets, and terminates treaties and agreements;

Ensures the protection of the U.S. Government to American citizens, property, and interests in foreign countries;

Supervises the administration of U.S. immigration laws abroad;

Provides information to American citizens regarding the political, economic, social, cultural, and humanitarian conditions in foreign countries

Serves as the channel of communication between the Federal Government and the States on the extradition of fugitives to or from foreign countries.

Grants and issues passports to American citizens and exequaturs to foreign consuls in the United States

I’ve bolded the two we saw, with our own eyes, Ross completely abuse in CA:CW. 

Now onto where I feel the MCU might be taking Ross. In comics Ross becomes Red Hulk, he is also a member of an early incarnation of the Thunderbolts, as are two other villains who appeared in CA:CW: Crossbones and Helmut Zemo.

…it is my theory that the Thunderbolts/Masters of Evil are already in the MCU, and have been plotting behind everyone’s back, which would explain a lot of the plot holes that have been thus far unanswered. Things like: Klaw having vibranium in A:AOU (Klaw as a member of the Masters of Evil, the pre-Thuderbolts). Who hired Crossbones to be in Lagos and how he knew the Avengers were going to be sent there (set-up) at the same time that the Wakandan dignitaries were there (I do not believe that Crossbones being there with a bomb at the same time as the Wakandan dignitaries is a coincidence). The real reason the UN was blown up with both T’Chaka and T’Challa present (had T’Challa died, too, both the king and his successor would have been taken out), and why Ross ignored empirical evidence that Bucky had been framed, thus sending Tony to Siberia exactly when Zemo needed him there. All of these things, I feel, can be explained by a Thunderbolt/Masters of Evil underlying plot.

One more thing to support my theory? The main prison in the comic book Civil War was not the Raft, it was Area 42 - the Negative Zone. The Raft, however, has a significant tie to the Thunderbolts. When Steve came back from the ‘dead’ and became Top Cop, he and Luke Cage decided to make the Thunderbolts a legit shot at redemption for former villains (instead of either Zemo’s or Osborn’s incarnations of it, which was anything but), so they went to the Raft to recruit and administer a test, of sorts (to gauge the sincerity of the former villains in their redemption) leaving Luke in charge of the new team.

The 100 Time Travel and Fix-It Fic Masterlist

So, I decided to compile all the fics I know are time travel fics, and post-3x07 (or general S3) fix-it fics:

Time/Dimension Travel

Post-3x07 (or general S3) Fix-It

My Ask and Submits are open; please go ahead and send me any links you have and I’ll happily update this masterlist.

Prompt: class 77 wakes up and their reactions

A/N I finally wrote this. I don’t know why it took me so long when I just wrote Afterlife Theater on the spot (probably because I’m bitter that Nanami’s the only one dead)

here’s the sequel/reconcilation

Beyond This Point - the sdr2 kids wake up

“The only thing beyond this point is a bright and shining future!”

Brightness. That was the first thing that greeted them when they first woke up from the deepest slumber that lasted for weeks. Or perhaps greeted may not be the right word to describe it. At the final trial, while they were all in the throes of despair, a ray of hope pierced through the darkness. A hope bright enough to outshine the darkness of despair. It was with that brightness that they all decided to vote for the future. And they carried that brightness with them even as they woke up.

But brightness does not exist by itself. Just as there is light, there are also shadows looming over. The hope they had within them was the brightest but at the same time, they carried the darkest of despairs. They were former SHSL Despairs. All of them were. They woke up painfully aware of this fact. A year filled with horrendous acts, all of which done by none other than themselves, all of those memories had suddenly burst forth inside their heads.

They had only been victims of a mutual killing game for the past weeks and now they rediscovered that they themselves were perpetrators of despair.

Whether it was the five of them or the rest of the fifteen of them, they all suffered through the shock of their own sins. It was especially harder for the original five survivors who first woke up. They had just barely accepted the facts during the final trial but to be faced with them with no hope of ever denying this horrendous truth, they had to bear with it and carry on.

Because amidst the despair was hope and not all memories were horrible.

They remembered. They remembered all of the events that happened in the “game”. They remembered how they bonded and trusted each other. They remembered the very few and fleeting moments wherein they were just genuinely happy and enjoying each other’s company. They remembered far more. They remembered their days at Hope’s Peak Academy. They remembered how innocent they were and how much fun they used to have. They remembered how a certain someone had brought hope into their lives.

They remembered Chiaki Nanami. Both of them.

They remembered and they also lived. Unlike her, they were given a second chance to live and even a shot at redemption. And they’d be damned if they don’t honor her sacrifices.

The first one to wake up was not Hinata. In fact, he was the last one to regain consciousness. There was a logical explanation for this and he struggled to hold on to the fleeting dream that he chased after.

