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One of the things I absolutely adore about yoi is the layering of the story… There’s symbolism and metaphor and foreshadowing and character/relationship depth that allows the audience to keep the show in mind after they’ve already completed the season. There’s really no shortage of things to analyze and, as the film theorist I am, I find that really attractive about the show. Alright, I’m done gushing, let’s actually get to the topic. 

There are 2 shots in yoi that are nearly identical, except for one crucial piece, but we’ll get to that in time. The first shot occurs in episode 3 (onsen on ice). 

Yuuri is about to go out onto the rink to perform specifically for Victor for the first time. We know from the warped vision (which they use 2 times again; once again with Yuuri and then with JJ) that Yuuri is close to a panic attack. 

Victor disrupts his thoughts, however, and Yuuri startles when he realizes Victor is standing so close. 

(that little yelp thing he does is so cute)

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Jealous Part Two

Requested: Could you please do a part two of Jealous :-) Love your writing

Requested: Can you do a smut where the reader seems all inocent but when peter approaches she’s really not

Warnings: smut

It had been months since Wendy left Neverland. And since then, Peter had teased you about being jealous. He wouldn’t let it die down. You’ve been planning on getting him back, but there has never been a good time. Until now.

 A couple of days ago, you and Pan had gotten into an argument about something trivial. You can’t even remember what it was about, but you were sure to make it a big deal. The two of you hadn’t spoken since. Now was your chance.

 You thought hard about who to choose. At first you thought Felix, who was sure to help you, but you feared his punishment. So instead, you chose the newest boy on the island, who just so happened to know nothing of you and Peter. 

 Last night, you sat with him during dinner, giggling and batting your eyelashes at him. You asked him to dance during the campfire, and the whole time you could feel Pan’s eyes on you.

 Today, you and the new boy, Tanner, sat finishing up breakfast. You made sure to sit where Pan had a clear view of you.
 “So, Tanner, how are you liking Neverland?” You ask, leaning forward.
 “It’s great, especially since I’ve got such a pretty girl beside me.” You giggle and toss your hair back.
 “Oh, Tanner, will you help me with my job today? Pan’s got me picking berries. It’s simple stuff, but I could use a hand.” He nods and stands, offering you his hand. He helps you up, and doesn’t let go as he leads you to the woods. You turn to look at Peter, and he’s whispering something to Felix. You catch Felix’s eye, and he winks. You told Felix about your plan, and he couldn’t help but laugh. “I’ll tell him to go easy on whatever poor boy you choose,” He had said.

 You hand Tanner a basket, and show him which berries to pick. Flirting with him is no fun when Peter isn’t around, so you keep it slight. The two of you sit on a log after filling up your baskets with fresh red berries. He makes you laugh by catching berries in his mouth. After a while of chatting, a rustle behind Tanner makes you look up. You spot Felix in a tree, who throws you another wink. You scoff and roll your eyes. So Pan sent Felix to spy on you. Who’s jealous now? You look back up at Felix, and make a kissy face at him. Tanner furrows his eyebrows and turns around, but since Felix understood, he was no longer in the trees. He turns back to you. 

“So, uh, is Pan into you or something?”
 You nearly drop a berry. “What?”
 “I’ve noticed him looking at you- and well, um, he scares me a little, so-” He smiles a little “I wouldn’t wanna piss him off by flirting with you.”
 For some reason this catches you off guard. Of course he’d notice, Peter probably stares daggers at the poor kid.
 “He’s into me, yeah.” You shrug casually. “But-”
 “Then I think I’d just like to be friends.” He says, cutting you off. You smile and stand, helping him up this time.
 “Good, because I see all of the Lost Boys as brothers.” You throw a berry into the air and he catches it. You clap and lean forward to hug him.

