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One of the things I absolutely adore about yoi is the layering of the story… There’s symbolism and metaphor and foreshadowing and character/relationship depth that allows the audience to keep the show in mind after they’ve already completed the season. There’s really no shortage of things to analyze and, as the film theorist I am, I find that really attractive about the show. Alright, I’m done gushing, let’s actually get to the topic. 

There are 2 shots in yoi that are nearly identical, except for one crucial piece, but we’ll get to that in time. The first shot occurs in episode 3 (onsen on ice). 

Yuuri is about to go out onto the rink to perform specifically for Victor for the first time. We know from the warped vision (which they use 2 times again; once again with Yuuri and then with JJ) that Yuuri is close to a panic attack. 

Victor disrupts his thoughts, however, and Yuuri startles when he realizes Victor is standing so close. 

(that little yelp thing he does is so cute)

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Natasha Aughey
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Jealous Part Two

Requested: Could you please do a part two of Jealous :-) Love your writing

Requested: Can you do a smut where the reader seems all inocent but when peter approaches she’s really not

Warnings: smut

It had been months since Wendy left Neverland. And since then, Peter had teased you about being jealous. He wouldn’t let it die down. You’ve been planning on getting him back, but there has never been a good time. Until now.

 A couple of days ago, you and Pan had gotten into an argument about something trivial. You can’t even remember what it was about, but you were sure to make it a big deal. The two of you hadn’t spoken since. Now was your chance.

 You thought hard about who to choose. At first you thought Felix, who was sure to help you, but you feared his punishment. So instead, you chose the newest boy on the island, who just so happened to know nothing of you and Peter. 

 Last night, you sat with him during dinner, giggling and batting your eyelashes at him. You asked him to dance during the campfire, and the whole time you could feel Pan’s eyes on you.

 Today, you and the new boy, Tanner, sat finishing up breakfast. You made sure to sit where Pan had a clear view of you.
 “So, Tanner, how are you liking Neverland?” You ask, leaning forward.
 “It’s great, especially since I’ve got such a pretty girl beside me.” You giggle and toss your hair back.
 “Oh, Tanner, will you help me with my job today? Pan’s got me picking berries. It’s simple stuff, but I could use a hand.” He nods and stands, offering you his hand. He helps you up, and doesn’t let go as he leads you to the woods. You turn to look at Peter, and he’s whispering something to Felix. You catch Felix’s eye, and he winks. You told Felix about your plan, and he couldn’t help but laugh. “I’ll tell him to go easy on whatever poor boy you choose,” He had said.

 You hand Tanner a basket, and show him which berries to pick. Flirting with him is no fun when Peter isn’t around, so you keep it slight. The two of you sit on a log after filling up your baskets with fresh red berries. He makes you laugh by catching berries in his mouth. After a while of chatting, a rustle behind Tanner makes you look up. You spot Felix in a tree, who throws you another wink. You scoff and roll your eyes. So Pan sent Felix to spy on you. Who’s jealous now? You look back up at Felix, and make a kissy face at him. Tanner furrows his eyebrows and turns around, but since Felix understood, he was no longer in the trees. He turns back to you. 

“So, uh, is Pan into you or something?”
 You nearly drop a berry. “What?”
 “I’ve noticed him looking at you- and well, um, he scares me a little, so-” He smiles a little “I wouldn’t wanna piss him off by flirting with you.”
 For some reason this catches you off guard. Of course he’d notice, Peter probably stares daggers at the poor kid.
 “He’s into me, yeah.” You shrug casually. “But-”
 “Then I think I’d just like to be friends.” He says, cutting you off. You smile and stand, helping him up this time.
 “Good, because I see all of the Lost Boys as brothers.” You throw a berry into the air and he catches it. You clap and lean forward to hug him.

 It seems like a millisecond has passed before he’s jerked back.
 “Get off of her.” You hear someone growl. Pan has him by the back of his shirt, his lip curled in anger.
 “Peter!” You shout, taking his hand off of Tanner. You look into his eyes for the first time in days. “Leave him out of this.” You whisper.
 “Get back to camp.” Pan orders. Tanner turns and quickly leaves.
 “What the hell is this all about?” Pan asks, turning back to you. You furrow your eyebrows, trying to seem innocent.
 “This is revenge for Wendy isn’t it?”
 “Who?” You ask lightly, pouting your lip.
 “Enough of this.” He says, and before you can reply, he smashes his lips onto yours, kissing you fiercely. You pull away with a smirk.
 “You’re so cute when you’re jealous.” You say, repeating what he said about you being jealous of Wendy.
 “Jealous.” He snorts, and kisses you once more. “You’re mine, love. And I’ll make sure you don’t forget it.”
 His lips leave yours and make their way down your jaw, stopping at your neck. He sucks at your soft skin, soothing it with his tongue. You tangled your fingers in his hair as he kisses your neck. You couldn’t help the moan that escaped your lips. “That’s right, love. You’re mine,” he says once more “Everyone will know you’re mine.”