“I’m happy… and also proud…” Everything was fading fast and that included Nanami who seemed less solid with every passing second. And yet despite this, her smile was still bright and unfaltering. Hopeful. “Good job on making it this far… Thank you… for protecting everyone…”

“But I didn’t do anything! I couldn’t even protect you!” Hinata shouted as his voice choked on a sob. He tried to reach for her but his hands never quite reached her for some strange reason. It was just that she was within sight but out of reach. And soon, she’d be out of existence. More tears prickled his eyes as he desperately yelled, “I could have saved you but I didn’t!”

“That’s because I… don’t need saving.” She calmly replied with a gentle tone. “From the very beginning… my existence was born to save you and not the other way around…” She gently placed a hand over her chest and smiled softly. “But I’m happy… because you still tried… You’ve already done so much… and that’s more than enough for me… thank you…”

“But that’s not enough! You deserve better!” He objected with all his might. Maybe if he just yelled with all his emotions, she’d be able to stay with him. He knew it was futile though. Just seeing her lose her tangible form was terrifying him because he could practically see her existence being wiped out right in front of him. “Don’t go! Not yet! I… still don’t know what to do! We still need you! I need you!”

“It’s okay… you don’t need to worry… everyone’s with you…” She smiled at him one last time and it was her brightest and warmest yet. She waved him goodbye. “Even… me…”

When Hinata woke up, he was Kamukura and there were tears in his eyes and a hairclip was clenched tightly in one hand.

He blinked the tears away and once his vision cleared, so did everything else. There was no lag time between his awakening and his regaining of his memories. There was no need for an inner turmoil on his part despite waking up with two personalities. He was the helpless Hinata and he was also the emotionless Kamukura at the same time. And somewhere in there was the Hinata of the game who found the courage and strength, and hope to carry on.

He didn’t have time to dwell on the past because he was too busy working on their future. The future they fought and won for.

Five was not a number that he was satisfied with and so he worked out a way to get it up to fifteen. If there was any order as to who woke up first, then it wasn’t intentional. The first one who woke up was Twogami who informed them that he had full memories even if he was skeptical of some of them. Not long after was Teruteru who woke up more terrified than the former. They figured out a pattern from there and welcomed Koizumi when she woke up confused and afraid.

Pekoyama woke up to Kuzuryuu crying over her.

Her gaze immediately softened at the sight of him. “I’ve returned, young master.” She said with a smile she didn’t know she was wearing.

“Idiot. I know you fucking remember! So stop with this master bullshit!” Kuzuryuu scolded her but despite its harshness, it sounded endearing in her ears. “You’re a fucking person and dammit, I’m your friend!” He bawled over when he saw her take in a sharp breath. “And goddammit, don’t ever do anything that stupid again or I swear I’ll kill you!”

She felt the air knock right out of her lungs when he lunged forward and held her in an embrace. It was odd how she was the one who died but he was clinging on to her as if his life depended on it. She let herself cry over the fragile action. Tools don’t cry when they break but she was not a tool. She was a person, a person who was broken far too many times and so for the first time in a long while she allows herself to break in a different way. She broke down. And together, they’d pick up the pieces after.

When Saionji woke up, Koizumi was there to soothe her anguished screams.

“It’s over. It’s alright now. Sshh.” Koizumi whispered in her ear as she held her. Her voice sounded strained from holding back her sobs but the warmth seeped through as Saionji almost melted in her arms. “I’m here now.” And although Saionji cried out like a kid, there was no shame in that, only hurt. She cried and cried until she could only whimper, and then it was Koizumi who cried in her place. And when their tears dried, the faintest flickers of a smile shone on their faces.

Ibuki woke up not long after that and followed by a guilt-ridden Mikan.

“I’m s-sorry! I’m s-so sorry!” Mikan wailed as she knelt as soon as she could and her forehead hit the floor with a loud thump. Unlike everyone else who cried out of sorrow mixed with relief, Mikan cried for forgiveness. “Please, f-forgive me!”

“A second life! What sorcery is this?!” Ibuki had a more energetic reaction upon waking up. She took it all in stride despite the worry that etched her features. “Tsumiki mouse! Enough with the drama bomb. Let’s just reload our save file and be besties again! Ibuki lost an extra life no biggie and Hiyo-yo is fine too, see!” Mikan wanted to protest against that but it was hard to do just that when she was overwhelmed by three girls hugging her. She stopped crying for forgiveness and then just started simply crying. She cried harder when everyone else chipped in to comfort her.

Nidai was the only one who woke up grinning.

“Hahaha! It looks like all worked out well! Good job, everyone!” He laughed, so full of life and the rest couldn’t help but be infected by his good vibes.

“Uwaaah! Old man! You’re finally back!” Owari cried as she tackled him to the ground just as soon as he sat up. “I missed your kickass ass so much! Waaah!” She practically bawled all over him as she held him in a lock. Her arms unconsciously gripped around him tighter at the feeling of warm flesh unlike his cold metallic body from before.

“Excellent grip! It’s good to see you so full of energy!” He praised her as he laughed again, the sound bounced off the walls with much zeal. They don’t dwell much in tears and not even half an hour later, they’re already out in a bout. Unlike everyone else, they talked through their fists and so they poured their feelings into their first match since they woke up. It was a long overdue fight and they fought with the promise of more to come.