 It seems like a millisecond has passed before he’s jerked back.
 “Get off of her.” You hear someone growl. Pan has him by the back of his shirt, his lip curled in anger.
 “Peter!” You shout, taking his hand off of Tanner. You look into his eyes for the first time in days. “Leave him out of this.” You whisper.
 “Get back to camp.” Pan orders. Tanner turns and quickly leaves.
 “What the hell is this all about?” Pan asks, turning back to you. You furrow your eyebrows, trying to seem innocent.
 “This is revenge for Wendy isn’t it?”
 “Who?” You ask lightly, pouting your lip.
 “Enough of this.” He says, and before you can reply, he smashes his lips onto yours, kissing you fiercely. You pull away with a smirk.
 “You’re so cute when you’re jealous.” You say, repeating what he said about you being jealous of Wendy.
 “Jealous.” He snorts, and kisses you once more. “You’re mine, love. And I’ll make sure you don’t forget it.”
 His lips leave yours and make their way down your jaw, stopping at your neck. He sucks at your soft skin, soothing it with his tongue. You tangled your fingers in his hair as he kisses your neck. You couldn’t help the moan that escaped your lips. “That’s right, love. You’re mine,” he says once more “Everyone will know you’re mine.”

 He clicks his fingers, and the two of you stand in his tree house. He gently lays you on the bed, straddling your hips. In one quick motion, he tugs your shirt off. He unclips your bra and begins to kiss your chest, earning him a soft moan. He smirks, kissing lower, down to your hips. Taking off your pants, he kisses your thigh. You whimper when he stops.
 “Patience, love.” He whispers and takes his shirt and pants off. You yelp as his hand slides down your underwear. You moan loudly as one of his fingers enters you, nearly breathless when he stops.
 “Peter-” He hushes you with a kiss. You moan once more when slips your underwear off, along with his. He slides in painfully slowly. You buck your hips, but he holds you down.
 “Peter please.” You groan. This time he complies, fulfilling your needs.

 Your head rests on Pan’s chest as he plays with your hair. “I should make you jealous more often.” You say with a smirk.


ferris wheel at night. santa monica, ca. 2016. by eyetwist
Via Flickr:
recently processed film. mamiya 6MF 50mm f/4 + kodak portra 400, shot @800. lab: the icon, los angeles, ca. scan: epson V750. exif tags: lenstagger.

“Why Don’t You Come Find Out?” (Luke)

summary: you wake up super horny so you and Luke have steamy morning shower sex

word count: 850+

warnings: lots and lots of smut 

As soon as you wake up, you immediately pull the covers over your head, shielding your eyes from the rays of sunshine. You groan a little bit as you stretch. Yawning, you sit up, looking over at your sleeping boyfriend. His blonde hair is wild and his mouth is slightly open, letting out small snores. You smile at the sight. You lay back down, resting your head on his unclothed chest. You listen to his heartbeat as you trace designs on the skin of his stomach. He shifts a little, signaling that he’s waking up. You look up at him, your eyes meeting his.

“Good morning, sunshine.” He grins down at you, wrapping an arm around your bare torso. You hum in response, leaving kisses along his chest. He raises an eyebrow at you, smirking.

“What are you up to, princess?” He asks, his fingers running along your back.

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the only exception || a.i.

Originally posted by sexycliffconda

a/n: ok ngl this took a while because my body was basically like “all you’ve been writing is angst pls be happy for once” but yeah thanks to @1-800-calyumhood for the request
word count: 1,238

It feels like they’re following you. Each night you go from the bathroom to the bedroom, you can feel their stares burning into the back of your skull. You want to take those pictures off the wall, drop the frames on the floor, smash them to pieces, and shred the images down to their very last atom.

But you can’t; no matter how hard you try, no matter how long you stare at those damn things, your hand always drops back down to your side and you walk past them once again.

Because you still love him. You know that you should hate Ashton—God, you wish that you could hate him with every single fiber of your being—but he was the love of your life, and he still is. So how can you just suddenly hate the one man who’s only ever loved you for you?

So here you are once again, the pictures staring directly at your very soul as your hand shakes at your side, your heart and mind at war with each other. Your hand moves up an inch, your breath hitching as you feel them about to move once more when a knock on the door interrupts your thoughts. You set your mug on the counter as you pass the kitchen, your entire body freezing when you see Ashton standing on the other side of your front door.

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suburbia (l.h. imagine)

a/n: based very loosely off of suburbia and youth, both by trove sivan (highly recommend you go and listen to them, his new album is 10/10 amazing)

Stepping through the threshold of this old house felt strange, considering how much you had changed since the last time you were there. The walls were still the same color and the family photos were still displayed in the entryway. The pile of shoes next to the door was relatively the same, except where the black converse used to lay was a pair of nice black boots. You smiled to yourself, remembering the first time he had bought those shoes and how he wouldn’t stop referring to them as his “grown up shoes” for weeks. Biting your lip to suppress your smile, you slipped off your own shoes and kicked them into the pile.