 He clicks his fingers, and the two of you stand in his tree house. He gently lays you on the bed, straddling your hips. In one quick motion, he tugs your shirt off. He unclips your bra and begins to kiss your chest, earning him a soft moan. He smirks, kissing lower, down to your hips. Taking off your pants, he kisses your thigh. You whimper when he stops.
 “Patience, love.” He whispers and takes his shirt and pants off. You yelp as his hand slides down your underwear. You moan loudly as one of his fingers enters you, nearly breathless when he stops.
 “Peter-” He hushes you with a kiss. You moan once more when slips your underwear off, along with his. He slides in painfully slowly. You buck your hips, but he holds you down.
 “Peter please.” You groan. This time he complies, fulfilling your needs.

 Your head rests on Pan’s chest as he plays with your hair. “I should make you jealous more often.” You say with a smirk.


An Unmatched Giant of the Woods That Makes Its Appearance at Rare Intervals.

The enormous moose that has been the wonder of the sportsmen in northern Maine since 1891 has again been seen, and this time under rather different circumstances from ever before. A bicyclist came close to the monster in the road between Sherman and Macwahoc, and was obliged to abandon his wheel and climb a tree for safety. So he had a near view of the animal, reports the New York Sun.

Every story that comes from the north woods concerning this moose makes him a little bigger than before. It is generally believed that no moose ever killed in Maine, or, so far as is known, anywhere else, has approached in stature or weight, much less in spread of antlers, this specter moose of Lobster lake. He is called the specter moose because of the weird appearance he presents at night, his color being a dirty gray.

It was in 1891 that this moose was first seen in Maine. by Clarence Duffy, of Oldtown, a guide who was cruising around Lobster lake. Duffy did not get near enough to the monster for a shot, but he could see him plainly. Everybody laughed at his story. Not many months after that John Ross, a Bangor lumberman, was at Lobster lake, and one day, while crossing between Big Lobster and Little Lobster takes in company with the foreman of W. L. Maxfield’s camps, he saw the big moose. When he told his story of the monarch of the woods people began to believe that there was something up there worth shooting at.

For some years hunters searched the woods in vain for the big fellow. Not until 1895 was the monster seen again. In that year Granville Gray, a Bangor taxidermist, got sight of the moose, at some little distance, and since then he has had a second view. In 1899 Gilman Brown, of West Newbury, Mass., got nearer to the monster than any of the others and actually had a shot at him. He declared that the moose stood fully 15 feet high, and had antler’s from ten to twelve feet across. He was so close to the animal that he could count 22 points on one side of his antlers, and he thinks there were more. This is a greater number of points than has ever been known on any other moose. His shots did not bring the moose down.

This year the first sight of the big moose fell to George Kneeland, of Sherman, who is taking charge of his brother’s lumber camp on Gulliver brook. In telling of his experience Kneeland said:

“On my way back from Macwahoc, coming to a long piece of rising ground. I dismounted from my bicycle and walked. I had got to the top of the hill and was just about to remount, when I saw what I took to be a horse standing in the road some distance ahead. Wondering what a horse could be doing there, I stopped and gave him a good look, when I found to my surprise that it was not a horse, but a moose, and an immense one, too. I waited a bit to see what he was going, to do, but I hadn’t long to wait, for be lowered his head and came straight for me with the speed of a locomotive. I got to a good, stout tree as quick as I could, and climbed high, where I would be out of reach of the moose’s antlers and be able to see what was going on.

“Meanwhile the moose came tearing down the road, and his antlers reached clear across the road at that place, brushing the branches on either side. I should think they would measure 11 feet, all right enough. He made straight for the bicycle, and, planting his forward paws either side of it, stopped to examine the wheel, smelling of it to his satisfaction, then raised his head, gave a tremendous snort and raced off into the woods, breaking down the small growth of saplings as though they were rushes. The wind was blowing toward me, and that is probably the reason he did not discover me. I waited ten minutes in the tree, and then, finding that he had really gone. I slid down and mounted my wheel, and the way I streaked it for home was a caution.”

The average weight of moose shot in Maine is from 800 to 900 pounds, with antlers spreading from 4 to 4 ½ feet, and rarely having more than 8 to 12 points on a side, while the bell, as the appendage under the animal’s neck is called, is generally eight to nine inches long. All who have seen the big moose of Lobster lake aver that he must weigh at least 2,500 pounds, that his antlers spread not less than ten feet, while the bell is declared to be not less than 18 inches long. It is supposed that this monster wandered into Maine from British Columbia, as none approaching his size has ever been seen in Maine before. He is a great traveler, having been reported in almost every part of northern Maine. The hunter who brings him down will win fame and a big pot of money at the same time.

From— Williston graphic. (Williston. Williams County. N.D.). 06 Dec. 1900.   Chronicling America: Historic American Newspapers. Lib. of Congress.