Everyone had expected Gundam to have a long-winded speech for when he rose from the dead.

However, before she could even utter a single word, he was fighting for breath first since Sonia had him pinned in his pod. “Oh, Tanaka! You have finally returned to us! I missed you so much! Thank the gods for bringing you back!” She breathed as she squeezed the breath right out of him.

“M-My lady! Nggh… She-cat! Release me… my Dark Queen!” He grunted out his words and it took an audible gasp for Sonia to come to her senses and ease her hold. She had quite the surprising grip despite her misleading appearance. Once he was able to catch his breath again, he smiled triumphantly. “We meet again, dear mortals! I, Tanaka the Forbidden One, have descended into the fiery pits of hell and rose from it again to rule this mortal realm! Bask in the glory of the ressurection of your king who not even death could hold back!”

Sonia barked a laugh as she wiped away her tears at his usual display. It was a tremendous comfort to hear his actual boisterous voice and the deep rumble of his trademark chuckle with her ears rather than with her mind. It was just like him to leave with a dramatic exit and to return with just as much grandeur. She clutched onto his scarf and her heart drummed an extra beat when she felt the steady rise and fall of his chest. He was so full of life now as he tried to live up to his image.

With much tenderness, he reached a hand forward and cupped her face. She leaned towards his touch without hesitation. She couldn’t tell if it was her heart or his which was beating faster and louder. His voice was lowered until a certain softness could be heard in it as he murmured, “I applaud your tenacity, oh queen of darkness. You have fought well and lived accordingly to the will of causality. It gives me joy to see your fighting spirit bursting in flames.”

She cried harder at this and the tears just soaked through his bandages. When she felt the soothing rub of his thumb on her cheek, she was practically bawling over. His other arm snaked to her back where he patted her comfortingly. Sonia vaguely remembered when she sobbed over his trial and when she first woke up but he didn’t. Both were painful memories for her. But this was not painful, at least not in the same sense. This time she cried and she could feel the pain subside with every sob and hiccup. He was too tough to show his tears aside from the scarce few that trickled his cheeks but that’s alright. Yes, it would be alright, they would be alright.

She could feel the rumble in his throat, a sign that he was about to say something, but he was interrupted first. “Alright, alright. He’s alive. We get it. Join the rest of the ressurected club.” Souda said flippantly as he crouched next to his pod. Despite the tone of his voice, tears shone in his eyes and the smile on his face was genuine. “Welcome back, you pretentious bastard.”

“Ah, so the pathetic mortal lives.” Gundam quipped with a smirk.

“Pathetic?” Souda looked absolutely taken aback by the unexpected insult. And so he immediately fell back into old habits. “Dude, look who’s talking! Seriously, you talk like a kid with 8th grade syndrome even though we’re past high school! If anyone’s pathetic here it’s you and your demonic crap!”

“What is a god to an ignorant non-believer? Still all powerful and less benevolent that is. I would choose my words carefully if I were you, foolish mortal.” Gundam retorted haughtily. Souda looked like he was about to burst and Sonia laughed at their usual banter. This was safe and familiar. This was how they used to be. This was how they were supposed to be. This was how they knew that they were going to be alright.

Finally, Komaeda was the last one to wake up.

“Hey! Can you hear me?”

When Komaeda woke up, the first thing that registered his vision was a pair of mismatched eyes staring. “Ahh… Izuru Kamukura?” He asked tentatively. But when his vision cleared somewhat, the blurriness revealed a familiar face. “No, you’re Hajime Hinata, right?”

“They’re both me.” He said as he offered a hand.

“I knew you’d make it to the lowest stratum. I believed in you.” Komaeda replied with a heartfelt smile as he accepted the helping hand.  "How are the others?“

He smiled and as if on cue the doors opened behind him to reveal the rest of their classmates. “You’re the last one out.”

Brightness. That was what he thought when he saw all of his friends right before him. They were all shards of hope shining brightly and overtaking his vision. They were hope bright enough to outshine the darkness of despair. It was with that same brightness that they all decided to vote for the future. No, maybe not exactly the same. They seemed brighter now, radiant even. It was a brilliant brightness full of hope towards the future.

Komaeda couldn’t have been more grateful than to be a part of this hope. He smiled brightly as reunited with them. “Sorry to keep you waiting. I overslept a bit.” They welcomed him back just as brightly in their own unique ways.

And as the whole class set off towards the future, they still carried with them their past.

In the back of their minds, buried not so deep, were precious memories of her. And if they listened closely with their heart, they could still hear her voice encouraging as always. “I’ll never forget about you guys… I’ll be cheering for you guys from now on… from somewhere. ‘Cause… we’re friends, after all.”

They move on. They move forward. They move without looking back because everything they need is already with them, beside them. Beyond this point was the future they worked hard on, her in particular. She’s still with them just unseen with eyes. She’s with them in spirit. And with everyone together and whole again, they take the first step towards the future.

“If you guys carried the burden of both hope and despair, you should even be able to create the future! Come on, let’s go. We’ll make our future together!”

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