“Y/N?” Liz’s voice echoed off the walls, breaking you from your nostalgic thoughts, greeting you with a warm hug.

“Hi Liz.” your voice was muffled against her shoulder.

“It’s been so long, come this way, we have missed you so much. How have you been…”

Liz continued to rattle off questions as you followed her through the kitchen and out onto the back patio. Memories of running across the deck as Luke chased you with the garden hose on particularly hot summer days flashed through your mind. Somehow it had always ended up with you covered in mud, standing in the garden while Liz chided the two of you for stepping on her flowers. 


“If you spray me one more time Hemmings I’m gonna kill you!” you shrieked, bare feet pattering against the slippery wood.

“I’d like to see you try!” He was hot on your heels as you leaped off of the stairs into the flowerbed.

“Ow! Wait pause,” You held up one hand in surrender as you grabbed your foot.

“You okay?” Luke asked, concerned, crouching down beside you as you sat down in the grass.

“I think I stepped on a rose thorn,” you whined.

“Get on then,” Luke turned so his back was facing you.

“Luke, I’m fine,” you tried to tell him, but he shook his head, looking back at you over his shoulder.

“I’ll always take care of you, Y/N.”


 But that was then, when you didn’t know what love was other than what you saw in movies, innocent to the fact that it would one day hit you as you were saying goodbye him.

  Speaking of him… nervously you began to chew on your bottom lip, eyes flitting around in a quick search for him. It wasn’t hard to spot him though, towering over the rest of his family his frame was unmistakable. He was dressed in a grey t-shirt and black jeans, despite the boiling heat. Before you could tear your eyes away, Luke was turning around, a smile spreading across his face as he saw you.


In a few long strides he was standing right in front of you, wrapping his arms around you in a tight hug. Being in his embrace felt the exact same as it had when you had last hugged him goodbye.

“I’ve missed you,” he mumbled into your hair quietly, only loud enough for you to hear.  Swallowing the lump in your throat you managed to respond barely above a whisper,

“I missed you too.”

Your moment was interrupted all too soon by Jack’s taunting,

“Alright Lucas, don’t suffocate her. I’ve missed her too.”

Luke pulled back reluctantly, rolling his eyes at his brother before stepping back to allow Jack a chance to give you hug.

“Hey Y/N you want a drink?” Luke asked, nodding towards the kitchen, as you finished greeting the rest of his family.

“Sure,” you followed him as he led the way inside. The air conditioning felt soothing on your hot skin as you found refuge from the hot sun. Luke rummaged through the fridge while you hoisted yourself up onto the counter. Resting your head back against the counter you closed your eyes briefly.


“You’ve never kissed anyone?” Luke stared at you in disbelief. You sat across from him on the countertop, looking down at your hands. The moonlight was coming in through the kitchen window, illuminating his skin, and making his eyes look even brighter than usual. The rest of his family had long since gone to bed and the two of you were speaking in soft voices as not to wake them.

“Do you want to?” his question came out barely audible. However, in the silence of the house you heard him. You looked up at him, raising an eyebrow suspiciously. A smile tugged at his lips as he hopped down from the counter. He closed the space between the two of you until he was standing between your legs.

“Do you want to kiss me?”


“Earth to Y/N,” Luke laughed, snapping his fingers in front of your face.

“What? Sorry,” you sat up, blinking rapidly.

“I know what you were thinking about,” he smirked at you as he leaned against the island. You rolled your eyes at him, looking away, ignoring the blush rising in your cheeks.

“That was such a long time ago,” Luke spoke.

“Yeah,” you responded softly, though you weren’t sure if he was talking to himself or if you were meant to hear.  

“So much has changed since then,” Luke’s eyes were focused on the window, staring out at the trees. You nodded even though he wasn’t look at you.

“You haven’t though,” he smiled at you before looking at the ground. Just as you were about to ask him what he meant he spoke up again.

“That’s a good thing though. I’m glad. It’s nice to know I’ll always have someone to call home, you know.” Now it was his turn to blush.