In case any of you were interested, my art insta is - I usually post my art there first before anywhere else including some occasional work in progress shots. I just recently hit 800 followers, and once it gets to 1,000 I plan on doing a HUGE art giveaway to celebrate, so be sure to follow and share! 💕

Baby Blue

This fic request was from @candycorn-dreams who really wanted some stripper Prompto. I think the mouths on this one are weird, but still… Also, I just realized I forgot shoes lol.

Title: Baby Blue
Rating: Teen
Pairing: Gladio/Prompt
Status: One-shot (~800 words)
Warnings: Stripper!Prompto loves his job?
Summary: Every Friday at 9 PM, Gladio watches his favorite dancer at SixX MiNutES. And every time, Prompto makes sure to give a good show.

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What If? - Part One

Summary: Sam Winchester is the King of Hell. You are a Hunter. Once upon a time he had been your world, right up until he left for Stanford. He broke a promise and so you left to live your own life, away from the Winchesters who had taken you in and never looking back… until you are captured by Demons and brought before the Boyking. 
: SamxReader
: 2149
: Descriptions of wounds, references to torture, allusions to underage sex (cos legal age is 18 in the States, right??)
AN: This is part of my entry for @winchesterprincessbride‘s 800 Follower Celebration! My prompt was the line ‘Don’t get too close, it’s dark inside. It’s where my demons hide” from Demons by Imagine Dragons. I’ve not explicitly used the line, but I kinda make reference to it, more so in the next part. 
Hope you enjoy this!
Constructive Criticism Welcome!!!

Part 2


He hadn’t seen you in years.

In fact, when you’d last been together you’d spent most of the time in his bed, limbs intertwined and bodies flush with one another.

The following day he’d left for Stanford with the promise of staying in touch… a promise he hadn’t exactly kept. It had just been easier to cut all ties with the Hunting world. No matter how much he wanted to call, he knew you spent too much time with Dean for communication to be private.

That had been that. He’d lost you, then he’d found Jess, and life had gotten easier.

But when he was dragged back into the life by his brother, he was surprised that you’d disappeared. Dean claimed he hadn’t seen you in almost three years, and you’d been radio silent for the last half of that.

The most likely answer had been that you’d gone and got yourself killed along the way. That you’d spent too much time hunting with the Winchesters to get used to hunting solo. It was a thought that made he feel like he was breaking on the inside every time it floated to the surface of his mind, obviously followed by a long line of ‘what ifs’.

What if I hadn’t left?

What if I kept in touch?

What if I had taken her with me?

What if I came back sooner?

But he had slowly come to terms that you were probably gone…

Yet here you were; blindfolded and gagged with your wrists shackled high enough above your head that you were forced to stand on the tips of your toes. The white tank top you wore was in tatters, with blood stains and grime covering what wasn’t torn; the same with your jean shorts.

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The Massage Solution

Sheldon had a bad day at work and on the date night with Amy, she helps him getting relaxed with a massage but things get a little… dirty. It’s a one-shot about 800+ words, I’m sorry if there are grammar’s mistakes but English it’s not my native language. I hope you like it and.. ENJOY THE READING!

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irenapayne  asked:

You should write another one shot or maybe like 800 more one shots bc damn. You are the reason we holtzbert fans read fanfictions. I know I can speak for each one of your readers when I say that you make us feel so many different things when we read your work. Sadness, happiness, humor, surprise, and more. We also love the drawings. It makes the story even more real. Please never stop writing because we love you and your work. Have a fantastic weekend! 💕✨😊

Oh my goodness this is like the nicest comment I have gotten in my life THANK YOU THANK YOU I am blushing and giggling (and dying a little)! 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

Originally posted by myloveholtzy

And I will definitely continue to write and draw; you all in the holtzbert fandom have been so supportive of my work and your comments and feedback like this are what push me to create more.  It’s, honestly, very refreshing, since I haven’t had input from a fandom like this in YEARS and I had forgotten a little why I was even doing this.  I hope you have a fantastic LIFE because it’s feedback like this that make it all the work worthwhile and I encourage everyone to tell this stuff to creators they love. 💖✨

(P.S. I have a oneshot written and a multi-chapter thing that I’m proofing, so those are a-coming once I find time to crank out some illustrations.  Also, I have a bunch of original sapphic comics that I’m hoping to get to that I think you’ll all enjoy.)

“Why Don’t You Come Find Out?” (Luke)

summary: you wake up super horny so you and Luke have steamy morning shower sex

word count: 850+

warnings: lots and lots of smut 

As soon as you wake up, you immediately pull the covers over your head, shielding your eyes from the rays of sunshine. You groan a little bit as you stretch. Yawning, you sit up, looking over at your sleeping boyfriend. His blonde hair is wild and his mouth is slightly open, letting out small snores. You smile at the sight. You lay back down, resting your head on his unclothed chest. You listen to his heartbeat as you trace designs on the skin of his stomach. He shifts a little, signaling that he’s waking up. You look up at him, your eyes meeting his.

“Good morning, sunshine.” He grins down at you, wrapping an arm around your bare torso. You hum in response, leaving kisses along his chest. He raises an eyebrow at you, smirking.

“What are you up to, princess?” He asks, his fingers running along your back.

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