“How do you know I haven’t changed? You haven’t seen me in a year,” you reminded him. He chuckled quietly before turning serious again,

“I know you Y/N. I know that your favorite band of all time is Green Day. I know that you never fold your socks. I know that you only eat your cereal dry, which I will never understand. I know that every time you hear one of my songs on the radio you blast it as loud as you can, no matter who’s in the car. And I know that you’ll always love me. Even after all this time, I still know you.”

This was one of the few times you didn’t have anything to say to that. Silence surrounded the two of you as you let his words tug at your heartstrings.


“Y/N? Y/N! Did you hear? Our song is number one!” Luke’s slightly drunken voice shouted at you through the phone.

“I did Luke,” you laughed to yourself, regardless of the fact that it was 3 am and you had an exam in the morning, “I heard it on the radio yesterday too.”

“Did you turn it up as loud as possible, blow the speakers?” he slurred.

“I did.”

“What time is it there?” Luke asked suddenly aware of the time zones.

“I don’t know,” you lied, pretending as if you were forcing your eyes open at that moment.

“I should let you get back to sleep,” Luke mumbled to himself.

“How’d you know I was sleeping?” You laughed.

“Y/N, love, I might be drunk, but I’m not stupid.”


“What if we tried it again?” Luke asked, breaking the silence. You didn’t need to ask, you knew exactly what he was talking about. He was already making his way towards you, sliding his hands up your legs as he stood between your hips.

“Hmm?” Luke hummed, his forehead pressed against yours, noses brushing slightly.

“Yeah,” you breathed out. His fingers danced along your chin bringing you closer, closing the last bit of space between your lips.

It felt exactly as it did the first time, only his lip ring now brushed against your skin, creating goose bumps on your arms. You ran your fingers through his hair, tugging on it slightly before letting your arms fall around the back of his neck, where you played with the curls at the nape of his neck. Luke’s hands continued to travel up your legs until they were resting on your waist, holding a tight grip as if he was afraid that moment would slip right through his fingertips if he didn’t hold on strong enough. He pulled back first, catching his breath. When you opened your eyes, his bright blue ones were staring right back at you.

“Wow,” he panted, “I really have missed you.”

You were cut off before you had a chance to respond. Jack’s voice startled both of you, making you jump and your grip on Luke’s shoulder tighten. 

“Finally, I’ve been waiting for you two lovers to stop making out so I could tell you that the food’s ready.” Jack teased, winking at Luke and then disappearing again. 

You buried your head in Luke’s shoulder, letting out a groan as he ran his hands up and down your back.

“Better get used to that, babe. I have a feeling you’re going to be spending a lot more time around this place.”


Presentation Snider Enfield rifle awarded to winner of a target shooting competition in 1863,

This particular rifle was presented as a shooting award held by Victoria Rifles in 1863 and subsequently refurbished with cartridge. The right side of the buttstock has a round silver inset disk which is inscribed “PRESENTED BY SURGEON STEWART” around the top, “VICTORIA RIFLES” at the bottom and “To The/Marksman &/1st Classmen of the Corps for/COMPETITION/7 Shots at 700 800 & 900Yds Each/WON WITH 41 MARKS BY/PRIVATE C. MILLS/No 1 Compy, 15 Dec/1863”

from Rock Island Auctions


Street Scene - Shinjuku by Shoji Kawabata. a.k.a. strange_ojisan
Via Flickr:
FUJIFILM Clear Shot M Lomography CN 800 35mm

Reckless (Michael)

summary: you break things off with Michael, and he doesn’t take it so well (based on the song Reckless by San Cisco)

word count: 1k

warnings: alcohol abuse & explicit language

‘And it’s warm like a soft kiss
Well you’re someone that I’m gonna miss’

Michael takes a deep breath before picking up his bags and turning to you. He gives you a small smile, an apologetic smile, before placing a soft kiss to your temple. You close your eyes, trying your best to swallow down the lump in your throat.

“I’m gonna miss you, you know.” His voice cracks. Your heart breaks even more than it already has at his words. You look up at him, your eyes meeting his.

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Legendary Card System (Paladins)

For those of you who have been following Paladins closely recently, this may not be new information, but for those not in the know, Hirez is not implementing a legendary card system. In essence each champion now has one of three cards in addition to their card load out that greatly increases one of their capabilities. Legendary cards are very powerful, and are this way due to the nature that you can only choose one of the multiple cards per match. I would like to explore each and every legendary card briefly to help establish what these cards will do for Paladins. 

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street Scene - autumn by Shoji Kawabata. a.k.a. strange_ojisan
Via Flickr:
FUJIFILM Clear Shot M Lomography CN 800 35mm

The Massage Solution

Sheldon had a bad day at work and on the date night with Amy, she helps him getting relaxed with a massage but things get a little… dirty. It’s a one-shot about 800+ words, I’m sorry if there are grammar’s mistakes but English it’s not my native language. I hope you like it and.. ENJOY THE READING!

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I didn’t even realize that in a week or so I shot from 800 subs to 2000+! I thank you all for the support and the Reblogs that have been getting my name out there! As always stay awesome you guys and expect more postings soon!

Coffee, coffee, coffee (CS - AU)

Quick one shot - 800 Words 

He groaned silently as he listened to the tinny voice drone over the phone’s speaker. The company’s management staff were all seated at the conference table, all seeming to be on the verge of falling asleep, listening to the mandatory financial tracking software seminar. The material alone would be considered a fresh hell. At 7AM on a Monday morning he was sure this was venturing into 7th circle territory.

Whoever had thought to bring the bagels had not been kind enough to spring for a carafe of coffee, and they’d all gotten to work to find the break room’s coffee pot had been cracked, with a note from the cleaning lady that she was terribly sorry. One woman’s unfortunate accident on a Friday night had caused the misery of so many. Not that the office coffee was anything more than swill, but the nearby coffee shop didn’t open until 8, and any of them would have taken whatever they could have gotten.

When he arrived, he made sure to get the seat next to her, the blonde currently on his left. He purposefully picked this side so he could stare at her profile while also pretending he was paying attention to the presentation. She fascinated him, and he wanted nothing more than to get to know her better. Try as he might, he managed to do nothing more than the grown up equivalent of pulling on her pigtails. Somedays she was all business, and shut him down, and other days she seemed almost open to his flirtations. He expected today to be the former. Without caffeine it seemed no one in the room was in the mood for any shenanigans, but that wouldn’t stop him from trying.

Distracting her today would have the added benefit of keeping him awake. As the first slide came up on the powerpoint, he poked her. “What year was that photo taken? My grandmother had smaller computers than the one that man is using?” She shushed him, but he saw the slight pull at the side of her lip. Maybe today was a day for some banter and teasing. It would absolutely be worth the death stares he’d receive from their boss.

As they rolled into the 8AM hour of the training, there was a quiet knock at the glass conference room door, and they all looked up to see one of their coworkers pointing at Emma and then pointing to the cup of coffee she held in her hand. Emma waved her in with a tight lipped smile, as though to apologize to the room for receiving what she knew they all were dying for.

Emma took a long drag on the drink, and smiled to herself as she felt the hot liquid course through her veins. She could do it; she could make it through the next two hours, she was silently telling herself as she felt a poke in her shoulder and turned to the man she was trying so hard to ignore.

“I’ll sell you half my soul for two good sips from your cup, Swan. Please. I’m dying.”

Quietly she whispered back, “and what do I want with half your soul, Jones?”

“Lunch then. I’ll buy you lunch.”

“Do I have to eat it with you?

"I’d prefer it that way.”

It was just then that they were shushed, and received a glare from the owner of the company, the woman who was insisting that they switch to this software and had set the training. Or as Jones had spent the morning calling her, Satan.

Emma silently slid her cup towards Jones, with a barely perceptible nod, and he grabbed at the cup as though his life depended on it. Watching out of the corner of her eye as Jones took a massive gulp, she sat with a tight lipped smirk and tried to stifle her laugh. He immediately was sputtering and choking on the hot beverage. It took him almost a full minute, coughing and clearing his throat before his composure was fully regained.

She refocused her attention on the presentation, hoping she hadn’t missed anything too important during the exchange, but noticed a piece of paper being slipped under the crook of her arm. She saw, in Jones’ beautiful script, a note.

“Swan, that was not coffee. Warn a man when you’re about to kill him with what I can only assume is supposed to cause some sort of diabetic coma.”

She picked up her pen, and quickly wrote back, lamenting that her writing was nowhere as beautiful as his.

“I never said it was coffee. And you still owe me lunch.”